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Sand Branch Road, Raleigh Co WV - 2002

Nyla CREED DePauk


I believe the privacy right of living individuals should be protected. If you find information on living individuals that you consider personal, please let me know so I may remove the information.

Words of Advice from an Amateur Genealogist:  The information found on my web site is not meant to replace your own research of official records, such as, birth records, marriage records, death records, obituaries, wills, deeds, and census records.  In other words, if your family history is important to you, you must verify names, dates, and places for yourself.

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Welcome to my Genealogy Room!

Genealogy Room


My Raleigh County, WV, Surnames




The Lorenzo D. ATHA and Mary Jane (WISEMAN) ATHA family came to Raleigh County from Monroe County just after the Civil War.


Many of the early Raleigh County families descended through Mitchell CLAY and his wife Phoebe (BELCHER)CLAY.

Obituary of James Mandville Clay.

Obituary of Rebecca Jane (Clay) Cantley.


The DANIEL or DANIELS family is not one of my own surnames; however, I have DANIEL cousins.


The DICKENS family settled in the Peach Tree area of Raleigh County (then called Logan County) ca 1837.

Obituary of Jehu Dickens. Written by Captain William Turner.


My connection to the HENDRIX family is through Frances HENDRIX and Margaret (STEWART) Hendrix's daughter Nellie HENDRIX who married John DICKENS.


I am a descendant of Ralph Stewart and Mary (Clay) Stewart through their daughter Margaret who married Frances Hendrix.


Stewart/Stuart Family DNA Project links known descendants of James and Mary (Lafferty) Stewart to Mississippi Stewart Family

THOMAS MILAM (spouse of Parthenia Stewart)

A 1960 newspaper article concerning the life of Thomas Milam. Many surnames mentioned in this interesting article.


Although I am not a STOVER descendant, members of the STOVER family married into all of my maternal lines.  Read Captain Will TURNER's Description of the Early STOVER and WILLIAMS families.


List of Raleigh Co Home Guards



The John Burnett TURNER and Naomi (VIA) TURNER family came from Patrick County, Virginia, ca 1857.

List of Captain William TURNER's Home Guards Company.

Letter from William TURNER to his brother John Burnett TURNER, Jr.

My Trip to the TURNER-DICKENS Cemetery.


Other Williams and Toney Pictures

Williams DNA

  Williams Cemetery at Cirtsville

Bailey - Stanley Cemetery, Dry Hill Road, Beckley, WV

Arganbright-Williams Cemetery at Pax, Fayette County, WV

Jeremiah "Jerry" WILLIAMS was listed in the 1840 census of Fayette County.

Frances Albertine (WILLIAMS) and John Newton "Flint Rock" TONEY


DNA Testing of three different lines of Jeremiah Williams, the Elder


Transcribed by Anita Williams


Transcribed by Leona Crowell

Transcribed by Leona Crowell




Henry Taylor WISEMAN and Nancy (WEIKLE) WISEMAN came from Monroe County to Raleigh County shortly after the Civil War.



Some Raleigh County, WV, First Families



Tracking Raleigh County
First Families

A chart listing all the families who were living in Raleigh County, Virginia, when the county's first census was taken in 1850.  Information on many families from as early as 1824 through 1880.  I created this chart based on my own research.  Feel free to use the chart for your own personal research.  However, it is not to be sold or published in any other format.  All rights belong to me.  

Franklin County Migration Pattern

Read Mike Peters' information on Families who left Franklin County, Virginia, and moved West.

Some Families of Clear Fork and Marsh Fork, Raleigh County, West Virginia

This 51-page file was shared by Roland Pettry. Read about numerous families from Clear Fork and Marsh Fork Districts of Raleigh County.

Fayette Co, VA
(now WV) Marriages -

This is an alphabetical listing of brides and grooms, as well as the person performing the marriage.  

Raleigh County Wills

This is an alphabetical listing of some early Raleigh County Wills from the Riffe-Smith Collection

Raleigh County, WV
1850 - 1911
by Ronald Turner

This is an alphabetical listing of brides and grooms. In 1984, Mr. Turner first published his transcripts of Raleigh County Marriages. Mr. Turner provided a copy of his transcripts to be used on the Raleigh County sites. Thank you, Ron.      

Webb Families
of the Virginias
by Ronald Turner

This is Mr. Turner's history of the Webb Family of Virginia and West Virginia. Mr. Turner provided a copy of his transcripts to be used on the Raleigh County sites. Thank you, Ron.      






Military 1 Military 2

Family pictures of our Military. Additional pictures will be added as received.

Coal Mining

This is an article I wrote for the West Virginia Coal Mining Page.  Some pictures of a coal mining town, Cranberry, Raleigh County, WV.

Turner Cemetery
Home Coming

Picture of some Dickens and Turners who attended the Turner Cemetery Home Coming ca 1925, Mattsville, Raleigh Co WV.

William Turner Cemetery

Pictures taken at the cemetery where Captain William Turner, his wife Martha, and daughter Louise were buried, near Washington, DC.

The Second Atha-Williams Reunion (1996)

Every two years in July, the Atha-Williams Family Reunion is held at Stevens Lake, Raleigh Co, WV.  The pictures on this page are from Cousin B. L. Bostick.

The Third Atha-Williams Reunion (1998)

The pictures on these three pages are from Cousin Ann PIOTROWSKI  Lowry.

Page 1  |  Page 2 |  Page 3

The Fifth Atha-Williams Reunion

These pictures were taken by Cousin Bill Wagner.

Breakfast and Other Pictures taken during 1998

A group of Raleigh Co, WV, researchers got together for breakfast in July.  This was the first time most of us had met.  Some Descendants of Elbert and Leota (DICKENS) WILLIAMS had breakfast  together before we went to the Atha-Williams Reunion.  Other friends and family pictures.

Pictures taken at Stella Ann's Luncheon at Connie and Sande's Home

What a great day this was for descendants of Wirt Williams and their families, and their cousin who descends through Elbert Williams.

The 43rd Annual Ramp Dinner

Every spring, a Ramp Dinner is held at Drews Creek at Naoma, Raleigh County, West Virginia. These pictures show the volunteers preparing for the dinner.



My Tazewell County, VA, Surnames









Bennett and Mary (JONES)CREED were listed in the 1850 Tazewell County, Virginia, census.

Some of the CREED Genealogy Newsletters that I published from June 1986 through October 1993. These Newsletters contain information about CREEDs from all over the United States.

Pictures taken in March 2002 when Ocie CREED visited San Diego.


Joseph Sparks was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina.  He moved to Tazewell County, Virginia.  He died while serving as a Confederate soldier.



Places I Like To Visit


The USGENWEB Project

This is the home of The USGenWeb Project, staffed by volunteers working together to provide free Internet web sites for non-commercial genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States for everyone.

Raleigh Co, WV GenWeb Page

This is one part of the USGenWebProject.  Please share your Raleigh County Research.

Raleigh County Genealogical Researchers

These individuals subscribe to the Raleigh County List.  If you want to exchange genealogy information, you may want to visit the Raleigh County GenWeb site listed above, where you can subscribe to the Raleigh County List.

Archives of the Raleigh County List

All the correspondence on the Raleigh County List can be viewed at this site.

1880 Raleigh County Census Transcript

Deanna, Deidre, Gracie, Rita, Ruth, Tammy and I transcribed the 1880 Raleigh County Census.   A complete index by surnames is included.

1890 Raleigh County Special Schedule

The only part of the 1890 Raleigh County Census that still exists is the 1890 Special Schedule of Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Widows.

Raleigh County Biographies

This is part of the U.S. Biographies Project.  I am the coordinator for this site.

West Virginia Coal Mining

This is part of the USGenWeb Project.  See OTHER SITES for my article on Cranberry, Raleigh County, WV.

Mt. Tabor Cemetery

This is a listing of those buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Beckley, Raleigh County, WV

Chris Gaunt's Home Page

All the compilations and digests for the Burnett-Turner-Ross-Via-Etc (BTRVETC-L) group are stored here and are available for searching and downloading.  If you are interested in learning about the BTRVETC-L mailing list, you can find information about that, too.

Prosperity, Raleigh County, WV

Nyla has collected information on Prosperity, Raleigh County, West Virginia.

Gracie Stover's Home Page

Gracie has information on Raleigh County, West Virginia, families on this Web Site.

Julia Kodak's Home Page

Julie's Roots and Branches of Southwest Virginia and Surry County, NC has a lot of CREED information.

Mike's Meandering

Wander with Mike as he remembers his ancestors, events of his childhood, and happenings of not so long ago.

Oakey King's West Virginia Home Page

Okey King is from Wild Wonderful West Virginia.  He's got a lot of nice pictures and music.


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