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Music: Man in the Mirror


 It's an invisible disease, Fibromyalgia.
It usually doesn't show,
But those of us who suffer its pain
Experience a life others don't know.

 While we may look normal on the outside,
Inside we're quite different by far.
How can we expect others to understand us
When we don't even carry a scar?

 We say we are exhausted,
That we can't face one more day of pain.
We're stiff and we're sore, we're weary and depressed,
And muddled thoughts have taken over our brain.

 "Get some exercise, you'll feel better,"
"Go on a diet" we're told again and again.
Easy words for some to utter
Who don't live with constant pain.

 So how do we cope, how do we survive
This disease with the long funny name?
Why with FMily members, of course,
There are others whose lives are the same.

 Night after night we sit behind the computer
Sharing thoughts, prayers, and encouragement.
Isn't it great to have a FMily,
Friends who understand the life that you've spent.

 I thank God every night for my FMily,
They are angels that He has sent.
My life's better by far, I know I can make it
With my FMily's prayers and encouragement.

Kristina Plaas
March 12, 1997
Hugs and Kisses

Music by:JPjukbox1