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APRIL 1990
David E Goodwyn above.

10.    Marietta E Meade  m #1 in 1835 Dr Robert N Booth, d 1838 and m #2 in 1845 in Petersburg to Edwin Friend.

11.    Harriet Meade (1809-1886) m #1 Dr Peter E Scott 1834, m #2 Robert Randolph.

12.    Amelia Meade (1814-1891) married 1834, as his second wife, Albert Thweatt Goodwyn (1800-1847).  He was the son of Col Peterson Goodwyn of Dinwiddie and Elizabeth (Peterson) Goodwyn. Goodwyn Settled at "Greenwood", Greensville, where his will is probated.  Amelia (Meade) Goodwyn married #2 in 1862 to Robert G Montgomery, father to her daughter-in-law Fanny Montgomery.
Children of Amelia and Albert:

        a.     Albert T Goodwyn (1839-1858).

        b.    David Everard Goodwyn  (1844-1902) m 871 Fanny Hayes Montgomery, d 1901.

        c.     Maria Meade Goodwyn d  1882 m 1857 Charles Pannell.  Moved to Ennis TX.

        d.    Mary Elizabeth Goodwyn married A. E. Wilson and died early in life, leaving one child Mary Elizabeth Wilson who married W. M. Feild of Greensville and Norfolk.

by Gwen C Quickel
1.    The first  income tax imposed by the Federal government in 1861 was declared unconstitutional and was removed.                              .

2.    According to  the Department of Defense, 4,435 people died in battle in the Revolutionary War.

3.    Originally, some of the  Pilgrims set sail in the Speedwell, but it was unseaworthy and had to return to port.  The passengers were crowded onto the already packed Mayflower, and she set sail alone.

4. During the American Revolution when  the British invaded Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell was secretly removed from Independence Hall and taken by wagon to Allentown PA, where it hidden under the floor boards of a church.  Had the bell remained in the state house, it would have been melted down for British ammuition, as were all the other bells of the city.

by Woodrow W Boyett  (deceased)
            In correspondence with Mrs Joy Quimby Stearns, Olive AL  about Uriah Parker, Mrs Stearns wrote me on 10 Jul 1989:
"Your Creed Newsletter [p 4 Mar 1989] refers  to John Creed and wife, Susan Columbia Singer.  Susan Columbia is the daughter of Jefferson and Susan C (Quimby) Singer.   Susan (Singer) Creed was born  28 Oct 1856, married John Creed 31 Aug 1875 and died 6 Jun 1939 all in Bradley Co AR.   She was buried 7 Jun 1939 in Holly Springs Cemetery, Bradley Co AR.....

“My grandfather's first wife was Odella Creed---John T. Quimby."

by Lou Randall
See Vol. 5, No. 1, pg. 12.  "Sooners" was the name given to those who illegally staked claims before the beginning of the OK land rush, not "scooners".  (They got there too soon.)  I see that this has been pointed out by Dr. Boyett.  It is really unimportant, but I always found the sooner story interesting. A scooner in addition to being an old ship is a 12-ounce glass of beer in Sydney pubs.
by Nyla Creed DePauk
        A Comprehensive Listing of Cemeteries In and Around Surry Co NC--Not found in Publication 1 by William Kallam, Mt Airy NC  includes death information on William L Creed.   Mr. Creed was a resident of Lambsburg VA.   William Creed was born in Wilkes Co NC on 22 Jul 1861 to George and Lettie (Laffoon) Creed.

           He was survived by two sons Chris and Paul of Cranes WV and three daughters Mrs. Hattie Coe of Bond Town VA, Mrs. Robert Faulkner of Lamsburg VA, and Mrs Will Nixon of Cranes Nest VA.  Burial was at the Chestnut Grove Primitive Baptist Church.    Does anyone have the date of William Creed's death?

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