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MARCH 1988


 by Ocie Creed
1864.  Married Minnie Waters.

                g.  Sarah Jane Creed.  Born 30 Mar 1866.  Died 27 Apr 1953 in Randolph Co MO.  Married Elkanah Edwards on 5 Oct 1890 in Randolph Co MO.

                h.  Sterling Price Creed.  Born 12 Mar 1868.

                i.   Annie Mae Creed. Barn 16 Jun 1870. Died 31 Mar 1950 in Randolph Co MO.  Married J. Reuben Edwards on I Jan 1896 in Randolph Co MO.

                j.   Edy Creed.  Born 19 Oct 1372.  Died Sep 1942 in Helena MT.  Unmarried.

                k.   Edgar Creed.  Born 19 Oct 1872. Died Oct 1872.

The twins were born after their father's death, same year.

            3.  Thomas Jefferson Creed.  Born 24 Jun 1814 in KY.   This child was mentally retarded.  Daniel McSwain was named his guardian on 5 May 1335 in Monroe Co MO until he became age 21.  After that his oldest brother George W Creed was his guardian in Monroe Co and Callaway Co.  George W remained his guardian until after the Civil War.  Thomas J probably died ca 1870 or prior.  I cannot  find any record for him after the sixth settlement  (Book H, pg 263) in Callaway Co MO Probate on 15 Feb 1868.

            4.   Jenetta Creed.  Born 29 Feb 1817. Died in Monroe Co MO.      She married Dr. John S Bybee on 26 Apr 1837 in Monroe Co MO.  Joseph Mallory was J.P.    It was difficult tracing the Bybee family. Jenetta Creed was his fifth wife.  It was several years before I got the right family and was able to get what little information I have for this family.  There was supposed to be nine children, but six are known as listed below:

                a.   George Washington Bybee.  Born 19 May 1838 in Monroe Co MO.   Married Mary Jane Powell on 25 Jan 1864 in Monroe Co MO.

                b.   Logan Bybee.   Born 10 Apr 1849 in Monroe Co MO.   Died 1 Apr 1936 in Audrain Co MO.  Married Ellen Davis on 20 Mar 1373 in Audrain Co.

                c.  John Bybee.

                d.  Nancy Bybee.  Married a Goodnight.

                e.  Cyrene Bybee.  Married a Hill.

                f.  Louisiana Bybee. Married Leon Blum.

            5.    Wilkerson L Creed.   Born 23 Oct 1819.   Died 7 Sep 1907.   He is buried at Berea Baptist Church Cemetery in Molino, Monroe Co MO.   He married  n 22 Nov 1845 Clarissa Marie Finks who was born ca 1825 (daughter of John Finks). William Dollard, J.P., Monroe Co MO performed the marriage. I have located six of their children.  Although no birth or death dates are available, I have most marriage records.  Their children:

                a.   John Simeon Creed.      Married Bettie J.  Bozarth.

                b.  Sarah E Creed.   Married Richard Robinson on 21 Nov 1872 in Audrain Co MO.

                c.  James Washington Creed  3/.  Married Rebecca Jane Allison on 12 Sep 1889 in Audrain Co.

                d.  Matilda Lee Creed.  Married Edward Duty on 12 May 1897 in Audrain Co MO.

                e.  Susan L Creed.  Married Thomas Davis on 28 Nov 1882 in Audrain Co MO.

                f.  Lutricia Frances Creed.  Married Mohn on 26 Apr 1874 in Audrain Co MO.

            6.  Elizze (Eliza) Creed.  Born 3 Mar 1823.  Died in Clinton City MO.  4/  Married Raughly Camplin on 11 Sep 1845 in Callaway Co MO by Enoch Fruit, Minister of the Gospel.  Their five children:

                a.  John Camplin.  Married Bell Holliway.

                b.  Bole Camplin.

                c.  Lula Camplin.

                d.  Lizzie Camplin.  Married Jim Foree.

                e.  Addie Camplin.  Married Granville Morehead.
            7.   Sinthey Creed.   Born 10 Nov 1825 in KY. She must have died young as she is not listed in the Monroe Co MO probate records of Elijah Creed Jr.

            8.   Louisa Ann Creed.      Born 15 Aug 1830 in Monroe Co Mo.    Died I Mar 1914 in Mexico, Audrain Co MO. Married Logan H Mundy on 9 Oct 1845 in Monroe Co MO by Enoch Fruit, Preacher of the Gospel.  According to Elijah's family Bible, seven children were born to this marriage.  Louisa Ann Creed was not listed in his Bible since she was born after his death. However, she is listed as one of the children in his estate papers. My grandfather said she was his father's aunt. Although her grave marker gives the 1330 date of birth, this date seems to be in error and probably should be 15 Aug 1829.  Children  of Louisa Ann and Logan Mundy are:

                a.   Mildred Mundy.

                b.   John E Mundy.  Married Jennie Price.

                c.   Horace Mundy.  Born 22 Dec 1859 in Monroe Co Mo.

                d.   James C Mundy born 28 Mar 1868 in Monroe Co MO. Died 8 Jan 1957.   His wife's first name was Ora  J.

                e.   William W Mundy.

                f.   Ann E Mundy.   Married a Mr. Crooks.

                g.   Cordle K Mundy.   Born 1870.  Died 1941.

                h.   Josie Mundy.  Married G W Bryson.

                i.   R  Lee Mundy.

                j.   Ada B Mundy.  Born 10 Mar 1873.  Died 26 May 1931.    Married Ira L. Shepherd.

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