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MARCH 1988


 by Ocie Creed
1850 Census Record for Callaway Co MO, 12th Dist
Creed George W        40        KY        carpenter
Eliza R                        36        KY
Rebecca E                  11        MO
Elijah                             6        MO
Wm Thomas                 4        MO

1860 Census Record  for Callaway Co MO, 18th Dist
Creed G W                50        KY         cooper (carpenter)
Eliza                           47        KY
Elijah                         16        MO
Wm Thomas              13        MO
George S                   10        MO

1870 Census Record for Callaway Co MO, Bourbon Twp
Creed John              29        MO    farmer

1860 Soundex for Wise Co TX
(N.W. corner of Tarrant)
(Vol 34, ED 126, SH 9, L 41)
Creed Elijah            36        MO
Racheal                   34        MO    wife
Woody                       7        MO    son
Lutitea                       6         __      dtr  

                c.  William Thomas Creed. Born ca 1847.  His wife was named Mary.     They had a daughter named Daisy.

                d.  George S Creed. Born ca 1851. Married Mary C Slefker on 21 Sep 1875 in Callaway Co.   In  1880 George S and his wife Mary C are listed as living in the Wilson Township of Audrain Co MO.

            2.  James Madison Creed. Born 27 Jan 1812 in KY.   Died 16 Feb 1872 in Monroe Co MO.     Married first:   Martha Jane Wilson on 26 Feb 1839 In Callaway Co MO.  Martha Jane died in the Spring of 1851.

            James M Creed was a blacksmith and kept a blacksmith ledger. I was fortunate to examine the book.    It was a thrill to read a book so old and in such excellent shape, written in brown ink of those days.

            Its first entry, dated 1838, was for three days' work for J Griffin for $3.00.

            Another entry was dated 1847 for two big wheel whards for Augustin Creed.   The amount was $0.25.    That probably was the year Augustin Creed moved to Clinton Co MO. Augustin was James Madison Creed's uncle.

            Children of James and Mary Jane Wilson Creed:

                a.    John Wilkerson Creed.      Born 1 Dec 1840. Probably died in TX.

1860 Clay Co TX Soundex
Creed J W                      50        MO
S E                                  34        MO     wife
Bashaby                           4        MO     dtr
J W                                   2        TX       son

            b.   Nancy Elizabeth Creed.  Born 14 Apr 1842.  Died when small.

            c.   Elijah Samuel Creed 1/.   Born 26 Mar 1843.    Died 12 Jan 1912 in Mexico, Audrain Co MO. Married Ellen Tincher 19 Sep 1867 in Callaway Co.

            d.   Mary Elizabeth Creed 2/.  Born 16 Jul 1844.  Died 18 Jul 1919 in Howard Co MO. Married Norb J Gravitt on 28 Feb 1863 in Audrain Co MO.

            e.   James Edward Creed.  Born 7 Aug 1846.  Died 6 Feb 1908 in Callaway Co MO. Married Julia Frances Kennon, Callaway Co MO.

            f.   Telithacumis (Tatitha) Creed. Born 4 Sep 1849.  Died 1927 in Callaway Co MO. Married Andrew Jackson Kennon, probably in Callaway Co MO.

1850 Census Record - Callaway Co MO, 12th Dist
Creed James M             37         KY      male    Blacksmith   
Martha J                        30         VA      female
John W                           10         MO    male
Elijah L  (S)                      8         MO    male
Mary E                             6         MO    female
James L  (E)                     4        MO    male
Teletha  C                    6/12        MO    female

James Madison Creed married second:   Melvina Mildred Hill on 13 Jul 1853 in Callaway Co MO.  I believe the first half of their children were born in Callaway Co MO, while the others were born in Monroe Co. Their children:

                a.    Robert Morgan Creed.  Born 22 Apr 1854.  Died 24 Dec 1933 in Randolph Co MO.  Married Viola Teter on 27 Jan 1880 in Randolph Co MO.

                b.    George Washington Creed.  Born 23 Jun 1855.  Died 26 Mar 1946 in Randolph Co MO.  Married Ophalia Frances Halliburton on 22 Jan 1882 in Randolph Co MO.

                c.    Captain Ewing Creed.   Born 15 Apr 1858.  Died 25 Jun 1936 in Randolph Co MO. Married Georgia A Edwards on 1 Jan 1884 In Randolph Co MO.

                d.    Lewis Thomas Creed.     Born 28 Jan 1860.    Died 20 Mar 1949 in Randolph Co MO. Married Laura Etta Halliburton on 22 Dec 1886 in Randolph Co MO.

                e.  Elizabeth E Creed. Born 2 Apr 1862.  Died 6 Jul 1956 in Randolph Co MO.  Married John C Block.

                f .  William Richard Creed.  Born 18 Jul

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