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MARCH 1988
"It appears to me that Matthew Creed had two sons:    Richard Curl Creed born 1755/60 who was found on 1800 Georgetown Co SC Census, and from whom Luke Creed appears to be a son, listed 1810 Horry Co SC Census, born 1774/1784.  Next, John Creed born   ca 1755 granted 500 acres 5 Jan 1789 in Orangeburg district. John was listed on 1790 Orangeburg
District Census, southern part, and again 1810 census same county.  "John  Creed of  Orangeburg   District  SC apparently had three sons:

(1)    James born ca 1782, listed 1810-30 Orange Co Census; 1840 Lexington Co Census.
        Other than those listed on your family group sheet, he no doubt had James Creed Jr
        born 1800-1810 listed 1840 Lexington Co Census.

(2)    John Creed Jr born 1803 Orange Co SC, farmer, listed 1820-50 Orange Co Census,
        wife, Mary, born 1806 SC having children, John born 1831; Susan born 1834; and
        Frances born 1838.

(3)    Henry Creed, born 1792 Orangeburg Co, planter, listed 1820-50 Orange Co Census,
        wife, Rebecca, born 1798, having children, Artemisa, born 1825, and B., born 1832.

 "In the book, Lineage Charts, V. 11, SC. State Archives, I found a Nancy Creed, died 23 May 1864 married James Garvin, born 12 June 1791, died 5 Mar 1884.  The owner of this chart was Leon F Garvin, 108 E Jefferson ST, Galtney, SC 29340 (1977 chart).  I am writing this man to see If he knows anything further on Nancy. I figure she was born ca 1792 and was a daughter of John born ca 1755.1

"There were some Creeds who lived in Princess Anne, Norfolk and Westmoreland Cos VA, the former in late 1700's.   The first Creeds appear to have come over to Westmoreland Co area from England. Ralph or  Raphael Creed was an early settler of Surry Co  VA, first mentioned in 1655 as ship's carpenter of the "York" (Lower   Norfolk  Co Antiquary,   IV, 82).

"Matthew Creed probably moved from VA before 1751 to old Craven Co., and died between 1767 and 1790.    I searched all of the coastal counties, including Charleston, and did not find anything. Also, the parish registers and published newspaper records.

"Since I have exhausted SC records and found very little on the name, it follows that a search of the VA records might tle these connections together. Sometimes, grandchildren are mentioned in wills and probate records, as well as the deeds.   The Commonwealth of VA did register their deeds, marriages, etc., as there were no laws in SC to encourage recordings. Therefore, this may be the main reason the Creeds did not record their deeds, marriages, etc. Also, many records were burned from the costal counties, as well as Orangeburg district.   The lack of preservation of records in SC, then, has presented some problems."


Again, as Ms. Austin says, Matthew Creed was the father of John, grandfather of James,    great- grandfather of Allen, great-great-grandfather of Grandma Boyett.   In Creed Genealogy Newsletter, Vol 2, No. 1, June 1986, pages 1-2, Mr Lou Randall of Australia, a descendant of Meshack Creed has identifed eight Matthew Creeds in early records.    Ms Austin's and Mr Randall's research complement each other.  And I can't help being struck with the many references to the Creeds as carpenters; from Ms Austin's notation of Raphael Creed in 1655 on down.    Meshack Creed was also a carpenter, or "housebuilder," as I think one census record describes him. Although I did not inherit any talent for carpentry, certainly Papa and my brothers Gerald and Floyd (who worked at carpentering for Uncle Jim Mallory in his contracting business in Birmingham around 1929 before all the banks failed and they lost their money) certainly inherited a talent for carpentry. 2

Editor's Notes:

     Nyla Creed DePauk also wrote Mr Garvin but received no reply.
     This concludes Mr. Boyette's three-part article.

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