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MARCH 1987



 by Nyla Creed DePauk
Being from Southern WV, I am very interested in learning more about the Matthew Creed who lived in Greenbrier Co, later Monroe Co VA (WV).    This Matthew Creed settled in Highland Co OH in 1806.   Although I do not trace my ancestors to this Matthew Creed,   I feel it is important that we document as much information as possible on him since it seems he must have been related to the Surry Co NC and  Orange Co VA Creeds.    Other Creed researchers have also expressed interest in learning about this line of Creeds and their relationship to the Surry Co NC Creeds and the Orange Co VA Creeds.

Highland Co OH was created and organized 18 Feb 1805.  The county was divided into four townships:    Liberty, New Market, Fairfield, and Brush Creek.   There is a book that I located at the DAR Library, which I feel is extremely valuable to anyone interested in Creed family history.  I would enjoy being able to read the book at leisure.   Unfortunately, the book, which was printed in 1890, is very fragile and is stamped "No Photocopying".  The book, entitled A History of The Early Settlement of Highland Co, Ohio by Daniel Scott was printed at The Gazette Office.

Some months ago, Lou Randall recommended that I read a book entitled The Frontiersman, written by Alan Eckert, which takes place ca Revolutionary War and gives an account of Simon Kenton.  Now to be honest about this, I do not recall ever hearing of Simon Kenton until Lou recommended I read the book; and I probably would never have given Simon much thought again until I came across this book on Highland Co.  Upon checking the Index, I recognized two names-- Simon Kenton and Matthew Creed--immediately.

According to Daniel Scott, there were three individuals named Creek (John, Joseph, and Jacob) who emigrated from VA in 1805 and settled with their families in the neighborhood of Richard Evans.   Among those present at a Court of Common Pleas begun and held in the town of New Market on the 20th February 1806 was John Creek.

Some Creed researchers are familiar with a listing for a will of John Creed 1. It appears to me that there were Creeds, as well as Creeks, who were in early Highland Co. Perhaps a study of the original will may reveal that this will was not for John Creed but John Creek. Since I feel it is important that we be able to distinguish between Highland Co records for Creeds and Creeks, I have included information on Creeks as well as Creeds.

Here are the notes I made from A History of  The Early Settlement of Highland Co OH:

The first census taken by authority of law in Highland Co was May 1807.   The census was a list of taxable property and the number of white male inhabitants above 21 years old. From Liberty township:    John Creek, Jacob Creek, Joseph Creek, James Carlisle, Matthew Creed Sr, Matthew Creed Jr,  James Fitzpatrick, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Robert Fitzpatrick, Jeremiah Smith, Job Smith, and James Smith.  From the Brushcreek township:   Robert Creed and Richard Harvey.  I have included James Carlisle in the list above since we know that Matthew's wife was Elizabeth Carlisle.   The Fitzpatricks and Smiths were also from Monroe Co, and they were related to the Creeds. Robert Creed married Elizabeth Harvey from Monroe Co.

On page 95 of Scott's account, the following is recorded. "Be it remembered, that at a Court of Common Pleas began and held in the town of New Market, in the county of Highland, on Wednesday, the 12th day of June 1805 being the first Court held under the Constitution of the State of Ohio, for the county aforesaid, on which day, and being the day and place appointed by an act organizing the Judicial Courts; present, the Honorable Robert F. Slaughter, Esquire, President, John Davidson, and Jonathan Berryman, Esquires, Associate Judges. The Sheriff of this county returned the following persons as Grand Jurors from the body of this county as follows:   Samuel Gibson, William Hill, Amos Evans, John  Creek, Benjamin Chaney, Terry Templin, Ezekiel  Kelly, Jacob Metzgar, William Boatman, Ebenezer  Hamble, Edward Carey, James Fitzpatrick, John Gossett, Samuel McQuitty, Michael Metzer, Anthony Franklin and Christian Bloom; the Court appointed Samuel Gibson, foreman. By an order of the Court, Abram J. Williams is appointed Prosecutor for the county of Highland.    The report of the Commissioners for fixing the seat of justice in the county of Highland, was this day handed in and ordered to be filed.  The Court adjourned until to-morrow mourning at 10 o'clock."

One of the early settlers in Highland Co was James Fitzpatrick who was a soldier of the Revolution, having entered in 1778.   He was with Andrew Lewis at the Battle of Point Pleasant. Fitzpatrick was a brother-in-law of Matthew Creed 3.

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