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             Tomlinson.    Darlin Creed moved f rom Colquitt to Berrien Co GA.

    (7)    Allen  Creed's Children:

            1-2   Lucretia and Ellefair were not married in 1860.   If they did marry later, the
                    record  might have been in the Colquitt Co records which were burned in

            3      Nancy Anna E Creed married  H C McPherson. She raised Grandma Boyett.

            4      Hiram Creed appears in the 1870 Macon Co AL Census, p 93b, age 26,
                    unmarried.  In the 1900 Bullock Co AL Census appears:    Emma Creed,
                    born GA, Sep 1844, widowed, no children.   She was living with her
                    unmarried sister Mollie J Cawley, age 51, head of household. I think this is
                    Hiram's wife, but I can't find the marriage record in Macon Co or Bullock Co,
                    but then they  may have married in GA.

        5        I think Darlin died young.  I could not find him nor his brother Hiram in GA, AL,
                  FL,  nor SC in 1880.

        6        T Creed, age 11 In 1860 is listed in the Heard Co GA 1870 Census on p.
                  Household 525
                  Tilman W Creed       22   GA
                  Mary Anne E            27   GA
                  He was not in the 1880 GA Soundex nor 1900 GA census.

        7       David Solomon B (full name in 1900 Jefferson Co AL census) was born 28 Apr
                 1854 and died 7 Feb 1916.    His grandson David D Creed has given me
                 information on his complete family
        8      S T, female, age 2 in 1860 census. This is  Sarah Thomas Ann Creed Boyett,
                Grandma Boyett.

(To be continued in the Mar 1988 Issue.)
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