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                             1870 Census of Colquitt Co SC
        Ealdora(?) Hancock 64     f
        Sarah Creed            36
        Nancy                     13
        Susan                        9  (married W J Elkins on 11 Jan 1882, Book J, p. 291, Thomas
        Jane                          7  (married William Lewis 10 Feb 1884, Book J, p. 495)
        Martha                      5

        Paul Creed enlisted as a private in Thomas Co Rangers, Co E, 50th GA Regiment on 4
        Mar 1862. He was wounded 13 Sep 1862 at Boonesboro MD. He died 1 Jul 1865.

Roster of Confederate Soldiers and letter dated 8 Aug 1865 from Pascal G
Burke III.

(5)  1860 Colquitt Co GA Census. Family No. 7.
       Daniel Creed        47    SC
       Eliza                     37    GA
       Ellender                  7   GA

      1870 Colquitt Co GA Census. Family No. 295.
      Enos Holland        23    NC
      Ellinder                 18    NC
      Eliza Creed           46    GA

(6)  Darlin and Jacob Creed. For 1850 census, see item 2 above.   Jacob Creed was
       unmarried, age 24, living in Darlin's household with their father James,  age 68, a
       blacksmith.   Allen Creed was also a blacksmith.

(7) 1860 Colquitt Co SC Census (15 June), P.O. Moultrie, p. 1. Family No. 3.
     Darlin Creed          40     farmer     SC
     Sarah Ann             33                    FL
     Mary Ann A A        3                   GA
     James A              8/12                  SC
     Jacob                    35                   SC
     Elizabeth Barton    16                   SC
     Isaiah Barton         13                   GA
     Thomas                   9                   GA
             The three Barton children listed here are Darlin Creed's niece and nephews, I believe.

   1850 Thomas Co Census, page 5:
    Household No. 266.
    Isaiah Barton      45
    Margaret            44
    Cassandra          17
    Josiah                 16
    Joseph                14
    Jchn                    12
    Urlah                  11
    Elizabeth               9
    Isaiah                    4     GA
    Robert             8/12

    1830 Census of Orange District SC
    James Creed's household
    2 males 5-10; 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 10-15, 1 female

    The four males in age from 5 to 20 are surely Daniel, Allen, Darlin, and Jacob; the female,
    Margaret, although the age of  Margaret (44) in 1850 does not agree with the  age of the
    unnamed female in James Creed's household in 1830.  Nevertheless, the fact that the three
    youngest children of Margaret Barton  are in Darlin Creed's household indicate a
    relationship and suggests that the parents probably had died and that they had come to live
    with their uncle, who was fairly well off and able to care for them.

    Jake Creed is listed as a Private in the "Muster Roll of Co H, 50th GA Reg., CSA.
    (History of Colquitt County, p. 31). He was killed 27 Aug 1864 in VA. According to
    Marriage Book E, p. 57, Thomas   County, on 25 Jan 1852 Jacob Creed married Rhoda
    Anna Jane Gandy.  Darlin Creed, J.P.,  brother of Jacob, performed the ceremony. Rhoda
    must have died before 1860, since Jacob appears here with brother Darlin just as in 1850.
    Darlin Creed   is listed as 3d Sgt in the Muster Roll of Co H, Ilth Regiment, GA State
    Guards Cavalry, CSA, Colquitt Co  GA. Mustered 4 Aug 1863.

    Darlin's son James A, age 8-12 in 1860, is James Ansel Creed, who married Mary M
    Carter in Berrien Co GA, 29 Feb 1880. Ansel Creed is the grandfather of Edward Creed
    of  Lakeland GA, whose wife Annie wrote me the letter mentioned in Note 1.  Judge John
    P Webb Sr, Probate Judge of Berrien Co, Nashville, GA, sent me Edward's name and

    Darlin Creed was very prominent in the political life of Colquitt Co.  He was  elected to the
    Colquitt Co Board of Education for the May 1874 term (for four years).  He removed
    from the county and his successor took over Mar 1875.  He had been sheriff 10 Feb 1858
    to 10 Jan 1860; tax collector 10 Jan 1860 to Mar 1866 (four terms); also Tax Receiver
    1 Mar 1862 to 16 Feb 1864.  He is also credited with suggesting  changing the name of
    the county seat of Colquitt Co from "Ocklockney" to "Moultrie."
    1870 Census of Colquitt Co, p. 410A
    Household 77/77
    Creed   Darlin         51   SC
    James                    10
    Sarah                     44
    Sarah                       5
    Pioneers of Wiregrass, Vol 3, p. 321:   Jane Creed, daughter of Darlin Creed, married
    William H Tomlinson (b 1858), son of  Sherod

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