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by Woodrow Boyett
(Continued from the September 1987 issue.)
Grandma Boyett's father, as I have said, was (David) Hiram Allen Creed.  Here is what I have found out about him:

1.     Born Oct or Nov 1814, Lexington SC.  Source: Militia Enrollment List, Thomas Co,
       compiled Jan-Feb 1864 (GA Archives).

2.    Father: James Creed. Proof:

    (a)   1850 Census of Thomas Co GA, p. 002. Household 27
            Creed Darlin   30
            Sarah              23     (Ann Alderman, b 1826, m 29 Jul 1849 Thomas Co)
            James              68     Blacksmith
            Jacob              24

    (b)    Deed of Gift to Darlin Creed, Thomas Co, Bock F, p. 690.
            See transcript in Sept 1987 Issue.

3.    Proof  that Allen and Darling Creed were brothers:   History of Colquitt County. W. A.
       Covington, Reprint 1980,  p. 26.

4.    1840 Barnwell Co SC Census, p. 228.
       Allen Creed:       1 m 5-10 (missing in 1850 Census); 2 males 20-30; 2 females 0-5; 1
       female 20-30.

5.  1850 Thomas Co GA Census, 3 Sep 1850,   p. 29. Household No. 408
     Allen Creed        35  m  farmer
     Sarah                  30  f
     Lucretia              12  f
     Ellefair                10  f
     Anna                     6  f
     Hiram                    4 m
     Darlin                    1 m (born FL)

6.  1860 Thomas Co GA Census,   p. 83 (handwriting)
    24 Jun 1860, P.O. Thomasville. Household 679.
    Allen Creed        43   m     SC
    Lucretia              21   m     SC
    E                        18   f       SC
    Nancy A            17    f      SC
    Hiram                 15   m     SC
    Darlin                 13   m     SC
    T                        11   m     SC
    David                   8   m     GA
    S T                      2   f       GA

7.    Allen Creed and his brother Darlin voted for secession.   In the referendum to select
       delegates from Colquitt Co to meet in Milledgeville 16 Jan 1861 to consider "the state of
        the Union".  History of Colquitt Co   pp. 25-6.

8.    Jan or Feb 1864, last date Allen Creed known to be living. He appears No. 25 on the
       Enrollment of Present Militia Company, District 1212, 7th Senatorial District, Thomas Co.
       He there gives his age, as 9 years, 3 months; occupation, blacktmith; place of birth,
       Lexington, SC; exempted because "Lost an Eye", owning a rifle in good condition.

9.    His mortgaged property was sold 2 Apr 1867. 1 do not know whether he was still living
       then or not.

(1)    A letter from the wife of a descendant (great grandson) of Darlin Creed states that Daniel,
        Jacob, and Paul Creed were Darlin's brothers. They would therefore be brothers of Alen
        Creed; but Paul is Daniel's son, not brother.
        Ages in 1860 Census:
        Daniel     47
        Allen       43 (but really 45) 1863 Militia
        Darlin      40
        Jacob      35  (d. 27 Aug 1864 In VA. Co H, 50th GA Inf.   Confederate Soldiers in
                             Colquitt Co GA
       Paul M J 25

(2)   Daniel Creed m. Eliza Hancock 10 Jun 1849. His brother Darlin, a justice of the peace,
        performed the ceremony.

(3)    1850 Thomas Co GA Census. Family 26.
        Daniel Creed  35   SC
        Eliza               26   GA
        Paul               13    SC   (Pvt, Co H, 50th Reg GA Inf, CSA, Confederate Soldiers p.
        Edward          11   SC   (1900 Census, age 66,  b. SC)
        Eli                   9    SC   (Died   8    May 1862, Macon GA, C. H, 50th Reg. GA Inf,
                                             Confederate Soldiers p. 24)
        Hixon             7   m
        Morgan          5   m
        Louisa            6   mos. GA

        Family No. 27    Darlin Creed

        1860 Colquitt Co SC Census
        Paul M J Creed 25  SC
        Sarah                23  GA
        Nancy A E         2   GA (Allen Creed also had a daughter, same name.)
        Susan C          7/12 GA

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