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1774, then he would have been born before 1756.
The 1820 census record tells us only that he was over 45, therefore born before 1775. 1 think that it would be reasonable to assume that he was born ca 1750-56, possibly before.

In my previous outline, I stated that Matthew Creed Sr was found in the 1830 Highland Co OH census.   This was only an index reference, and I had not actually seen the census record.   I now believe this to be wrong.

I was unable to find Matthew Creed Sr in the 1830 OH census Index and did not see him listed when I read that portion for Liberty Township. The Highland Co tax lists do seem to indicate that he was there at least until 1832.

The census record for Sennett Creed in 1830 Liberty Township, Highland Co OH, I believe, may be the answer to old Matthew Creed's whereabouts. A male age 80-90 is listed in this household.  If this is Matthew and if this age category is accurate, then he would have been born ca 1740-50. Bennett Creed was the youngest son of Matthew Creed.   Matthew deeded 70 acres to Sennett Creed in 1827 for "love and affection" so I think that it is quite probable that Matthew Creed may have been living with his son at the original Creed farm and that the son might be listed as the head of household.

Matthew  Creed was married to Elizabeth Carlisle 10 Oct 1780 by Rev John Alderson Jr. This marriage record was taken from the marriage register of Rev John Alderson Jr who succeeded his father as pastor of the Linville Creek Baptist Church in Rockingham Co VA. I suppose the logical assumption is that this marriace took place in or near Linville in Rockingham Co.

There were Carilsles living near Matthew Creed at Indian Creek, but I do not know if they were there as early as 1780.   I also do not know if there were any Carlisle in Rockingham Co around 1780. Possibly more information about  Rev Alderson and the Carlisle would answer this question.

I do not know if there are any specific estate records for Matthew Creed; but based on tax records, I feet that he probably died around 1832. The cemetery records for Highland Co OH have been fairly well recorded and published; but as yet, no cemetery record for Matthew Creed has been found.

One very significant record has  been found in Highland Co OH dated 30 Oct 1838:   Matthew Creed and Margaret his wife, David C Creed  and Nancy his wife of Highland Co, Robert Dobbins  and Jane his wife of Fayette Co OH, Michael Kelly  and Betsy his wife of Rush Co IN, Saml K Stivers  and Mary his wife of Brown Co OH deeded to Bennett Creed their 1/9 interest each in 70 3/4 acres. This indicates to me that Matthew Creed had 9 children who survived him.

 From a variety of sources,  I have put together th following information on the children of Matthew Creed of Highland Co OH:

1.  Robert Creed born ca 1782 (Monroe Co WV) died ca 1835-40 Rush Co IN or Shelby Co IN.     Mar ried 1st 13 Nov 1804 Monroe Co VA to Elizabeth Harvey daughter of Benjamin and Susan (Ballard)  Harvey.   Married 2nd 22 Sep      1832 Rush Co IN to Mrs Mildred (Ballard) Jerrall widow of Wm Jerrell.  Moved from Htchland Co OH to Rush Co IN ca 1827.

2.    Matthew Creed Jr born ca Apr 1784 (Monroe Co WV) died 12 Mar 1844 Highland Co OH. married 12 Oct 1810 Woodford Co KY to Margaret Creed daughter of Elijah and Mary (Rucker) Creed. Resided in Highland Co OH 1805-1844.

3.    David Carlisle Creed born ca 1787 (Monroe CO WV) died 26 Jan 1875 Highland Co OH. married 17 Sep 1817 Woodford Co KY to Nancy Creed daughter of Elijah and Mary (Rucker) Creed. Resided in Highland Co OH 1806-1875.

4.    Mary (Polly) Creed born ca 179- (Monroe Co WV) died possibly Adams Co OH.  Married is Aug 1807 (Highland Co OH) to Samuel King Stivers.  Resided Brown Co OH 1838.  Saml K Stivers listed 1850 OH Index Brown Co EA 861.

5.    Sarah (Sally) Creed married Jeremiah Smith. I do not know the date of birth or date of death.

6.    Jane Creed married 24 Jun 1819 (Highland Co OH) to Robert Dobbins.   I do not know her date of birth and date of death. She resided in Fayette Co OH in 1838.      A Robert Dobbins is listed in 1830 OH Index in Greene Co 014, and a Robert 8 Dobbins is also in Clermont Co OH. A Robert Dobbins is listed in 1350 OH Index in Fayette Co OH.  I do not know Jane's date of birth or date of death.

7.    Nancy Creed was born ca 1795 (Monroe Co VA). I do not know her date of death.    She was apparently unmarried and residing with her brother-in-law Michael Kelly when the 1850 Rush Co IN census was taken.

8.    Bennett Creed born Sep 1797 (Monroe Co WV) died 2 Oct 1858 in Highland Co OH. Married 3 Feb 1824 Highland Co OH to Susannah Himes daughter of John S Himes.   Resided Highland Co OH 1806-1858.
9.    Elizabeth Creed was born ca 1800.  I do not know her date of death.   She married on 21 Nov 1822 (Highland Co OH) to Michael Kelly. Resided in Rush Co IN in 1838 and 1850 census.

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