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by Lou Randall
In Vol 2, No 1 of the Creed Genealogy Newsletter   I attempted to outline the records I had seen for Matthew Creed and to distinguish between them.   The continued accumulation of early Creed records has greatly reduced the confusion between the various Matthew Creeds, and there is now no doubt that Matthew Creed of Greenbrier Co VA and Monroe Co VA and Matthew Creed of Highland Co OH are the same Individual.  Unfortunately, the parents of Matthew Creed Sr of Highland Co OH and his relationship to the Creeds of Orange Co  VA remains unknown.  Additional records pertaining to Matthew Creed Sr of Highland Co OH have made it possible to better understand this early branch  of the Creed family.

The earliest known records pertaining  to Matthew Creed Sr of Highland Co OH are  the Botetourt Co VA tax records published in an earlier Creed Genealogy Newsletter (Vol 3 No I p 7).   This documents Matthew Creed in Botetourt Co VA as early as 1774 in the Indian Creek/Sink Hole area.    Matthew Creed is also listed on  an apparently undated tax list as owning property located on the waters of the Greenbrier River, and it is thought that the date of this list may be 1773. Greenbrier Co VA was formed from Montgomery Co VA in 1778, and Montgomery Co VA was formed from Botetourt Co VA in 1776-77. Botetourt Co was formed from Augusta Co VA in 1769-70.  Monroe Co VA was formed from Greenbrier Co VA in 1799. This all gets rather confusing, but since it seems that Matthew Creed remained in the Indian Creek area throughout the period from 1774-1806, he would have been in four counties (Botetourt, Montgomery, Greenbrier, and Monroe). Further, it is possible that if Matthew Creed settled near Indian Creek prior to 1769-70, he would have at that time been in Augusta Co VA.   After a period of over 30 years, Matthew Creed moved with his family to Liberty Township, Highland Co OH in 1806.

 In an article by Nyla DePauk in the Creed Genealogy Newsletter many Interesting details are discussed concerning Matthew Creed and related families from Monroe Co VA and Highland Co OH, particularly the Information from the 1890 book by Daniel Scottt, A History of the Early Settlement of Highland Co OH.     Information from this book states that James Fitzpatrick, brother-in-law of Matthew Creed, was with Col Andrew Lewis at the Battle of Point Pleasant.

In my article outlining the records for the different Matthew Creeds, I noted that there were two records for the military service of Matthew during this same period.  Scott's book refers to Matthew Creed as being at "The Point," and I feel certain that this refers to the Battle of Point Pleasant.   This was not part of the Revolutionary War but rather was the major battle of a campaign waged by colonial American forces against the Shawnee Indians. A force of about 1,100 volunteer militiamen under the command of Col Andrew Lewis engaged a large force of  Indians at the mouth of the Kanawha River as it enters the Ohio River on 10 Oct 1774 in what is now Mason Co WV. Fifty-two volunteer militiamen and over 20 commissioned officers were killed in this battle with 140 wounded.  The  Indians suffered considerable casualties; however, Lord Dunmore, the Governor of the Colony of VA, who had directed the campaign considered it a victory.  The two main company commanders at the Battle of Point Pleasant under Cot Andrew Lewis were Col Charles Lewis (brother of Andrew Lewis) and Cot James Fleming.   In my notes on Matthew Creed in Vol 2 No 1, I stated that Matthew Creed was in John Lewis' Company.  I do not know exactly where I got this information, and I now feel that it is in error arid should probably be either Andrew Lewis or Charles Lewis.

If, as is stated in Scott's book that Matthew Creed was an Indian spy during this period, it is possible that the study of further records of Lord Dunmore's War will yield additional information on the volunteer service of Matthew Creed.

Matthew Creed being listed as a volunteer from Botetourt Co VA is consistent with where we know  Indian Creek to have been in 1774.   Present-day  Botetourt Co VA is considerably smaller and some distance from the Indian Creek area.

The Scott book also states that Matthew Creed was  a Revolutionary War soldier and was at the Battle of King's Mountain.   I have not yet seen any specific record to indicate that Matthew Creed was a Revolutionary War soldier although there is apparently a monument in Highland Co OH commemorating Revolutionary War soldiers which lists  Matthew Creed. King's Mountain is either in or near Wilkes Co NC.   It is known that Colby Creed, son of Matthew Creed Sr of Surry Co NC, participated in this battle. If Matthew Creed was in fact a Revolutionary War soldier, it would seem that some specific record of this service must exist.

The records establishing that Matthew Creed was a property owner and soldier as early as 1774 are probably the best indicators of when he was born.    If we assume that he was at least 18 in

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