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        brother Darlin after 1860.  They may have died or  they may have married in neighboring Colquitt Co, and Colquitt Co records burned in 1881. Grandma's oldest brother, the male child of Allen Creed shown in the 1840 Barnwell Co SC census, had died even  before the family was recorded in the 1850 census of Thomas Co GA.  And 1870 is as far back as I know of two of her other brothers Hiram and T(Illman W?). Hiram appears unmarried in Macon Co AL in1870.    He may have married Emma Cawley Creed, a widow who was living with an unmarried sister in Bullock Co AL in 1900.  Tilman W Creed, whom I assume to be the "T" of the 1860 census was living  in Heard Co GA, with wife Mary Anne E, in 1870.   Heard Co records burned in  1894.   Now whether the sisters and brothers, being "sickly," died soon after 1860 or 1870 I do not know.

        Nor do I know when Allen Creed, the father of all these children, died.  He was living in Jan and Feb 1864, when a military census was taken.  And his property, which he had mortgaged, was sold 2 Apr 1867.  He may or may not have been living then; the records do not say.

        Lorene also told me two other things that Aunt Beanie said. Grandma told her:  (1) that Grandma's father's name was "David" and (2) Grandma's mother's name was "Scott" before she  married.  I have put "David" In as a third name among those signing a petition requesting their for Hiram Allen Creed, even though it does not appear in the printed records.  Grandma herself  had three names; the brother David Solomon B also had three; and the sister Nancy Anna E had names.  It is not unreasonable to think that the  father of these three might also have had three names.   (But could Aunt Beanie have been thinking of the brother David?) Since SC marriages were not recorded in the 1830s, I have not been able to find the record of Grandma Boyett's parents' marriage.  One of these days we may find a deed or something which will say for certain, but no matter.  I believe that "Scott" was Grandma Boyett's mother's maiden name

        Additional Information on this line of Creeds will be included in the December 1987 issue.


        1    Mr. Boyett has shared Chapter IV of his family history, which he wrote for his 14 nieces and nephews.

            Militia Enrollment List, Thomas Co GA, compiled  Jan-Feb 1864 (GA Archives).

        3     Mr. Boyett wishes to thank Ms. Jeannette Austin, genealogist of Riverdale GA, Mr. Pascal G Burke III of Thomasville GA, and Ms. Frances D Maddox of Phenix City AL who have found and sent him much of the information used in this  issue, as well as the Dec 1987.


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