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Now that I knew for a fact that Grandma was kin to Nancy Anna E Creed McPherson; and as I remembered that Grandpa had said--and Uncle George also--that she was "raised an orphan;" and Grandpa had also said her sister had raised her; and since she had married at Nancy Anna E Creed McPherson's house, It began to appear more and more likely to me that Grandma and Nancy Anna E were sisters.   I took a good close look at the 1860 Thomas Co GA census record of Allen Creed's household, especially  the last entry: ST 2 female GA.

This had to be, and I am convinced is, Grandma Boyett-Sarah Thomas Ann Creed.  The census enumerator didn't always put the third name or the third initial down.  Or he could have thought that "Thomas Ann" was one word. But still this couldn't be right If 1863 was the year Grandma was born.  What written evidence existed concerning Grandma's age?  None that I've ever found.    In the first place, there was no consent of  guardian form in the Elmore Co Marriage Books for her to marry, as there should have been for a 15-year-old-girl to marry.    The absence of such a consent form implies that she was of age.  Then there are the census records, not always accurate, to be sure, but better than nothing.   I am still looking to this date for the 1870 census record of H C McPherson's household, in which I believe Grandma, age 11 or 12, and  David S Creed, 15 or 16, are found.    Surely this would be conclusive proof that 1863 is not her date of birth.   Unlike the census of 1870, 1 do have the census records of 1880, 1900, 1910, and now even 1920, all of which give Grandma's age. Here they are:

1880 Coosa Co AL Census p. 191
Boyd    Jinsey E  Mrs            52    widow
            John F   son              20
            Sarah    dau-in-law    20
            Elzy Lee  grandson  10/12 (This is Papa.)

1900 Coosa Co   AL Census     p. 93b.    (13 Jun)
Boyett  John F      Sep 1856          43    Husband  Married 22 years. 9 children. 8 living.
            Sarah       Aug 1859          40                    Married 22 years. 9 children. 8 living.
            Ellis          Aug 1886          13
           George N  Sep 1888         11
           Beanie       Apr 1891           9
           John G       Apr 1893           7
           Rube B      Jul   1897           2
           Babe         Sep  1899      8/12

1910 Coosa Co   AL Census    ED 62 (15 Apr)
Boyett John F  Husband 52
           Sarah   Wife        51
Children: Ellis, Beanie, John R, Rube B, and Davie.

1920 Coosa Co AL  Census    ED 63, Sheet No. 6A
Boyett John   F             63
           Sarah A             62

In none of these records does a five-year difference in age between Grandma and Grandpa
show  up.   Of the four records the Census of 1900 is by far the most significant.   The month and year of  birth of all six children are correct.  Only Grandma herself could have given this information to the enumerator of  the 1900 Census.  She evidently didn't know how old Grandpa was, but was just going along with the idea that he was three years older than she was and working backward, thus the erroneous date 1856 for Grandpa's birth.  But she certainly knew her own birthday and how old she was at her last birthday in 1899--40. You can say the same thing for the 1880 census.  Grandma's and Papa's ages only are correct; the known ages of Grandma Gincy and of  Grandpa at the time the census was taken,  55 and 21, are  incorrect.  Grandma herself must surely have given this information  to  the enumerator.  Now everything fits.  Her mother died either when she was born or shortly afterward; her father died not long afterward.  Her sister Nancy Anna E. Creed McPherson  raised her, so she was "raised an orphan".    Her Creed parents and Creed grandfather came from SC.  It was her brother David S Creed from North AL who came to visit with his son George Creed, whom  Uncle George remembered.

As I said before, I have never been able to find  H C McPherson and family in the 1870 census.  I could have missed it when I was scanning all the microfilms.  Or it might be on one of the unreadable parts of many pages of the 1870 census. Or the family could have been missed  by the enumerator, as many ex-Confederate soldiers hid out and refused to be counted:   It was still Reconstruction times in 1870.    But what is most likely--I just don't know where to look. They may have  been in MS, where H C McPherson served in the War;  I have not read the 1870 MS census.   No matter. Grandma Boyett, born Sarah Thomas Ann Creed, was 20 years old when the census of 1880  was taken; and she was born in Aug 1859, as she  herself told the census enumerator  on 13 Jun 1900.

My first cousin,  Aunt Beanie's daughter Lorene Kelley Miller, told me that Grandma had told Aunt Beanie once that her family  was "sickly."  Whether she meant her uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, I do not know.  I have not been able to find anything anywhere about her two oldest sisters Lucretia and Ellefair nor her

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