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granddaughter,  that her mother was one of the the three oldest Creed girls, Lucretia, Ellefair, or Nancy Anna, who might have married, and then died shortly after Grandma was born, and one of the two surviving sisters had raised her, as Grandpa Boyett had said.  So I wrote to nearly every county in GA, AL, and AR to ask If they had a record of the marriage of any of those Creed children.   I got answers from nearly every  one. Only   one  county--Tallapoosa Co AL--had  the marriage record of one of this family:  David S Creed to Salida Evans on 5 Dec 1878, the parents of George Creed.

One day when I was at the Birmingham Public Library, where I found the census records, I picked up the Birmingham telephone directory and chose a name at random:    David D. Creed. I wrote him and discovered that he is David Solomon Creed's grandson.   He very kindly sent me names and  dates of birth and death of all David Solomon's children, including "George D Creed born in Pickett Springs AL 26 Dec 1884 and died ... 28 Jan 1863."  I am still trying to get in touch with George Creed's daughter Evelyn to ask her if she remembers hearing her father ever mention visiting his relatives in Coosa Co. She never replied.

Finding the marriage record of  David Solomon Creed--and in Tallapoosa Co, strangely enough--encouraged me to start looking again for the record of Grandpa and Grandma Boyett's marriage. I had almost given up on ever finding it.   I had written all counties surrounding Tallapoosa Co, where Grandpa lived before he married, and all replied saying no record.   I just concluded that, since Grandma was only 15 or 16 years old, as the family stories said, they had run away to Randolph Co, where Grandpa's Pike relatives lived, and married there.   And since the Randolph Co courthouse had burned In 1896, the marriage record was lost,  I thought.

But  one day when I was going home from Tuscaloosa through Wetumpka and Dadeville,  I decided to stop at the Elmore Co courthouse in Wetumpka and look at the records myself, even though I had been told twice that the marriage was not recorded there.   But it was, and I found it. Grandpa's name was given as "Mr J F Boyd" and Grandma's as "Miss S A Creed-" I had asked for "John Floyd Boyett," and naturally the clerk didn't find it.    Anyhow, now my mind was at ease about my visit with Grandpa Boyett more than 50 years ago and whatever was understood or misunderstood, Grandma's maiden name was "Creed".

The marriage record goes on to say:  "The above named parties were married by
me at H C McPhersons on the 31 day of Octr A.D. 1878.   J R  Brooks NP ex of JP."  More
problems!  Who was H C McPherson and why did the marriage take place at his house?   Ms Frances Maddox3 finally found him. He was born and brought up in Thomas Co GA, a pretty close neighbor of Allen Creed.  Moreover, he had married one of Allen Creed's daughters, Nancy Anna E Creed on 5 Jul 1865.   Because Thomas Co marriages were filed only under the groom's names (as I later learned) and since I had asked using the bride's name Nancy Anna Creed, the clerks in the probate office, when I had written some years before, told me that they had no record of her marriage in Thomas Co.  Evidently an Index by the bride's name has been made since then.

Now as soon as I saw the name McPherson on that marriage record, I recalled one of the many
kinfolks who used to come to visit us when I was growing up, maybe In 1926 or 1927, a "Cousin Tim" McPherson.   Papa himself told me that I should call him "Cousin Tim." He was Papa's
cousin, too, and he was from AR. The reason I remembered him, I think, is that he was driving a great big truck. Why he stayed at our house instead of down at Grandpa's I don't know. But it must have been that Grandma was very sick, and Aunt Beanie with her young children just couldn't have company then. Anyhow, he stayed with us, and I'm glad of it, because I might not have remembered him otherwise.

I started looking in AR records again and found Nancy Anna E and husband H. C. McPherson in  the 1900 Census of Union Co and that she had applied for a Confederate widow's pension, which she filed  out in her own handwriting.    She said she was born 11 Nov 1842p and that her husband was a Confederate  soldier in an AL Regiment from the state of AL, was honorably discharged on or about 5 Jul 1864 and died 19 Feb 1903 in Harrison Township, Union Co AR. (D S Creed was one of the signers of Nancy Anna E Creed McPherson's "Proof of Service" form; that Is, he testified that he knew her husband had served in the Confederate Army.)    She died in 1921, according to the AR pension record.

The 1900 Union Co AR census, also shows Timothy W McPherson, age 21, as a son of H C and Nancy Anna E McPherson. Without a doubt, this was the Cousin Tim who visited us. Cousin Tim was born 30 Dec 1878, and he married In 1915. He died "widowed," according to his death certificate, on 18 Jul 1942,  having lived in Strong, Union Co, AR for 50 years.  The McPhersons must surely have been Uncle George's AR connection.  And I wonder now if Grandpa was trying to say--and maybe said--"McPherson," but pronounced  it as "McFarson," rhyming with "parson," and I misunderstood or have forgotten, or just thought he said "Parker" on

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