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the stories varied.    (Now, I know that It was Grandpa Boyett's mother, Gincy Pike, not his wife, who was only 15--maybe 16--years old when she married.)    Anyhow, if Grandma was five years younger than Grandpa, her date of birth would be 31 Aug 1863, as it is on her tombstone.  I do remember that  it was after Mamma died when George Elzie Kelley, my first cousin, came up to the house, on his way to get Grandma's tombstone, to ask me Grandma's full name.  I told him "Sarah Thomas Ann Creed,"  and then I suddenly recalled my conversation with Grandpa and that I had forgotten the name Grandpa  said, not "Creed." He didn't put "Creed" on the tombstone anyhow.   George Elzie said he had the dates  of birth and death; at that time I didn't known them. I think I do now, and I am convinced that she wasn't  born in 1863.
About 15 or 20 years ago, I started looking for Grandma's people with the name "Creed"  and the accepted date 1863 as the true facts on which I would base my search.    I thought that if the 1870 census records if  I found a man named Creed fairly old, with a little girl named Sarah something,
age 7,  in his household, I would recognize them as being Grandma Boyett and her Grandfather Creed.    I searched and searched, and my genealogist friend, Mrs. Pauline Jones Gandrue, gave
me a notation of a Meshack Creed and family who had moved from AL to Bradley Cc AR.   I found on the Bradley Co Census of 1870 that Meshack Creed had a daughter Mary who had married Elisha Uriah Washington Parker; he had died and left her with three children--John, Joanna, and Sarah-- Sarah age 7 In the 1870 Census.   I thought sure that that Sarah Parker was Grandma, as the pieces of the puzzle seemed to fit:  Meshack the Bible name, Sarah an orphan born 1863 in AR and in her Grandfather Creed's household.  Then--whether it was the power of suggestion or not I cannot say--I thought I remembered that Grandpa  had said that Grandma's name was "Parker" and not "Creed." Well, I came to find out that I was wrong,  but not before I had met some Parker descendants in Warren AR, and descendants of Meshack  Creed--Mack Creed (and his wife Mamie) and Mack's sister Kathlyn, of Ashland AL. I spent the day  with Mack and Mamie-- one of the happiest, even if  the most disappointing, in my life.  One of the first
questions I asked Mack was if he had a George Creed in the family a few years back. His
answer was no.  Then we went to see a cousin of his, a very elderly lady named Ethel Baggett, who had known Sarah Parker, to ask her if "Boyett" was the name of the man Sarah married.    Ethel said no. I was sure then that Sarah Parker was not Grandma, but I did not want to admit that I was wrong.  Mack and Mamie later went to Chambers Co and found Sarah Parker's grave, I think, and other incontrovertible proof Meshack Creed's granddaughter Sarah Parker was not Grandma Boyett.

For a year or two after this, I didn't look for Grandma's people.  But in 1981 I
decided to try  again.   This time I would start with the name George Creed and work backward. The Census of 1900 had just been published, and I had a copy made for me of every "Creed" entry in it.  There weren't  many--and there was only one George Creed, age 15, born Dec 1884, living in Bessemer. So he was almost four years older than Uncle George, and Bessemer was certainly North AL.  His father was David S B Creed, age 48, born In GA, according to the census.  I took a chance and wrote the AL Bureau of Vital Statistics and got a copy of the death certificate of David Solomon B Creed, which named his father Hiram Allen Creed and mother Sarah Creed, and gave their birthplace as GA.  David S Creed was 62 years old when he died and was buried in Union Cemetery in Lipscomb according to the death certificate.     I went to the Union cemetery and found his grave. His tombstone gave his correct date of birth and death: 28 Apr 1854 - 7 Feb 1916.  I believed then--as  I do now--that this man, David S Creed, and his son George, are the ones who used to visit Grandpa and Grandma. But I still didn't know what relation they were to Grandma.
It was very  easy to find David S Creed's father Allen Creed and family in the Thomas Co GA 1850 Census,  which was taken on 3 Sep 1850. They were listed on page 29 as Household 408.

Creed  Allen       35  Farmer
           Sarah      30
           Lucretia  12
           Ellefair    10  (female)
           Anna         6
           Hiram        4
           Darlin        1   (male) born in FL

The family, with three additional children, but without the mother Sarah, who evidently had died before 1860, was living  at Thomasville in Thomas Co on 24 Jun 1860.

Creed  Allen         43  m    SC
            Lucretia    21  f      SC
            E              18  f      SC
            Nancy A   17  f      SC
            Hiram       15  m     SC
            T              11  m     SC
            David         8  m     GA
            ST             2   f      GA

Still believing that Grandma was born in 1863,  I thought maybe she was Allen Creed's

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