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September 1987
     by Woodrow Boyett
 Papa was descended from the Creeds through his mother, Sarah Thomas Ann Creed.   She and Grandpa were married in Elmore Co AL on 31 Oct 1878, 1 finally discovered after many  long years of searching.    Here is Grandma's Creed family as far back as I know.1



Sarah (Thomas) Ann Creed, was born 31 Aug 1859 In Thomasville GA.   Her father (David?)  Hiram Allen Creed, born Oct or Nov 1814 in Lexington SC, died after 1864.2   His father,  James  Creed,  was born ca 1782 In SC and died ca 1855 in Thomasville GA.  Unproved from here on:  James Creed's father was John Creed born ca 1755 in SC(?) and died after 1810 In Orangeburg  Dist SC.   John Creed was the son of Matthew Creed of Craven Co SC.

Since Grandpa Boyett's house burned 2 Feb 1928, and Great-grandma Gincy Pike Boyett's  Bible was destroyed, I had very little information about Grandma Boyett to start with.  Mamma told me that Grandma said her full name was Sarah Thomas Ann--three words. Mamma said Grandma insisted  on three separate words.    All the family agreed that her family name was "Creed." Uncle George Boyett, who lived with us a year or two in the 930s, told me what I think proved to be the key bit of  information  that led to my finding Grandma's Creed family.  He told of some of Grandma's Creed kinfolks-- he didn't know exactly how they were kin--who used to come to visit them. They were "from North AL,"  and the one name he remembered was "George Creed." My sister Marie, born In 1906, remembers being down at Grandpa's on at least one occasion of the Creeds' visit.  She was too young to remember names  or relationships; what she does remember was how Aunt Beanie would clean the house so thoroughly  and cook so much company food, and then the grown folks sitting in the parlor talking.   I remember  also Uncle George mentioning  Arkansas (AR)--exactly why I do not know, but I began to think maybe  Grandma had been born in AR, but Papa and others always said Grandma's people came from SC. Uncle George said that Grandpa and Grandma had met in Tallahassee, where Grandpa would work in the mills after farming season and where I suppose Grandma and family may also have worked.  Also, I remember going with Uncle George down to Grandpa's and talking with Grandpa on the front porch; but I didn't write down all he said, and I know I remember imperfectly some of things he told me.  But on the other hand I know I have some of the facts straight, too. He said Grandma was "raised an orphan" and that her sister raised her.  Grandma's mother died first, he said.  I remember asking about her father, and I have the impression that Grandpa may never have known him, and I don't believe he could  remember his name but thought it was a Bible name--I can't be sure. Then I remember that I thought  Grandpa said that Grandma's name wasn't Creed, that she  just went by that name, but her name was "Parker"--I think he said "Parker," but It could have been something else.   I was surprised at this, and I remember coming home and telling Mamma what Grandpa had said. She didn't believe it; that is, she didn't believe that I was just making this up, but she wondered if I had heard correctly or if maybe Grandpa had misunderstood me, or something else (Grandpa was more than 75 years old then), because Grandma herself  had told Mamma that her name was "Creed."  Nobody else in the family ever believed-- certainly  Papa didn't--that Grandma's name was anything but "Creed" before she married. The date of birth on Grandma's tombstone is 31 Aug 1863.   Just as everyone else in the family thought, I believed for a long  time that Grandma was five years younger than Grandpa, as this tombstone inscription indicates.  Marie remembers Grandpa saying that he had just "married a child." Sometimes the story would be that Grandpa was 16 and Grandma 15 when the married; then again it would be Grandpa 18, Grandma 15. To say the least,

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