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Editor's Notes:
    Wills, Administration, Guardianship and Adoptions of Highland Co OH  (1808-1880) compiled by David N McBride, lists a will for John Creed. 11 Apr  1812. Wife: Judith. Children: Charles, Caleb, Joshua, Sarah Ann, Elizabeth.  Son-in-Law:  Robert Perkins. Granddaughter: Martha Perkins.

   James Fitzpatrick was in Highland Co as early as June 1805.

3     Another source says James Fitzpatrick was a brother-in-law of Bennett Creed.   This reference may refer to Matthew Creed Jr.

4    James Fitzpatrick was in Highland Co as early as June 1805.

5    I am unable to determine if Sally was a Creed or Fitzpatrick. Perhaps someone can  clarify.

    This would lead me to believe that James Fitzpatrick's wife was a Creed.    Can  anyone clarify this?

7    Records of the Recorder's Office of Highland Co OH (1805-1850), compiled by  David N and Jane N McBride, refers to Transcribed Deed Book 1, page 351,  dated 20 Jun 1813. William Lucas and his wife Sarah deeded to Jacob
Cooper, Peter Moore, Adam Brouse, Jacob Butcher, Matthew Creed, Robert  Fitzpatrick, Frederick Frally, Bartan Lucas and Richard Lucas, Trustees of the  M.E. Church, 4 A., part of the land on which William Lucas now lives.   Frederick Fralley married Jane Fitzpatrick 15 Nov 1803 in Monroe Co VA.  Bondsman James Fitzpatrick.

8    This may possibly be a sister of Elizabeth Fitzpatrick.  According to A History of  Monroe County WV James         Fitzpatrick's wife was Mary.   They lived on John Carlisle's place on Indian Creek in 1804


submitted by Vivian A Harding

Lucy Creed died Ca 1809-1810 in VA.  She married Ca 1754 Matthew Tanner who was born Ca 1730. Matthew died 1809 in Pittsylvania Co VA. Their children:

- Josiah Tanner born 10 Oct 1754 probably Mecklenburg VA.    Josiah married 1 Dec 1771 Martha Wootton in Mecklenburg VA. He died 1 Nov 1807 in Henry Co KY.

- Matthew Tanner born 1757 married Alsey Langley may have also been a son of Lucy and Matthew Tanner.

-Creed Tanner barn ca 1760 married Elizabeth Caldwell.

-Thomas born ca 1763.

-Martha born ca 1767 married Matthew Anderson 16 Jan 1783.

-Betsey born ca 1771 married 20 Dec 1790 David Caldwell.

-Polly born ca 1775 married 10 Dec 1797 Allen Caldwell. Polly died 8 Jul 1841 in Muscogee GA.

 This does not add much information to the Creed file, but it puts Lucy in Mecklenburg Co VA at least as far back as 1754.    I have no evidence that she was in Mecklenburg before this time, so she may have lived in a nearby county and was married there. You know those early settlers moved about as much or more than the young kids today.

I can take Matthew Tanner no farther back than perhaps 1730 although he seems to have been related to Tanners who were in Henrico Co very early.    In those early records I find the name Creed used as a given name among the early Tanner relatives, but I have been unable to locate any Creed surnames.
Does anyone have any Creeds in RI?    The reason I ask is that when I sent for Josiah Tanner's file from the DAR, they sent me a file on Jostas Tanner from RI. He was almost the same age as our Josiah and I wonder if they could have been cousins. I haven't come across any Creed there however.

 I have a copy of Matthew Tanner's will so I know his death date is correct. So if he was born in 1730, he was 79 when he died, and Lucy was probably in her 70's also. I'm always amazed when I see the ages of some of those early pioneers.     Where did the myth come from that life expectancy was so short in those days?   Perhaps for the very young, but it seems to me that once they passed puberty they had a very good chance of living a long life.


Page 1, column 2, par. 9, Bartlett Creed married Sarah Phillips on 8 Jan 1787.

Page 21, para. 5, line 5 of "My Creed Line," change 1833 to 1883.

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