Harvey Anderson Sizemore and
Alice Carmittee "Mittie" (Sparks) Sizemore

Ruth (Bandy) Sizemore, Lake Sizemore,
Zonia Lee Lilly, Chloe (Sparks) Nelson,
Alder Sparks, Christine (Ford) Sparks,
Harold Nelson, boy's name is unknown,
Lake Sizemore, Jr, Nina (Sparks) Nelson,
boy's name is unknown, and
Alice Carmittee (Sparks) Sizemore

Lois Sizemore and her aunt Burah (Sparks) Creed

Lois Sizemore and Agnes Sparks
and Unidentified child

Lois (Sizemore) Pauley's Family
October 1962

Carmittee (Sparks) Sizemore and her daughter Castella (Sizemore) Kriens

Picture of Contentment
Carmittee (Sparks) Sizemore enjoying her chicks,
while Shirley Pauley and
Theo Sizemore observe

Carmittee (Sparks) Sizemore
25 Feb 1941

Back Row: Harrington Sparks, Marvin Sizemore,
Leslie Sparks, Lake Sizemore, Allison Sparks
Front Row: Theo Sizemore, Aura Sizemore,
and Joe Sparks

Mazy Opal Sizemore and
probably Theo Emerald Sizemore

Mazy Opal Sizemore and Goldie Francis Sizemore
Grapevine, West Virginia

Sizemore Kids
Front: Marvin
Second Row: Opal, Goldie, Olga, Lois
Back Row: Lake holding child (probably Theo)

Sizemore Girls
Front: Opal playing the guitar
Second Row: Lois, Goldie, Olga, and Castella

Sizemore and Crouse Family
Front: Richard Thomas Crouse,
Alice Carmittee (Sparks) (Sizemore) Crouse
Lois (Sizemore) Pauley
Back: Castella Sizemore and
Olga (Sizemore) Collins

Opal Sizemore

Goldie Sizemore

Tom Crouse and Eddie Rathburn

Sizemore Homeplace

Ruth (Pauley) Dalton, Ruth (Bandy) Sizemore, and Bernard Pauley
November 1995

Olga (Sizemore) Collins and Lois (Sizemore) Pauley

Abbs Valley, Tazewell County, Virginia

Castella (Sizemore) Kriens

Back: Opal, Olga, Lois, and Goldie
Front: Theo and Castella

Alice Carmittee (Sparks) Sizemore holding
Martie Alice Pauley
October 1940

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