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Descendants of Jeremiah Williams, the Elder
1      Jeremiah Williams, the Elder    
            b: 1750 possibly Wales
            d: May 1824 Giles Co VA                  
.        +Mary Garst    
            b: 1750 on a vessel sailing to America is a tradition which has not been proven    
            m: 1770      
            d: probably Giles Co VA                  

Jeremiah Williams' will is dated 7 May 1819; however, the will was not proved until 30 May 1824 in Giles County.   Mr. James R. Pettry states Jeremiah was living on Doe Creek in Giles County when he died and that he is buried on a bench of Mountain Lake near Pearisburg in Giles County.  Jeremiah leaves one-third of his estate to his wife, Mary Williams, during her natural life and makes the following bequests:
-  To my son Abram Williams, one dollar.
-  To my son John Williams, one dollar.
-  To my son David Williams, one dollar.
-  To my son-in-law Randall Lucas, one dollar.
-  To my son-in-law John Rice, one dollar.
-  To my son Alexander Williams' widow, Lisha Williams, one dollar.
-  To my son Andrew Williams, a track of land joining the land of Joseph Williams, Jacob Alberts, Christian Smith, Randal Lucas, and David Collins.
-  To my son Joseph Williams, a track of land adjoining the land of Randal Lucas, Collin's corner and Albert's corner.
-  To my sons Hugh and James Williams, all the rest of  my land.
-  To Margaret and Rebecca Williams, my daughters,  all my personal property, household furniture and kitchen furniture except one horse to James Williams, my son.

He appointed his friends Christian Snidow, Sr., and George Williams, Jr., as the executors of his will.  The will was signed with his 'X' mark.  William Porterfield and Eliza Williams were witnesses.  (I suspect George Williams, Jr., was member of the Heinrich Wilhelm family since he was listed as a friend rather than a family member or kinsman.)

....    2      Hugh Williams    
                b: 1770 probably Montgomery Co VA                          
.......        +Tabitha ______    b: 1790                          
....    2      Patience Williams    
                b: 1772 probably Montgomery Co VA                          
.......        +Randall "Old Rans" Lucas    b: 1760 - 1770 VA      
                 m: 25 Dec 1790 Montgomery Co VA.  Parker Lucas was surety.      
                 d: Aft. 1842 Giles Co VA              
                 Father: Charles Lucas, Sr    
                 Mother: Kathleen "Annie" ( Kaywood) Kaewood
....    2      Abram (Abraham) Williams    
                 b: 1775 probably Montgomery Co VA          
                 d: 1840                  
.......        +Mary "Polly" Brians    b: 1784 VA      
                  m: 28 Mar 1807 Giles Co VA      
                  d: Aft. 1860                  
....    2      David "Lonesome Dave" Williams    
                b: 1776 Montgomery Co or Giles Co VA          
                d: 18 Sep 1860 Cirtsville, Fayette Co VA (now Raleigh
                Co WV)             

.......        +Elizabeth "Betsy" McGriff    
                  b: 1781 Montgomery Co VA     
                  m: 16 Nov 1801 Knox Co TN      
                  d: 4 Oct 1858 Raleigh Co VA  (now Raleigh Co WV)
                  Father: Thomas McGriff    
                  Mother: Susannah Atkins
....    2      Molly Williams    b: 1779                          
.......        +John Rice        
                 m: 31 Jul 1799 Montgomery Co VA                      
....    2      John S Williams    
                b: 1780 Giles Co VA          
                d: 1850 - 1860 Hoges Chapel, Giles Co VA                  
.......        +Mary "Polly" Griffith    
                   b: 1783      
                   m: 1802      
                   d: 20 Feb 1875 Hoges Chapel, Giles Co VA           
....    2      Alexander Williams    
                b: 1782 Giles Co VA          
                d: 1 Jan 1815 Norfolk, VA        
.......        +Eliza "Lisha" ______    
                 b: 1780      
                 m: 1802                      
....    2      Joseph Williams    
                b: 1784                          
.......        +Mary Nichols                            
....    2      Andrew Williams    
                b: 1787 - 1789 Giles Co VA          
                d: Dec 1828 Giles Co VA                  
.......        +Nancy Albert    
                  b: 1787      
                  m: ca 1804 probably Giles Co VA      
                  d: Aft. 1850 probably Fayette Co VA
 ....    2      James A Williams, Sr    
                 b: 1792 VA                          
.......        +Sarah "Sallie" Piles    
                 b: 1810 VA      
                 m: 3 Aug 1824 Giles Co VA
                 Father: ______ Piles    
                 Mother: Elizabeth ______
....    2      Margaret Williams    b: 1794                          
....    2      Rebecca Williams    b: 1796