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The following photos are from Ann PIOTROWSKI Lowry.

Uncle Wirt's Family 2
Front: Annette EVANS Kincaid.
To Annette's Right: Steve Zappala, Betty WILLIAMS Prieto, Christine WILLIAMS Traylor.
Behind Annette: Inabell WILLIAMS Zappala, Ray Carter, Pat Carter.

Group Picture
Group Picture taken after Sunday Dinner

Charlotte Piotrowski,Virginia Roberts, Clyde Roberts and his wife
Mrs. Clyde Roberts, Clyde Roberts, Virginia WILLIAMS Roberts, Charlotte WILLIAMS Piotrowski.
Virginia is a daughter of Ward and Mamie LOVING Williams.
Charlotte is a daughter of Wirt and Elva MASSEY Williams.

Wirt Williams Descendants
Descendants of Wirt and Elva MASSEY Williams
Left to Right: Wyannette ZORNES Manne, Christine WILLIAMS Traylor,
Inabell WILLIAMS ZAPPALA, Annette EVANS Kincaid, Annislea Piotrowski,
Bill Piotrowski, Jr., Charlotte WILLIAMS Piotrowski, Ann PIOTROWSKI Lowry,
Betty WILLIAMS Prieto, Linda ZORNES Manne, and Sandra WILLIAMS Tawdi.

Harriet Williams Clay's Descendants
Descendants of Harriett WILLIAMS and Peter Clay
Left to Right: Unknown, Unknown, Minnette BULMER Clay (wife of Dewey Clay),
Carolyn CLAY Austin, Opal CLAY Bonds, Dewey Clay, Carrie CLAY Cook, and Janet CLAY Weatherly
If you can identify the first two individuals in this picture, please let me know.

Aunt Bertha's Descendants
Descendants of Bertha WILLIAMS and Rufus Maynor
Front Row: William Wagner, Dorothy MAYNOR Kincaid, Claudette CRUEY Wagner,
Jean Maynor, Lorene MAYNOR Cruey.
Second Row: Jim Kincaid, Dale Maynor, Bill Wagner, Gale Maynor,
Joe Tom Maynor, and Claude Cruey.

Claude and Lorene Cruey
Claude and Lorene MAYNOR Cruey

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