The following photos are from Ann PIOTROWSKI Lowry.

Registering Attendees
Marsha ATHA Brown, Ellen (Mrs. Sherman) Williams, Connie ATHA Harrell.
Marsha and Connie are descendants of Pem Atha.

Charlotte WILLIAMS and Family
Front Row: Charlotte WILLIAMS Piotrowski, Kathy PIOTROWSKI Rider holding daughter
Holly Rider, Mandy SHARP holding niece MEGA SHARP, Michael King.
Second Row: Erin SHARP, Angel PIOTROWSKI holding son Colt Collison,
APRIL MOORE Gragg, Joey Gragg holding son Caleb Gragg.
Third Row: Ann PIOTROWSKI Lowry, Heather LANDIS Sharp, Drema SHARP Moore,
William “Bill” Piotrowski, Jr., Annislea BURTON Piotrowski.

Mandy and Megan
Mandy Sharp holding niece Megan Sharp.

Shirley WILLIAMS Hedgecock and Charlie Clemons
Sitting at picnic table: Shirley WILLIAMS Hedgecock.
Leaning on table: Charlie Clemons

Uncle Wirt's Family 1
Leaning: Pat Carter.
Behind Pat: Inabell WILLIAMS Zappala, Ray Carter, Steve Zappala,
Betty WILLIAMS Prieto, Christine WILLIAMS Traylor.

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