The Irish in Nineteenth Century New York City and Beyond

The Irish in Nineteenth Century New York City and Beyond

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Employment ads began to contain the phrase, "Irish need not apply."  Boarding houses and other public establishment might display signs which read, " No dogs or Irish allowed."  The Irish were blamed for outbreaks of disease. Anti-Irish and anti-Catholic riots broke out in New York and Boston. Churches, convents and orphanages were attacked and burned. 

In New York City the Irish clustered in deplorable neighborhoods in the southern most sections of Manhattan Island.  The dream of a better life in America, for many, was never realized. Yet, their children and grandchildren were to witness an Irish/American Catholic elected president. This page is dedicated to those who came before...'They' who bid farewell to the land of their birth, so that 'we' would be given a chance at having a better life. .

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