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From 1839 to 1863


Transcribed from the original manu-
script, and with an introduction by

Prepared by Don D. John
For the Historical Collections of the John Family In America.
1434 Cherokee Road, Louisville 4, Kentucky

The text of the Eliza John Diary found in this document was scanned from a copy of the typewritten text described by Marijane John Zerphey, described on the next page. The scanned file was them analyzed with optical character recognition (OCR) software to produce this text document. The copy scanned was not of the highest quality, so much editing was done after the computer finished its task. To the best of my ability, this is an accurate reproduction of Marijane’s hard work. As she described it, the text is very nearly an exact copy of Helen Doub’s transcription of the original document. Therefore, misspellings and other errors that appear are most likely attributable to Eliza John herself

Henry H. Deemer <>
July 9, 2001


Historians Have ever been grateful to the Quakers, or Society of Friends, for the wonderful records kept by them of all events which in any way effected their membership. The careful recording of vital statistics is of comparatively recent date, and many times the old Quaker Meeting minutes were the only written records available. Not only were these Friends careful to put in writing all this valuable information; they saw to it that their records were protected and preserved, to serve for years as a rich source of material for Historians and Research workers.

In our search for Family History, we were given valuable assistance by practically every member of the John family contacted, and in the course of years, amassed a great deal of material. However, it was not until the remarkable Diary of Eliza John came to us that we were able to make a really great addition to the story. The first manuscript of the Diary came to us in 1947. After working at the transcription for about one year, we considered our job complete. Much was missing, but we believed the loose papers had been lost, never to return. Work was then begun on the index, and hundreds of names, with the pages on which they appeared, were entered. At this time we received by mail a large bundle of manuscript which had just come to light. This, of course, meant that practically one year's work had to be revised and rewritten, but after the first shock had passed, we gave ourselves up entirely to the joy of finding almost all of the Diary. Many of the largest gaps in time were now filled, and as the trenscribed Diary stands today, there are very few pages missing. The manuscript, now in the Historical Collections of the John Family, is the gift of Mr. J. Omar (Mary John) Heritage, of Mullica Hill, New Jersey, and to her goes the credit for one of the finest contributions made to the collection.

Eliza John was the twelfth of the thirteen children born to Abia John and his wife, Martha John. She was born May 29, 1812. Being a true Quaker, she most likely kept early records of her life, but the manuscript book which is transcribed in the following pages, began on June 25, 1819, and continued until less than one month before her early death on December 20, 1863.

Although her parents, being first cousins, had been disowned by the Meeting at Uwchlan, they continued throughout their lives to live in strict accord with the discipline of the Society of Friends, and all their children were reared under this code. Abia John was a strict disciplinarian, which is evidenced by family letters. He often refused financial aid to his sons, in order to develop with them strong self reliance. At one time, Griffith John, a son, was in dire need, and he made a strong appeal to his father for help. He was made to work out his own destiny and at his death was one of the wealthiest members of the John family, with vast acreage of valuable farm land to his credit. Several of the boys taught school in and about Shamokin (now Ralpho) Township, and they all took active interests in the establishment of schools, not only in Pennsylvania, but in the other States to which they eventually emigrated. This bent for teaching seems to be a strong family trait, since it is still very much in evidence in the present generation.

The value of a personal record is often quite negligible unless the writer is a person of great achievement or fame. Eliza John was neither a woman of great achievement nor of fame. She was merely a typical woman of her day, an active Friend and a vivid personality. She loved people, and she enjoyed her life, although many days were made bitter by the physical weakness which tormented her and which caused her to suffer terrific headaches.

The great value of her record lies in the fact that she apparently made mention of every person she saw or contacted during each day. She spoke in detail not only of her own travels, near and far, but with equal interest of the goings and comings of her many relatives and friends. She was interested in everything they did, and no doubt they were questioned minutely by Eliza whenever they returned from a meeting which she was not privileged to attend.

There were 1,735 persons mentioned, including 111 of her own family. Births, deaths, and weddings are recorded, and are often described in detail. Unseasonable weather always drew comment, so we are told when high water ruined this crop, and when hail and snow blighted the spring buddings of the fruit trees. Abolitionist meetings are recorded, and many interesting reflections regarding the War Between the States are given, but no mention is made of the fact that certain members of the family were part of the Underground Railroad, although Eliza John most certainly must have been aware of the fact.

Although it was not the custom in these early years to give higher education to "the Female of the Species", it is a known fact that the father of Eliza John was an early advocate of education, and he was one of the first school teachers (perhaps the very first) in Shamokin Township. His children were educated, and although Eliza John at times misspelled words, her Grammar was quite good, and, most important of all, she had the power to make her words live. The grim reality of life is there, and it comes through the most simple of phrases. Just a word or two, and a whole picture of a family's grief is before the reader, and it is difficult to realize that these people have found their Peace, lo these many years ago.

Through the valleys and over the surrounding hills stalked Death--. Not the Death, which gently touches the shoulder of the aged and pain wracked,, bringing sweet relief from suffering, but Death horrible and swift, which in one week, in one day, would wipe out whole families. Time and again the Diary mentions a visitation of this Spectre in the form of Diptheria, Small Pox, Pneumonia, and Consumption. As was the custom among Friends, and perhaps among all kind hearted people at that time. when pestilence struck, members of the family or kindly neighbors took turns at sitting up with the stricken one. If Death took the sufferer, these same relatives and neighbors prepared the body for its last rest. They knew nothing of "contagion" and "inoculation against disease". All they knew or cared about was the fact that they were needed, and it was God's will that they serve the need. Eliza John was called many times for such service, but she was spared. It was a slower, more painful fate which awaited her.

Another important aspect of the Diary is the fact that throughout its pages may be traced the gradual, though definite movements which eventually led to the elimination of the Society of Friends in that neighborhood. One of the greatest factors in the loss of power within the Society was the inroads made upon its membership by other denominations. Large Camp Meetings were held in the region from time to time, and they were largely attended by Quakers, as well as members of other religious groups. Each time, proselyting resulted in the conversion of some Quakers to another faith. Another leading factor was the unpredictable nature of the climate. The sudden storms, both electrical and freezing, often ruined crops, causing great hardship and financial loss. Those who were in position to move from the Valley quite often did so, taking with them their entire families. The John Family started moving westward in 1846, and the migration continued until 1868.
Family History is often a dry, uninteresting subject. Under the pen of Eliza John, the history of the John Family becomes the concern of all members of the family. Those who have been interested in the Genealogy before, find their interest reawakened on reading those pages. Those who never before delved into the past, find within tnemselves a deep feeling for those ancestors who come to life again for a time as Eliza John paints her pen pictures. This lovely lady, in sketching her own life, gives a true and accurate reflection of' her day and her people. She is typical Quaker---God-fearing and God-loving. She prepared in Life for her Death. She had a firm faith in the Life after Deatn, and she was never frivolous or foolish, although she often enjoyed the simple pleasures which camt to those serious minded Quaker folk. Life was real and often grim, especially to one who knew full well what her fate would be. Eliza John knew that she was the victim of the dread disease of Cancer. Even as she tried to find a cure, she must have realized that the end was near, as the pain grew ever more acute. The conflict between her strong Soul and her failing body is told briefly but surely in the last word of her Diary---"trouble”.

Louisville, Kentucky Helen Doup John
March 33, 1950

This entire record hss been typed from a micro-film copy, obtained from the Newberry Library of Chicago, Illinois. Parts were very difficult to read, and I used, what seemed like, the correct spellings. With a few exceptions, I tried to copy the Diary exactly as Mrs. Helen Doup John had copied (in the case of Samuel's wife, Angalina-in the Diary, it is written as Anjalina, and I thought it was a typing error until I had gone too far to correct it.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania Marijane John Zerphey
Febraury 5, 1976


(June, 1839)
6th month 25th 1839. Samuel Townsend and Henry Ridgeway preached at Petersburgh in Shamokin the first Friends meeting that was ever held at that place to general satisfaction.

(July. 1839 )
7th mo. great rain and high waters.

(August, 1839)
8th mo. 22nd. I went to Shamokin Town on a visit and staid two nights. A satisfactory time. I came home with the locomotive. 23rd Mathias Kerener was buried. A very old man. 24th. David Robbins was buried. A brother to the two Doctors.

(September, 1839)
9th mo. 2nd. Emily Wellever went home from living here. Was here 13 weeks. 7th Mother and Perry went over the river visiting Relations and staid ten days. 13th Phebe Lee was buried. She was beloved while living and died lamented.

(October, 1839)
10th mo. 21st. Amos and Lydia Yarnall came here from the state of New York. Had a satisfactory time with them.

(November, 1839)
11th mo. 11th. They went away. Sister (Lydia John Yarnall) was in poor health. 3rd. John Walter and wife came here on a visit. They was married the 25th of 5th mo. She was brother Jesseys widow. They had just moved from Chester County.

(December, 1839)
11th mo 1st. Emily Thomas was here several days. 11. Snow. 14 Snow 16. Public Friends was here and at Elidas and Shamokin town and several other places. Their names Joseph Warner, Jane Johnson, Sarah J. Seedum and John G. Rich. They had a setting here. They were choice friends. We had not as much satisfaction as was desirable, it being Butchering day. 19. Half Year meeting. 21st. Wm. Lynville came here from the meeting on a visit. 22nd big snow. Hiram John and wife was here wether-bound.

(January, 1840)
First month the 26th 1840. Griffith John from the far west came here. He was about 17 days traveling through snow and over mountains. It had been near 12 years since he was in here.

(February, 1843)
14th of 2nd month he started home. In 15 days he arrived home and found all well. 1st mo. 28th Perry had his thigh broke by being thrown out of a sleigh. Was confined to bed six weeks.

(March, 1840)
3rd mo. James John from York State came here. George Persing Senr. was buried. And old residenter of Shamokin. Was afflicted for several years. In the first mo. Eliza Teats and O. Campbell and Elizabeth C. and J.F. was married 2nd mo. Ann Teats and Ely Reed married 3rd and 4th months Sarah Roadarmel Mary Miller, Lavina Reed was married and several more. through the winter.

(May, 1840)
Fifth mo. 3rd 1840 Sarah A. Hitchen and David Hite married. 7th Alexander Mears and Phebe Knouse was married of Cattawissa. 8th Perry started to Philadelphia to the Yearly meeting and to take a tramp. I wrote to M.A. and G.A. Jenney. the 11th Martha Thomas came here on a visit. 14th Hiram and wife came here. 16th I went to the stores and bought a dress for Sarah and self Elida came home with me and took Mother home with him. 17, Sacrament at the blue blue church. A verry warm day. I felt very unwell. In the evening the widow Miller was here. 19th of fifth month, Martha Groul came here to work. 24th Mother went to Asas and Hirams to stay a week. We had Yocums Boys here at work and we had hard work ourselves.

(June, 1840)
3rd of sixth month. Jehu took Mother to the New town to stay a week. 6th John Walter and Eliza was here. A great thunder storm. 6th month the 11th I went to the New town in the locomotive coach. I was at Jehu all night with Mother and Patience. Next day was at Samuels and came home in the evening. 13th Jesse Weeks was laid in the earth. He suffered a great | deal with Rheumatism and gatherings. Next day S. and self went to Yocums. There was a number of strangers there. We saw Betsys child for first time. 5th month 17th Palemon John and myself started for the Half Year Meeting. We stopped in Danville to see my Aunt. She is not well. We went on to Thomas and John Wilsons and staid over night with them. A verry agreeable time with them Next morning went in company with Francis Eves, Rachel and Martha Wilson to Fishing Creek. It rained verry hard while we was traveling, but had a favourable time while the meeting lasted. John Bunting and wife Ann P. Jackson and William Underwood and Wm. Cleaver was there. Ann and W. Underwood preached. Fifth day we dined at George Masters and lodged at Samuel Kesters. A great deal of satisfaction with Hannah Heacock in company with M. and H. went to Isaac Kesters and Aaron Kesters and spent the evening with them. Next morning John Kester and Elizabeth Loundy came and took breakfast with us. I was appointed on a committee to set at nine oclock. A verry full meeting. On sixth day dined at Ezra Eveses in company with the strange friends. then returned to John Wilsons and staid over night. Was used verry kindly indeed. Came on and stoped a while in Danville with aunt Leah Mellin and then came home. We received a letter from Perry a few days ago and one from G.A. Janney. 27th of 6th mo. our girl Martha Groul went home from living here. I should of noted the following in the line above. 21st of 6th month W. Underwood preached at Cattawissa and Roaring Creek. Likewise a committee of Fishing Creek Friends attended both Meetings. I believe to satisfaction.

(July, 1840) 7th mo. 8th Ezra Eves, Ann P. Jackson and Rebecca Bunting was here. They were paying family visits. We had a verry comfortable setting with them. Ezra and Ann both spoke encouragingly. They went from here to the new town and next morning they started home. Reuben and wife staid all night here. Verry acceptably. They visit of them Dear Friends left a comfortable Impression on my mind that lasted for many days. 15th I was at Roaring Creek monthly meeting. There seems to be a revival amongst some friends. I hope they may be enabled to hold on. 24th I received a letter from Brother Perry. It gave satisfactory information about himself and relations. 31st I sent an answer to his letter. Sarah went to visit among our brothers and acquaintances.

(August, 1840)
8th mo. 6th. Asa brought her home. 8th. Henry Yocum was buried. He laid sick three months. A nice young man. George Spratt preached from Set thy house in order for thou shalt die and not live. He is a baptist Minister. I thought he spoke nice on the occasion. 9th Rowland Hughes came to see us. Jacob Millers child was buried. Hartman Kneoble and relations arrived here from Germany. 12th Elida, his wife and self went to Cattawissa to monthly meeting. A poor time for me. We dined at Benjamin Sharpless. Was kindly entertained by them. It was a verry rainy afternoon. We stoped at J. Brookses. Elida was verry sick. We was obliged to stay there over night and retuned home next morning. 14th William Goas was buried. A verry large gathering. I think there was 33 wagons there. I felt verry sorry for the family, a son and daughter not able to attend the burial. Elida John and wife came here and spent the afternoon. 17th we had a little quilting. Emily and Abisha came in the evening. Emily staid several days. 22nd I. Walter and wife here. 23rd Reuben and Mary Ann came here. Mother went home with them to stay a week. 28, Elida and self went to the new town.

(September, 1840)
9th mo. 5th Samuels came here on a visit. Had an agreeable time. 9th mo. 7th. One oclock at night Brother Perry, Aunt Phebe, and Mary Ann Janney arrived here from Chester Co. to our great joy. 9th Vincent Dongler died of a lingering disease. 11th Vendue at W. Gasses. 13th J. Wesley Bird was buried. Sarah and self to Yocums to see them pass. It was a hansome to see then. There was seven cars loaded with people drawn by horses on the rail road. 9th mo. 15th Elida, myself, Aunt Phebe and
Cousin Mary Ann Janney went to Roaring Creek Valley lo Reubens had a verry agreeable time. Went to a swing from there to foxes. They were kind to us. Returned to Reubens in the evening Ezra Eves, John G. Rich Mary Eves and. Margret Masters came there and staid all night. Next day we all went to monthly meeting. Had a fine meeting. J. G. Rich preached. We went back to Brothers to dine, then returned to Shamokin. 23d. Perry took Aunt Phebe and cousin, Mary Ann to Danville to see Aunt Leah Mellin. 25th. Perry and cousin went to Shamokin town next day Mother and them went to Catawissa. Expects to stay a week.

(October, 1840 )
10th mo. 4th. Elida and wife here. Abia and Mary John came too. Abisha Thomas brought Mother home. Had nice times with them all. Aunt Phebe and cousin here too. Tenth mo. 8th Elida took Phebe John and M.A. Janney to Shamokin town. Returned the 12th with Jehu. 10thmo. 13th. Asa took Mother and Aunt and cousin to his house and to Hirams and Elidas. They returned the 17th. 18th, a rainy day. John Walters boys came here. In the afternoon Reuben John and wife and two daughters and Mary Ann Sherington came here. Staid till next day. Had nice time with them. After they were gone Emily came here in the afternoon. Mary A. Janney and self took a walk in the fields to hunt curious stones and nuts. Fourth day went with Perry and Mary Ann Janney to look for cristals or diamonds down the railroad to Morgan Hugheses. In the evening came to bid them farewell and spent the evening. Fifth day they were preparing for their journey, sixth day. 23rd Perry, Sarah and self went with them to the tavern and waited for the cars. We took leave of each other, the locomotive moved on, and we were separated perhaps forever in this world. We had a great deal of satisfaction together. I hope we may be permitted to see each other again. Asas boys came here again. Perry took them home. 10th mo. 33th. Polly Persing had a paraletic stroke and died in night of the 7th of 11th mo. She starred to death. Could not eat, drink nor speak for nine or ten days. 10mo. 31st. Perry, Sarah, and Ezra went to Catawissa on their way to fishing.

(November, 1840)
11th month the 9th, Polly Gaas died. Eleventh month 10th my dear Mother died. She was taking a first day night with a pain in her hip and side which turned to the Cholick. We tried everything we could think of but of no avail. She grew worse. We sent for the Doctor. He staid near two hours. We sent for him in the evening again. He staid the greatest part of the night. The widow Miller staid here also. Mother seemed better toward morning and was verry sleepy. The Doctor came in the morning again and staid till 12. Elida came about 2 oclock and went home to send word to the boys. She seemed to lay easy and sleep most of the time. About three she became restless and we observed she altered fast. She would answer when spoken too sensible. I blowed the horn for some body to come in. Her hands were cold form morning. We laped them in warm flannel. Every little while she raised up in her setting and wished to lean on Sarah. We put a chair behind her but to our great sorrow her spirit took its everlasting flight before any person came. Sarah and myself were the only witnesses of the mournful event which happened about half past four on the third day. On first day she took sick, she had a desire of going to the opening of a friends meeting near Asa T. Johns. But as the day being verry rainy she declined going. Perry and myself went. She read nearly all day and till bed time, But before she retired just mentioned not feeling well through the day, also signified she expected to have a poorly spell. After going to bed she felt pain and requested me to get some Batemans drops, and I believe rested till the latter part of the night, then awoke in violent pain which still increased, attended with a sick stomache. --Next morning we thought her better because she could sleep. When the Doctor came he charged us not to let her sleep because she would sweat and that was weakening her. We made chicken broth and gave her some every twenty minutes, but with all we could not save her from passing the dark valley of the shadow of Death. And we hope she is landed where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest---we cannot see her here. Her place is vacant. When recollection reminds us that the departed is low in the grave, we deeply and mournfully feel our bereavement---And may it be a warning to us all to be on our watch. My desire is that we may be enabled by divine assistance to meet the messenger of death with peaceful tranquility that we may have our work done in the day time. And may our lamps be trimed and burning and our Souls redeemed from sin. Sister Emily staid nine or ten days with us in our comfort. 15th of tenth mo. Hannah Hughes was buried at Muncy. She and her Mother had went on a visit there and she lived but a few days. She was a young woman, a member of the Society of friends in Catawissa. 25, John and Jane Yocum came and spent the evening with us. Next day Jonas Gilger and Adam Gilger and wife was here. 29th received letters from M.A. and J.A. Janney.

(December, 1840)
12th mo. 8th. We had Butchering done. Had visiters that day. Martha Thomas came here to stay a while verry acceptably. 13th We went to Meeting at the school house and went home with Elida. Staid till evening. Fourth day went to monthly meeting at Catawissa. Friend Wm. Underwood preached. Had a fine meeting. Dined at B. Sharpless. 19th John Parvin Eves, Joseph Iddings, Wm. Underwood and Elida John came here. Had a family sitting P.P. Eves appeared (sic) in supplication and spoke a little. Likewise Wm. Underwood. In the evening they had meeting at the school house near Asa T. Johns, J. Iddings and Wm. Underwood is from Centre County. 12th mo. 29th Elida John, Westley John, Edwin John, Perry and myself started to go to Fishing Creek. We stoped a few minutes in Danville with Aunt Leah Mellin, then went on 4 miles to Thomas and John Williams and was kindly received by them. Next morning them and us stared after sunrise for Fishing Creek, a distance of ten miles. We arrived there as meeting was gathering. Being their Monthly meeting day. Dear William Underwood and several more friends from Centre was there. Jeremiah Moore and John Flay being Ministers had a fine meeting that day. In the evening went to Ezra Eveses. Next day had a good meeting. Several testamonies delivered. I was pleased at seeing J.K. there. Hannah Heacock and self went with George Eves to dine. In the evening returned to the meeting house, being on a Committee I was leased with being there. It was instructive to me. It was on the Yearly Meeting subject. A number of people was there. It lasted till near ten o clock. Lodged at Ezras again with Dear Hannah. H. had a setting there a memorable time a great deal of satisfaction with Hannah Heacock. Next day was Youths meeting. A verry solemn and w-eighty time. J.P. Eves was moved to walk up in the gallery and confess before all the congregation how the Surpreme being had been a work with him and his exercises and how he had been wrought upon by a Servant of the Lord Ann P. Jackson six months before and for his disobedience at that time. Then he was required to appear in public and declare the operations of the Lord of hosts with him. He also said he had been enabled to keep his feet except once he was walking on the woods and felt most easy to prostrate himself on the ground. It was an humbling and tendering time to hear him speaking. John Way spoke, Reuben John, Ezra Eves, Jeremiah Moore and dear Wm. Underwood. His voice was musick harmony divine, Celestial sweetness
dwelt upon his tongue. Such persuasive language I took every testimony for myself. Much labour (sic) I think I never witnessed at friends meeting. It seemed as if they could not give up pleading. A verry weighty time. But there was something wanting in me. some obstruction to be removed. I thought I was willing and desired nothing more than peace of mind. After the shutters were closed, William felt a drawing to come and set with women friends. Oh then I could say the Lord is good. A verry melting time. It was him and John Way spoke beautiful to Mothers that had the care of children and how to endeavor to bring them up and to the young women that they should look to divine wisdom for direction in choosing companions. I hope I may not forget (one line missing: bottom of page torn and ragged). On Christmas evening, we went to Samuel Kesters to meeting. Wm. Underwood and J. May preached edifying. Perry and self went to Aaron Kesters to Lodge. David Philips and wife was there too. A verry agreeable time there. Elida and Westley staid at Samuel Kesters. Next morning it was snowing. I ride with D. Phillpese several miles. They appeared like nice people. He is a friend. We had the distance of 22 miles home. We stoped to dine at Abishai Thomases. Had a nice time there. I read a letter to them from my friend Hannah Haycock. After refreshing ourselves we started again. It was bad traveling. Continued snowing all day. We arrived home about dark and found all well. Next day Westly took Martha Thomas home. She had been out in this neighborhood better than 3 weeks.

(January, 1841)
1st mo, 32d Samuel and wife here. 10th At meeting. Heard of John Thomas's departure. Left the horse and wagon for Asas family to attend the funeral. I went home with Elidas. Had a sattisfactory time. 13th Westly took me to Roaring Creek monthly meeting. A verry stormy day. P. and R. preached. A good meeting. Sarah H. John acted as Clerk for the first time. I had a good talk with Westly coming home. Elidas and Perry went to Reubens. Next day came here or, a visit. 18th the heirs met here. Emily staid several days. 22rd. P. and S. went to Danville to see Aunt Leah Mellin. She had a sore foot. Run a knitting needle in it and broke off in her foot. She was getting better. A number weddings about, Charles Martz and Elizabeth Haas amongst the rest. 1st month 31 We had a full meeting 40 in number. Had some preaching by Reuben John. He spent the afternoon at Elida in company with Hiram and wife and S. and wife. That night Isaiah Mitlers, Jr. house was burnt. A great accident and loss indeed. No lives lost. Next day we was at Shamokintown. A snow storm to come home in. Next day Elida and Ann Vastine was here. An agreeable time with then. I was sick in the forenoon.

(February, 1841)
2nd mo. 5th Patience and Westly Houseweart was here on a visit. 6th Abia and Mary and Martha was here over night. Next day went to meeting together. Perry spoke a few words. After meeting, we hurried home. On third day Perry went to Cattawissa to attend Preparative and Monthly Meeting. I could not go owing to prepareing for the Vendue here and verry cold weather. Abia John had to meet the committee concerning his request. Sophia John likewise made application to be received into membership. 2nd. mo. 12th. Was a sale here of the property of our Dear departed Mother. It was a time that had been long dreaded. It caused great agitation and confusion, of mind. Doctor Robbing and wife, Leah Robbing was here, being the first time she ever was here. A valuable woman in her way. Reuben and wife and Abishia Thomas staid all night with us and next day Henry G. Thomas from Chester County was here at the vendue, my sisters step son, and the day before being the 11th of the month, my Nephew Rowland Hughes was married to Mary Ann Dolby of Berwick. Eleventh day eve and first day I had to feel anguish of mind on account of things we bought through fear and ignorance. I bought things I did not intend to and gave too much or bid too high on things that I thought we must have. I think if my mind had been composed it would been otherwise. Then I would not of felt such distress so. I hope we may get along comfortable and be enabled to do what is right, is my greatest desire. This day Sally Ann Wellever and Susan Falper was here. 2nd mo. 22nd. Francis and Benjamin Eves came here on a visit from Fishing Creek. They told of the marriage of their cousin Francis Eves to Rachel Wilson. I was acquainted with them both. Next day they went with us to meeting. Perry spoke considerable. We dined at Asa T. Johns. After dinner Westly started with them for York State and we know not when we shall see him again. I sent a letter to Amos and Lydia by him. We feel verry anxious for his welfare going from among Friends. We brought Ann John home with us. She staid two nights with us. Martha John came and staid two days and nights. They were helping us quilt. Perry has gone to centre quarterly meeting. Expects to be gone a week. Sarah and self is lonesome.

(March, 1841)
3rd month 5th. Perry returned from Centre and expressed a great deal of satisfaction in being out there. Next day verry stormy, indeed. Robert Mather of Fishing Creek was buried. Abisha Thomas came here. Staid over night. Solomon Unger was buried. Thirday Hirams and Jehu here on a visit. Seventh day Adam Gilger and daughters here. First day 14th of 3rd month. We had a fine Meeting. Reuben and wife and daughter and our Friends from Fishing Creek, Ezra Eves and Harnah K. and Jesse Kester and wife attended meeting and several tesimonies were delivered. Very weighty and lively indeed. The Friends used great satisfaction in being at the meeting. 'Myself and Sarah and Martha dined at Hirams. An agreeable time. After noon went to Eldas to accompany them Friends to our house. We had a verry agreeable time with them. Next day we accompanied them to Asas Hirams, Abias, John Water, and the Widow in paying family visits. A verry instructive and tendering time. They returned with us in the evening, and started for home next day. On Fourth day we was at monthly meeting. Had a comfortable meeting. Returned home from meeting at Elidas and took supper, Asa Johns horse was killed. A great lose indeed. It was occassioned to kicking of another horse. 19th Asa, Joseph and Elida was in, it being election Day. 27th, Rowland Hughes came here and went with us to MeetiNg. Next day. He had lately been married.

(April, 1841)
4th month, 1st. Abia Johns moved in here with us. They had seven men to help them. Susan Richard, Ann John, Ann Eliza Walter was here and several young men too. We are now living up chamber. I hope we may get along comfortably together. 4th mo. 7. Jehu and wife came here and staid till next day. 9th Perry and self went to Danville. Dined at cousin John Sechlers. Was verry kind to us. They informed us of the death of cousin Elizabeth Blue, which was of consumption. Sarah An Sechler went with me to the stores and down to Samuel Smiths to see Aunt Lea Mellin, She was glad to see us. We was as late returning home. I had a bad head ache and got it before I got home. Next day it snowed several inches. Next day, Easter the eleventh of fourth month. Sarah was sick. We went to meeting and was late. Returned home from meeting. I forgot too mention that on the 4th of this month William Henry Harrison, President of the United States, was called from work to rewards, being only four months after he took his seat in the Presidential chair. He is deeply mourned. A few days ago Wm. Boyd was accidently drowned. Abia and self went to monthly meeting at Cattawissa. Dined at Sharplesses. His daughter,Sarah had been gittin married to Lewes - not a member. 15th, I went to Shamokin town. Returned next day. 17th. Abisa Thomas and Emily came here. Next day we had visiters. Was not at meeting. 19th. George Masters was here. He informed us of the death of William Mather, an old friend at Fishing Creek. A verry late spring, cold and wet. 25th, was at Meeting. Reuben preached verry nice. A verry large meeting. Many strangers came in. Returned home after meeting. Ely Reed and Ann came here to see us and Jane.

(May, 1841)
5th month 1st, 1841 I went to Shamokin town and staid over night at brother Jehus. Next day was verry stormy. W. Underwood and Joseph Iddings came to our house from Centre County and staid over night, while I was from home, of which I was sorry. Next day they was at a meeting which was fine and large. They were on their way to the meeting. 4th, we heard of the death of Edward Lynville of Cattawissa, a valuable Friend. The next day Casper Hartman was laid low in grave. A worthy Methodist, one that will be verry much missed in his neighborhood. 5th mo. 5th and fourth of the week. Elida, Samuel, Perry and myself started for Philadelphia. Just after sunrise we passed through Beargap in the little mountain, thence over the big mountain, and had a beautiful prospect of the valley between the mountains. Next we crossed the locust mountain. We stoped to feed at ten o clock at P. Klines tavern ten miles from Bear gap. Then crossed the broad mountain. Had a romantic prospect for many miles around. We passed through Newcastle, a town that has gone down, and looks shabby. We saw the railroad along the Incline plain. Twas a curiosity, very steep. Next passed a powder mill, then through St. Clairsville and on to Port Carbon, a handsome thrifty town. We saw a number of coal mines. Then on to Pottsville, the largest town that I ever saw. We fed at Mortiners Hotel. I began to see curiosities in this town. I was introduced into a room where a Friend from Baltimore, by name of Husband, was teaching boys to write. After they had done their task, they all went away. I was told he gave 10 lessons for 1 dollar. It was a rainy afternoon, therefore I had not as good chance of seeing around. We traveled 8 miles to Creighsburgh and staid all night at Michael Greafs tavern, closed by the court house. We saw the likeness of the 8 Presidents. Next morning we started before and passed the Mill that was burnt last summer, but it is rebuilt. There was Iron works there too. We passed through Port Clinton, perhaps 30 or 40 houses, and one foundry and railroad from Tamaqua runs there and canal, but it is dull lifeless place now. It seemed to be so. Below there we saw the big dam. but did not get fair sight of the tunnel they are making a railroad from Pottsville to Reading. We stoped at Hamburg at John Bailey Inn for breakfast. We had traveled 11 miles that morning, Had an excellent breakfast, shad, Sausage, Ham and eggs. Here they told me that Dani-- (page torn) was married to Priscilla Fether, a wealthy tanners daughter of that town. They said Daniel was our neighbors son and lived in sight of us when a little boy, but he had been living with his uncle ever since and learnt the hatters trade. I would been pleased to see him. Then we traveled on to Maiden Creek. Arrived at our kind friends James and Sarah Starss about one oclock and took some dinner there. They had five rice children. They told us that 17 friends had passed there on their way to the city. About two we started again and passed Maiden Creek Meeting House and some excellent buildings and delightful farms. We saw where the wright girls lives, five sisters. The buildings are chiefly stone, verry neatly finished off. Limestone houses look better than common. stone. We traveled over the Oley hills, verry rough indeed. Most distressing bad roads. We passed a beautiful little town called Freedensburgh. Chiefly stone the houses were, small and neat. Stores, taverns, and so forth. Next we came to Exetre and passed their meeting house, then on to Emily to John Lees, near Monoquscy Creek. We had traveled sixteen miles from Stars, awful roads, and arrived at Lees just before dark. We was kindly received and entertained by them. Had traveled 35 miles that day. Next morning John Lee brought us out to the Reading turnpike with his wagon. Then we saw beautiful farms, chiefly stone buildings. Some was plastered, some rough cast. We traveled in sight of the Schuylkill and the railroad for some distance. We passed through Dougleasville where the road turns off to
the forest and Chester County. Also passed through Pottstown or Manitawny a most delightful situated town where the noted Ruthanna Rutter was raised. Oh, I thought of her and wonderd which she lived in and saw a splendid white house on a little hill, with a walk on the top, and with porches around the house. We heard afterwards it was called Pottses Folly. We passed Trapptown, Jeffersonville. Also passed Perkioman bridge, a wonderful sight. Here the turnpike forks; one goes to Germantown, the other to Norristown and on to Phila. We saw the railroad bridge over Manitawny Creek. I thought it was nearly as long as a river bridge. It had no roof over. Bridges through here are chiefly stone and walled up on each side, and the name of the water the bridge is over, and who built it and in what year and so forth. We fed at Peter Buckers inn, in limerick township. We at length arived at Norristown, the largest and most splendid that I had yet seen. We stoped to feed at a stage office. Brother Perry and myself walked down to the cotton factory, a most wonderful sight. They were carding spinning and weaving. They told me there was between one and two hundred hands at work, men, girls, and boys. They said one loom could weave about forty yards per day. They looked like 8 or ten cent Muslin. One girl told me it was to be sent to Philadelphia and printed for eleven penny bit calico. I was sorry our time was so short that we could not view more of the curiosities in the number of Factories. We traveled on to Plymouth and found where Peptimus Woods lived. Perry and myself turned in there; Elida traveled on for the City, it being a distance of 13 miles from S. Woods, they are living on the Reading turnpike leading to Germantown. Well we were welcomly received by then. His wife Phebe is a minister. She has a niece living there by the name of Susanna Ga~ony from Limerick. A good looking girl, but rather wild. Her sister Lucy Ann was there on a visit. She was verry wild. They told us of a funeral procession in honour to President Harrison in Philadelphia some miles long, a hearse followed by Harrisons horse with crepe round its neck, and abundance of foolery. Next morning it was raining. We saw Plymouth meeting house. Willaim Underwood held meeting there the day before and some of the fishing creek friends was along there too. Woods family was verry much interested with them. About 8 oclock in company with Phebe Wood and Jonathan Jones we started for Phila. We passed by two marble quarries and saw abundance of marble in sight of Woods. We went over Barren Hill and passed through Roxburgh, a town something like two miles long, houses built each side of the turnpike. Verry neatly. We saw Mary Yonk and the railroad Bridge over Schuylkill. It was a great sight. Then next we saw Lawrel Hill. It is verry beautiful place. It is fenced in with black rails, nice gardens, trees, bushes, pleasant walks, glass beds. I am not certain whether it is church that is there or not. I cannot give particular account as I was not in the enclosier. There is some marble Images and carvings we saw as passing along. At length we came in sight of the City. Saw Girard College and the house of Rufuge and shop factory. At length we arrived at Thomas B. Longstregth, 3rd St. . 272 and was kindly received by dear Thomas and Lydia with their six daughters, the eldest I suppose about fifteen. We got there about eleven oclock. Dear Elizabeth Newport came there and dined with us. Afternoon Perry and self walked out in town. Went to the Delaware. Saw a number of ships standing and steamboats running, and a number of curiosities. Thence to the Statehouse and up 8 or nine pairs of stairs up to the steeple where there is a walk that persons can see all over the city and many great curiosities. In the evening Lydia and me went to a shoe store. There was a number of curiosities everywhere to be seen in passing stores. We saw wax works and most everything that could be thought of. In the evening there was several Friends came in to Longstregths. Allis Chandler, Hannah Heal, Jane Pearse, Mary Pancost. Had the opportunity of hearing W.L. Garrison speak but it was not convenient for Perry to take me along. I was sorry that I could not get there to Clarkson hall. But I was agreeably entertained with Alice Charndler. Next morning we went to Green St. There was ten testamonies delivered. Sever females and three males, Jacob Ritter, Rowland Johnson and Allis C. The others I did not know. R. Johnston dined with us. After dinner Elida, Samuel, Perry and myself walked to Willaim T. Johns in 13th St. Had a nice time there. Their daughter, Caroline was sick. At four, E. P. and self went to Cherry St meeting and left Samuel at cousin Wm. Johns. I believe Sarah Brown preached, from Virginia, and some others, J.R. for one. In the evening, I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Fussel, Dr. Noble Samuel Levick, a young minister of 21, and friends from Ohio and New York, and Gideon Pearse and wife from Chester county. 2nd day. verry rainy. The Yearly meeting opened at ten. The most women collected together that I ever saw. Perhaps two thousand. The women met at Cherry St. and men at Green St. The first meeting seemed to go on to sattisfaction. Several testamonies were delivered. A good many to dine at Thomas. The afternoon meeting was disturbed by Mary Cox, a person that friends has rot unity with. They consider her a little wrong. She uses good language and had much to say. In the evening I went in company with Fishing Creek Friends to John Buntings, I think in Spruce St. to take tea. A verry agreeable time with Rebecca his wife and her children by name of White, two sons and two daughters. Chandlee Eves accompanied me home, it being after night. I felt great uneasiness about finding the way back, it being a long walk; I feard they would be gone to bed, but we were favourd to find the place. Elisa Newport, Jane Pearse, Rudah Wing, Lydia Ann Hockman, my bed companion, and some others were there. Next morning Elide, Perry and self went to Dr. John Sharplesses to see Aunt Joanna and Aunt Phebe. I was glad to see them, Ann Lamborun came there too. Cousin Georgie did not come as was expected. They made us promise to come and dine. We appointed sixth day. I went to meeting with Aunt Phebe. There was several communications by Mary Pike, Elizabeth Newport, Mary Rollin, a young widow, Allis Chandlee, Mary Lippenoot, Rachel Hunt, Lucretia Mott and others. Aunt and me dined at Joseph Sharplesses, a cousin to Aunt Phebe and to my mother. They were verry nice. They had the grandest furniture and richest ornaments that I ever beheld. I was told that their window curtains over four windows cost I think about four hundred dollars. Next the glass was thin white flowerd book muslin or something fine, handsomely worked, and the over curtains were as near as I can discribe, was thick rich colourd Sattin, I know no other name to give it, was wove double and in flowers, I think red and yellow with guilt tossels and fringes. They hung from near the ceiling to the floor. I cant discribe them no more. I believe their lamps surpassed all that I ever saw, wonderfully carved and ornamented glass hanging like diamonds around them the length of a finger. The lamps were hanging to the ceiling in their parlors. They had a splendid diner prepared for us, Moses Penrock, Aunt and myself. Rost beef, potatoes and sweet potatoes, sallet oyster pie, plumb pie, dranberries and so forth. They have out one child, a son Charles, and verry handsome. Him and his parents had their likenesses drawn. While we were dineing up chamer, cousin Geogianna Janney came to see us. It was a joyful meeting. We staid there an hour or two and Maria Sharpless entertained us by showing curiosities, some that was brought from Cape May and some from Parris, and many other things. They treated us kindly Aunt P. ad Cos. G. and me started for meeting and saw Marshall Scarlet. He seemed to take great notice of us, but he was across the way. We also saw some of my acquaintances from F. C. We arrived at meeting and sat the greatest part of it, and then went out and walked up and down the yard, to have opportunity of conversing together. We regretted that we must be seperated and could not lodge together. Hannah Heacock went with me to Longstreghs for tea in the evening, we was at Green St. at an association of abolitionists. A great number was there. After the papers was read by the clerks, Elizabeth Newport gave a preaching address, verry good; then George Trueman gave a lengthy discription of the West Indies which was verry instructive. He took up the evening so that no other had a chance of speaking. Here I got sight of Wm. Underwood and J. Iddings and Henry W. Ridgeway. I returned in company with S.R. Heacock to Gaberal Middletons. From thence home and found Jane D. Pearse, Lydia Hickman, Huldah Wing from York State and some others who lodges here. We have the opportunity of seeing a number of strange Friends from a distance. Fourth day at eleven oclock went to meeting. It being verry rainy a number of communications were delivered. Sarah H. Palmer, the assistant Clerk, took me home to dine. A verry good looking and interesting woman. There was several others there. They, had two coloured girls to wait on the table. Their daughter Fanney Palmer went with me to get a bonnet at M. and S. Hollincheads. There was a store kept there. We returned and then went to meeting at 4 oclock. An interesting time. In the evening, met with a committee relative to forming a new yearly meeting. A free enterchange of sentiment was given to general sattisfaction. William Gibbins acted as clerk. Wm. Underwood explaind the subject and of the situation of friends in those remote parts. Then James Nott, Henry W. Ridgeway, John Jackson, John Foulk, Henry Zolicoffer, John Bunting, Rebecca B., Phebe Wood; Allis Chandlee Jane Johnston, Sarah J. Lee, Ann Hannah Williams, Ruth Pile, Hannah Heacock and Ezra Eves, Isaac Townsend and some others spoke on the subject. It was an interesting sitting, verry instructive. The most of them that spoke had been in Centre and at Fishing Creek and all had something incouraging to speak of and expressed their sattisfaction on being there that night as it being a favourd opportunity. Here I got to speak with Wm. and Joseph and introduced them to some others. We had met in the street before twice. Elida, Lydia Longstreth and myself came home and saw the fire engines running the streets, a curiosity. A wonderful sight of boys was running along following and making a great noise. We met firend Rowland Johnson at the door of Longstrenghts. He regretted not having me to dine that day, saying he had Elida arid Perry and pressed me to come there. He is an agreeable young Minister, verry pleasant, and is esteemed by Thomas and Lydia L. Fifth day morning went to Green. St. Meeting. Ten communications were delivered. J. Jacson, J. Foulk, Mary Lippencot, Eliza Newport and others. Elida took me to Joseph Warners where Jane Johnson lives. She had appointed for us to be there that evening. She was verry kind to me. A great dinner was prepared, the greets assortment that I had yet seen; a black man to wait on the table with a white girl. She live verry grand, Jane has a mother and two sisters and three brothers. They have a delightful garden, beautiful walks and arbour in the city. They don't raise vegetables as we do but have grass sods or patches and bushes. flowers, vines, trees, and curiosites and so forth. Jane told 'me that her Brother Joseph Warner Johnson was to pass meeting the next week with Peter Wrights daughter. Afternoon Isabella Johnson went with me to Cherry St. In the evening we had a sitting at Thomases. Wm. Underwood, J. Iddings, Elizabeth Newport, Rebecca Pearce, Rowland Johnson, Wm. Simmons from Sodsbury, a young man; Jane Pearse, Anna Bartram, Huldah Wing, Lydia Ann Hickman, Elida, Perry and myself was there besides the family. Elizabeth Newport was led to speak to several States, powerfully, to Underwood and Simmons, Perry, Huldah and Eliza. I thought and believe. It was a deep and Solmn time. I think I shall not forget. I cannot express my feelings at that time. I believe she was speaking the everlasting truth. What was said to me has been and will be a strength to me. Next morn. Brother Elida and myself walked out to several stores. From thence to Doctor John Sharpless. Aunts Joanna and Phebe wen with me to meeting and returned there to dine. Elida and Perry came there too. Allis Chandlee and Ruth Pile was there likewise. Afternoon was at meeting. My aunts was not well and staid at home. In the evening I returned there for tea and to meet Cousin G. Anna Janney. Elida and Perry came to have some opportunity with her and aunt Phebe for the last time that we expected to be together in the city. The time was short but was agreeable. They were verry anxious for us to go through Chester County, which would of been pleasant had it been suitable. About nine we took leave of them and returned Longstreghts and found John Jackson and a number of young friends there. We had a sitting. J. Jackson spoke for encouragement to us all. Some of them was his schollars at Darby. Next morn Friends met again and got through the business and had a number of weighty communications by E. Newport. L. Mott, Rachel Wainwright, R. Hunt, Mary Rollins, Mary L. Hunt, Dear Wm. Underwood, and Joseph Iddings and John Bunting visited our meeting and was received to general sattisfaction. William had a message to deliver to Mothers to be more strict with their daughters and endeavour to bring them up in the simplicity of truth and to the daughters how careful they should try to live and throw off their ornaments and walk in obedience to the divine will and be a Joy and comfort to their dear Mothers. After he sat down Sarah Brown from Virginia arose and spoke, then S. Underwood -- Rochester--, Rachel Hicks from Westbury, Long Island, and R. Sharpless, Susannah Eaddock, May Care, Mary Ware, H.K. Heacock, Sarah Underwood supplicated and the meeting ended in Solemnity about twelve oclock. We returned to Tommys and dined. Sally L. went with me to G. Middletons to see Fishing Creek friends. About three we took an affection farewell of Huldah Wing from York State. She seemed verry tender and gave me some advise and encouragement. We had lodge in the same room near a week. We left dear Eliza Newport there too, the rest of company had gone before us. We parted with the family and started for home. Brothers asked me to go to see fair Mount water works but understanding it was two Miles off our road I declined going, but since I have been sorry that I did not go, on hearing of the wonderful curiosities of the place, We came on to Girard Colledge and viewed the wonderful works. It was built of Marble, great lofty columns of solid marble nearly as thick as a hogshead. It farely dazled our eyes to look up to the top. Inside was brick arched all around. Above and below a number of large rooms. We went up several winding stairs until we arrived on the top of the building where was seats to set on boarded around. The roof was nearly flat though a little descending. We could see all over the city and the steeples and Shop Factories and a distance around this great colledge is to be covered with Marble. There is 22 column put up and have not all up yet. They are still working at and preparing Marble. I was told how many feet the building was but I forgot. We came on to Plymouth and passd two marble quarries and came on to Septimo Woods and was kindly recieved by them. Had a great deal of sattisfaction with Phebe Wood. She is an old woman and just returned from the City as we did. We over took them a few miles before we got there. Susannah was glad to see us and charged us to come there again. Next morning we came on to trap town and fed at David Palegroves Inn, then came on to John Lees, a distance of 32 miles. We came through Douglesville and Pottstown. We got to Loss between four and five and was welcomly recieved. We being hungry and fatigued, and next morn we came to Reading and fed at Beards Tavern. I was in wo stores but bought nothing. We saw Samuel Train and where he lives. This side of the town on the hill we met a great storm of wind and rain. Came onto Port Clinton. Met a John Yeagers and heard that Fishing Creek friends was ahead of us. We traveled 28 miles against three oclock. I did not think much of the place nor tavern nor women. We came on. Two stages passed us in a narrow place, near the burnt mill and Iron works. The mill is rebuilt. We met Mordica Lee and wife. Mordica Lee and wife returning home from Roaring Creek. We came on through Orwigsburgh and arrived at Pottsville about dark and lodged at Mortimers Hotel. We traveled 43 miles this day. Next morning the thirday, we started just after sunrise and traveled over the Mountains and took breadfast at Peter Kines tavern. From thence to travel on and arrived at Elida Johns about two oclock and we staid there for victuals, then came home and found all midling well except Sarah. She was just taking sick. They were glad to see us and we glad to get home. Next morning Samuel Kester, Ezra Eves, Hannah Heacock, and Benjamin Eves came here for breakfast and rested a few hours and had a setting here. Hannah spoke in great brokeness, then they started for home. Next first day we were both sick. Sarah continued near two weeks.

(June, 1841)
6th mo. 16. We went to Monthly meeting at Catawissa and dined at Wellevers, Mary A. Cheeingtons and me, Sally Ann Weblever went with me to Rowland Hugheses a little while and saw his wife. Then returnd home, but did mot find that which was pleasant. 23rd, our folks started for Fishing Creek to meeting. 26th, they returnd. Angelina came here. Perry took her to Cattawissa. 28. Perry and Angelina and her Sister came here. Next day P. and Mary Ann John and myself went to Roaring Creek to meeting. Sarah Underwood preached powerful. We returnd home and next day we turnd out at the school house. Sarah and her companions, Sarah Hoops and Thorton Walton was there. Sarah Underwood preached excellent to the saitisfaction of all that heard her. I believe some was there tat never was at Friends meeting before. They lodged at Elida Johns. They wished to have more of my company and made much of Ezra as I held him asleep, kissed him and called him sweet and lovely and gave some preaching relative to him, what care we should have over him. Jesse Broomall an his wife from Sunbury was there and some from Catawissa, B. Sharpless, J. Boone. We stopped at Adam Gilgers for dinner and ate Cherries and then came home.

(July, 1841)
7th month, 14th. Went to monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. Heard of the death of Rezaleel Hawhurst, an old and respectable Friend . He has done his work I hope in the day time and I trust he is at rest. I have cause to remember him and respect him. We went to Brother Reubens to dine. Had a nice time there. They pressed us to stay over night but we did not. We were caught in some thunder showers, but was favourd to get home safe. Next morning we staid all night at Elidas. 25th, a blind man came here begging. Be was led by his son. He lost his sight by blowing rocks 20 years before. I felt sympathy for him. P.S. and self and Ezra went to meeting. From there to Elidas. Had a verry agreeable time and pleasant.

(August, 1841)
8th month, 2nd. Abia and me went to Shamokin town. We attended a protracted Methodist meeting saw them taking Sacriment. I could not see and feel as they did. 34 of them took Sacriment. Other denominations were invited. The meeting lasted six days and several converts. My brother Jehu joined the Socity for one, as I have understood. 8th mo. 10th. Esther Lynville came here and went with Abia, Perry and myself to Preparitive meeting at Catawissa, We had a good deal of sattisfaction with her. She had been going to school in Philadelphia last winter. After meeting we went to Abishias with Sister Sally and staid all night . Next day was Monthly meeting. We had a good meeting. P. & R. preached. Sophia John and Elizabeth C. Johnson was received into membership. Elizabeth had married out of meeting. Sophia was an applicant and we hope she may do well by the assistance heaven. Perry and myself dined at M. Lynville, verry agreeably, then returnd and called to see Aunt Grace Davis, and then home. Abias wife is possessed of the evil spirits about us going to Friends meeting together. I sincerely hope she may see the error of her state and doings and turn to Jesus for mercy and forgiveness. I hope she may be- come a Christian, that she may be a strength and comfort to her husband instead of trying to hinder and discourage. But they are faithful through tribulation shall obtain tho crown. 14th Reuben and wife came here and next day they all went to meeting. A large meeting. I staid home. After noon Jane and me went to Yocums a little while. 21st. Sarah and Perry went to Reubens and had a verry pleasant time.

(September, 1841j
9th month, 4th, the Methodists camp meeting commenced. They report that there was 63 proffessed to be changed and that the Blessed Savior spoke peace to their souls. Oh may they be enabled to hold out to the end. My sister-in law, Elizabeth John, and my niece Mary John, professed to experience Religion. May they live a Christian life and honour the truth. I was at the camp the last right and felt verry serious on beholding the mourners in the alter suplicating mercy, and shouting praises to the Lord Jesus for His goodness. I greatly desired that I might be favourd to feel the divine presence too, but I was unworthy. There was something wanting. I do sincerely desire to be a Christian. 15th I with Elida and wife went to Roaring Creek Monthly meeting and heard some good advice communicated though I felt poor and low for some time. 13th,Reuben was at our meeting to sattisfaction. He had something for some of them. 21st, 9th mo. The valuable Joseph Foulk and John Watson held a meeting at our little meeting house. Joseph Foulk had much to say to the understanding and comfort of many there. Oh what excellent preaching and what encouragement it was to the hungry soul. Such sweetness in his expression, his delivery so clear and plain. He had much to say on the subject of silent worship. Many strangers attended the meeting and well pleased. 25th Elida, Perry, Abia went to Fishing Creek to meeting to meet those Friends and Committee. I went to meeting alone. 26th, except Mary Ellen Scout accompanied me. We went to Asas in the afternoon. Several others there. Not as pleasant a time as desireable. Came home lonely, humble, desiring strength. It seemed most pleasant to be alone.

(October, 1841)
10th month 12 Elida, Perry and myself went to Catawissa to Preparative meeting. Went to Abishais and staid over night. Next morn went to Rowland Hugheses. Him and wife was sick. Sister Emily was taking care of them. We went to monthly meeting. Job Engle and wife and Grace Ballager and Hesiah Foulk attended meeting, three of them from Evesham New Jersey. Sarah Engle and Hesiah Foulk preached. Them and us dined B. Sharpless. 15th they held meeting at the school house and both spoke. They dined at Elidas. Sarah and self went to John Walters. Perry accompanied them Friends to Catawissa. 17 Sarah not well. I did not go to meeting. 24. Ann John and Ann Eliza Walters was here. 30th Emily Thomas came here and staid one week. Sarah was verry sick with the Phthisick and did not get over for near two weeks. I missed four meeting days besides monthly meeting owing to Sarah not being well. This week is a year since our dear Mother left us, which brought it fresh to our memory. What a great change it made in our family, not easily to be forgotten by me. I think the greatest trial I ever me with. It is now one year since our meeting was opened.

(November, 1841)
11th mo. 14th, I was at meeting and returned home again. Sarah got worse again. Jehu and family here. Samuel and wife came on first day. We went for the Doctor and he attended Sarah 3 weeks. Now she has got better. I feared she would not recover. Several of our friends came in to see her. Rebecca Haas died of the Fever. A young woman Rhode Osbourne attended monthly meeting and had meeting at the school house the 17 of 12 month but it was a verry stormy day. I could not get there. I was verry sorry I did not get to see her at all. She went to Fishing Creek Half years meeting. Perry went with them. John Parriah was alone, son of the Dr. They had meeting in Danville, Berwick, and so forth.

(December, 1841)
12th month 26th. Benjamin Haas a neighbour was buried,the largest buring I ever saw. Has left a wife and several small children to lament his loss. In the evening we went to Shamokin town to Meeting. Chalkley Gillingham, and Lucretia Mott and Catharine Trueman from Philadelphia were there. Chalkley and Lucretia spoke a great deal to sattisfaction. A crowded house and beautiful night. They all stoped at Samuels a while. Verry pleasart. Sister Emily came home with us. Next morning they had meeting at the school house. A great collection and great preaching. Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists attended and Gideon H. Day a Methodist circuit Minister. After meeting, Samuel John and Westly Houseweart came here to dine. 18 of 12th month, Ellenor Williams was buried, a member of Friends. She died of Consumption.

(January, 1842)
1st month 12th, at Roaring Creek monthly meeting and had to serve as clerk. After meeting we went to see Sarah Lee, an elderly Friend of 87. She seems waiting to be released. 26th heard of the death of Elizabeth Lucas and Ralph Metler and Mary Woolverten, widow of Roger, all acquaintances.

(February, 1842)
2nd month 7th, Mahalor Noacre was buried. She died verry sudden in child bed and left two children. It was a verry large funeral. Hudson preached in the school house. The corpse was brought in there. It being a verry rainy day. She was a nice woman, much respected. Her poor husband deeply felt his loss. 8th, Elida, Perry and self went to Catawissa to Preparative and Monthly meeting. I was prevailed upon to act as Clerk. Staid over night. Abishas. Next day dined at B. Sharplesses. Got verry cold. 19, heard of .he death of Mary C. More, wife of Alexander Moore, Junior.

(March, 1842)
3rd month 6th, William and Jane Bird, son and daughter of Sylvenus Bird, was buried in one grave. The funeral procession went on the railroad. A great trial to part with two of a family at once. 11th, heard of the death of William Coder a Methodist minister, one that often held meeting here at our house. Much respected. 11th of 3rd mo. Heard of our friend Jane Johnson lying with the smallpox. 16th, William Watson, Aaron Kester, Tabner Kester, and Hannah Heacock attended Monthly meeting and visited families and was at Shamokin town and came here and staid over night and was at our meeting on first day. Hannah and Reuben preached verry pretty and several states there had quite a lively meeting.(sic). 27th, I walked to meeting alone. When I returnd home Benjamin S. Jones and Anti Slavery lecturer from Phila. was here. He held 3 meetings at Shamokin town and at Asas school house and attended our meeting and made some remarks, After meeting broke. I understood he done verry well. What he said was for Friends. At three oclock he lectured at Elisha Bartons Barn in Petersburgh. I liked to hear him speak verry well, being the first time that I got out to his meeting. The people would not permit him to have the school house, as they thought it something dangerous. The night before some rude ones behaved verry ill in throwing eggs and stones and shattered the house. He is verry nice interesting man. This morn he left here in company with Perry for Fishing Creek. A few days ago I received a letter from Hannah Heacock and I returnd an answer today. I heard of the death of Catharing Barrett, and old neighbour. She has left a husband and a numerous family. She was verry kind among the sick. She will be a missed verry much.

(May, 1842)
5th month 1st day . Ann Vastine died, a daughter of Amos Vastine. She was between 3 and 4 years old, a verry smart and pretty child, only sick two days. 5th month 6th, Perry started for Philadelphia. Sister Emily and Sarah went to Elidas. 5th month 11th 1842 I went with Palemon and Hiram and wife to monthly meeting. Hirams was received into membership. We went to Reubens. Heard of the death of Anna Kester of Fishing Creek, one that is much lamented, but by accounts died happy and bid all farewell. 14th. Perry returned from the city and brought with him cousin Georiannla Janney and Rebecca Walters, daughter of John Walter, late of Coatesville. We was glad to see them. My cousin has no parents living. We heard of the death of cousin William T. Johns children, Caroline and Josephine, and his Mother, Phebe John. She fell dead off her chair, and heard of the death of Sarah Jackson of Darby, a daughter of Haliday Jackson. I saw her last year at Longstretches. 17. the Shamokin furnace burnt down. We had a number of strangers this week. 28th Benjamin Eves, Allen Phillips and Lydia Eves from Fishing Creek came here and staid two nights. Went to Meeting on first day I was thirty years old that day. Did not feel verry well. I have cause to remember that time by some ill behaviour of one that is no respector of persons.

(June, 1842)
6th month 15th, was at Cattawissa Mt Monthly meeting. Dined at Abisha Thomases. I was sick with a head ache. Had verry little sattisfaction. 22nd, Perry,Georgianna Janney and myself started for Fishing Creek. Had a pleasant ride. Dined at Enos Mellins where Aunt leah lives. Called to see Gideon Mellin who was laying sick for eleven weeks, then went on to J. Parvin Eves, and was kindly recieved. Next morning we went over verry bad roads to Millville. Called at G. Masters and then on to Ezra Eves and staid till meeting time. It commenced to raining and rained for several hours smartly. We went to meeting and saw a number of strangers from different parts of the country. They was several ministers. Rhoda Osburn, a sweet woman, a great minister, and Restore S. Lamb and John Wood, John Rowlet, Tay Lavia, Sarah Williams, Morlum Gover, another great speaker from Maryland or Virginia, and John Way and Jonathan Wall from Centre county, and Deborah F. Wharton and husband William, all ministers who spoke, Reuben John and Ezra Eves likewise. It was a large and good half year meeting. Some from Jersey, Phila., Abbington, Quakertown. Fifth day night we went home with Anna Achton, John Underwood with us. Had a verry pleasant time. She is a kind woman. Next morn Perry and cousin went to David Masters. I stoped at George Masters. Reubens girls was there and Rhoda Osburn and her company and several others. I was introduced to Rhoda and a great deal of sattisfaction with her. She is verry pleasant. We had a sitting there, She spoke considerably and Restore Lamb too again. Went to meeting. A lovely morning. Saw a great number of acquaintances. A large meeting, a great deal of labour. After meeting we dined at Ezra Eves, then we came to Charles Eves to meet with our company. Was introduced to William and Deborrah Wharton. They seemed verry nice. We all Started for Cattawissa, five vehicles all in company. We stoped at the lock to see the boats pass throug. Wharton got out of their carriage to see too. We came on to Abishais and staid over night. We had a nice and interesting ride from fishing creek. Got to Cattawissa about sunset. Went to Abishas cousin and self walked alone the beach of the Susquehanna. I felt verry pensive thinking over what I had heard and seen. Perry and self started home and left cousin there. We stoped to see the paper mill, a great sight indeed, making paper by the yard. We came onto J. Brookses to see Aunt Grace Davis and Behold we saw Abia Davis who had been absent eleven or twelve years. It seemed like a dream for he was not heard of for so long. We came home. Found all well. Next day all met at Asas. Family brought Georgie there. Jesse was sick. Had kept his bed two weeks. Folks was verry alarmed about him. Reuben and some more had a sitting there after meeting to sattisfaction. Dr. Robbins ard Dr. McWoilliamss called to see him ard a number of others.

(July, 1842)
7th month 1st. Salathcal Sober was buried. Died of consumption. A young man. 3rd was at meeting and called to see Jesse. He is much better. Is walking about the house. 6th. Morris Smith was buried, and uncle to S. Sober. Isabella Sober was buried. A few or three weeks before a grandmother to S. Sober. 7th month 9th,1842. Our cousin Gideon Mellins of Danville was buried. He had been confind to bed over three months. He has left a fine wife and several small children to lament their loss. Abia J. Davis came here to see us. He had been absent about twelve years. He went with us to meeting where we met with Jesse John. I was pleased to see him as we did not expect he would get out again, but I hope he is raised for a good cause. After noon Elida and wife came here. Cousin Davis also. Jehu brought Sarah and Georgianna home in the evening after spending a happy week there 7th mo. 13th, Hiram took Georgianna Janney and me to Roaring Creek monthly meeting. Perry met us there. He applied for a marriage certificate. We all dined at Reubens then left cousin there and returnd home. 18th, she returnd. 20th Samuel took us to town. Next afternoon we took tea with Mary Eckart a nice young woman, together with her Father and Mother was kind. And Jehu, Cousin, and self was there. Sixth day we sent for Esther Lynville and Rebecca Cherington to come to Samuels for tea, which they did, and Mary Eckart. A pleasant time. In the evening we all went to hear Mary Nicholas play on the pianna. It was interesting to us, Some of us never heard one before. She would sing as she played. I admire musick. Next day being seventh day Samuel brought us home. First day 24th, Georgianna and self met Samuel and Mary Ann John. Charles Derring, esq. and Catharine Gelerson at the railroad about seven and we started for Sunbury and had a pleasant ride on the railroad. Arived before ten oclock at John Doning, then we went to Episcopal Church. We was seated in a pew by the kindness of C. Biborson. There was prayer books lying on the benches. When first the organ began it alarmed me. When the minister appeared he was dressed in white with balck under. He read prayers and songs over and over. The organ was playd when they sung. After lengthy forms he disappeared, a collection was made. He appeared in black and then walked in the upper pulpits and commenced preaching through reading that was rot verry lengthy. After service, M.A. John and self went to Rachel Packers to dine. They were kind. Old grand mother confind up. (paper destroyed here) has been for some months. She was verry (more manuscript torn) Son about 18 years of age is studing law and attending the post office. They seem near to me as they use to come here when their father was living. He had been disceasd near 8 years. He used to be verry intimate here and with brother Samuel. About three we left there and went back to Donings. Cousin had gone to see her cousin Elizabeth Ann Janney who was out on a visit at Sunbury. I just saw her in church but did not speak to her. I was sorry and cousin did not get to Packers, therefore we had not as much sattisfaction as we disired. It being so warm we all started home between three and four and was overtaken by a shower, but arrived safe home about six, and I had a headache, and found James Watkins, a Welshman, here, Abias uncle, an interesting man. 29th, a great thunder gust. Isaac HulIs barn was burned with lightning with 3 hundred douzen of wheat, 15 ton hay, corn, so forth. A great loss indeed. He was a rich man. Abia, Mary and cousin G.A.J. started to Methodist (following line torn off page)

(August, 1842)
8th month the 2nd 1842. Rhoda Osburn and company, Mary Carr and Restore Lemb came to Elidas and had a meeting. Appointed at our meeting school house at five oclock afternoon which we all attended. She spoke verry nice and suplicated. We was verry glad to see each other and all the rest that knew her was pleased to see and hear her again, it being the third time she has been through here within a year. She seems to have a field of labour through here. The next day at ten oclock Rachel Hicks from Westbury, Long Island, had meeting there. She is a great preacher. They lodged at Asas. Amos Willets and wife Caroline was Rachels company. Perry took Rhoda and company to Roaring Creek meeting and back in the evening., to Petersburgh, where was a crowded meeting. She spoke all the time and supplicated. Her preaching was great and powerful. I rode up there with Jesse John and came home with the Friends. A dark ride we had though we arrived safe after ten, Next morn we had a pleasant time with them. I was pleased to have dear Rhoda here -- cousin showed them her crystals and minerals that she had collected, a great diversion to them. Samuel came here in time for the sitting. She spoke much to him and verry nice to all of us. Georgianna too got a portion which she took verry well and loved her for it. I felt verry solmn and would like to of set longer. About ten they bade us an affectionate farewell and Perry with them started for Catawissa. They called at J. Brookes to set with Aunt Grace David. Had a favourd time there -- after they left us Georgianna and me went to the store and coming home .we walked up the creek and set on the bank and talked a while verry agreeably and wished for Rhoda to be with us. Her sweetness and solemnity seemed to dwell with us for some days. her and we talked of writing to each other. I hardly think myself qualified for writing to her yet. The first evening that he had meeting, Sarah and cousin and Ezra staid up there all night for meeting next day. Perry and me came home by Elidas and stoped a while to talk with the friends verry pleasantly and came home late. I had my work to do. Next morn I walked up to meeting alone. P. had gone to Roaring Creek. I rode home with our neighbour Thomas Vastine. He being alone and I verry glad of the chance. and Jesse brought the rest home afternoon. Seventh day being the sixth of 8th month Abisha took Sister and cousin to Cattawissa and they returnd next seventh day by way of Asas and Hirams. Georgianna was preparing for home, expecting to leave next day., which was first day, and Samuel and his sister-in-law, Mary Ann John, came for cousin. Afternoon, a number came here to bid cousin farewell. Reubens, Elidas, Jesse and Ann. About five oclock, they started and poor cousin Georgianna had to leave us and be separated far away. We know not if we ever shall see her again. She had been up here thirteen weeks. We was sorry to see her go, Reubens staid till next day. After they were gone we were lonesome it being the 14th of 8th mo. that she went away. Samuel went to the city with her. The 23rd, I recieved a letter from her verry acceptably. 27th, Sarah and Perry started for the state of New York. They took little Ezra along to leave at his grandfathers at Fishing Creek and I am left alone, 30th Jane and me went to Asas and I went to Adam Gilgers and spent the afternoon verry pleasantly. When we came home Henry Walker was here and he staid two days with us. Next first day I walked to meeting and was at Asas after meeting and wrote a letter to cousin. Ann was going to write too but got too unwell. Joseph and Amos and Hirams young folks was gone to the Camp Meeting. 16th I went to Haases store intending to spent the afternoon at I. Thompsons but Ann was from home so I staid with Rebecca Hower a Milliner, and old acquaintance. She was verry clever and sociable. Next day I walked to meeting. Ann is better. I went home with Elida and eat peaches. John and Eliza Walter and Wm. Sharpless and wife came there too.

(September, 1842)
9th mo. 12th and second of the week. I paid a visit at Doctor Robbinses verry agreeably. His wife treated me kindly. We had some interesting conversation. Dr. McWilliams waited on the table. They have plenty peaches. She gave me some to bring home. The Doctor was pleasant while at home but soon rode out on practice. He showed me his likeness. Next day being the 13th the Mormons started on their journey to Illinois to the city of refuge as they think. Isaac Houseweart and family Johh Barton and family and Mother and two sisters they passed along by here with their teams. It made me feel solmn they expect to be several weeks traveling. They believe all is to be destroyed except them Mormons. 14th I went to Roaring Creek monthly meeting with Elida and Hiram and wife. A small meeting and no preaching. We all came home except Abia. Elida verry unwell. I had rain to walk home in from Elidas. They have carpenters at work building a house. 17th Hiram and wife came to see me. 18th went to meeting. Dined at Asas. Next day was at Henry Wassers. Spent the afternoon with his daughter Eliza and took supper there. They seemed to be kind and pleased to have me come there. 21st I had a violent headache and sick stomache. Kept my bed nearly all day. 25th, I walked to meeting. Went to John Walters and dined and walked home 5 miles after four oclock. 26th Went to Catharine Jonesea and spent the afternoon with her and daughter, Mary, verry agreeably. They appeared verry glad and was kind. They live neat and comfortable and I believe is pious. When I returnd home I found Sarah, Perry and Ezra just returnd from the State of New York after an absence of four weeks and three days. I was pleased to see them returnd safe. Perry and James John went to friends meeting at Waterloo and staid over night at Thomas McClintocks, a publick friend. His daughter and another young woman have just been magnatised. James and Perry went to Springsport to meeting where Westly lives, 18 miles from Yarnells. Waterloo is 18 miles likewise.

(October, 1842)
10th month 2nd. We went to Hirams from meeting. Abia and Mary had been here over night. 3rd, Perry started for Centre county. 6th passed meeting with Rebecca Underwood. 9th I walked to meeting with my nephew Jesse J. John. Brother Jehu came with his wife, dear ~~~ to meet me. His family was here. His wile is verry kind to us. 11th, perry returned home. 12th, Hiram and wife went with us to monthly meeting at Catawissa. We stoped to see Aunt Grace Davis. She is verry low. We went to Abishais to dine. Got an elegant dinner. Emily had the fever but is better. Heard of the death of Jesse Mearee and David Clarks wife. 15th Perry and Sarah went to Reubens. 16, none f' us at meeting today. It is cold. me and Ezra alone. 24th Daniel Firman was drowned in Shamokin Creek. A verry stormy night; he was intoxicated. Oh, how hard for his family. 26, heard of the death of Jacob Howers Widow. He was buried two or three months before and likewise heard of the death of Jacob Long. He died in his wagon from home. 30th I went with Martha Kimple to the Brick Church to a 3 three days meeting where I saw a number of acquaintances. It was held by a Lutheran minister, J.P. Shindle, a new thing for them to hold such meetings. A great number of people. I saw a girl that had her back broke while young. She looked verry odd, only about four feet high, and looked old. Was quite thick with a bump on her back like a pillow. 30th Silas Bughner and Mary Dicus was married. 31st Emily Thomas and Rowland Hughes and wife came here.

(November, 1842)
11th mo. 1st. Isaac John came here, a Methodist minister and took dinner. In the evening, Rowland and wife and self went to Jehus and staid till next day. 11th mo. 2nd. Enoch Walker held meeting at the school house. 4th him and Ann John came here. 6th Perry took Emily home and brought Aunt Leah Mellin with him. She had come over with Enoch Walker from Danville. 11th month 13th day afternoon Perry and myself started for Centre county. We arrived at Sunbury about dark and passed through Northumberland and on to Jesse Broomalls, about nineteen miles from home. We was kindly recieved and entertaind by them. Lydia Goodman keeps house for him. We met Abishai and Emily Thomas there. Next morn we all started and passed Deustown, or Lewisburg, a verry handsome place, and then through Buffalo valley, a verry rich settlement, chiefly of dunkards. Next through Youngmans town then to Hartelton in Union county, and fed at J.A. Widensols. Then passed through the narrows and arived after seven at Aronsburgh and lodged at Henry Witmer, a good tavern, then through Millheim and by the Springville where is a large spring that a creek proceeds. From that turns mills, then on to Potters Fort in Penns valley. Next we crossd the Nittany mountain. Had a beautiful view of Penns valley. We fed at George Taylors, then traveled by many iron works and another large spring that turns furnaces and forges. At length we arrived at Belfonte, a rich town, chiefly stone houses. Next we passed through Milesburg, two miles from Bellfonte. Then we went six miles up Bald eagle to Zephaniah Underwoods, where we was kindly received. His son William was from home on truths service, Next day being the 16th of the 11th month 1842, and fourth of the week, we all went to meeting. Perry and Rebecca Underwood and John Underwood and myself rode in our carriage and the rest followed after. Perry and Rebecca accomplished their marriage. A number signed their certificate. Then, we returnd back. It was a snowy day. We had a good dinner, William Cleaver and wife and some few others was there. Next day was rainy. Perry and wife, myself and Amanda Underwood, Williams daughter, went to Jacob Downings. His wife is Rebeccas sister. They had a sick child. We had a pleasant time there in the evening. We returnd back that night. I was sick. Sixth day afternoon John Underwood and myself took a ride to Joseph Iddingses and spent the afternoon and till bed time verry pleasantly, except it was cold. Joseph has some fine children. First day we went to meeting and was frightned with the horses scareing and runing off the road with our carriage --at meeting Rebecca preached pretty in bidding farewell. William Cleaver spoke a few words beautifully. After meeting we calld to see old William Fisher, an aged friend that has heard my great grandfather preach, namely Griffith John. Then we came to his son William Fisheres and dined then returnd back. i calld a while to see Jane Underwood. Had a sattisfactory talk with her. Next morning we prepared for starting home. Had a verry solmn and tendering time, Rebecca parting with her dear Mother, sick in bed, and the rest of the family. Was affecting. We started before ten and called at Chas. Prices with his dear wife Eliza was verry anxious for us to stay for dinner but did not. We stoped in Belfonte a little and traveled on to Aronsburg and next right we arrived at our kind friend Jesse Broomalls, where we was verry kindly entertained by them. His wife died and left him two little sons. Next morn we started and came on to Sunbury and calld on the Widow Packers. We arrived home about one oclock and found Sarah, poorly. Mary John and Aunt Leah Mellin was here. They had prepared dinner for us. Next first day we went to meeting. Had a good meeting. Reuben, Rebecca and Perry preached. Samuel and wife came home with us and in the evening Reuben came here. We had a little meeting in the evening. Verry pleasant time. On forth day we lost a young cow which made us sorry, it being a great loss to us.

(December, 1842)
12th .month 4th. P. and R. and self went to meeting. I was verry unwell. Rebecca spoke largely, Perry a few words. We dined At Asas. 6th, P. & R. went to Roaring Creek. 11, went to meeting, Rebecca preached. We went to Hirams to dine. 13th, Perry and Rebecca went to Cattawissa to Preparative and Monthly meeting. 16th, I. Parvin Eves and William Underwood came here, returning from a long tour. 17th, William had a meeting at Shamokin town. We was there. Took supper at brother Samuels and had a pleasant ride by moonlight home. Next day William attended our Meeting and spoke verry much Rebecca suplicated verry excellent, too. A great number assembled. We felt sorry to part with him. Perry and wife went with him to Roaring Creek and Catawissa, Berwick and Fishing Creek to the Half year meeting. A great number attended on Christmas day, we returnd home after meeting. Next day we went to Samuels. Rebecca and me went to see Mary Jones. Was confined with the spine. Next day Caroline Bird was married to John Martin. 12th month 29, 1842. A week day meeting commenced here. Had a clever little meeting. I hope it increase and flourish and may be enabled to do what is right.

(January, 1843)
1st mo. the 1st. 1843. Perry, Rebecca and me was at meeting. A good mary was there. John Wilson and wife from over the river was there, choice friends. Rebecca preached and after she sat down Henry Porter, a Presbyterian, got up and made some remarks he had not been there before. First month the 5th 1843, the 2nd week day meeting was held at Elida Johns. They had a favord time. I did not get there. Sister Sarah was sick. First day the 8th, Sister is still sick. I did not go to meeting. It is an uncommon stormy day. David Davis was buried the sixth. He died of the palsey, an old man. First month Peter Persing was married. Something unexpected. J. Kersey Sharpless, son of Benjamin. married Mary Margaret Harder. Dr. Hughes and Margaret S. Meck and Lydia Camp and others-; also married. First mo. 19th, at meeting at Asas (week day). A clever meeting. After noon Zephaniah Underwood and son William came here. We was glad to see them so unexpectedly. They was going to the city. 22nd, we was at a meeting and went to John Walters and spent the afternoon. When we returnd home Sarah was verry sick. 26th, meeting here. Quite a clever meeting. Jacob Rose buried two daughters within a week with the sore threat. Wm. Persing buried one. 29th, at meeting. A good many out, Went to Elidas.

(February, 1843)
2nd month 2nd. Meeting at Elidas. A verry cold day. 5th, a verry snowy day. Samuel and Angelina came here. Hannah Miller, wife of James Miller, died. And Deborah Harman, late wife of Casper Hartman deceased. 8th. Abia and Perry and me went to monthly meeting at Cattawissa. Rebecca certificate was read and accepted from Centre county monthly meeting. She was recommended as a Gospel Minister. She laid before the meeting a concern to visit families belonging to the monthly meeting and some not in membership that was friendly. Mary Ellis and Sarah H. John offered to accompany her and Perry also. 12, they started for Roaring Creek Meeting to commence their labour. As we returnd home from Catawissa we had a Religeous opportunity at J. Brookeses with Aunt Grace Davis and Sarah Brooks lying sick. Rebecca was drawn toward Abia J. Davis in a verry feeling manner. 14. They came here . Had an opportunity with us and Abias. Elida and Samuel here, too. Rebecca preached considerably at both places. Next day they visited families in Shamokin and at town and came here in the night. Next day we went to Meeting at Asas. A clever little meeting. Reuben and daughter came there. He preached verry nice. Rebecca also. Oh, how I do desire to be good and do as I ought. There is a great snow on the ground and verry cold weather. First day, 19, Reuben and wife and daughter Mary Ann and Hannah Heacock and son was at our meeting at the school house. Hannah was verry much favourd at Meeting and at family opportunities though I was not there nor Perry and Rebecca. They- expected to be at Berwick that day. In the evening the company all came and James John too. We did not not get to bed till one oclock. Next morn Hannah suplicated before breakfast and after had an opportunity. She spoke much to Abia and some to Jane and to all the rest together. James John was so wrought upon he could not refrain weeping and eat no breakfast nor dinner. Her speaking to him had such an affect that it took his appetite. She spoke verry nice indeed. Oh, I sincerely disire to be a Christian. Oh may I be strengthned to do my duty, to be obedient and faithful. MAy I be enlightned and by my example be a strength to others. I have made but slow progress yet. 2nd month 23rd, 1843, Meeting here again, being the 3rd time. Jane came up to meeting for the first time. 26th at meeting, James Amsey Fox and wife was there from Roaring Creek. After we came home I wrote a letter to An Iddings in Centre county and to Alvinia and Susanna Underwood. 28t, Elida, Perry and Rebecca started to Centre county to quarterly meeting.

(March, 1843)
3rd mo. 1st Abisha and Martha John came here in the evening John and Frances Willson came her. Verry nice friends. They told of the death of his brother Thomas W. Next day them and Jane, Martha, and me went to meeting at Elidas and staid for dinner. Next first day I did not get to meeting; had no way of going. I was writing verses. Next fifth day meeting was at Asas. I did not go. It was bad going. Reuben and wife was there I heard. Old Abraham Huffman was buried that day, and old man living in this neighbourhood. Next day was verry stormy. James John came here and staid till next evening. Verry agreeable time with him. 3rd month 12th, Sarah is sick and none from here goes to meeting today. This is the 3rd meeting day I have missed owing to Perrys being away and bad going. 15th, monthly Meeting day. None from here went. 16th verry stormy, a snowing and blowing. I received a letter from Perry. Him and wife and Elida had gone to Clearfield and Elida was kicked by his horse in his face and was laid by and not expected to be able to travel for several days. We are anxiously waiting for their return. We have a verry deep snow. The roads is drifted
verry much. First day, 19th. Did not get to meeting. Abia went on horses back and verry bad going. 23rd of the 3rd month meeting here. We all feel verry uneasy about Elida. His wife grieves verry much. James John paid us his last visit and bid us an affectionate farewell for to return to the State of New York. 25th Elida, Perry and Rebecca returnd home, to our expressable Joy, as we feard he would not return alive or would be verry disfigured, which was not the case, although he was hurt verry bad, but with great care and attention, he recovered, to great admiration, and was able to go to meeting the ninth day. His eyes were swelld shut for three days. First day 26th, Abia and his boys and us three went to meeting and dlned at Asas and had to come about seven miles round to get home as the roads were driftd so bad. 30th at meeting at Elidas. R. was silent. A great Lutherian meeting the blue church.

(April, 1843)
4th month 1st and seventh of the week, Abias mooved away. We felt verry lonesome and quiet. Went to meeting and returnd home. Stacy John and his Mother came here and took dinner. Perry and wife went with then to Samuels to see his sick child. 6th Meeting at Asas. I did not get there. 9th at Meeting and went to Hirams. 12, Monthly Meeting. I was not there. Jane Cherington and 7 children was received into membership. Asa John and wife applied. Emily came home with Perry and wife. Next day we went to Samuels. We staid two nights and set up with the sick child. We went to see Mary Jones that had been sick all winter. She is getting better. We saw Dr. J. R. Robbins four times at Samuels. Sarah and self heard Mary Nickola play on the painna. 7th day, we came home. Next day we went to meeting, Emily with us, it being Easter day. 18th, Abisha Thomas and Mary Ann John came here. I had a pleasant time -with her. She was here two nights. 23th, Samuels son, Samuel Lafaette, was buried between two and three years old. Had been sick over five weeks and eat nothing in that time. He was verry poor. In the afternoon meeting was here. The greatest meeting we had yet. Reuben and three daughters was here and he preached well; Rebecca too. In the evening we went to Petersburg and had a great meeting there. 23 of the Johns there. Rebecca had much to say and verry good, too. Reuben spoke a few words. Next day I was sick. 23rd, was at meeting. It was small. We stoped at Asas. It rained verry much and thunderd and lightnd but we got safe home. In the evening I heard of the marriage of Albe C. Barrett, his wife deceased a year ago.

(May, 1843)
5th mo. 7th, we went from meeting and paid a visit at Amos Thomas and heard of the marriage of Jacob Noacre, whose wife dled a little over a year. 9th I went to Shamokin town in the dearbourne (sic), Caty Jones came back with me. 11, meeting here. A verry rainy forenoon. 14th, they rest all went to meeting and I staid alone all day and wrote a letter to Aunt Phebe 17th was at Monthly Meeting, which was large and edifying. Asa and Polly was received as members and Martin Thomas requested to be taken into membership. 20th, received a letter from Georgianna Janney. 21st, was at meeting and spent the afternoon at Hirams. 23rd, Perry and wife went to Fishing Creek. 24th, a battalion at Wassers and other foolery as flying horses and people riding for money. 25th, meeting at Elidas. I walkd alone there and Hiram brought me home. 29th, my birthday, being 31 years of age. A rainy day.

(June, 1843)
6th mo. the 1st. Rebecca and be walked to meeting at Asas and Joseph brought us part of the way home. A verry cold day and that night a sweeping front came that had destroyed our fruit which seemed to Promise abundantly. 4th we all was at meeting. Several strange young folks was there. A large meeting. We came home. Rebecca spoke a great deal verry feelingly and gave an account of her experience. 8th, meeting here. 11th, was at meeting and returnd home. Rebecca verry unwell. Samuel and wife came here. 14th, was at monthly meeting at Cattawissa. A large meeting. Martha Thomas was received as a member and a proposal to recommend Reuben John as a minister of the Gospel. Had a long meeting and dined at Willaims Ellis's. Coming home we stoped at Brookes to see the sick and saw our cousin Rebecca Davis there from Berwick. 18th, I staid at home while the rest went to meeting. 21st. Perry and myself started to Fishing Creek Half years meeting and got in company with some others and stoped to feed at Sidlers. Verry kind hospitable People they would get dinner for us, then we went on to Ezra Eves and found some friends there. Lydia Way from Half Moon in Centre county, and some others. We staid there all night. Next morn we went to William Watsons to see some Centre friends. There was 23 from Centre and Clearfield and Bedford. We had a good meeting and a number of people there. I dined at George Masters. Joseph Iddings and wife and son, henry and Mary Ann John was there besides others. At six oclock I met with a committee on the yearly meetings subject, verry sattisfactory, and lodged at Charles Eveses. Martha Thomas and a number more was there. Next day had a favourd meeting. William Underwood preached beautiful and suplicated verry feelingly. W. Cleaver, John Way Jonathan Wall, Reuben John, Ezra Eves, Hannah Heacock, and Lot Parker all spoke. We dined at Ezra Eveses, then started for home in company of Zephaniah Underwood and son John and daughter Jane Downing and Sarah Wright and many others. We came home with John and Frances Wilsons and took tea with them, and then came home between ten and eleven oclock at night, after a dark ride. Next evening Wilsons brought Sarah Wright over here. Next day we all went to meeting and made quite a show. Reubens was there. Had good preaching. John Underwood and me went to Hirams to dire. Abia and Mary came over with us to Asas and stald there awhile and then home. Next morn they Underwoods started for home, over 80 miles. We felt sorry to see them go. 29th was at meeting at Elidas.

(July, 1843)
7th mo. 2nd, Rebecca was too unwell to go to meeting. The rest of us was there and a large meeting. Benjamin Sharpless, William Thomas, William Millard and wife was there and many more. We stoped at the gate in time of a thunder storm. They were verry kind. We hurried home as soon as possible. 7th month 12th, was at Monthly Meeting. We went to Brother Reubens to dine, P. and wife. Came home and I staid till first day. Forth day evening, Sophia and Martha and myself went to see old Sarah Lee. She had been worse than common. They had to set up with her. She could speak sometimes, but could not hear. She was asleep while we was there. The next afternoon Martha and I went to Samuel Cheringtons and had a verry agreeable time. mary Ann and Rachel seemed verry glad and pressd me to stay longer. They live verry nice and comfortable. About dark we started back and was met by a thunder storm. We stoped at Amsey Foxes during the gust and drled off selves. Seventh day afternoon., Malinda went with me to pay a visit at P. Foxes and staid till dark. They was verry kind. That day was a verry great storm in some places, blowed down many trees and roofs off some houses. It was the 15th of 7 mo.. Next day I with Reubens family walked two miles to meeting. Reuben preached. Afternoon I cane home with Jonathan John. 20th, meeting here. Few folks here, it being Harvest. I heard that Sarah Lee was buried that day. I suppose her to be about 89 years of age. I hope she is safely landed. 23rd, first day meeting, no preaching. R. stays at home on first days now, but still goes in the week. 20th, a rainy day. P. and I went to meeting. We had a great drouth before.

(August, 1843)
8th, 2nd, Sarah and Perry went to Catawissa. She staid. 3rd, was at meeting at Asas. 6th, at first day meeting. A good many there. I was favourd to get in to a comfortable stillness. I had experiencd the same state and feeling two or three times before, not verry lately. I sincerely desire to be enabled to get into true deep inward silence that I may be taught what to do and what to leave undone. We came home after meeting and had great sattisfaction in reading friends miscellany. 10th, was meeting here and Asa and wife here over night. Susan Thomas attended meeting. Had a tolerable good meeting. She spent the afternoon here. Solomon Haas came to learn the trade with Brother Perry this day. 16, was at Monthly Meeting at Catawissa. Tolerable large. Perry and Rebecca preached. We went to Abisha Thomas to dine. We brought Sarah home with us.

(September, 1843)
9th mo. the 3rd, I walked alone to meeting. Stoped at McClows and took dinner and was caught in a thunder shower and had to run for shelter to Tunis Lots and staid till the rain ceasd, then walked home in the wet. This evening Perry brought Emily here to stay awhile. 4, I was verry unwell. 7, Meeting, here. A rainy day. Small meeting. Samuel and wife and Abner Walter came afternoon. 10, Sarah was sick. We had meeting in her room. 14, Joseph Iddings and William Underwood was here. A verry rainy day. 17, I went to meeting with Perry. Reuben was there and preached, then came home with us. 24th, Emily and Sarah went to meeting. Sophia came home with them, and staid several days. Rebecca and myself held meeting at home. 28, Perry and Sophia and me went to Asas to meeting.

(October, 1843)
10mo. 1st. Perry went meeting. Reuben and some young folks from Fishing Creek was there. We had meeting at home. Emily, Sarah, Rebecca, Sophia and Anna Campbell and me. Rebecca preached a good deal and Anna C. acknowledged it to be the truth. l 10th mo.5, Emily went with us to meeting at Elidas. This week Jesse Broomall and sons was here all night on their way to Philadelphia. 8th, a rainy day. We all staid at home and had meeting. Elida and I went the 10th to Cattawissa Preparative meeting. Staid all night at A. Thomases. Verry sattisfactory time. Martha and I went to Rowland Hughts a while. 11, was Monthly Meeting. Some Fishing Creek friends was there. Reuben preached In coming home we calld at Brookses to see Aunt Grace. She was much better. Next day the Fishing Creek frlends came here. Aaron Kester and wife and Charles Eves and wife. 15th, I went to meeting alone. Elidas wife came home with me in her dearbourne. (note: a dearbourn, named after its inventor, was a light, four-wheeled family carriage of moderate pretensions. M.Z.) 17th of 10mo.,1843, Rebecca was delivered of a son. She was pretty bad for several hours. Doctor Robbins was here and Jane Yocom and Mary Miller and Emily Thomas was here. In the evening, Perry brought Mary John to nurse. They call the child Griffith. 19. E. and P. was at meeting at Elidas. In the evening Emily and self took a ride to Petersburgh. Next day Perry took Emily home. She had been her six weeks. 22nd, Ann John was here. A verry rainy time. Reuben and wife came here. A number of strangers was at meeting. 29. Elidas came here from meeting and Susan Thomas.

(November, 1843)
11 month 2nd, was Meeting here. Abia and Jane was here. Asas and Hirams staid. 5th. Reubens three daughters was at meeting. verry cold. 9th, was at meeting at Elidas. 12, Perry, Mary, and I was at Hirams after meeting. 15th, monthly m. at Roaring Creek. Fishing Creek friends was here and Matthew S. Foster and Andrew C. Ridgeway ministers from Jersey was there. John Rich and wife and Ezra Eves and Martha Kester came here and staid over night. Next day them and us went to the school house to meeting and heard them friends preach. Excellent indeed. Them and us dined at Asas. John Rich and Lydia went to Hirams. Asa went with the Friends to Cattawissa as a pilot. 19th, I am staying at home. Sarah gone to meeting. John Walters came home with them. 21st, Reuben and wife and Hiram and Elida went to Fishing Creek Monthly Meeting. 23rd, meeting at Elidas. Andrew C. Ridgeway was there and a committee to fix upon a place for a meeting house. A. preached. The company was all there to dine. I rode in the carriage with Andrew home, and a verry sattisfactory time. Joseph and Sarah Pilkington brought Marhew S. Foster here and met his companion. We was pleased to have their company. Ridgeway give five dols. and Foster 2.50 towards our meeting house. 25, George Eves and wife and Mary Shively came here and staid all night and went with us to meeting. Verry nice people arid a sattisfactory time. Rebecca went to meeting that day for the first time for four months. 20th, meeting here, Mary P. John left here. Had been six weeks here at Perrys.

(December, 1843)
12mo. 2nd. Emily came and staid a week. 7, was meeting here, a snowy day. Thomas Brooks and Elizabeth Thomas was married and made their appearance at Friends meeting, Rebecca preached verry nice. Westly John was at meeting. Just returnd from the State of New York. All was glad to see him. Had been away near three years. 12th was monthly meeting. Perry and wife was there. Verry cold. Elida had his horse taken for muster fine two dollars (sic). 12th mo. the 20th, Perry and myself started to go to the Half Years Meeting at Fishing Creek. The roads was verry bad. We stoped at John Wilsons to stay all night. John and wife was was gone. Nancy Mans and her brother Franklin was there to entertain us and a verry agreeable time there. Next morn started early and got to Millville just before meeting time, and stoped at George Masters a while and found several of our acquaintances and got something to eat, then to the meeting. William Underwood preached elegant. After meeting I went with Jesse Underwood and wife and Isaac Underwood and Sarah Wall to John C. Riches and staid all night. Next day at meeting again Hannah Heacock preached and Wm. Underwood too. Verry good. I saw Wm. Henry and Ann Iddings from Bald Eagle. We dined at George Masters. Jesse Broomall and others was there. About 4 oclock we started in company with Jesse Underwood and his company and reached T. and J. Wilsons after dark and was welcomely recieved by them. They was verry kind indeed. Next morn we started home. It was snowing and some bad roads. W got home about one oclock and found all well. Next day we went to meeting. Isaac Underwood and Sarah Wall and I spent the afternoon at Asas. Next day was Christmas. They started home. 12th mo. the 30th. James John came home from New York State. We saw him at meeting next day.

(January, 1844)
1st of the 1st, 1844. Perry and Rebecca went ot Johns. Patience has got a daughter. 4, Meeting here. 7, at meeting. Several strangers was there of other denominations. Perry and Rebecca preached, and Westley John appeared in suplication. We calld at Elidas to see Sarah. She is verry bad with gatherings in her head. The Doctor attends her. 8th of first month. Wesley and I went to Jehus and staid all night. Averry clever time. Mary is there at work. Patience verry smart. 9th, we went to Abias on our way coming home. Westley and I had a fine talk. 5th day and 1st day I did not go to Meeting. Sarah is sick. 14th, Westley preached and Perry and Rebecca, likewise. I was not there. 17th, Monthly meeting, a verry stormy day. 18th, Hannah Heacock had meeting at the crossroads. Perry and self went. Benjamin Kester, Mary Musgrace and John Kester were her company. Mary Ann John came home with us. A verry cold time. Next day they came here, James John with them, I was verry iil. They had meeting at Shamokin; Next day at Petersburg. John Kester drove Rebecca and I there. Had good preaching. hiram and Rebecca spoke largely. Doctor Robbins said he was pleased verry much. Next day at our meeting a great many out. A cold snowy day, a long meeting and much preaching. 1st mo. 19. Isaac John was buried. A Methodist minister, a distant relative, he often held meeting at our house and we used to think verry much of him. 28th, Wm. Underwood and Joseph Iddings came her and went with us to meeting. Wm. preached beautifully.

(February, 1844) 2nd mo. 1st. Meeting here, Asas and Hirams young folks and Hannah Kester was here and spent the evening. 3rd, Rachel Campbell came here and went with us to meeting next day. 7th, Mary Ellis, Ann Ellis, and Martha Thomas and Sarah Ann Wellever was here a part of two days. 5th. all went to meeting to Elidas. Westley took Martha and Ann to Elidas and afternoon went to Jehus. 10th Arnold Kester, Amos Heacock, Mary Mather, Anna Kester and Aseneth Eves here and John Wilson, his son and daughter and Elizabeth Willets and Nancy Maus all came here. After tea the young folks went to Asas. Next we had them at meeting. A verry great turnout. 14, was at monthly meeting at Catawissa. Dined at B. Sharplesses. Coming home calld to see Aunt Grace Davis and heard of the death of Charlott Melvina Davis, daughter of John Davis, aged 16. Heard of Harriet Paxton Vastines death, wife of Dr. T.V., 16. Was at Jonathan Vastines. His wife is ailing. Perry was to see Aunt Leah. She has faild verry much and verry forgetful. 18th, at meeting. Reubens was there and Ellin and Martha Lee. In the evening they came here and staid over night. 22nd, at meeting at Elidas. There was a tailor school there that week, taught by Hannah Kester. 27th, was meeting here. M. T., H.K., A.J. was here. Westley started to Centre quarter.

(March, 1844)
3rd mo. 3rd. Sarah has a poorly spell about a week. 10th, was at J. Walters. Received a letter from Mary A. Janney the 9th. 14th, James and Abia went or started to the State of New York. 16th, Reuben John from Chester county came here. He is uncle Israel Johns son. 3rd mo. 20th. Wesly started to Centre county to stay this season. 23rd. Elida, Rebecca, Reuben and myself started for Berwick. We dined at B. Sharpless and then went through Bloomsburg and Esptown up the river, a beautiful country, to Mallon Hickses close by the canal in sight of Mifflinsburg across the river. We were verry kindly received. They live verry nice, full and pleasant. In the evening we went to Joseph Millards and had a religeous opportunity. Next morn, we went to Wm. Thomases a little while, then we went on to Berwick to meeting. Reuben and Rebecca both preached verry well. We met with cousin. John Davis and daughter Harriet Maria and cousin Ellenor Davis and her husband, John F. Wilber and children. I had not saw her for eleven years. She was single then and plain,but since became gay. We went to J. Davises and dined. He has some nice daughters. They had buried their second not long, which seemd to be a great loss to them. We had silence, then Rebecca spoke verry nice, then we went to Abel Dolbys, a little while. Verry nice time, then went to Joseph Pilkingtons and lodge. Verry sattisfactory time and fine beautiful weather all the time, and verry kind friends. We was in Breencreek township, then on second day morn we started home and calld at Malon Hicks a little while, then had a pleasant ride to Cattawissa and fed and dined, then came home and found all well, which I desird to be thankful, for all seemd to favour us. When we came home found cousin Reuben had gone home. I was verry sorry not to see him again.

4th mo. 2nd, 1844 Abisha Thomas moovd to Shamokin. 9th. Perry and Rebecca and I was to preparative meeting and staid all night at Wm. Ellises. I was at Rowland Hughes and Lewis Hartmanns and saw his wife Ruth and had a talk with. her. Verry clever. Rebecca accompanied me to visit Panenah and Susannah Hayhurst for violating the rules of our Society in attending a marriage. They seemed to be hard cases, not washing to be continued members. The mother was verry friendly and owned her faults and said friends should do as they thought best with her, though she liked friends. It was a hard trial for me to go there. It was the first that I had to do in the line of overseer but after was sattisfied that I gave up to go. Two of the girls was not there. Ws living from home. Oh how sorry I felt for them to care so little about friends.

(May, 1844)
5th mo 1st, 1844. Perry and Rebecca started to Centre county. Sarah, Ezra, and I was verry lonesome. First day the 5th, I walked to meeting alone and dined at Asas. Martha T. likewise and John Kester came to see Ann J. Amos John brought me home. On 5th day the 9th, I walked to meeting at Asas, Martha Thomas came home with me. In the evening Elida came for me to their house. I had my things packed up and soon got ready sand left home feeling verry solmn. We got there before dark and set up till eleven. Next morning we started early with Palemon and the dearbourn for Pottsville. We had a pleasant ride over the mountain. The honeysuckels were in bloom and a number of other wild flowers and the fields add woods were green. It was truely delightful. We arrived in Pottsville about two oclock and fed at Mortimers tavern. I was verry much fatigued. Isaac Thompson conducted us to Catharine Dimicks where I staid over night with her daughter Maria, a nice young woman. Catharine was from home, taking care of a sick woman. They sent for her and she came home and spent the evening and her sister Sarah came in likewise. They seemed pleased to see me and used me verry well, and I had a comfortable time there. Next morn after six the omnibus came for me, though I had been verry uneasy for fear it would not come and I be left behind to my great joy it came, and I was ready and waiting. It gathered up a number of Passengers and Jesse Bromall among the rest, which I was glad to see. He Was the only person that I knew. We was taken to the depo where was a great bustle. Jesse kindly took my money and procure me a ticket to insure us a seat, and helped me in the car. At seven we started and in a few minutes was four miles to Schyulkill Haven. They stoped to take in passengers. Elida was one that got in there. He had gone there the day before to visit his brother in law, John Hughes. The cars stoped at all the towns along the route for to take in and let out passengers and to feed the Engine. In about five and a half hours we traveled about 87 miles and arrived at the city and got in a cab at the depo wad was brought to T.b. Longstreths near one oclock and was kindly received by them, and glad to have a rest and we washed our selves and soon had dinner. Anna Bartruam, a young minister, came there just as we did, and Jane D. Pearce and her sister Amy came there too. After dinner I drest and Elizabeth and Lydia Longstreth accompanied me to a bonnet maker, then E. went home and left Lydia with me. We went to Ellen Parkers to see Georgie Jenney but her and Aunt Phebe John and Mary Penrock had gone out so I left her packet of letters and E. Parker invited me to come again. Then we returnd home. Lydia Pike was there, a daughter of Mary Pike, a minister, and I saw Elizabeth Newport just a going home when I got back. She had been at Select Meeting. John Lee from Maiden Creek and Gideon Pierce from Fallowfield came in the evening. My friend Huldah R. Wing and companion Mary Peckum from the State New York arrived in time for tea. We were :glad to see each other. We had lodged together three years ago before in attending yearly meeting. She in a speaker not yet recommended. Benjamin S. Janney and Georgianna came in the evening to see us. There was great joy at our meeting. She was considerably altered to what she was when I saw her before. She used to be verry fleshly and now is lean and pale. She informed us of the death of Aunt Pamela and Uncle George Brerhelts, both within a few days. Next morn at ten oclock we went to meetings at Greenstreet John Hallick, Allis Chandler, Sarah Griffin, Hannah Heacock, Mathew S. Foster and one female all preached . It was raining when meeting broke. Elizabeth Longstreth accompanied me with an umbrella to meeting and back again. Rachel T. Jackson and Mary Joance came there to see me on account of our raising a library to know what books we have. Elida drew a list of what he could remember. At four we went to meeting again. John D. Wright, Allis Chandler, H. Heacock, Elizabeth Andrews, H.W. Ridgeway preached. Jeremiah Bernard and wife and Rebecca Hawley, our cousin from Chester C., and Lydia Lee, wife of Mordica and John Lee and wife was here for tea, besides the boarders, and Aunt Phebe, cousin Mary Pennock and Georgie and Benjamin Janney came the eve. Verry agreeably Indeed. Next morn being second day I went with Lydia L. to market which was a curiosity to see, and sattisfactory. We likewise went to the Bakers to get some bread. When we returnd we found Samuel J. Levick there and was introducd to him by T.B.L. He is s young minister in high esteem. He is a widower and going to be married. They said they had a desire to visit in our parts which I told then we would be happy to see. We met at ten at Cherry Street, being seckond of the week and 13 of the month. Yearly meeting opend the Representatives were calld and all present by nine. The Epistles were read from other yearIy meetings, to sattisfactior. Several commications were deliverd by Mary Smith. Mary Lippencott, and others that I did not hear their names. We dined at Eliza Parkers. She is our cousin, the one that I was named for. We had not verry much sattisfaction with Aunt and Cousins owing to much company being she keeps a boarding house. Elida and I as invited again to dine or take tea. At four oclock Mary Pennock went with me to meeting. Huldah B. Wing and several others had something to say. There was a request came from, Caln quarter for an alteration in disipline that offences might not be recorded to had down to posterity and that acknowledgment might not be be required to be made of offenders. A long discussion of a number of friends were made and at last laid aside for the present. When meeting broke we heard of a Friends son being drownd during meeting. He was Anthony Morrisson, a young man. His body was not found for several days. His Mother was most distracted. Deborah F. Wharton invited R. and self to come and dine some day. In the evening several friends came in. Elizabeth Andrews, a minister from Salem quarter, I think, with her two daughters, one an infant, came to lodge here. Allis Chandler came and spent the evening verry sattisfactiryly, and two young men from Baltimore, Amos Shaw and David Ferris, a nice looking young man, I think the grand son of David the minister Third day morning Rowland Johnson brought Eliza Newport to Longstreths to attend Yearly meeting. She lives at Abbington. At ten the meeting opend. The subject of our yearly meeting came before us. It was verry interesting. . Much expression was given, and great sympathy expresed. There seemd to be but one that objected and that was Anna Garrigus. It was proposed to appoint a committee but the Meeting was informed that the mens meeting had laid it by for another year or I believe it would of been granted. Elisabeth Petit, Eliza newport, Mary Lippencot, Mary Rollin,. A. Chandler and a number more that I dld not hear their names spoke. After meeting I went with Aunt Phebe and mary Pennock to Samuel Townsends to dine. His wife was Mira Sharpless, a first cousin to my Mother. They were verry kind and invited me to come again. They entertain a number of Friends. Elizabeth Petit was there. She had lately buried her husband. Barkley and Mroton Pennoxk, Mary P's sons were there. They are our cousins from Kennet. Sarah Harvey, a granddaughter of Amos House was there too. After dinner we returnd to E.S. Parkers and Georgianna went with me to a bonnet makers at Ruth Jesses and got two bonnets. At foru went to meeting. The queries was commenced and only got through the third there was so much preaching. Mary Lippencot supplicatd and meeting adjound to 3 oclock on fourth. day afternoon. This evening being the third of the week I had the pleasure of being attended home by my friend Rowland Johnson. I think him a valuable youngman. He is a minister of pleasing manner and much respected. He staid for tea besides a number more. Martha Newport, Elizabeths daughter, a nice young woman of sixteen was there. Several of us wen to Greenstreet to an Abolition meeting. We was late and did not hear the commencement, though several spoke on the subject. Rowland spoke at the conclusion verry pretty in encouragement to them though he had withdrew from them sometime. He said he thought it his duty and has peace in doing so, and at that time he felt at liberty to set with them. After he spoke some time the meeting concluded and after we returnd home the company fell into silence. In a shor time Eliza Newport commenced speaking most wonderful and lengthy to Elijah Pennypacker. The whole discourse was directd to him and he seemd to be smitten and hung his head. When all the rest retird from the room he kept his seat for some time. Fourth day morning, Huldah B. Wing invited me in to her room to take names and directions of persons and places where she had a disire to write and that she might recollect persons names and residences and she gave me her directions. She also read to me a letter that she had recived from home since she left which caused her tears to flow when reading about her little son twenty months old. After nine oclock my cousin came to go out a shopping till near noon. We were gone. Jane Jackson and her husband, Paxson Price from Westchester was there, and George Truemen, Junior, from Sharon and Lydia Heald, and several others was here to dine. At 3 meeting convened and we got through the queries. Mary Care, Esther Moore, Elizabeth Peist, Sarah Griffin, Rachel Hunt, Mary Loppencot, Ustacia Addams, Hather Hays, Deborah Wharton and others spoke and meeting closd. I got to speak to Jane Johnson. She dont feel for company. She just lost her mother. She seems verry low spirited. I saw Lydia Ann Hickman and she had nearly forgotten me, though we slep together during yearly meetln three years age. Jesse Broomall, Wm. Wharton, Isaac Underwood took tea here, besides others. We was glad to meet with Isaac so unexpectedly. He said he was attending Yearly meeting. He is from Ohio. He was to see us last winter. 5th day morn. Meeting at Greenstreet, Cherry and Spruce being publick meeting day. We went to Green St. E. Andrews, Huldah Wing, Jacob Lefetra, John Jackson and one or tow females that I did not know all preached and I saw and spoke to Rebecca Bunting. We was pleased to see each other. After meeting Aaron Kester son Parker and dughter Mary Ellen, Hannah Heacock, and myself were invited to John Childs to dine. We had saw them at Fishing Creek. They live in Seckond Street. They has a fine looking daughter, mary. After dinner Rachel Childs told her sister May Teas to go with me to Mary Waltons to see if she would take a prentice to make plain bonnetts, but we did not succeed, as that season was about over. We went to the Delaware and saw a number of vessels sailing, steamboats, and others, and one ship just ariving from Derry laden with Irish. We were on two steamboats. I verry much admire the scenery there and my time was too short to be fully sattisfied as it was near meeting time being at 3 oclock. A verry warm afternoon Eleazer Haviland and George F. White visited our meeting and both preached. I believe to satisfaction. After they were gone several females spoke. This evening the mens meeting closd. This day John Underwood and Matilda Way was married, in Centre county. I had to think of them in midst of this noisy City where we are seeing and hearing all the time. My mind would sometimes wander to Half Moon and Bald Eagle. This evening brother Samuel came to town, or today; he came here to Longstreths, this evening. We was pleased to see him. We heard from home that Perry had not returnd from Centre county. The child had the Scarlet fever, which seemd to strike a dampness over my feelings. Him and I went to Eliza S. Parkers to see Aunt and cousin and returnd about ten. Elida verry unwell. Sixth day meeting met at nine. We had a solmn meeting, a great number or testamonies. Elizabeth Newport, M. Lippencot, E. Peist, Ruth Pile, Esther Moore, Anna Carrigus, Mary Biddle, Sarah Greeg, Elizabeth Andrews, Mary Rollin, Rachel Wainriight, Sarah Cowgill, Priscilla Townsend, Huldah Wing, Deborah Wharton, Allis Eliza Hamilton, Ann Weaver, Allis Chandler, Mary Cevelavis, Susan Pusey, Mary Ann Marshall, mary Hunt, Hannah North, Phebe Johnson all had something to say. It seemd to me to be the most solmn sitting during the whole meeting. R. Wainrights preaching seemd to suet me the best. Her language was good and a harmonious melody in her voice. Her words seemd to have a weight that could be felt. It seemd animating. There was others that spoke excellent at different times. The meeting closd about noon and I went to Parkers to dine and to pay them my last visit. Elida came there, still verry unwell. Aunt Phebe and Mary Pennock was invited to take a ride with Joseph Sharpless and wife and only son to Laurel Hill. Aunty not being well, she offered me her seat. After some deliberation I accepted. It was a cloudy day and likely to rain but we had a pleasant ride, about five miles distant. It is a public buring ground. It is splendid, indeed, the most beautiful and lovely place that I ever saw. Everthing to draw the attention and please the eye. There is a sweet odour there of lovely flowers -- roses, shrubbery and curious trees. Each person that wishes to bury there gets a plot of ground and had it fenced in by iron railing. Scolloped and ornamented. They are chiefly black; some is yellow brass colour. In some is stately marble monuments of different forms, and the names of the dead and their ages and so forth. In one encloser was an image of a child, apparently about three years old, dressd of marble. It was laying on something like a table or chest with sheet partly thrown over it in folds, like as if carelessly done. It was verry striking. It looked just like a corpse with a sheet over as if in bed. There was a cover over where it lay, all was solid marble, drest in any shape they choose, I saw two vaults there and was a building in form of a meeting house, though but few seats. It is only occupied in times of storm at funerals. One large window in one end of a curious shape, and the glass is of different colours, like the rainbow. The walks is in circles. The grass sods is cut out of the walk, and to walk on the bare ground about two feet wide. I think one building of marble has old mortality in as it is calld; it is the likeness of a man that used to go about fixing up graves, riding on a horse, with his tools, and met Walter Scott, and was setting on a box talking and Walter seemd two be standing or leaning against something, bareheaded, and the old mans horse standing by, with a rope bridle and a bag of tools hanging to the saddle. All was cut out of stone. All their features and shape, shirt collar, Jacket buttons, pants, dirty at the bottoms, as if he had been plowing, and old dirty, shoes and old hat. I was told they had been brought over from Europe. The rich and grand people bury there. My grandmothers sister is buried ther, Joanne Sharpless. on her tombstone is inscribed, "Our Mother. She taught us how to live, and how to die.” Richard Prices wife and daughter married to George Parrish, son of the Dr. Parrish, lies there. After spending some times, started back, and had a pleasant rlde, and came to Joseph Sharpless in Forth St. and there was Aunt P. and cousin G.A.J. She was waiting to conduct me to Longstreths. I took leave of them and we went there and we parted at the door. Our lodgers was nearly gone. It seemed lonesome. I would like to bid some farewell, especialy Huldah W. and Mary Peckum, Samuel came in to spend the evening. Jane D. Peirse, Lydia Pike, Lydia Heald, Gidion Pearse and Elizabeth Andrews and Daughter Mary, Elida and I was the remaining company. Isaac Underwood calld two or three times to see us. In the evening, I packed up my trunk and gathered things together for an early start I felt sorry to leave them and the city, as I dld not get to see all that I desird and not knowing when I should go there again, if ever. Haliday Jackson and David Ferris spent the evening there. On 7th day morning after six the omnibus calld for us and we bade farewell of our kind friends and started. We was taken to the depo and got in the car and there found Sarah Pilkinton, Mahlon Hicks, John Starr, James Starrs wife and daughter and Sarah Right, Elizabeth Lightfoot and son Thomas, five of them was from Maiden Creek. We had a tolerable pleasant ride except dull and rainy in the fore part of the day and we did not feel verry well. We pased through 3 tunnels, About 1 oclock we arrivd at Pottsville and about two we got in the stage at Weavers tavern and I got verry sick and vomited out of the stage twice and I was so sleepy I could not hold my eyes open, they ached so, and I felt so dull and sometimes verry sick. About nine oclock we got to Leisenrings. Oh how often I wishd to be at home in bed while in the stage, but we soon got to Wessers and brother Perry was there with a lanthorn (means lantern M.Z.) to meet me, and we soon walked home before ten and all glad to see me, and I them, and we set up and talked till eleven. I felt a little better. Rebecca and Griffith was poorly. The babe had the scarlet fever a few days before and they had just returnd on fifth day from Centre County. They was gone two weeks and longer than expected, owing to the child getting sick. Next morn I had a violent headache, and verry unwell. I forced a little breakfast. I had not eat a meal since six oclock the morning before in Phila. I had no appetite. Perry took Martha Thomas to meeting. I sleped till noon, then I felt better and was able to walk out. I went up to the hill. Little Ezra came up to me awhile and when we was coming home, he told me his throat was sore. Then he came to the house and eat then laid down and seem to mope, and about dark began to vomit and continud by spells till near midnight. Next day he was in a high fever. Broke out with the rash. His Father tried the Thompsonian system of steaming and hot teas, but unavailing. He had a fit, but not hard. It alarmed us verry much, and after noon sent for Doctor Robbins, and he attended him five days an tried many things. He still grew worse and exceedingly no appetite. his throat was verry sore and swelld. He was sensible most of the time. He suffered verry much and got he could not speak, or sixth day night, and was verry restless. I was up with him till three oclock, and Asa and Elidas wife. On seventh day morning, between five and six, we were calld, and in ten minutes his spirit had taken its flight. He gently passed away, and ceased to breathe. Oh, our feeling. What a trial it was to be bereft of that dear favorite. We saw he was verry bad, but still hopd he might be spard, so we were in hopes amid fears. Oh, how he is mised. So often do we think of him. that was such company and so active and lively. But we must be resignd to the Almights will and saw the Lord is rightous still. O first day morning, our friends and neighbours met at eight oclock. Rebecca suplicated, as we were sitting with the corpse. Oh, what a solmn thing it is to take our last look at a dear departed, to see their eyes closed forever and lips sealed and body motionless that so lately could look, speak, and move. Oh, awful death, thou canst lay low the great and small, the rich and poor, young and old. All must yield to the, and may we all keep in mind the importance of being prepared. Our little Ezra was the first to be laid ii the friends new grave yard in Shamokin. Quite a number was present, and Reuben and Rebecca preached verry nice on the solmn occasion. Meeting was after the interment at the usual hour, and after we came home, oh how lonesome we were that afternoon, nobody here. When. I would go to bed I would think of him and the first of my thoughts in the morn would be of him. Oh, how disrest I felt -- In three days after my return home from the City, Georgianna Janney and little Mary Isabelle Janney camt to Abishas, being the 21st of the 5th mo., and Ezra died the 25th of the 5th mo., 1844, and 5 years, 7 months and 20 days.

(June, 1844)
6th month the 2nd. P., P.,and I went to Abishas. Emily was sick. The sixth, was at meeting at Asas. Reubens and Georgianna was there. I staid at home the rest was there. Sarah went to Abishas on fourth day and was at Asas and Hirams till first day. G. Janney came home with them. On third day we went to preparative meeting and I lodged at Wellevers. We had dined at B. Sharpless and took tea at Rewland Hughses. We had plenty of buisness at meeting. Rebecca opend a concern to visit Baltimore Yearly meeting and some quarterly meetings too. We dined at Sharpless. Next day James John and Gorgie went to Jehus. 18th. S. P. and R. started to the half years meeting. Jesse John and Georgie and Mary staid with me. 19th, Benjanin S. Janney came here and on the 21st, they took stage at H. Wasers for Sunbury. Jesse and I went with them and waited for the stage, a-nd it came about ten oclock and we bid farewell and parted. They were going to Harrisburg. ' We had a good deal of sattisfaction with G. but not as much as was intended as B. came far sooner than was expected. Next day was verry rainy all day a most of our folks did not get home till first day- before noon. Next day at 2 oclock Martha Way and Amy Pennock and Jesse Pile was at meeting at the school house. Martha preached. They were from Kennet. They was a great many people at Fishing Creek and many speakers. 27th, meeting here. Rachel Potter came on a visit and was about three weeks in Shamokin. Verry sattisfactory. She is 78 and smart.

(July, 1844)
7th mo. 14. Jacob Byerlys son Jacob was drownd in the river at Danville in the evening of the 12th and buried today. A hard trial for the family so suddenly to be taker away. I can sympathise with them in a small degree. Oh, the nessesity of being prepared. 15th Rachel B. Packer and son Samuel and daughter Mary Catharine came to see us from Shamokin town with Samuel John. They staid till next day and then S.J. took them home to Sunbury. We had a nice time with them. 16th. P. and R. went preparatlve meeting. A verry rainy day. Next day ae went to monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. We heard of the death of Andrew Shiner, was buried the 8th of 7th mo. and old friend. There was a large monthly meeting. R. preached in both meetings verry nice. Elizabeth John appeared in suplication. It was a solmn meeting. We stoped at Abisha Thomases and took tea and to see Susan T. She is poorly. Has the consumption. I did not feel verry well this afternoon and evening. We have abundance of rain. There is danger of grain spoiling in the shocks. 21, we had a large meeting today. John Kester and Jacob K. was there. Reubens and Samuels and others. We had plenty preaching from three Johns. We went to Hirams. Had sattisfaction. 27, Samuel and wife was here. One of his hands was killed with a car running over his arm and shoulder a few days before. He lived a few hours. 31st. I heard of a boy dying with the bite of a snake. His name was Culp.

(August, 1844)
8 mo. 1st. Meeting at Elidas. When we came home we found John Walters and family here. He was at William Thomases after meeting. Verry nice time there. Martha John came home with us. We calld at the Doctor a little bit for her. She is in poor health. She staid here till fifth day, then went with us to meeting at Asa Johns. Sarah Wadkins and Rebecca Cherrington was there. Sarah is from Minersville. Rebecca was returning from Roaring Creek. Her brother William G. Linville had buried his wife the 30th of 7 mo. and she staid with him for a few days. She came home with us on her way to petersburg. Joseph Weaver was killed with a thrashing machine, buried the 10th. 11. I am alone today. All is gone to meeting. 13th, Perry, Rebecca and I went to Catawissa Preparative meeting. I staid over night with Rowland Hugheses. Next day was monthly meeting. A great turn out. I dined at Wellevers. We was late getting home. 18th, Perry and wife and Sarah went to Roaring CreeK meeting. Sarah staid a week. I as alone and wrote a letter to Abia John in New York State. 22nd, meeting here. A rainy day and cold. I heard of the death of our dear Aunt, Leah Mellin which took place the 11. T believe she had ben afflicted with palsay and became quite childish. 24. John Willson and wife and Margaret Mans and John Parvin Eves and wife came here and Mary P. John. Next day they all went to meeting. I was alone but endeavoured to spend the time prophetably 8thmo. 26ht.. Rebecca began to wean, her babe. Had a good time of it.

(September, 1844)
9th mo. 19. Meeting here. Sarah had a spell of the Phthisick. 20, I was sick too and we was making apple butter. Martha Thomas staid to help us. 2nd of this month Amos Y. John came to learn the trade with Perry. 21st. It stormed and raind. It was wanting two days of being three week that we had not rain. 22nd, we was at Cattawissa to meeting. Elida ,Perry, Rebecca and I and Mary Lynvill went in the afternoon to visit Mary and Margaret Hayhurst relative to going to a wedding of their brother where a minister officiated. Joseph and wife and Suzanna had been visted before. Mary seemd to be a hard case and had much to say in her own wisdom. None of them has the desire to return their right of membership. I felt sorry for them that they are so blinded and ignorant and careless. I hope they may yet acquaint themselves with friends principles and return, It is concluded to disown them. 9thmo. 29th. We had quite a snow, a verry stormy day. There was peaches on some trees yet.

(October, 1844)
10th mo. 10. Meeting here. Harriet Maria Davis came here on a visit. 12th. Elida Perry and Rebecca and self started for Fishing Creek. We lodged at John Wilson. We saw Sarah Mans there, Francis Wilson mother. She was a verry gay woman. most extravegant with curls, laces, ribbands, and so forth. I was astonished to see a woman of 60 years so gay. Next day we went to meeting. Rebecca preached a good deal and Hannah Heacock likewise. We saw a good many acquaintences. Several was absent on account of Hannah William Watsons daughter being verry sick. We all went to George Eves to dine. John Wilsons and Parvin Eveses, then we came home against nine oclock. We started at three on seventh day evening the 12th. 10 mo. 8th 1844. Ezra L. Hayhurst was buried (this entry for October 8 was added to the bottom of a page, and comes after entries of a latter date. The sentence following this, is apparently of October 12th, according to Helen. D. John, who made the original copy) Amos Parker Kester and Martha S. Wilson, Benjamin Eves and Jane Kester came here and Amos Yarnall and Lemuel from the State of New York. On Thursday the 15th the young folks came here again and went with us to monthly Meeting the 16 at Cattawissa. John and Reuben Wilson was there likewise. Had a verry solmn meeting. Rebecca spoke considerably and supplicated in feeling manner. She requested the shutters to be opened after the business had gone through. Had a tendering opportunity. James M. John applied to be recieved into membership. 20th John Wilson, John Parvin Eves, Sarah H. John and Rebecca started on their journey to Baltimore Yearly meeting and to Virginia. J.P. Kester was here likewise and took M. to meeting. . Amos and Lemuel was there and came here in the evening. 23. left here. 30. Jesse Broomall and sons came here and staid over night. 31st. Joseph Thorn and Charles Tease came here on their way from Ohio and Indianna Yearly meeting. They attended our week day meeting and in the evening had a meeting at Petersburg. Joseph is a great preacher.

(November, 1844)
11mo. 3rd, was at Abisha Thomas to see the sick, Emily and Susannah. There is a protracted Methodist meeting at the Cross roads. A number people came to see Susan Thomas and had singing and prayer. 5, Hannah Williams and Rachel Cherington came here. 7, Meeting here. 10, Lewis Lee and Mary Ellen and Reubens girls was at Meeting. Perry appeard in supplication. We calld to see Betsy Mucklow. She is better but bad enough. 13th, was Roaring Creek Monthly meeting. Sarah Pilkington served as Clerk. Sophia John was appointed to take the testafication to the Hayhurst women. James M.. John was received as a member and was admitted in to the meeting and then requested a marriage certificate. 17, Reuben and wife and Rachel Williams and Ann Ellis came to our meeting. We went with them to Hirams. Had a sattisfactorry time. In the evening Mary and I went to Amos Thomas. Reubens went along there was a sight of company there. Peggy Thomas, Mary and I set up with Susan. They rest all went away. I had some sattisfaction with Susan. She told me that if we did not meet again in this world she hoped we would meet in a better world where her suffering would be over. We had I felt verry solmn at parting with her not expecting to see her alive again. I came home with James john and Ann Ellis, being seckond day and on third day after one oclock she was favourd with the Divine presence and an evidence of acceptance. She felt verry happy and talkd verry porty to her children. It was a great joy to her husband and others because she seemd to be under a cloud and was not altogether willing to die, but she was anxious to go after she found peace. She died between eleven and twelve oclock that night and was buried on sixth day in the Friend grave yard. Britten and Tounge was at the meeting at the house. B. preached the funeral sermon. She was a woman that I respected verry much. 11mo. 29th, Rebecca and her company returnd home in peace and found all well. They was gone near six weeks. 39th, John P. Kester came here.

(December, 1844)
12mo. the 1st, Joseph Millard was buried, a friend in Brier Creek. 4th, Perry took Mary Ann home. She had been here two months. On fifth day we had the pleasure of having our friends Amos Peasley and Samuel West was at meeting. They both preached verry good. In the evening they ha meeting in Danville and next day they came here. We had a pleasant visit here from them. They had a time of silence and both spoke verry nice. They went to Elidas to lodge and then on to Pottsville. They had been from home over five months on truth service. They were in Ohio. I heard of the deaths of Andrew Ridgeway, a minister of high esteem; died suddenly. 12 mo. 8,1844, Aunt Grace was buried She was afflicted several years. 12 mo.11th, we was at monthly meeting. Amos took me. Perry and wife went the day before. We dined at Wiliams and we was late coming home. 17th, the folks started to Half Years meeting. 21st they returnd. 22nd, Betsy McCloud was buried. A wonderful many people was there. she had lain near twelve weeks with a burn then she got dropsey and in. about three weeks it took her off. her burns had heald a good deal. In the evening William Underwood had meeting in Petersburge. Sarah, Rebecca and I went up. Perry staid at home with the babe. There was a wonderful many people there and he preached verry nice and a great deal of it too. His wife and Joseph Iddings and wife was there and they all came here and next day had meeting at the school house and it was a verry snow day and but a few was at meeting. We had an unpleasant time coming home for the snow hanging on the trees over the road. Next day they started home. We had a pleasant time with them. Christmas day James John and Hannah Kester was married and Charles Kester and lydia Eves. 12th mo. 26, James M. John brought his wife home. There was six couples of them. I was there two days helping. Harriet Krickbaum was there too. Several of our brothers and wifes was there. They had a great providanc.

(January, 1845)
1st month 9th,1845, Meeting here. Mary Ann was here amongst others; Asa and wife, Hiram and wife, James and wife, all dined here. I have greatly desired at the commencement of a new year to begin a new life. Oh, that I might be enabled to find the right way. 12th, at meeting again. I am still endeavouring to that solmn reverential silence that I can wait upon the Lord in Spirit and in truth but oh, how poor and miserable I am. 15, Monthly meeting at Roaring Creek, Rebecca opened a concern to visit the families of Muncy Monthly meeting. She was left at liberty. Elizabeth John offerd to accompany her. Joseph Pilkington and sister Phebe came to Shamokin with us and next day cam here. 19, at Meeting. Went to Hirams for diner. In the evening Mary came here and staid till next day. 21st Perry took Rebecca and Elizabeth to Fishing Creek Monthly meeting. They were gone three weeks. Mary Ann John is keep house for perry. 23rd, I was not well but rode the colt to meeting at Elidas. That night Jane had another son. 25th, Mary came here from Abias. Next day Mary Ann and her went with us to Meeting. A cold day. 30, Meeting at Asas. A Cold day. 31st, Abia and Jonathan came from York State. Next day came here.

(February, 1845)
2nd mo. 2nd, Sarah was sick. I staid at home. Mary Ann went to meeting. A verry cold day. 3rd, Mary Weeks and Rachel Reply was here. 4th, It snowed and blowd' and drifted verry much. 6th, Meeting here. Jacob Lamberson was buried. He died verry suddenly. Only his wife present. 9th, was at Meeting. Jonathan Vastine and wife there. Perry and I went up to Abisha Thomas. David Thomas was there. 11th, went to Preparative meeting. Staid over night with Benjamin Sharpless and daughter. Next day Rebecca and Elizabeth came there with William Watson, John Wilson, and John G. Rich. We had a considerable number at meeting. I dlned at W. Wllises. Verry kindly treated. I heard of the death of Mary Matther. She was buried the 2nd of the 2nd month. Died of the dropsey. Oh, what an alarming circumstance. She so lately was mingling in company two weeks before, at meeting, or a little over. Oh, how she suffered, they say. I hope she is at peace now. 11th, James moved his wife home. 20, Meeting at Elidas. Reuben was there and preached. Rachel Peply and Mary Weeks was there. 23rd, a verry rainy time going to meeting, There was considerable number there. Jesse Arter and Jacob Haas Junr, was there; Jacob Kester likewise. We had a confortable meeting. P. and wife preached. I am still endeavouring to find the right way. Went to Elidas afternoon. Isaiah Hughes was there. 2nd mo. 26h, I had a sick head ache. Perry brought Martha Thomas here to keep house for him. 27, Elida, Rebecca, Edwin, and I started for Centre County. It was a pleasant day. We fed in Leewisburg at Barliets tavern. We thought a poor tavern. Then we passed through Youngstown and Hurtleton and reached Stitsors about seven. At this end of the narrows, verry tird. We found a good entertainment, a comfortable place. Next morn about sunrise we started and traveld through the narrows. A cold morning. We passed through Aronsburgh and Millheim and got 10 miles against 11 oclock and fed at Fisher tavern, a poor place, then we passed the large springs and furnaces and forges and axe factories. Then to Bellfonte and Milesburg, then to Zephaniah Underwood about dark, to the great joy of all. Mother Underwood had a heavy cold. Malinda Way was sick at William Underwoods. Had a stroke of the palsey and the lock Jaw, but she was better. Mary Way, her Mother, was take William and the others, a great deal. They was in great distress for fear she would not get over it. She had taken a heavey cold. Next day Z.U. and company all went to Half Moon. In the afternoon John and Alvina, Susanne and I started and something broke about the carriage and hindered us about an hour. The women went to the woods to cut hickory withes with a knife. Then we came on to Jacob Downings and was asked to drive a horse and buggy for Jane Downing', which I accepted with great fear. We had some verry bad reeds where the furnace teams goes. We passed a furnace and crossed the Muncy Mountain, a verry stepp winding road, and we had a pretty prospect of the Allegany Mountain on the other side of the mountain was not near so stepp but the roads was worse, more mirey and cut up. John drove before with the carriage and we had 5 or 6 miles to go after night, but the roads was good, but so dark. Some times that I could not see the rod. It was a strange road to me and in the dark was great distress to me, for fear I might over set Jane and her child, but to my great joy we arrivd at Lydia Ways about 8 oclock. John and his company went. Calib Way, our company was at Lydias and verry glad to see us as they were very uneasy about us, being so late. And oh, how glad we were to find a stoping place. It was at Walersville. We went next morn to Caleb Ways and we went to see Allen Moon, a cripple with the Palsey. He was distressing sight. Could not help himself nor hardly swallow his victuals. His wife is Jane Way. At eleven oclock went to meeting and saw a great many folks in large new Meeting house. Ezra eves, John Way, Rebecca John, W. Cleaver, and Westly John all preached nice. Eves and Cleaver spoke verry well. That night we went to Robert Wilsons. His wife speaks. Their son is a Methodist. Had just married to one Jane Gray. Joseph Iddings and wife was there. I slept with Margret Zephaniah Underwood and daoughter Jane Downing was there too. Next day was Quarterly Meeting. We stopd at Samuel Downings a while. They were verry kind. Joseph Eves lives there. William Underwood preached first rate. Jeremiah Moore, Rebecca and Gulaelma Wiison spoke, then proceedd to business of the Quarterly Meeting . Lydia Way and Alvina Underwood served as clerks. R. spoke again considerably. After meeting I was introduced to Jason Kirk. We went to william Spencers to dine where he lives and saw Thomas and Hannah Kirk. I admire Hannah verry much. Saraina Grest and Susan Spencer and others was there. We had turkey there. They have ten children, 8 girls, nearly all red hair. We went to Thomas Moores and Robert Ways and staid all night. A nice place. Catharine Irwin lives there. Next morn we went to see Sarah Allen a cripple with the Rheumatisam for 15 years helpless. Oh what a lesson. She has two fine daughters that takes care of her. Her husband is worthless. One son lives at home too. He is kind to his mother. Then we started back for Bald eagle in company with J. Iddings, Maholn Hickses, William Watson and Z. Underwoods, and got back" about two oclock and found Hannah more poorly. After dinner we went to Charleses and paid a little visit. Jane was verry kind. It was a stormy evening and came back and found strangers come in. David and Susan Spencer from Clearfield. W. Spencer and daughter, Sarah, from Half moon, and Benjamin Comly from Nittany. I spent a couple of hours with Malinda Way at Williams. Next morning Ellda, Rebecca and I went to see William Fisher, ninety years old. It made me feel much affected to see him. He seemed to be near passing away, his countance like a lamb. Then we went to monthly meeting at Bald eagle. Rebecca preached and Ezra Eves. After meeting we went to Joseph Iddings and staid over night, Next morn after having an agreeable visit with them Mahlon hicks and wife and sister Nancy Vanhorn was there too. It was cold and windy that night. John Underwood brought Rebecca there. Her mother had been worse. She and Jane, her sister, set up with their mother, so we started. Margret Iddings furnishhd as with cakes and beef and apples for our Journey. At Fishers we got in company with William Watson and Ezra Eves and came on pleasantly and fed at Isaac Hanna, a temperanc tavern. Nice folks. There is two meeting houses close by, Methodist and Presbyterian,, and a school house. We got to Stitsers after night, verry glad. Much fatigued. Rebecca was quite sick a while. Next day we got to Jesse Broomalls before 12 oclock and fed and dined. They were verry kind to us. Sophia is a rice woman. His house keeper. He is a going to break up house keeping. We got safe home before dark and found all well, to our great joy and thankfullness. We had fine weather and good roads most of the way. Next day commenced raining. John Kester and Ann Kester came here on a visit. It stormed for four days. On first day we calld to see Betsey Gilger. She was verry low. Thirday Perry and wife went to preparative meeting and monthly meeting. I did not go. I was not well. Next first day we paid a visit at Adam Gilger. His wife rather better. Eliza was at home with her child 3 weeks old. I staid and set up with Betsey. Next morn walked home against breakfast. 20, ws at meeting at Elidas. Griffith is sick. Rebecca got a letter from home. Malina Way is better and gone home. W. Fisher better and Mother Underwood is too. 21, Griffith we thought would die, he was so sick. 23rd, Easter. We went to see James John. He was sick. William Millard was there. We calld at Adam Gilgers. Betsey was much better but that night got worse again. 24th, Reubens came here, him, wife and Martha. 28, Perry and Rebecca set up with Betsey Gilger.

(April, 1845)
4th mo. 1st, A great number of people moovd, Benjamin Heffner among others. 3rd, Meeting was here. 6th, Ezra Eves was here. Francis Eves married. Coming from meeting we calld to see Betsey Gilger. She was verry bad. She had the appearance of death approaching. It made me feel verry awful indeed to see her so alterd and about to leave this world, but by accounts she was prepard to meet the messenger of death with rejoicing. That evening she passd away and on the 8th she was buried. The corpse was carried to the school house at the cross roads and a sermon was preached by McMurry, a young minister. 13th, we was at J. Walters and spent the afternoon, then came back and calld at Jane Johns to see Tamer Kester. She had been there a week and was in a queer way and had the Hystericks. Was religious crazey. Ann John was sick too. Something like pleurisey. Jesse John started to Fishing Creek to take Martha Kester home. The horses run away and threw them out and broke the waggon and hurt them both a little. When we came home we heard of the death of Nicholas Yocum, a young man. He died from home with the pleurlsey. He was brought home a corpse. I went over there on seckond day morn and staid till noon to help them. In the evening Amos and I went to set up there with David Hoffman, Huldah Fisher, Pehbe and Bealah Fox, Huldah Fisher lamented the death of Nicholas verry much. He had been her suiter a length of time. Next day was the funeral. J.P. Shindle preached. There was a wonderful large concorse of people. Next day was Monthly meeting, being the 16 of 4th .mo, William Watson and wife and Hannah Heacock was there. We dined at Rowland Hughes. The friends came home with us and next day had meeting at the school house at Asas. At 4 oclock, we stoped to see Ann. She is worse. 20th, we was at meeting. James Stokes, Doctor Robbins, Abram Martz was there. There was no preaching in consequence of the meeting breaking to soon. Ann is a little better today. Elizabeth Wellever was at meeting too, 23rd, Michael Yocum died 8 days after his brother. Was buried, which we attended. Peter Yocum is sick too. Jane likewise. It is verry alarming. Margret Stout, a widow, took sick and died 6 days after attending Nicholases funeral. 27, I staid home and kept the child while the rest went to meeting. 28th, Samuel brought Sarah home. She was there a week while they went to the City.

(May, 1845)
5th mo. the 1st, Meeting here. Robert Farnsworth died. (4 month 25 Samuel Hester was buried). 5th,mo. 4th, we was caught in a shower coming home from meeting and got verry wet. 5th,about noon, John Yocum was taken with a chill and pain in his bak and about midnight he died suddenly and verry easy. He is the 5th that has died with that dissease within 4 weels. 6th, Ann WalIis was buried. 7th,. Mahlon Hicks and Elida, Perry, and Martha Thomas started to Philadelphia to Yearly meeting. John Yocum was buried the 7th. J.P. Shindle preached. A great mary people was there. Rebecca and I staid to help them cook. Next day Amos and I walked to Elidas to meeting. Jonathan Vastine and wife wS there. I was sent or to go and set up with Malinda Yocom. She was sick. 9th, Jane Yocom was taken sick. Oh what trouble that family has. 11th, I am alone. The rest is gone to meeting. Asas wife is sick with the inflamatory rheumatism. 14th, I went with Sarah H. John and Martha Ann to Roaring Creek Monthly meeting, in their Dearborn. Amos and Palemon went on horse back. Reuben John preached verry good. A considerable number was there. Then we came back I staid all night at Asas. His wife had been verry bad but was getting a good deal better. I felt thankful that she was spard longer as she would be verry much missd there if removd. 16th, I called to see Jane Yocom. She seemd better. Complaind of nothing but weakness. She knew all what was passing. Oh, how desirous we are for her recovery. 18th, Amos and I walkd to meeting. A considerable number was there. Samuel and Mary Sinton and Samuel Gilger, Jacob Slayman and others. it ws raining when meeting broke. We had no preaching. Rebecca staid at home. I went to Hirams to wait for the rain to abate. I had a pleasant time. Hiram brought a part of the way home. I felt verry sad in fear of hearing of Jane Yocum death. 19th, went over to see her. She was still alive. Most all the time sleeping, would have to be roused to give her anything. 21st, our folds returnd from Yearly meeting. Elida, Perry, Mahlon Hicks and Martha Thomas. Amos and I set up at Yocums. Sarah Jane Vastine and Hannah Cherry set up with us. They talk is that she is better. 22nd, was at meeting at Asas. Was verry sleepy. I received a letter from Eliza Parker. 23rd, Perry and wife set up at Yocums. Jane is worse; not expected to recover. 24th, I went over to see her. She was past speaking. Oh, how sad the family seemd. How hard to loose two brothers, father and Mother within six weeks. 25th, It is one year since Ezra died. Jane Yocom helped us lay him out and in one year she died from that day of the month. She died about 4 oclock on first day afternoon, gently passed away. I hope she is at rest with the Just ones. She a fine woman and verry much missd, Indeed. There was great anxiety for her to be spard but the author of all that is good knows what is best, so we must submit. That day James and Hannah, Jacob Kester and Martha Thomas came here after meeting. I felt verry sad on the account of Jane Yocom. Next morning I went over to help them and staid till evening. The funeral was at two oclock. Wernill, the Baptist minister preached and the tears run down to his chin. I greatly feel for them. I hope they may endeavor to be prepared to meet messenger of (death. Page torn here) 5th mo. 25th, Catharine Addams was buried. She died at David Casemans and was brought home a corpse and buried from her fathers. 29, meeting here.

(June, 1845)
6 mo. 1st, I am at home while the rest all is gone to meeting except the babe. David Caseman is to be buried tomorrow. He was to be brought to his fathers a corpse to bury. There is a wonderful many deaths this spring. Oh, if all is only prepared. That is the great point. 3rd, Sarah and I was at Jehus and staid over night. Martin Weaver was buried the 3rd of 6thmo.,1845. 5th, Meeting at Elidas. John Teals and wife was there and staid to dinner. 8th, Went to Hirams after meeting. 10th, Perry and ... and Ann Ellis went to Cattawissa to Preparative Meeting. Ann T. John requests to become a member. Elida and wife and I staid at B. Sharpless, Reuben and Perry at Rowland Hughes. Hannah K. John at W. Ellis. We had excellent rain. The weather had been exceeding, dry for a length of time. The grass was dying like after harvest. Next day was monthly meeting. Sarah Pilkington, Rachel Potter and Esther Potter was appointed to vlsit Ann John. 14th, Zephaniah Underwood and William Cleaver came here. 15th, they are all gone to meeting today, but the children and I. Samuels children came here on a visit today. 17th, Vendue at Yocoms. 18, Samuel took me to Fishing Creek. Perry took Rachel Potter. We passed where there is building a great furnace above Bloomsburg. We put up at Reuben Williams. Reuben Johns and two daughters and Ruthana Cherrington was there. After supper we walked to Joseph Kesters and spent the evening sattisfactoryly. Next morn it was raining, but abated before meeting time. We had a large meeting, a number from Centre, Clearfield, and Bedford was there. Our preachers were W. Cleaver, Jeremiah Moore, John Way, Reuben John, J.P. Eves, P. John, Hannah Heacock. We had lengthy meetings and sattisfactory. We dined at William Watsons and I got acquainted with Simon Halleys wife, Mary. I was pleased with her. They were from Chester county. Not long ago they moovd to Muncy. In the evening we met with a committee at the meeting house at 7 oclock and sat till near 11 on the subject of the Yearly meeting. I with Hannah Kirk, staid all night with Anna Ashton and next morn we went to Ezra Eves. I was pleased to be in company with Hannah for I thought her a nice girl. I saw her Father and two brothers, Thomas and Jason, and Elisha and Allis Moore, Andrew Moores children, and Samuel and Susan Wideymire, Joseph and Lubina Spencer and Wm. Frazier, a young minister from Bedford County. We dined at Benjamin Eves, a sattisfactory time. Father Underwood and W. Cleaver, John Way, Nathan Hammond, Enoch Spencer and others was there. Then we started half after two and I got home about nine, and was glad, and found them tolerable well. Next day it rained. On first day Reuben and wife attended a meeting at Shamokin in our new meeting house, and preached a good deal. Wm. Cleaver from Centre was the first preacher in our new meeting house. 26, was at meeting at Asas. Sarah staid. 29th, A great maney was at meeting; the one end nearly full. We was caught in a shower and stoped at Polly McClows and took dinner and coming home was caught in another shower before we reached home, but did not get wet. Sarah was along.

(July, 1845)
7th mo. 5th, George Masters and wife, Mary Eves and Elizabeth Parvin came here. She was from Philadelphia, the rest was from Fishing Creek. They went with us to meeting. 7th mo.13th and first of the week. In the afternoon Rebecca was confind. Has a son and calls him Zephaniah. 14, Perry brought Martha John to do the work. 15, was at monthly meeting. I was sick coming home. 18, Polly and Betsy and Abisha and Emily were. 20, I walkd alone to meeting. Elida and wife and Ann Ellis came home with me. Rebecca has taken cold, is quite poorly. 26, Mahlon Hicks and wife and Rachel Potter came here and next day they committee attended our meeting that was appointed by the monthly meeting. Jacob Deckerson and wife from York State, Ontario county, was at meeting and both preached nice. He had much to say and verry good. We had large meeting that day. We set in both ends. There was some from Roaring Creek, Cattawissa, Brier Creek. The committee on Ann Johns case in the evening. Joseph Pilkington and wife and Mary Ellis came here and staid all night. 28, they went home.

(August, 1845)
8th mo,3rd, John Jackson, Thomas B. Longstreth and wife, Jane D. Pearse and Anna Maria White from Philadelphia and Darby was at our meeting and we had a full meeting and great preaching. The strangers came home with us and spent the afternoon and then went to Elidas. We was verry glad to have them here as they are verry nice people. John Jackson is in bad health. They came out to the mountains for health. 8 mo, 4th, Charles Eves and Sarah and children came here and staid all night. John Robbins lanced Rebeccas breast. 9th, I went to Asas to Anns to quilton, fifteen was there. I went home with Martha Thomas. We had a great rain. Next day we went to meeting. James and Hannah came home with us. They staid all night in consequence of great rain. 13th, Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. Ann John was received into membership and Benagah Hayhurst, Ezra Ellis and Ruthanna Ellis was disowned. We had a lengthy meeting. I got the headache. 16, Abia and Jane came here. M. Thomas, Ann John. Ann staid all night. Rebecca is verry poorly. Her breast is in a bad way. Has gatherd 3 times. First day, Hiram and wife, Wm. Thomas and Mother came home with us from meeting. 21st, Meeting here. Rebecca preached. 24, George Trueman and Thomas B. Longstreth and Lydia came to our meeting. It was held at the cross roads in consequence of our meeting house being about plastering and too damp. They was a good manny there. They dined at Asas, I and M. Thomas went there to be with them and spent the afternoon. They had met with a great accident after they had been there. They were thrown out of a Stage and all of them hurt some. Lydia had a great cut on her forehead and the driver was hurt so bad that he died in two or three days after. The stage was broken to pieces, the horses run down a hill or mountain and could not be controld. 24, Polly Thompson was buried, and old acquaintance of ours. 23, Elida and wife and Reuben and Mary Ann started to Centre Quarterly meeting. Meeting here that day. 29, Camp meeting began. 31, rainy. 31, We was at our meeting and came home again. A poor meeting to me. I was so sleepy I felt sad. The afternoon and evening, a great going to camp meeting.

(September, 1845)
9th month 4, 1845. Permelia Hughes, wife of John Hughes was buried. We was at our meeting at the school and afternoon we cleaned the meeting house. There was 11 of us at it. I worked verry hard. I eat dinner at Jameses and supper at Asas and we all walkd home and was verry much fatigued. Next day Reuben and Mary Ann came home on their way home from Centre Quarter. They staid here all night. Reuben was verry poorly. They had a good quarterly meeting. Elizabeth Perit and others attended. 6th, Benjamin Sharpless and Mary Sharpless and Mary Ellis and daughter came here and staid all night. Next morning we went with them y Elidas to meeting. A committee was appointed to attend our meeting that day in order to establish it. they all attended except two. The opening of Shamokin meeting. It had been an indulged meeting, hitherto. 10th, was monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. I was not there. Jehu and Patience came here. 11th, Martha John and I went to Doctor Robbinses on a visit. They were verry kind to us. We were late coming home. Doctor Haines Fox accompanied us home. It was a verry pretty moonlight night. 13, Lydia Margarum was buried. 14th, We all walked to meeting. Rebecca and Sarah staid home. Martha Wellever and Anna Maria Walter was at meeting. Martha and I went to Abishas to eat Water melons. Susan and Rebecca Walter came there, besides others. Martha and I had a hard walk home. Was late when we started to come home. 18th, we all went to meeting and then went to see Abia and Jonathan. They are laying sick of a fever. They have been midling bad, We had a silent setting there. Rebecca spoke verry nice. Mary is taking care of them. Harriet Kricbaum was married the 9th of this month to David Reeser. 21st, I staid at home, the rest all went to meeting. I wrote a letter for G.A. Jarney. 22, Sarah and Martha went to Daniel Campbells and staid all night and next day they went to Jehus and home in the evening. I was verry unwell while they were gone. Kept my bed part of the day. 24th , Perry took Martha home. She was here ten weeks. 25th, was at meeting. We have the meetings all at the meeting house. We went to see the sick boys. They allow they are better. We saw Samuel Gilger and McMurry the Methodist minister going to see them, as we were coming away. As we came home the horse took fright and run verry much but nothing hurt. There was two buffalows went along today going to the city. 26, we went to John Teatses. His wife is confind. Several strangers was there. Rebecca Moore from Elmira in York State. I used to know her at Snufftown. Betsey Yocom was doing the work there. 28th, we went to Asas after meeting, then after dinner Asa and wife, Abisha Thomas and wife, Perry and wife, and Ann and I all went over to Hirams to see the boys. They are better. We had an religious opportunity with them. Perry spoke and Rebecca too, and she prayed also.

(October, 1845)
10th month 2nd, Was at meeting. John Kester was there, just lately from the City. Abisha and Emily came here and took little Emily Thomas away to Shamokintown. 5th was rainy. Went to meeting and right home again. 6th, Elias and Rebecca Hicks was here from Brier Creek. 9th, I walkd home from meeting. I was to see the sick boys. 10th, Martha Thomas, Susan Walter and Rebecca came here. It raind so hard that they staid all night. Had a sattisfactory time with them. 12th, It rained so Rebecca and I staid at home from meeting. Ann Reed came here. 15, Monthly meeting at Catawissa. Livey Walton,a minister and husband from Plymuth, amongst other strangers was there. She preached. Hannah Parker was there. 18, P. and R. went to Roaring Creek. Next day Amos and I walkd to meeting. A great number was there and no preachers. John and Jacob Kesters was there. Grace Ann Brooks, Elizabeth Yetter, Thomas B. and wife, Samuel Rich and wife, Sarah McClow and the rest of the family, J. Slayman. I went to see the sick ones. They look verry bad indeed, but can walk about the room. I dined at James Johns. 21st, Abraham Martz was buried in friends burying ground. He died a friend in belief. Reuben and Rebecca preached there. A verry cold day. 23rd, we all walkd to meeting and carried the child. We dined at Asas. Hiram brought us home. 26, we went to Jehus and saw Mary. We was late getting home. 30, was at meeting. Was sleepy. Abia was there for the second time. He seems to be gaining. Jonathan quite weak and feeble, but could walk from one room to another.

(November, 1845)
11th mo., 2nd. It was a rainy day. We was at meeting. 5th, Abia came here on a visit. He is verry miserable yet though he seems to be gaining some, but has the verry bad. 6th, was at meeting. Rebecca and I went a few minutes to see Jonathan. He is much worse, confind to bed with an inflamation of the bowels. He wantd me to stay but I could not. I informd him that his recovery was doubtful, that it would be well to think about it so that if he was taken he might be ready. I saw a letter from Georgianna Janney informing that mary Ann was married 27th of 9th month to Franklin Jeffries. 9th, was a verry stormy day, rain and snow several inches deep. John and Reuben Wilson and wife and Johns daughter was at our meeting and Reuben John wife and daughters. Wilsons came home with us and staid all night. 11th, and 3rd of the week. Jonathan died a little past six in the evening. 12th was monthly meeting. A number was there. Reuben Wilson wife among others. John Kester and Ann John passed meeting. Something rare at our meeting. 13th, Jonathan was buried. We all went to the meeting house, had the coffin carried in, and had a solid meeting. Rebecca preached and Perry supplicatd, a large assembly was there, and then the burial was performd. A solmn time; a young man laid in his grave, a few weeks ago little thought of. Oh, may it be of use to us survivers and stir us all up to more faithfulness, and may we be prepared for our departure. 16th, Thomas R. Vastine was buried. He died home and was brought home a corpse, a great shock to his relations. He was not long married. We had a large meeting today. Isaac Johnson and wife and Rechel Cherrington among others was there. Rebecca preached well. Mary Ann John came home with us and staid all week. 23rd, Rebecca is sick, not able to go to meeting. 27th, went to meeting. The child is verry unwell, but she took it to meeting. It got verry cold ln the afternoon and snowed. Next day we had a frolick to make a bridge. 29, Martha Thomas came here. Zephaniah is verry poorly. They set up-with him. 30th, went to meeting. It snowd.

(December, 1845)
12th mo., 1st, Still snowing. 2nd, snow knee deep. Perrys done butchering. 4th, still snowing. I was not well. None but Perry went to meeting. The babe is sick yet, 8th,we had our butchering done. Perry went for the Doctor for his child and Amos got his knee out of joint. 10th, Asa and wife came here and set up with the baby. 11, Amos and I went to meeting. He staid and I drove home alone. Abisha and Emily came here. She staid. 12, Hiram and wife came here. The Doctor and wife was here. James and hannah came here add set up. Elida and wife was here the night before. 14, Emily went with us to meeting. A stormy day. 16, we went to preparative meeting. I staid all night at B. Sharpless. Next morn I went to Rowland Hughes. Jacob Kester and Martha A. Thomas published their intentions of marriage in our Monthly meeting the 17th of 12th month and John Kester and Ann John was left at liberty to proceed in marriage which was accomplishd the next day at the Shamokin meeting house. John P. Kester and Mary A. John was their waiters. There was ten couples from Asas to the meeting house. Elijah Kester and Mary Oliver, Joseph Kester and Mary Ellen Kester, Joseph John, Martha John, Jesse John, Malinda John, amos John, Ellen Cliver, Wm. Thomas, Eliza John, Jacob Kester, Martha Thomas, Arnold Kester, Ann Thomas. There was a number of spectators, McMurry the Methodist minister among others. Elida and wife, Reuben and Emily was appointed to oversee the marriage. Jacob Kester and M. Thomas brought me home. Arnold Kester and Ann Thomas staid here over night. 20th, Andrew Moore and wife from Clearfield came here and went with us to meeting. Peggy Thomas, Wm. and Jane came here to see the sick child. 23rd, Andrew Moores, Elida and wife and sons, and Emily Thomas was here to dinner on their way to Fishing Creek Half Years meeting. This is the 4, I am setting up with the babe. It is past 1 oclock. 27th, Zephaniah Underwood, Hannah Jane Emily, and Wesley John and his wife came here. They was married the 11th of this month. They had attended the half year meeting. The horses ran off and throw them out of their sled and hurt Ellen, Wesleys wife, verry bad on her face. Enoch Kester and Anna and Martha and Wm. Iddings was here. Next day was all at meeting. 30th, they started for home. 31st, Perry and self took Mary P. John to Danville. We went to Sarah Mellins. She was verry kind to us. We went to the rollin mill. A great curiosity.

Next day we was at our meeting, Martha Thomas and Abia came here to pay a visit, being New Years day, 1846. 2nd, Elida and wife, Jehu and wife came to set up with the babe. 3rd, Reuben and wife came here. Next day they went to meeting. Amos and I went to the funeral of John Teatses wife, Sarah; died with the measles. The children had it and was not able to go to the burying. She left a young child four months old. There was many people there. In the afternoon Adam Gilger, Peter Yocom, and Eliza here on a visit to see the sick child, and I am seeting up with it now. 8th, was at meeting. Wm. T. and mother was at meeting. A new thing for them to attend mid week meeting. Ann J. Kester came here with us and staid till next evening. Joseph took her home. Mary McClow and Levi was here too. 11th was at meeting. Palemon and Edwin and Polly and Joseph came here to set up with Zephaniah. Griffith is sick too. 14, was monthly meeting. Jacob Kester and Martha Ann Thomas was set at liberty to proceed in marriage. Sophia John and myself was appointd overseers in company with Asa and Perry to attend the wedding. We took Martha John home and dined at Reubens. Elida and wife was there. We brought Malinda John here with us to work. 18, was at meeting. In the evening John Kester and Ann came and staid all night to pay their last visit. 20, of the first month. They moved to Roarsburg. 21st, Amos Parker Kester, Aseneth Eves, Sarah Eves, Benjamin Eves and Martha John came here. A verry snowy time. 22nd, Jacob Kester and Martha An John was married in the first month, 1846. The party was Charles Eves and wife; James John and wife, George Eves and Mary Ellen Kester were the waiters. John P. Kester, Mary A. John, Parker Kester, Sarah E-es, Wm. Thomas, Eliza John, Joseph John, Elizabeth Wellever, Amos John, Ellenor Oliver. A great number of people was there as spectators. Reuben and Perry preached verry well. We all went over to Abisha Thomases to dine. Perry brought me home. We stopd at Elida Johns for Malinda. We saw Martha Kimple and her husband, Christopher Campbell. Had been marrled two weeks. 25, was at meeting. 26th, James Smith came to learn a trade. 29, was again.(sic)

(February, 1846)
2nd mo. the 1st., Malinda and I went in the sleigh to meeting. Amos and Janes walkd. I went to Hirams to see their young daughter, two days old. W. Thomas took Malinda home, James Smith brought me home. 3rd, Malinda came back here again. Hetty Yocom and Mary Weeks came to set up. 2nd, Palemon and Marthann came to set. 5th, was at meeting. W.T. was there. 6th, Sarah and Palemon was here. 7th, Jacob and Martha came here. Peter Yocom, Samuel Gilger, and Edwin John came to set up. 8th, Jacob Kester drove for me to meeting. Martha and Malinda rode together. Perry is poorly and child is wors. The boys walkd. James drove us home in the evening. Adam Gilger came and Esther Ann and Susann Sober and Eliza Martz came. Jacob Glossen, W. Gilger, Isreal Thurston, Abisha and Emily, Elida and Sarah all came here. Five of them went away, and six staid all night. Next day Asa and Hiram and Abia senior was here. In the evening, James and Hannah came here. Next night Jesse John came. Him and I set up until near four. The baby is getting and has been worse. Next day being the 11th and monthly meeting day. We did not go. About ten oclock in the morning Zephaniah died. Oh what an awful night to see on dying. Rebecca Lamberson laid it out. What a sweet looking corpse it was. James Vanhorn and Mary Goss set up. Next day was the funeral. Had meeting here. Reuben preached. Peter Yocom hauled the corpse and a number of people was there at the meeting house. A verry cold day. Vanhorns girls and Malinda rode with the corpse. I rode in Elidas carriage. 14, Malinda went home to stay. 15, It snowed. We all staid at home from meeting but Perry and Rebecca. She had not been for eleven weeks. 18th, Sarah and I went to Samuels in Shamokin town. 19th,went to meeting and afternoon spent at Hirams. They have a young daughter and calls her Ruhemy. That evening it commenced storming, snowing and blowing and fell a considerable snow again. 21st, William Woolverton was buried. He died with but short sickness. 22nd, we had distressing times going to meeting for the snow, roads not being broke, but we perservered and got there sometime, and felt thankful that we were enabled to get there through great discouragement. We went to Abisha Thomases after meeting. Jacob Kester and Amos Hancock come there too. James Stokes was there too. We got home before dark. It was verry cold evening. 2nd mon. 26th., Perry and Paleman started to Centre quarter and Rebecca and I went with Edwin and Elidas to go to meeting. Hugh was sick. After meeting we staid the afternoon at Elidas. Abia brought us home.

(March, 1846)
3rd month, 1st. Edwin John came here and took us to meeting. We went to Asas and spent the afternoon. Joseph brought us home. 5th, Abia came with the horse and sleigh to take us to meeting. 6th, Perry returnd from Centre. Palemon staid there to study Botonick medicine with William Underwood. 8th, we went to Wm. Thomases. After meeting we had a sattisfactory time there. 11th, we was at monthly meeting. I went to Reuben Johns to stay a few days. James and Hannah was there and Martha came home with them. The next day Mary Ann and I went to Jacob Millers to a quilton. They have a pretty nice daughter. Her name is Catherine. There was a crazy woman there, Sally Yost, a sister to Millers wife. Next day being the 13th of the 3rd month. It commenced raining and rained all day and night and thundered and lightened and took nearly all the snow away and made high waters and took the bridge away from over the river. It was the highest waters we ever remembered. Oh, it made distressing times. Some houses was seen floating down the river. 15, was at Roaring Creek meeting Reuben, preached. Afternoon, Mary Ann and I went to John Lees And took dinner, and to Ellen and Martha Lees for tea,and they went with us to David Williams. We saw Lewis Lee, John Lavan and wife, Jesse Williams, Joseph Long, Sarah William and we staid all night with them at D. Williams. Next day, M.A. John and I were to Samuel Cheringtons and had a clever time. We calld a few minutes at Judah Cheringtons. Next afternoon we went to J.A. Foxes. Had a nice time there. We staid till bed time. Reuben was verry bad with pains in his head and jaws. Next day he was worse, but they doctored him up and he got better and in the afternoon him and wife and I started for Shamokin. I staid at Asas with Martha John. Next morn I went to James Johns a while and then to meeting. Reuben preached and after meeting I came home and was glad. I had been from home a week and found all well. 22nd, Elizabeth Hafer was buried. She left six or seven daughters. We went to the funeral and then to our meeting after and heard of the death of Chandler Eves. We came rome. I feel sad and gloomy. He died with the measles. 24th, Elida, Perry and wife went to Fishing Creek to attend some meetings there and at Berwick. 28th, they returnd. I received a letter from G. A. J. and also Hannah Kirk in Clearfield. 29th, we was at meeting. Harriet Krickbaum and husband was there. I went to pay my last visit to James M. Johns before they moved. Enoch Kester, Arm (sic) and Mary Ellen Thomas was there.

(APRIL, 1846)
4th mo the 5th, Was at meeting. Rode with Elida and wife in their carriage. They came home with us. 7th, James Johns moovd to Fishing Creek. Abia and Amos went along. Charles Eves is sick. 9th, was at meeting. Jacob Kester had moovd down to Abishas, last seventh day. We stopd at Samuel Johns and dind. They have moovd on his farm. 12th, easter. We did not go to meeting today. It was raining and the horse not well. It was a disappointment to Rebecca and I to not go. The men went. I donot like to miss a meeting. William Hollenshead was buried today at Cattawissa. Yesterday the 11th. Danial Persing was buried. Died of the small pox. 15th, we was at Cattawissa monthly meeting. We dined at B. Sharpless. Perry was verry sick. Seemd to be taken a fever. 19th, Perry and I staid at home. I had been verry unwell. Sarah went to meeting. Emily came home with them and staid a few days. 23rd, we were at meeting. Mary Ann John, Angalinas sister, was there, and W.T. Rebecca suplicated. 25th, Jehu and sons staid over night and told of the death of Benjamin Nester. He died the 16th of this month. 26th, It rained. Perry did not go to meeting. James drove for us. Was not many there. In the evening I went to (?). 27th, June John came here.

(MAY, 1846)
5th mo. the 3rd, Rebecca and I walked to meeting, and from there to Samuels and waitd till Perry came from Roaring Creek with Malinda John. Samuel brought me part of the way home in his Buggy. 5th Hiram and wife came here and in the evening John G. Rich and George Eves came here to accompany Rebecca and Sarah H. John to Philadelphia. Next day they startd. 7th, we walked to meeting. It was a rainy day. I went Hirams. Perry staid at Asas. The boys came home through the rain. Next morn Hiram brought me part of the way home. Next day verry rainy and high water. 10th, Wet and rainy. The men went to meeting. I did not. Enoch Kester came home with them. 13th, I was at Monthly meeting at Roaring Creek and returnd right home after meeting. Mary Ann Hughes was there. 17th, we walked to meeting and dined at Asas. June Smith, Malinda and I and Jesse came along to McClows and we staid there awhile. 21st, we walked to meeting. It was small. 23rd. was a most ashocking storm, rain, and hail and wind in torrents. The hail as large as eggs and walnuts and abated a few minutes and then another storm of hail like larg cherries and oh the grain is broken down in an aweful manner and destroyd and fruit knockd off the trees and leaves covers the ground in the woods and gardens injured verry much, and windows braken, many windows every light. Oh how shocking it was. We heard of the death of William Cleavers wife Kesiah. She was his second wife. 24th, James, Malinda and I walked to meeting. Jacob and Marth Kesters had returnd from yearly meeting and brought me a letter from G.A.J. We came home just before it ralnd. People feels sad about the great loss. The sun was so high in a few minutes that it swept [the this part is missing.] 28th, we walked to meeting. Abia and Jane was there. Martha Kester was there and Jacob, too. She came along with me a piece to talk. Just after I returnd Rebecca came home. She had been away over three weeks attending meetings. 29th, my birthday, 33 years old. 30th, Perry took Malinda home. Rebecca and I walked to meeting. I went to Abishas. Martha brought me home and took Sarah back with her and she staid a week.

(JUNE, 1846)
6th month, 4th. We cleaned our meeting house. 6th, Martha had a quilton. Sarah was there and I went there and staid all night. Next day we went to meeting. The rest of our folks went to John Walters and Joseph John brought me home. 8th, old Thomas Wilson was buried. A worthy friend. 10th, was monthly meeting. I was not there. Harriet I. Moore, Ann Morris, Susan Pusey, John Wilson was there. 11th, Martha T. Kester moved to Fishing Creek. 12th, they were at our meeting house and preached well, they dined here and then on to J. Wilsons. (NOTE: Entry for 11th was added after that of the 12th was made. Believe the people referred to on the 12th are those mentioned on the 10th, namely H.I. Moore, A. Morris, etc.) 14th Joel Garretson, Brazilla Garnetson and Ezra Eves came here. 15th, Joel had meeting at our meeting house. I rode with them. After meeting we went to Hirams and then we all went back to Asas after dinner and Joel preached there. Reuben and wife was there. Rebecca Da(?)mand and daughter and Caroline Marts was there. He had much to say to her. She is Abrams widow and then I rode with them to Elidas. It was verry pleasant being with them. Joel requestd me to write to him and give me directions. 16th, Our folks all went to the Half years meeting and left me housekeeper with Amos and James. 20th, they returnd bringing news of a great half years meeting and number of preachers. 21st, George Trucmand and Rowland Johnson, Jonathan McGill. Henry T. Childs was at our meeting. They all preached but George had the most to say. Twas all verry good and a number of people was there. After meeting they went to Asas and dind. We went there, too. Then they hurried off for Pottsville. Oh, it was a sattisfaction for me to see my friend Rowland. He is such a nice young man. They did not get here. 22nd, Asa and wife went to see Ann Kester. She is verry poorly. 25th, Jesse Broomall and Elizabeth Fuller and Edith Vale and daughter was at our meeting. The women preached a great deal but folks had not unity with them. 26th, they came here. Elizabeth Fuller is a great laughter, light and airy. We walkd up on the hill. They enjoyed the walk verry much. Next morn, they rode down to Morgan Hughes to hunt crystals and then they went on to Roaring Creek. 28th, we was at meeting. Silent. In the evening they all returnd here and next morning verry early they started for home. I heard of Joseph Long and Rachel Williams being married.

(JULY, 1846)
7th mo, 2nd. We was at meeting. It was small. Ann brought Polly home and Ann along. She is better. 5th was at meeting. A great many folks was there. Ann J. Kester, too. We went there to Asas to dine. T.[or J.] Walters was there. It was a verry warm day. We have had much rain for a week and should have ?. 15th, We was at monthly meeting. A verry cold day. 16th of 7th month, I had three teeth put in and some plugged and cleaned by Jacob Beller of Sunbury. I paid him 5 dollars and a quarter. One gold plug was 75cts and the teeth a dollar and a half a piece. I got cold in my face and verry sore. I was confind to the house a week and missd two meetings. 25th, Wm. Underwood and Ezra Eves came here. Next day at nlne oclock they had meeting. A great many attended and he preached frist rate. Jehu John and boys was there and several Methodists besides. In the afternoon he had meeting at Roaring Creek. A great many from Shamokin went to the meeting. In the evening he had meetin Catawissa. P. and R. went to Roaring Creek with Wm. 30th was at meeting.

(AUGUST, 1846)
8thmo 2nd, I walkd to meeting. Perry and wife had gone to Berwick and to see Nancy Hicks. We had a poor dull meeting. Many were sleepy. I went home with Polly McClow. She told me that had felt as if she ought to get up and speak a few words to arouse the sleepers. It was the sayings of the blessed Jesus. 6th was at meeting 9th, was at meeting. David Williams and Hannah, Mary Ann and Malinda John was there. There was a terrible rain just after meeting broke so that we had to stay in the house. Then strangers came here to stay all night. We had a sattisfactory visit with them. 11th, we had preparative meeting at Shamokin. Joseph Wharton, a young man from the city was there. I served as Clerk. The next day was monthly meeting at Cattawissa. We were there. Certificates were prepared for Martha and T. Kester and Ann T.J. Kester {NOTE: NOT sure how the initials A,T, and T,J are related to the names.]. Aaron Dean died at Cattawissa. 8th,15th. Amos Y. John and I started to Fishing Creek. It was showery by spells but we did not get wet. We drove the river at Cattawissa and after a long tedious ride we arrived safe at Jacob Kesters about five oclock perhaps and found them well. I staid there all night. Next morning we went to James John. They were glad to see us. Then we all went to meeting. J.P. Eves spoke a few words and Hannah Heacock preached considerably. I had many invitations to dine but we went back to Jameses. I rode with Jacob and Martha Kester. Amos had Ellen Oliver, Parker Nester, Amos Heacock Isaac John came there. They had plenty of the red plumbs. James Kline, a young man, was hurt agoing to Camp Meeting so that he died the next day. He was much lamented [NOTE: this entry re J. Kline was inserted between lines of above entry, and had no special place in the continuity. ED.] Toward evening we started for Rhorsburg. Ellen went with us as far as her fathers. Then we had a nice ride there before sunset, being six miles from James John. They John and Ann was from home when we got there but came pretty soon. We staid till the next day. Abia came there from the State of New York. Then we came ln company by way of Danville and drove the river there and got home after dark. Sarah was poorly. The next day Hiram and wife came here and Wm. Iddings came here to tell that Palemon was verry sick with the billous fever and not ecpected to recover. Oh, how it did shock us and his folks too. Elida and Sarah started next morn by day light to go there to see him but there was no certainty that he would be alive when they would get there, but we hope he might be spared and make a fine man. 0h may it be so. 21st, they went to Abias, P.,R. and Sarah and G. We heard of the death of Joseph Yocom and Joseph Hughes. 22nd, a rainy day. 23rd, I am at home, the rest nearly all gone to meeting, except James and Griffith. Nancy Hicks was buried the 18th of this month. She was a a fine woman. She lingerd a long time with something like the dropscy. Has left several children and a husband. 21st Aunt Phebe came to Abishas. 24th, Abiah and myself went to Jehus and staid until the next evening and stopd at D. Cambells a little while. Was verry dark agetting home. 27, was at melting and Martha A. Kester was there. Aunt Phebe came home with us. 28th, Emily and Martha came here to see us. Camp meeting began today near Wm. Krickhaums and Asa T. Johns. 30th, We was at meeting and came home by the camp and saw the tents and the people. It was intermission.

9th month the 1st. Perry and wife and Martha John and Wm. Thomas and his Mother started to Centre quarter. Malinda John kept house for Perrys. Aunt Phebe is here and Sarah has a hard spell of the Asthma. 3rd. I did not get to meeting. 6th, James and Malinda walked to meeting. It was verry warm weather. I was not well enough to go to meeting. 8th, Hiram and wife was here. 13th, I walked alone to meeting and dined at Asas and I rode home with them. They were going to Abias next day they came here and paid a visit. Sarah got worse. 11th Our folks returnd :from Centre and brought Mary P. John with them. She had been with Wesley three months and taught a school there. They brought word that the sick ones was getting better. Palemon was able to to to meeting and Hannah Underwood was setting up, 12th, I was sick. James took Martha and Malinda home. 13th, Edwin brought their carriage and took Aunt Phebe and Mary to meeting. I did not go. Sarah is still sick. Samuel and Ann John came here. 14th Mary is at work at Perrys. Jehu returnd from Rock river (Illinois). Him and Patience came in the evening here and staid til next day. Perry and wife went to Preparative and monthly meeting. 20th, my lot to stay at home yet Sarah has kept her bed for several days. Elida and Sarah and Aunt Phebe came here today. Doctor John Vastine I heard was to be buried today. We hear that it is verry sickly in Danville. Eber Haines and Sarah Ann Jarney was married the 10th in Philadelphia. I forgot to mention that C. Trueman and wife was the Centre quarter. He preached powerfully. W.F. Fisher and Esther Willson was to be married the 10th at her Fathers house. 24th, I went to meeting. John Kester and Ann was there. Ann came home with us and went back to her Fathers the same afternoon. Mary is still here. 26th, She went away to Roaring Creek. 27th, Was at meeting. Jonathan Vastine and wife was there. We went to Abishas.

(OCTOBER, 1846)
10th month 1st. Moses Starr was buried and old Friend of Roaring Creek had been long afflicted. 2nd, John brought Aunt Phebe John here. 4, We went to meeting and came home. Had a sattisfactory time with Aunty. I wrote letters to my cousins. 7th of the 10th month. She started away to take the stage for the City. We were verry sorry to part with her, not knowing that she would ever come again. Sarah was better and could enjoy Auntys company the last time that she was here the fore part of the time she was sick. 8th, we were at meeting. The night of the 10th was a great frost, the first that we had discovered. Was at meeting. John Waltors was on a visit to Chester County three weeks and had just returnd. Martha John kept house for them. I recieved a letter from Elizabeth Fuller. 13th mo. 14th, Was at monthly meeting at Cattawissa. Dined at B. Sharpless. 18, was at meeting and went to Hirams and paid a visit. 22nd, was at meeting. 25th, Amos and I walked to meeting. Perry and Rebecca went to Roaring Creek meeting. There was a young man buried there. Adam Helvick. He was hurt at a raising and died in a few hours. A barn was burnt in Roaring Creek valley. We saw the light. The man took a candle to the barn to get hay, and the candle fell in the hay and burnt the barn. Jacob Kester and Martha was at meeting. I went to Samuels with Mary Ann John. In the evening Jacob and Martha came here.

(NOVEMBER, 1846)
11th month, 1st. Was at meeting. A rainy day. We went to Samuels and staid the afternoon. 3rd, Abia and Mary Thomas was here. 5 I was verry sick and did not to to meeting. 7 Enoch Kester Ann and Mary---. 8th, was at meeting, Wm. Millard and girls was there. We went to Elidas and paid a visit pleasantly. 10th, Perry and I went to Jesse Yocoms to see Esther concerning her out going in marriage. She behavd verry nice. From there we went to Preparative meeting and after meeting we all went to Roaring Creek Valley. Wm. Watson and wife, John Rich and wife, Joseph Pilkington and wife, Perry, myself and Elida and Reuben. Some of us went to Samuels Cheringtons. Next day we all was at monthly meeting. Enoch Kester and Ann Thomas was there. Sarah Pilkington and Sarah John was appointd to visit Esther L. Yocom. It was a dull rainy day. J.G. Rich and Reuben John preached verry well. We had s tolerable large meeting. Ee stopd at Abishai Thomases and took supper. 12th, John Hughes and Cariline Marts was married. 13th, Perry began with a swelling in his face and breaking out. 16th, Amos took me to meeting. perry and Rebecca staid at home. A rainy day. Elida and wife came here. Amos Y. Thomas and Hannah Williams were to be married and Solomon Lily and Margret Davis. We heard of the death of Sarah Fisher and Leah Smith. We heard of the death of- Tamer Kester. She died in the Asylum. 11 month 19, Perry and Rebecca and myself was at meeting. A verry rainy day. We went to Hirams and R. staid at Asas for dinner. After this day she stays at home.

(DECEMBER, 1846)
12th month 6th Reubens girls and Elizabeth Fox was at meeting and Sarah went too and we three went to Samuels. Prissella Thomas is married to Jonathan Bauchman. She was at meeting. 13th We went to Abishas. Him and Emily was both poorly. 15th, Perry and I went to Preparative meeting. I staid at Wm. Ellises. Next day was monthly meeting. It was small. Esther L. Yocom is to disowned. 20th We went to Thomases and brought Mary Ellen home to work for Perrys. 23rd Perry and I startd for Fishing Creek. We fed at John Brookses and heard that John F. Kester and Mary Ann John was married the day before at Lloyd Thomas, being the 22nd of the 12th month. 1846. James Kester had Martha and Jesse John had Malinda and went back to Reubens for supper and next day to Fishing Creek. We stald all night at Reuben Willsons. Isaac Johnson and wife and Rachel Cherington, Elizabeth Willett and daughter, and John Willsons children. Next morn we went to Jacob Kesters. There was Emily and Reubens girls and several others. I rode to meeting with Mahlon Hicks. There was a number of people at the Half Years meeting. It was held in the new brick meeting house. Jeremiah Moore was there, and one George Brown from Troudeburg He had been a Methodist formerly, only been a member of friends two years. He is great preacher. Reuben WiIson, Reuben John and Hannah Heacock preached besides Moore and Brown. We went to Ezra Eves and dined. In evening I went to see Sarah Kester and her daughters and went to Ezras and staid all night. He was laid up with a gathering on his leg and Richardson was sick. Next morning I went to see Anna Ashton. She is married to Wm. Chamberlin and went with them to meeting. There was a good many people there and considerable preaching. We had quite an interesting Half yea meeting. I went with W. Thomas and his sister Ann and Ann Ellis to Charles Eveses to dine. Reuben John, Elizabeth Fox, Isaac Johnson and wife and Rachel Cherington, Samuel Hampton and sister, Ann John, George Brown and son was there. We had a verry interesting time there. It got to raining fast. After it abatd Perry came with Alvina Underwood. He was going to bring her home with us. We came and staid over night at Benjamin Sharpless and next day about noon we reachd home. Next day Perry was taking Alvina and Mary Ellen Thomas to meeting and overset the sleigh and hurt Alvina verry much so that she could not go to meeting. She was taken to Asas and Doctored up so that she could be brought here and that evening Wm. Idding came. He was her company and him and Mary Ellen Thomas set up together. On Therday Alvina started for home. She was a good deal recuitd but her head and shoulder was still sore.

(JANUARY, 1847)
First month, 3rd, I went with Mary Ellen Thomas home and a clever time. None at home but Wm. and his Mother the most of the time. We drove home ourselves. 7th was at meeting. W.T. and Mother was there. A verry stormy day. 8th, Mathias Reeds son Jacob droped down dead as he was starting to meeting. Elias Hicks came here. I recievd a letter from Joel Garrettson, a minister in Adams County. Sarah recievd a letter from Lydia and Lemuel Yarnall. 10, We was at meeting and stopd a while at Asas. 11 of the month and Seckond of the week. Rebecca was confind about eleven oclock at night and got another son. They had Doctor Robbins, Mary Goss and Sarah John and Mary John. They all staid over night. It was verry cold weather. They call the child William Underwood. Mary Ann John takes care of Rebecca. 13th. We went to Monthly meeting. It was large and sattisfactory. Emily Thomas came home with us. Next day Mahlon Hicks and his daughter Rebecca came here and John Walter and Eliza and Abisha Thomas was here. 16th, Amos took Mary Ellen Thomas home. She was here four weeks. Peter Yocom has the small pox. Abia and Lewis Myers came here and next day went to meeting. 18th, Hiram and wife came here. 20th I walkd to Petersburgs to the Store and I called to see old Jacob Keller and his wife. He is verry feeble, is afflicted with Palsey. We cried when I dade him farewell. That day recieved a letter from, cousin Georgianna Janney. She was to be married that day or evening by Friends ceremony at home in Phlladelphia. Next day we went to week day meeting. It was small. The day was cold. 24th We was at meeting. A great many was there. 28th, We was at meeting. Ellenor Lee and Thomases Ellen came home with us. We saw Daniel Gilger from Venango. I recieved a letter from Mary and wrote an answer to it. 29. was a verry stormy day. Samuel and wife came here and Wm. Thomas came to get some sork done and staid over night here. The rest went away. 30th, Enoch Kester and Ann Thomas and Mary Ellen came and staid all night. here and next they went with us to meeting. Mary Ann John went along. Peter Yocom is verry sick. The rest has the small pox. He had them and got about and got cold and was taken with the pleurisy. Mary Ann John was taken home and Elizabeth Caseman was brought here the fifth of the 2nd month.

(FEBRUARY, 1847)
7th. We went to Asas from meeting and staid for dinner. Joseph took Hepsey [sic] to Cattawissa. 9th, was preparative meeting at our meeting house. Next day I did not go to Monthly meeting. Rebecca was Poorly. Perry went on horseback. John Rich, John Wilson, Reuben Wilson was there. Elias Hicks and Rebecca Hicks was there. They were married a few days before. 14th, We went to Hirams from meeting and brought Harriet home with us. 16th, Elida, Sarah and Perry went to Fishing Creek to their monthly meeting. Jeremiah Moore and Hannah K. Heacock published their intentions of marriage in the old way, being the 17th. 18, Amos and I went to meeting. I went to Asas and took dinner. Asa walkd with me to Petersburg. I settled with James Lynn on dollar and twelve and a half cents, I paid him. 21st, Went to Asas from meeting. John Kester and Ann was there and came home with us and next day they went to Abias. 23rd, Abia and June came here. 25th, Reuben and wife and Mary Ann came to meeting. I did not get there. Jane Thomas has been verry sick. She is better now. Elida and wife, Samuel and wife came here a sleighing and staid till bed time. 26, Reuben, wife and Mary Ann came here and the next day was a wonderful stormy day. They staid two nights here and went along to meeting on first day and he preached after long silence. Afternoon and evening I wrote letters to L.Y. and E, W. F.

(MARCH, 1847)
3rd month 1st. I went to the store and Post office. 3rd, mon.2nd. Doctor David Petrican was buried. His daughter, Agnes, wife of Doctor D.N. Scott died the evening after he was buried. Dotor Petrican requested to be buried with his common clothes on and old white hat. 15th, Perry and I went to Cattawissa preparative meeting and went out to Roaring Creek in the evening. I and Elida went to Reubens, Perry and Ann Ellis to Rowland Hughes. I had a clever time there. Next day was a large turnout. The sufferings of Ireland were read and claimed the attention of the meeting. There is hundreds starving to death. Mary Ann Cherington and myself was appointed to prepare a certificate for Hannah K. John. 21st, We went to Abash Thomas's. Ann Ellis was there. 3rd mo.25,1847 Jeremiah More and Hannah K. Peacock was married. He lives At Clearfield. Epoch Kestrel took Ann Ellis to the wedding. Abby John took Martha John.

4th month,4th, Rebecca was verry sick. We did not go to meeting. We steamed her but she could not stand it. She had the eresipilous so bad and the child too. Abash and Emily came here from meeting. Rebecca was miserable for several days. They got Elias Mart here near two weeks. 4th mo.. Reuben John and Mary Ann Cherington was at our meeting. She came home with us and staid till next afternoon. Limber Cleaver and Clinton Cleaver was here all night. Them and some was runing a railroad peast here. 11th. I was sick. Sarah and P. went to meeting. 13, was our preparative meeting. 14, month meeting at Cattawissa. a number was there. James and Hannah Jacob and Martha and their Babys was there. Reuben and Perry preached. A certificate was prepared for James john and wife. 15th, Cyrus N. Burleigh gave and anti slavery lecture at the Cross road. We were there and I and the boys walkd home after the meeting. Was after Eleven when we got home. Next night he lectured again. 18, I was at meeting and came home after meeting. 19th, We was at Danville, I and Perry. Twas court time. I went to see Mary at John Hines. She went with me after dinner to several stores I saw John Bird. He seemed verry clever to me and saw John Wilson, and Ezra Eves and others. Lavina Camp was attending court. 25th, Amos and I walked to meeting. I went home with Elidas in their carriage. I was verry unwell with the sick headache. Edwin brought me nearly home in the buggy. I felt better towards evening. 29th, walked to meeting again. The horse is sick. It got to raining. We staid for dinner at Asas and then walked home. Lydia Ann Tharp came to work for Perrys. 30th, Old Jacob Keller was buried. A large funeral. He had been ailing a long time with the Palsey. Paul Rhodes died suddenly.

5th month 2nd. I did not go to meeting. It is raining and the horse is still sick with the distemper. 4th, Joseph Iddings and wife came here on their way to Philadelphia. Andrew More and son Thomas and Joseph Spencer went to Elidas. Next morning early we started to Elidas. Perry and self walked. Iddings carried our luggage. It was a beautiful morning. The fields and meadows were of a lovely green. The sun shone bright and clear. About seven we started, Reuben, Elida, Perry and myself, in company with the Centre and Clearfield friends. Epoch Kestrel was there and assisted us in getting off. We went by way of Shamokin town. We passed a company of Indians, a man, a woman, and eight children. He said he was born in France and she in New Orlean and was raided in Philadelphia. He had a grinding machine on a wheel barrow and the youngest child was carried on the barrow. The wife and two eldest children carried large bundles appeard like beds on their backs. We came through Mahanoy by where John Thompson used to live, and Tomlinsons, and by Francis Yarnalls, and then towards Deep Creek, and fed at F. Douglers tavern, and then came in sight of Forrestville and next to Minersville. Quite a flourishing town. And then next to Pottsville, and stopd there a few minutes and then came by Schuylkill haven and saw a wonderful large building. It was round all over, the top covered with sheet iron, and painted red all over the outside. Twas an engine house. About one mile from there we saw the Schuylkill county Poorhouse. Verry large buildings. Then we came on to Orwigburg, to Michael Greofs tavern. Doctor Pursell from the Liberty Stump and his cousin, a young woman from Sunbury, staid there too. They seemed like nice people. She playd on the Pianoa a while. In morning we all started after an early breakfast, being nine of us besides the Doctor and cousin. It was a fine pleasing morning, but rather cool. We passed by Port Clinton, Hamburg, Shoemakersville. We turned off the turnpike there to Maiden Creek, and got to James Starrs a quarter before eleven. We were welcomely received. The company concluded to tarry and Reuben appointd a meeting at 4 oclock at the meeting house. Reuben, Elida, and myself left the company at J. Starrs and we came on to Jacob Lightfoots. They lives in a large stone house on a beautiful level farm. At four we walkd to meeting in company with Mary Lightfoot and her three nieces, Sarah Ann, Deborah, and Mary Lightfoot. The meeting was not large. The School Mistress, Sarah Griscome, and her schollars was there. Rueben and Perry preached. After meeting Joseph Iddings and wife, Reuben, Perry and myself went to Sarah Rights and took tea. We had a verry pleasant time there. Everything is nice and interesting. There is five sisters, old maids. One is Crazy. We went back to Jacob Lightfoots and staid over night. Sarah Hughes and Mary Lightfoot, sisters to Jacob, lives in one end of the house. Next morning we started about six and crossed over Oley hills and went through Frieneneburg, a beautiful town of stone houses. We passd some beautiful farms with stone barns and houses. We next came by Douglasvill. Here we came to the turnpike and soon left it and drove the Schuylkill and fed at Uniconville. We got in Chester county and saw some beautiful buildings. We could see the cars a runing frequently as we passd along and likewise the boats, We saw Potts grove and Phoenixville and passd through Lawrencevill and Charlestown and the Valley Forge. There is a town there and Factory. We saw a great building on a hill with a steeple that could be seen for marly miles. I understood it was built for a gambling house. We saw where George Washington and his soldiers encamped. We were in the great Valley. Our Centre Friends put up at Joseph Davises and we at Joseph Walkers. They are both widowes and preachers. Joseph Walkers had two daughters, the eldest, Sarah, a nice young woman. Her Aunt, Sarah Roberson, lives there. Next morn we eat breakfast by candle light and startd five oclock in company with Joseph Davis as leader. We passd the Valley meeting house, Radnor M.H., Haverford meeting house, and boarding School, and a little town calld Haddington. We saw the telegraph on the Columbia railroad several times. We passd by the Pennsylvania Hospital. Most wonderful buildings and a great walls built round many acres. I suppose ten feet high. We saw several Factorys. At length Philadelphia presentd to our view. We ( saw) Girard Colledge and Penetentiory. We passd Fairmount Water works and crossd the wire Bridge over Schuylkill and rode perhaps two miles in the city and landed safe at Thomas B. Longstreths a little after nine oclock. We had traveld eighteen miles this morning and was welconely recievd, and after washing ourselves and shaking the dust off our clothes, Lydia prepard us a dish of tea. Reuben and Elida went to select meeting at ten oclock. (Samuel Gilgers wife buried this day of Petersburg). And I am now settlng by the window in the third story in my lodging room hearing a continual ratling of wheels and seeing the Brick building as far as I can see. About three oclock Rachel O. Longstreth accompanid me to Benjamin S. Janneys in Wood Street, 121 between 8th and Franklin. Aunty and cousin was pleasd to see me. I staid there all night and slept with Aunt Phebe. After breakfast Georgieanna went with me to Longstreths. At ten we went to Green Street meeting. Phebe Johnson, Joseph Foulk, Mary Levie, John Burnett, Amos Preston, and Satterwalt preachd. One female suplicatd, and Eliza Newport likewise preachd. At dinner was Martha Newport, Lydia Pike, Annamaria White, Mary Ann Walton, Cornelia Miller from Alexandria, all young women and Thomas Smith and wife from Wrights town, a brother in law to Edward Hicks, and Cyrus Pearse, and others. I had considerable conversation with Smith and wife. The young people all seemd to enjoy in the conversation together in one corner of the front parlor. After a while they all disapeard. Some I suppose had laid down to take a nap. Two couples of young men and women were talking in the back parlor. I was feeling lonly. The door opend and Rowland Johnson walkd in. I was pleasd to see him. He walkd right to me. Verry pleasantly, and gave my hand a cordial shake. He set down on the sofa and talkd a few minutes with Cyrus Pearse. He said I did not know who I would find here, but I felt a drawing to come. After a little he come and set by me and we had quite a sattisfactory talk. He said he wantd us to come to their house to dine or for tea, and me in particular. He had a bad cough for several weeks. At four we went to meeting again. It was raining Phebe Johnson, Thomas McClintock, John Wood, Elihu Bernard preachd. At tea was Elijah Penepacker, Jane D. Pearse and brother Caleb was there. I slept with Elizabeth Andraws, a minister from Salem Quarter. Gidion Pearse and Rebecca, Cyrus Pearse, Richard Plumer, a widower, and Jane Pearse besides my 3 brothers and self and Elijah Pennypacker lodges here. In the morning Henry Ridgeway came in, besides others. At ten we went to meeting. There was a great body of women collectd. The representatives were calld, all present but nine. The epistles from other yearly meeting were read. Sixteen different ones preached. Minutes were read for three ministers in attendance at the yearly meeting, one for Rachel Hicks, Westbury, Dorothy Golden and Deborah Willets from Oswego monthly meeting, and Hannah Stephens from Cinclnatta. After meeting concludd, Francis Wilson and I went with Jane Johnson in their carriage to Doctor Yardlesy to dine, My three brothers and the Fishing Creek company attendd. Aron Kester, Charles Eves, and wife Geo. Eves and wife. John Wilson and Reuben Wilson and wife. and John Jackson was there a little while. We all walkd in the garden and in the stable after dinner. His stable is like a room. The building is of brick. About half past three the carriage was ready at the door with a coulerd driver, and took four of us to meeting, and then back again for another load. The meeting was more crowdd this afternoon. I saw Geo. Trucmans daughters. Nice looking young women. There was a committee appointd, foru Epistles in answer to other yearly meetings. The minutes of last year was read. Rhoda O. Lamb suplicaid. At the close of the meeting I went home with Aunt Phebe to B.S. Janneys and staid all night. Georgie is practicing on the Piana. We set up late and had a sattisfactory talk. In the morning Georgie and I went to the bonnett makers and engagd four bonnetts, and then went to some stores and bought considerable, and from there to meeting, and met with Rhoda Lamb on the way, and had some talk. The meeting gatherd near the time the 1st 2nd 3rd Queries were read and answerd. 23 preachd and one suplicatd being Rachel Hicks, Sarah Underwood Hunt and Mary L. Lippencot, Deborah F. Wharton, Rachel Sharpless, Elizabeth Andrews, Rhoda Lame, Rachel Wainwright, Mary Lewis, Harriet Moore, Anna Morris, and others spoke. A verry interesting meeting. I returnd to Longstreths to dine. At four oclock we met and got through the 4,5,6,7,8 Queries. Lucretia Mott, Mary Schoefield, Mary R. Cayley. Rachel Hicks, Sarah Hunt, Eliza Newport, Mary Levin, Allis Chandler and several others spoke. We had a verry fine meeting. In the evening there was a number at Longstreths for tea. Thomas McClintock I had an introduction to him, he was verry pleasant and Rowland Johnson, mary Lewis, Sarah Williams, and others. In the evening we met at Green Street with an Antislavery associstion. Samuel M. Janney, Thomas McClintock, Dr. H. Gibbons, Daniel Miller, Samuel Kease, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Newport and others spoke, A verry interesting time. They distrubutd pamphlets at the close. Fourth day morn at eight we met on the epistle committee. Sarah Underwood Hunt, Harriet Moore, Sarah J. Leedon, Elizabeth Andrews, Sarah Williams, Elizabeth Paxton, Amy Pennock, Rebecca Pearse, Sarah Tyson, Lucretia Mott, Francis Willson, Lydia Gillingham, Elizabeth White and others met. A verry interesting time. Adjournd till evening. Rebecca Pearse and I went a shoping till eleven, then the meeting convend. There was nine spoke. After meeting it was raining. I was verry unwell with a head ache. I laid down after dinner and got a little better. At four I went to meeting again. Anna Morrls, Harriet Moore, Ann Amelia Phillips, Mary Schofield, Hannah Stephens, Esther Moore, Allis Chandler Ruth Pile, Rachel Sharpless, Lucretia Mott, Rhoda Lame, Mary Cayley, Rachel Wainwright, Margret Longstreth, Mary Care, Mary Lipencott, Elizabeth Paxton Sarah Williams, Phebe Hadley, Mary Lewis, Rachel Hicks, Martha May and many others spoke at different times. After meeting it was raining. I still had the head ache. Doctor Henry T. Childs took me with his wife in their carriage home near Green Street meeting house and took tea and spent the evening. I saw some friends from Reading, Samuel Griscom and daughter Emaline, Charles Tease, Jonathan McGill and one man that had once been a Roman Catholic and others. After tea Henry Childs and J. McGill accompanid me to Longstreths and found Matilda and Sarah Ann Underwood there, daughters to the great Sarah Underwood, now Hunt. her daughters and Elizabeth and Sarah Longstreth repeated poetry beautifully for the company. Several was there. Next morn, Reuben, Elida and myself went to the State House and up seven pair of stairs to the steeple and walkd on the top of the building where there is raining round.(sic). We had a fair view over the City. We could see Camden in Jersey and the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers each side of the city. A beautiful prospect indeed to see such a mass of Brick houses. And then we went to the Exchang where the Telegraph is operatd, and the Cars lands there, being the Depo. And next went to the Thompsonian Drug Store and Book Store and I got a Bible and Elida got 40 dollars worth of Doctor books for Palemon. I saw where Jesse J. John is learning printing in Market Street. Next we went to B.L. Janney, then after a while Aunty and I went to meeting, being publick meeting day. Sarah Hunt, Ann Amelia Phillips, one Thorn John Brooks and John Hunt. After meeting cousin and I went a shoping and returnd and dind at two. About three we met again. There was much interesting expressions concerning the new yearly meeting and was concluded to dismiss the committee at that time. Dorothy Golden gave verry interesting account of the Indians. She was one of a committee and of ten vlsitd them and staid several weeks at a time, Was a member twenty years and been among then seven times. After meeting I met with Rachel Hicks and Caroline. They were verry glad to see me. When they found who I was. I also spoke to Anna Morris. She envitd me home with her and promisd to have me accornpanid home. Rachel Hicks and Caroline Willets was going there and I should like to have gone there verry much, but twas a long walk and I had the head ache and declind going. The epistle committee met both evenings but I did not attend, not feeling well, Oliver Schefield and wife staid at Longstreths all night. She is the assistant Clerk and is a sister of John Jackson. Samuel Kease, a minister from Peru, took tea here and a number that I did not hear their names. Elizabeth Andrews and Jane Pearse sleeps the room where I do in the third story. Richard Plumer, a young Widower from Baltimore, lodges here. There is thirteen all together of us that stays here at night, and sometimes more. This is sixth day morning. On fifth day afternoon, Mary Livis expresed a concern to visit the mens meeting. There was great unity expresed and Mary Biddle to accompany her. Ann Amelia Phillips made the same request but was rejecdd. But the Blessings that was pourd upon Mary before she startd was verry effecting to hear. Mary said with all the Baptisms she had ever witnessd that was the greatest one. Said the fear of men should be taken away and twas said to her fear not worm Jacob when thou passeth through the watters it shall not overflow thee and when thou passes through the fire it shall not kindle upon thee. Sixth day morning, met a nine oclock. Mary Bunt, Mary Lippencot, Rachel Wainwright, Eliza Ridgeway, Rachel Hicks, Allis Chandler, Mary Care, Harriet Moore, Priscilla Townsend, Eliza Newport, Esther Moor, Rhoda Lamb, Mary Cayley. One suplicatd. Rebecca Pearse, Lucretia Mott, R. Hicks, Ruth Pile, Sarah Hunt, all spoke before business, and many more that I did not know their names. At three we met again. A verry interesting meeting and solmn time. The epistles was read which were good. Several men and women from a distance being ministers and elders, attended the meeting. Several spoke and two suplicaid, Rachel Hicks and Mary Smith. A verry interesting account was given by Dorothy Golden of Oswego, about the Indians. She said she had visited them seven times and staid several weeks at a time, she being one of a committee for the assistance of the Indians. A minute was read concerning Sarah Truner, which was verry good. The meeting concluded before sunset The mens meeting concluded about one oclock. After tea, Rachel Longstreth went with me to B.S. Janneys and set a while and then bid them farewell. When we came back we found a number of young folks and others there. John Jackson and wife, Rowland Johnson, Jane D. Pearse, Caroline Justice, Matilda Underwood and her sister Sarah Ann (or Amy), David Ferris, Simon Gillum and a number that I did not know their names, besides the common lodgers. About ten the company returd. Next morning about six we startd and bid adieu to Philadelphia and come on to Isaac Leedoms in Radnor, and fed and dined. They are verry kind Friends, indeed. Before we left two carriages of Fishing Creek friends came there for dinner, and we left them and came on to Lionsville, in Uchland, to Joseph Hawleys before sunset. It is a verry pretty place there. We saw where Uncle Jesse Jones livd in a fine stone house with poplars before the doors. Joel Hawleys wife came in to see us and invitd us to home with her but we did not go. Merdica Lacqand [?] came also to invite some of us with them and Enos Yocom did likewise, but the men was gone to Levi Johns to spend the evening, and Perry staid there all night. Next morning Reuben, Elida and I went to Enos Yocoms. They were verry kind to us. Enos and Rebecca went with us to see where Grand Father Reuben and Griffith livd. The old buildings was torn away and new ones built, so that it was not the same sattisfaction to me. I had to think that there Father and Mother usd to live when young, and now they are gone, to be seen no more. We went back to Hawleys. Mordica Lee and wife and Levi John was there. He is a cousin of ours. Then we went to meeting where our Parents used to go and Grandfather and Mother, to. We saw three of Peter Smedlys daughters there amongst others, and saw the graves of some of our ancestors. It is a stone house with two chimmeys in and two parts. The orthodox holds their meetings in one part They meet at Eleven and Friends at ten. Reuben preached but not as much as many times. I was uncommon sleepy and had not much good of the meeting. Perry and I went to Mordica Lees and dined. His wife Lydia is a verry kind woman. Her nephew and two of her nieces was there on a visit. Lydia and Sarah Morris form Bristol boarding school. Then we went back to Hawleys. Their daughter Dinah lives there. She is married to Charles Moore. She is a verry nice women. They have three sons. Her Father and Mother is verry old and feeble. Elizabeth Meredith lives there, a sister to Rebecca Hawley. We took leave of Uchland and the people there. Startd homeward. We came along the Morgantown. road through West Nantmel and through the Forrest. It is a dreary looking place, verry Rocky and low bushes, no much timber, but Chesnut, and when they cut down trees, they make a fence aroung the stumps to grow again. In the evening we arrivd at Josiah Lewises in Robbinson. He is a Thompsonian Doctor and a abolitionist. Reuben and Elida went to Thomas Lesises and staid all night. Next morning we started and treaveld on to Reading, and passd through and or to Maiden Creek, and stopd at Sarah Rights and was welcomely receivd, and fed and dined. Sarah Griscom from Reading, a school teacher, boards there. John Starr and wife and son from Indianna came there, and Wm. Willets and wife and one, with them. After a little while we startd and came on to the Half Way House, near the Schuylkill County poor house at the Widow Mayers tavern. Next morning by sunrise we startd and went to John Hughes in Schuylkill Haven before they were up. We took breakfast there. They were verry kind to us. Then we came on and stopd at Pottsville a little, and then by way of Port Carbon, and St. Clairville, by Newcastle and on to C. Lakes and fed then on home before they expectd us. We found all well. 24th Jesse came here to work. 26, P.,R., and Sarah T, went to meeting and went to Abishas. Palemon came here on a visit from Centre Co. He is sturding Thompsonian medicine with Dr. Wm. Underwood. He had been gone near fifteen months. 29th, was my birthday, being 35 years of age. Lydiann Tharp went from Perrys. She had been here four weeks. Old Jacob Heller (or Keller, ED.) was here over night. 30th, Sarah Osburn was buried. She livd in Petersburg. 24th, Wm. Thomas of Brier Creek was found dead on the floor by his bed in the morning. He was an elderly friend. 30th, James Johns and Jacob Kesters was at meeting and came here and staid all night. Next day was verry rainy.

(JUNE, 1847)
6 month the 6th, I staid at home alone. They went to Elidas and brought Betsey Caseman here with them to work. 13th, John Wilson and son and daughter and sister, Elizabeth Willets, was at our meeting and came home with us and staid all night. Betsy and Elizabeth Casemans came to work and staid all week. 15th we went to preparative and monthly meeting. I was all night at W. Ellises. It was verry cold weather to be the 6th month. 20th, Jonathan McGill and wife and Docor Henry T. Childs and wife from Philadelphia, and Bucks County, came here before meeting, and we went with them and Amos Peasely and wife was at meeting, and Amos preachd excellent. Jonathan McGill spoke also. We went with them to Asas and had a nice time with them. In the afternoon they went to Roaring Creek and Peaselys went from Elidas to Cattawissa. 21st, Eliza Martz came to stay the week and keep house. 22nd, Perry, Rebecca and Sarah started to Half Years meeting. 20, they returnd. Had a great many strangers at the meeting. Abundance of preaching there. Ann Jackson and Rebecca Bunting and a number from Clearfield and Centre, Jeremiah Moore and Hannah. 27, Was at John Walters after meeting. 29th, Amos and I went to Roaring Creek and heard Amos Peasely preach. Was a good many there. Charles Eves and wife brought Peaselys from Fishing Creek there. It was rainy afternoon. We went with the Friends to Reubens and had some conversation with Amos and wife, Sarah, C. Eves and wife. Left them and startd for home. Amos and I came home that evening. 20th, Aron Kester, Elizabeth M. Fuller, May Jane Tyson came here and staid all night and attended our meeting and both preached verry lengthy, especeally Elizabeth. She was generally liked, or what she had to say was verry good. 24th, Ann J. Kester was delivered of a son, being in the time of Half years meeting. 21st, Catharine Lanciscue died of the appoplexy, these two should have come in the foregoing page.

(JULY, 1847)
7th, month 4th We was at meeting. I was not well. R. and I came home. In the evening Jesse John and Enoch Kester came to now. Next morning Peter Yocom here to mow and James and Amos and they got done that week. 9th, we went to Abia Johns and got some cherries. 10 and 11, Great rains, thunder and lightning and high waters. Fences and bridges taken along this run. 13th, P. and R. went to preparative meeting and monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. The boys Amos and James is out Harvesting. 18, I am alone. The rest is all gone to meeting. A verry warm day. Enoch Kester came to work for Perry. 19, We had a little set. Catharine Jones died and was buried. 21st, a fine old woman. 22nd, was at meeting. It raind. I had a poor meeting, was so sleepy. 25, Was at home while the rest went to meeting. They spent the afternoon at W. Thomases. 27th, Caroline Hughes was buried. She was the widow of Abam Martzs. Was married to Hughes about nine months. 29th, was at meeting. Perrys went to Jehus and staid all night.

8th month the 1st, Was at meeting. Casemans girls was there. 3rd, old Zimmerman was buried. 8th mo. 8th, was at meeting. R. suplicatd and preachd. Heard of the death of Charles Kester. Was buried the 7th. Elidas and Emily came here and spent the afternoon. Heard of the death of Mary Clayton. 13th, Was our preparative meeting. I was appointd Clerk. 11th, was monthly meeting. Reuben preachd. We dined at B. Sharplesses. The forepart of the day was showery. We came home by Hiff Housewearts. I had not been that way about eleven years, I think. Heard of the death of Jane Mears. 15th, I am at home alone. The rest all gone to meeting. Reuben was there. Our folks went to Hirams and spent the afternoon. Samuel Cherington was buried the 17 of the 8th month. 19th, I was sick and did not go to meeting. Mary Ellis came here and staid till eleventh day and then went with Perry and wife. home. They went that way to Fishing Creek. Amos and James has gone to camp meeting and we are along. John Bird and Ann Potter married the 19 and made their appearance the 22nd at Friends meeting. I walkd to meeting and home again. I went to Hirams and they brought me part of the way. 25, we went to Elidas and Samuels. 26, was at meeting. Rachel Potter came home with us and staid till first day. After meeting Wm. Thomas and his mother came here. Peter Yocom and his wife came here a little while. Hugh H. Vastine was married to Catharine Zimmerman.

9th month the 1st, Perry and Sarah and Rebecca and children started to Centre County to Quarterly meeting. 2nd, Amos and I went to meeting. Sarah McClow is keeping house for Perrys. 5th, We walkd to meeting again. I went to Abishia Thomases and got mellons. Sarah Hill was there at Shephers. Abisha brought me nearly home and we was caught in a rain. 11th, They returnd home. Sarah had the Phthsick. 12th, I am at home. A dull rainy day. Sarah McClow is here yet. I am not verry well. 14th, Perry and wife and I went to Cattawissa Preparative meeting. David Adams and wife was there. He is a great minister. Wm. Tyson and wife was there. They both spoke and David Adams. too. They are from York State. Tysons from Adams County. Has moovd to Berwick. We went to Reuben Johns and staid over night. They rest of the Friends went to J.A. Foxes. Next day was monthly meeting. A considerable number of people was there. David preached excellent. Mary Jane Tyson suplicatd. We came to Elidas and took tea. Then David and Ann Adams accompanied us home. Next day he had meeting at our meeting house. Then to Fishing Creek. 19th, it is a rainy dav. None gone to meeting but Perry and Amos. The horse is lame. 23rd, I walkd to meeting and Hirams brought me home. We was at meeting. John Kester and wife Ann was there. Abishai Thomas and Emily came home with us. John Kester and Enoch Kester and Ann Thomas came here and staid all night. E. and self set up a while. 30th, Was at meeting and staid the afternoon with Ann Kester at Asa Johns.

(OCTOBER, 1847)
10th month 3rd, I walkd to meeting. Saw a great many there. I went to Samuels. Had a pleasant time. He brought me part home. 7th and 10th, was at meeting. 11th, Sarah S. Yetter was buried. She was Benjamin Sharplesses youngest daughter. 12th, was our Preparative meeting day and Election day. A verry stormy evening. Raining and wind blowing. l3th, went to Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. Christian Hartly was buried. he died verry suddenly out of doors. He was an old man. John Cleaver was also buried that day in Friends burying ground. He was hurt by a fall of a chesnut tree and never spoke after nor seen nor heard. Lived I heard twenty four hours. He was an odd fellow and buried in their form. 17th Was not at meeting. I was not well. 19th Went to Jehus, Sarah and myself. They are preparing to moove. 20, We returnd and brought Mary P. John along with us home. She has the Ague. 21st, was at meeting. Amos moovd his things away from here. He was here three years learning waggon making with Perry. 22nd, Jehus vendue. 24, I was not at meeting. 25th, Jehus movd to Casterville in Schuylkill County. 27th, was at meeting. Went from there to Abishai Thomases. 31st. Lewis Ayres was buried. He had been on the township for some time. Eliza Wooverton died the 31st of last month. She was a young woman died of the consumption. Was buried the 2nd of the 11th month.

(NOVEMBER, 1847)
4th, I rode to meeting with Enoch Kester. He was here at work. 5th, Old John Arter was buried. He lingerd a long time. Was blind and on the township. 7th, Perry went to Roaring Creek. Rebecca walkd to meeting. I staid at home. I was sick yesterday. 11th,mo.9th, Perry and I went to Preparative meeting and Elizabeth M. Fuller was there. Aron Kester and Mary Ann Kester was there also. We went to the Widow Cheringtons and staid all night. They were verry kind and glad that we came to see them. Rachel Cherington rode with us to meeting. There was a considerable number of people at meeting. B. Fuller preachd. Her and Wm. Tyson and Family attatchd themselves to our Monthly meeting. They brought their certificates from Monallen Monthly meeting. 13th of 11th mo. Hannah Underwood, Rebeccas Mother died in Centre County. We believe she has safely landed where affliction is no more. Was buried about four oclock on first day. Wm. Underwood and his wife has been both bad with a fever but was recovering the last account. 14th, was at meeting. 18th Was at meeting. 21, Mary, James end I staid at home. She is getting better of the ague. Susanna Liby died sudenly last night. Was taken in the day. I heard of the death of George P. White and several other Friends. 23 and 24th, great rain and high waters. 28th, Mary went home to her Fathers. Cold. Verry cold for two or three days and hard freezing.

(DECEMBER, 1847)
12th mo. 2nd. I was at meeting. We calld at Asas a few minutes to see his wife She was sick. Rowland Husghes wife is sick. We heard of the death of 8arah Kester. She was buried about the 20th of last month. 5th of 12th month, we was at meeting today and stopd to see Polly. She is better. 9th, was at meeting. It commencd raining and raind for five days and a half. l2, Rebecca and I went to meeting. James drove home for us. Perry was unwell, did not go. It was a rainy day. 13th, Nathan Hammon came here from Bedford County. 14, Him and Perry and wife to Preparative and monthly meeting. The roads was verry bad. 19, Was at meeting and staid at Asas the afternoon. Polly was still quite ailing. Abisha and Emily was there. 20th, Sarah Mucklow [McClow] came here to keep house for Perrys while they went to Half Years meeting. Verry cold weather. 25, Being Christmas they returnd home. No public Friends attended the meeting. 26th, They went to meeting and took Sarah McClow home. A verry cold day. I staid at home. 28th, Lemuel Yarnall from the State of New York, my nephew, came here and 30th, went to meeting with Perry and wife and staid at Asas.

(JANUARY, 1848)
First month 2nd, 1848. Rebecca and I walkd to meeting. Jesse Broomall and Elizabeth M. Fuller was at our meeting. Elizabeth and Rebecca preachd. I went to Hirams for dinner. Betsy brought me part home, being verry muddy. 6th, was at meeting. John Walter and wife was here yesterday. 7, Hiram and wife and Amos was here. 8, I was at Snufftown. 9. I am home. Sarah is poorly. Perry and wife is gone to meeting. 10th, Aron Kester, Emily Thomas and Jacob Kester and Martha came here and paid us a visit. 11. Perry and wife went to Preparative and monthly meeting. Was quite a turnout, I suppose. 15th, Thomas Cherington came to Perrys to learn a trade. 16, was quite a turnout at our meeting today. 22nd, Perry and Rebecca went to Berwick. 23rd, Abia, James and self walkd to meeting. A good many young folks was there. I went to Adam Gilgers and spent the afternoon. That night Angelina had a daughter. 24th, Perry and wife returnd from Berwick and brought word of John Fortner and John Harder being dead. 25th, Malinda John came here on a visit. 26, Martha Ann John came on a visit. 27th, Perry and Malinda went to meeting. I staid at home. Sarah is sick.

(FEBRUARY, 1848)
2nd month 3rd, Reuben and wife attended our meeting. 6th, James Smith took me to meeting in a sleigh and we spent the afternoon at Muckclows [McClows]. Lemuel Yarnall came here. He and Jesse had been down country near three weeks. 8th, Was Preparative meeting at Shamokin. 9th, Lemuel started away. We went to Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. Mary Jane Tyson, Elizabeth Fuller and Rebecca John preached a good deal and verry nice. Rebecca requested a minuet to attend some meetings at Centre and Clearfield and E. Fuller to accompany her. Enoch Kester and Ruthanna Cherington publishd intentions of marriage. I dined at Potters. Lewis Woolverton died the 9th and buried the 12th. Werrel, the Baptist minister, preached the funeral. There was an uncommon many people there. 46 waggns and Buggys. He was 17 or 18 years old, a nice young man. A verry cold day. Lemuel Yarnall came here and bid us farewell. He went with Thomas Cherington to Roaring Creek. 10th, Betsy Yocom married to Abram Kerlin. 13th, P. and R. walked to meeting. I staid at home. Malinda came here to work. 15th Perry and I started to Fishing Creek, We stopd at John Wilsons and took dinner and staid till next morning and they went with us to monthly meeting at Fishing Creek. Elizabeth Roth and her daughter, Sarah, applied to be receivd into membership with Friends. Mary Ann Rich and Mary Hawely (sic) was clerk. After meeting I went to John P. Kesters and had a pleasant time with Mary Ann. In the evening we went to Charles Eveses and spent the evening. Amos Heacock and wife was there. Enoch Kester, Parker Kester and Sarah Eves was there. Next day we went to James Johns. Charles Eves took his wife, Mary Ann and I in his carriage. Next day Jacob Kester took Martha, Mary Ellen, and I to John Kesters at Rhoarsburg. Amos was at work there. We staid till ten oclock at night. It was a pretty moonlight night. Twas after twelve when we got to Jacobs. Next morn Perry John and John Rich came in for breakfast. Ezra Eves and Aron Kester came in too and had an opportunity. Perry was visiting some families, then we started home and stopd and dined at Elias Kickses in Bloomsburg, and we left there at four oclock and had a tedious ride home, and arrivd at nine oclock. Mary Ann John and Mary P. John was here while I was gone. We was gone five days. 2Oth, Was at meeting. A great turnout. In the evening Mahlon Hicks and Elizabeth M. Fuller came here. 21st, Rebecca and them started to Centre and Clearfield to attend some meetings. 24th, Perry and I was at meeting. Thomas Davis was there. I went to Samuels and spent the afternoon. Mary Ann John was there. 27th, John Pisher was buried. Was on the township. Perry, Malinda and I went to meeting. Abia and James walkd. James drove us home.

(MARCH, 1848)
3rd mo.5th,1848. Perry was at Roaring Creek. None of us went to meeting. It was a verry cold day. 9th Amos and I went to meeting. Ann Kester was there. We went to Asas and took dinner. llth, Rebecca returnd after an absence of near three weeks. Next day, her, Malinda and I went to meeting. Perry was laid up with a swelld face. 15th, Rebecca and I went to monthly meeting. It was a verry cold day. There was quite a number there. Edwin John drove home for me to his Fathers. Palemon had just returnd as a Doctor. The horse got lame and lost a shoe and the tire came off one wheel. Edwin brought us home in their carriage. l6th, Jesse and Thomas Davis came here. l7, Samuel and wife came here. Jehu came here and staid all night. l8th, Abisha and Emily Thomas came here. l9th, was at meeting. Jehu was there. Amos is sick with Small Pox. Doctor Palemon attends him. James and I went to see him. 2lst, James took Malinda home. 22nd, Perry, Rebecca and I and Thomas all went to Roaring Creek meeting. The roads was verry bad. We had hard set to get there. There was a great turnout. Enoch Kester and Ruthanna Cherington was married. Elizabeth M. Fuller preachd before the marriage and was solmnizd and Rebecca afterwards. Benjamin Eves and Jane Kester were waiters. James Smith and I went to John Lees for dinner and then home. Ruthanna John was here to do our chores. 23rd, I was sick and did not go to meeting. 26, I did not get to meeting.

4th month 2nd, We was at Abishas. 6, was at Elidas. 9th, was at J.Walters. 11th Preparative meeting at Shamokin. A poor dull time. Wm. is sick. Doctor Palemon John came to see him. 12th was monthly meeting. E.M. Fuller and Mary Jane Tyson preached. Aron Kester and daughters and Martha was there. Mary Eck applied to be received into membership. l6th, Hiram John and wife was here. Edwin and Martha Ann came and set up with the child. 18, they steamd the baby. Elida and Sarah came to set up. l9th, Palemon here all night. Jesse and James and I set up till after twelve. 20. Was at meeting. Sophia and Mary P. John was there. Walkd down. 22nd. Jesse, James and I set up. 23rd, Wm.Thomas and mother was here. Eliza Martz and Margret and Susanna Dimick was here. James John and wife was here all night.

(MAY, 1848)
5th month 9th, 1848. Elisha and Nathan Moore and John Way came here on their way to Yearly meeting and Mary P. John came here likewise. Next morning they started to Philadelphia in company with Perry. 10th, Palemon and Hannah Jane Bailey was marrid in Friends meeting at Bald Eagle. l3th, They came home. 14th, they made their appearance at our meeting. I went to Samuels. Palemon and wife came here and staid all night. 21st, I was at Elidas. Abia brought me home. 23rd, Sarah Musk Clow [McClow] was here. Perry and John Way returnd from the City. Next morning J. Way started home. In the afternoon Palemon and Nathan and Elisha Moore came here. Next morn, they started home to Clearfield. 25th, Hanna Jane came home with us from meeting and staid till first day. 27, Rachel Cherington and Austian and Mary came here and next day went with us to meeting. 29th, I am 36 years old.

(JUNE, 1848)
6th mo.3rd, James took Thomas Cherington home. He got that he could not stand the trade. Had such a pain in his breast. 4th, Elida and wife here. Sarah went home with them. A great storm in the evening. Sarah staid all week at Abisha Thomases. 8th, they cleand the meeting house. I staid at home. Doctor H.H. Fox was here for dinner. llth, Sarah and I went from meeting to Samuels. 13th, Perry and wife went to Preparative meeting and next day to monthly meeting. I could not go. Sarah was sick. She was poorly all week. 17th I had pains in my jaws. 18, Went to meeting. Enoch Kester and Ruthanna was there. 20th, Perry and I started to Fishing Creek. I had a swelld face. We staid all night at John Wilsons. Nancy Mans was there. They were verry kind. Frances was near confinement. Next morning we all started for Fishing Creek. John and six of his children went along. Perry and I stopd and took a dish of tea at George Masters, then we went to meeting. Sarah Spencer spoke a few words. Mary S. Hunt spoke verry nice and Mary Jane Tyson. After meeting I went to Doctor Palemon Johns and dined. Elidas folks was there. Then John Kester and Ann came and took me and Ruthanna John along with them to Roarsburg and next morning brought us back to meeting. Elizabeth Fuller, Josiah Carrison, Wm. Tyson, Wm. Underwood preached in the first meeting. The day before was monthly meeting and Elizabeth Haycock was receivd into membership. Amos Heacocks wife and Priscilla Johnson was disownd late P.Clayton to the meeting of business on fifth day came Mary Hunt and Lydia Longstreth. Mary got sick and had to leave the first meeting. She preached at the last meeting and Martha Jones. I went home with Jacob and Martha Kester. My face hurt me much. Had a restless night. Next day Wm. Cleaver and Wm. Underwood and Mary Hunt preached and Mary Jane Tyson supplicatd. After meeting we went to Doctor Palemon Johns. Wm. Underwood and wife and daughter was there. It rained a few showers. Enoch Kester and wife and Mary Ann Cherington came there. After the rain we all left for home. We came on to the widow Wilsons. Elidas and family and Thomas B. Longstreth and wife and Wm. Robinson came to John Wilsons. Next morn we all started for home. I had a bad night for my swelld face was gathering. We made a halt in Danville to call on Jesse Broomall. We got home about noon. My gatherd face found relief by breaking a few minutes after I got home. In the evening Reuben Wilson brought John Andrews. Wm. Dorsey, Mary S. Hunt, and Martha Jones here and staid over night. Next day they went to meeting. A great turnout. 28, James was hurt by being thrown off the horse. He was near fainting. Had to be led to the house. His nose bled profusely. Jesse and Amos was here at work for Perry at the Hay. 29th,James and the boys, Perry and Rebecca and I went to the meeting.

(JULY, 1848)
7th month the lst,l848. Elizabeth M. Fuller and David Albert and Sarah Ann Hicks came here and staid over night. Next day we went to meeting. Elizabeth preached a good deal. A number was there. We went to Hirams. 9th, we went to Samuels from meeting. Their cow got her leg broke. It was a rainy day and rainy for a week. 11th, Perry and I went To Cattawissa Preparative meeting. I staid all night at Benjamin Sharpless. Next morning I walkd to Roaring Creek. I went to Samson Ellises. His wife was verry kind to me. Elizabeth Fuller and Mary Jane Tyson preached. Then came a thunder gust after the first meeting. There was a shocking storm here at this place, fences blown down, fruit trees blown up and broke to pieces the barn roof part blown off and the rain wet our beds and so forth. l6th, I staid at home. The rest went to meeting. Aron Kester and Martha
came here and spent the afternoon. 20th, After meeting Elida and Sarah and Perry started to Berwick to take Mary Jane Tyson to Muncy. Rebecca and I walkd home. We stopd at Mary Muckclow [McClow] and took dinner. 2l and 22nd, Great rain. 23rd, Rebecca and I and James Smith and Abia John walkd to meeting and we dined at Asas. Amos brought us home. It rained two showers. James went to A.Ga.[sic]. 25th, Mary Muckclow [McClow], Sara and Jesse came here. There was a hard shower in the afternoon. 27th. We went from meeting to Hirams. Osburn Wms. and Martha John was married this day at Lloyd Thomases. 29th, Amos and James went to Fishing Creek. It rained. 20th. They have gone to meeting. Myself and Jane at home. They went to Wm. Thomases.

(AUGUST, 1848) .
8th month 3rd,Isaac Lippencot and wife Mary Lippencot was here at our meeting and Elizabeth Fuller and John Hicks. Mary spoke verry nice. She is clerk of the Yearly meeting. They visitd the families of Friends and some others in Shamokin. 4th, Lippencots were here all night. 5th, James and myself went with them to the union school house to meeting that Mary had appointd at nine oclock. She preached nearly all the time. In the evening she had meeting in Danville. James went over and staid all night. 6th, we was at meeting. A number was there. Rebecca was not there. Ruth Kester was buried the 5th. She was widow of Benjamin Kester. 10th,I was not at meeting. Palemon and wife was there. In the afternoon, they came here and staid awhile. l3th, they are gone to meeting and I at home. A verry rainy day and I have cause to remember it-- 15th, Our preparative meeting at Shamokin. l6, was at Cattawissa monthly meeting. Quite a turnout. Mary Ellis and Rebecca Dalby is appointd overseers and Elleno Lee and myself reappointd. Elise Hicks is receivd as one of our members. 19th Perry and wife gone to Roaring Creek. Jehu and his three sons came here from Costerville [Coatsville], 25 miles. 20th, James and I walkd to meeting. I went to Hirams. Susan Richard was there at work. Betsey has a daughter and calls her Lydia Eliza. H. Martz was buried. 22nd, Sarah and I went to Samuels. 24th, Peter Haas and Luweza Dongler was married and Jacob Kane and Beulah Fox likewise. 25th, Rebecca and I were at J. VanHorns a visiting. 26, Reubens camne here. Next day he was at meeting and preached. Wm. Millard and wife was there with Reuben and wife. I staid at home with James and Jane and William. I was reading and writing. James was unwell. Valentine Hummel was buried. 3lst, was at meeting. Verry sleepy. Anna Maria Wellever was there. Henry Thomases son was killd by being thrown off a horse and draggd. He was about ten years old. At Coatsville about the 14th of this month. 31st. I was at S. Rosses.

9th month 3rd. We were at Elidas after meeting. 1Oth, I staid at home. The rest went to meeting and to Abisha Thomases. Jacob Kester and Martha were there. l4th, we were at monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. Quite a turnout there. Mahlon Hicks and Phebe Pilkington publishd their intentions for marriage. Rowland Hughes was recievd into membership. We went with him and took dinner. Elizabeth Fuller was lying verry sick and Mary Jane Tyson was sick at meeting and preached some, too though hardly able to stand. l7th, I was at meeting and saw Martha Kester and Sarah Ann Wellever. Wm. Thomas and his mother was there and came home with us. It got to raining and they staid all night. James brought Sarah Muckclow [McClow] here to work. l9th, Hannah Watson, Sarah Rich, Hannah Jane John came here and staid all night and helpd cut apples. Next day and night Perrys made apple butter. 21st. they were at our meeting. Hannah Watson and Sarah Rich went home. 23rd, John Kester and Ann was here. Next day was at meeting. Osburn Williams and Martha and a great number was there. 26th, Sarah and I went to Samuels store and back to Elidas and spent the afternoon. Hannah Jane, Palemon's wife, was there. John P. Kester and Mary Ann and Sarah Eves, Sophia John, Lucretia came there and came here and staid all night. 30th
Nathan Haas was buried. A great many there. He died of something like a cancer of his jaw. Has left five children.

(OCTOBER, 1848)
Mary Adams was buried the 4th of tenth mo. Tenth month, 8th. Our folks went to J. Walters l2th, Polly Reed married. 15th, Elidas and Samuels here. 17th Amos Y.
John and Ellenor Oliver was married, and Mahlon Hicks and Phebe Pilkington. Perry and wife gone to Fishing Creek. 22nd. William Underwood was at our meeting. A great turnout. Amos Yarnall and Evan just arrived in time for meeting. Joseph Warner was there. We dined at Asas. Evan Yarnall brought me home. I had walked to meeting and was not well. Next day Abisha Thomas and Mary Ellen came here, and W. Underwood and Yarnalls. Perry and wife came from Fishing Creek the night before. On seckond day evening William had meeting in the Valley. Our folks all turned out to it. 24th. W. started to the City to buy store goods. 27th. old Mother Krick was buried and we were making apple butter. 3Oth, Wm. returnd. 3lst. Perrys made apple butter.

(NOVEMBER, 1848)
11th month 3rd, Yarnalls came here. 4th & 5th, verry stormy weather. Perrys went to meeting. Yarnalls and Jesse weather bound here. 7th, Election day, Mary Ann John here. Samuel and Yarnalls in the evening. They all went away. 10th, Yarnalls returnd. 11th, they startd for home or to F.C. That night it snowd. l2th, was a rainy sloppy day. 14th & l5th. Preparative and Monthly meeting. I was not there. I was not well. l9th, I am at home. Perry, wife and Sarah gone to meeting. 20th, William Camp and Matilda Pox married. 23rd, Was at meeting. Thomas Davis was there. 24, He came here. It was a rainy day. Hiram came here and took me to his house to stay with the children while they went to Fishing Creek on. First day we went to meeting. Newton Thompson and Family was there from Sunbury, being Friends lately moovd from Stroudsburgh. Mary Ellen Thomas went with me. In the evening I was at Asas. Thomas Davis and Jesse John went with me and spent the evening at Hirams. On thirday evening Amos and Ellen came and spent the evening with me. They had been here the day before. On fourth day I went to Asas and took dinner. Him and I went to view some land for sale. Hirams came home about noon. In the evening I went to Abishas. Hiram took me near there. I had a pleasant time. Next day we went to meeting and from there home. I heard of the death of Daniel Montgomerys widow and Peter Swank was buried the 25th.

(DECEMBER, 1848)
12th month 3rd, I staid home. There has been a Protractd meeting at the Brick meeting house. l2th month, tenth, I was not at meeting. llth, Patience and her children came here. l2th, Perry and wife went to Preparative and Monthly meeting. Edwin John came here with the carriage for Patience and children. 17th I was at meeting. Perry went to Roaring Creek meeting. I dined at Asas and then went to Samuels and took supper and waitd for Perry. 19th. Eliza Marts came here to work for Perrys. They went on the 20th to Half Years meeting. 24th Jehu and Kimber came home with us from meeting. Abia and Mary was there and Gilger's girls and boys. 25th, We had butchering done. A verry storm day. 26, Abia and Mary came here. 29th, Perry took Mary to Snydertown and he went to Sunbury and brought Susan Thompson and children home with him. 3Oth, Abia took Mary away. 31, I staid at home. Elida and Sarah came here. New Year Day Newton Thompson came here for his wife. 28th of 12th month, Adam Dimic married to Elizabeth Liby married and Charles Tietsworth and Mary Yocom married New Years eve we went to spend the evening at John Replys. (last sentence as written).

(JANUARY, 1849)
3rd, Emily Thomas came here and staid till first day. I staid at home. Perry and wife went to Wm. Thomases. 11th, was at meeting. A verry cold day. 14th, was at meeting and went to Asas and dined. Jesse is laid up with froze toes, verry bad. 16th Perry and self went to Preparative meeting at Cattawissa. Perry came home and I rode to Roaring Creek with John G.Rich, Ezra Eves, Charles Eves, and Rachel Eves in a sled. We went to Judah Cheringtons and the Widow Cheringtons and staid all night. Next morn, we had a difficult tine starting. The horse bauckd and would not start and fell down and the men had to unhitch them to get them up, and then they went well enough after we got startd. We went to Reubens an hour. Sophia had the P(?)resipyious verry bad. Then we went to meeting. A great many there. Reuben Wilson and daughter, Harriet was there. R.W., R.J., Reuben John and Mary Jane Tyson preachd. Elizabeth Fuller had a spell in meeting, which she is subject to. Mary Jane is getting recommended. She got liberty to visit some meeting belonging to the Half Year's Meeting and Elizabeth to accompany her. Christian Probst was buried the 16th at Cattawissa. 21st, I did not get to meeting. I and Sarah and James is unwell with colds.

(FEBRUARY, 1849)
2nd mo. 3rd, Jesse Underwood came here. 4th, He went with us to meeting and back again. Edwin and Martha Ann came here. Palemons had a daughter that day. 8th, J.U. startd home. Rebecca and I went to Wm. Thomases and brought Ann home with us. 10th, Perry and wife went to Berwick. 11th, none from here was at meeting, though there was a great turnout there. 13th, Preparative meeting at Shamokin. Susan Thompson was there. Next day she was at Monthly Meeting. We dined at T. Potters. Reuben and wife came here with us. Next day Susan Thompson and children came here and staid till first day. Reuben staid for meeting. He preachd and Perry and Rebecca and Reuben Wilson, J.G. Rich and Ann Eves were there. They were all here over night. Next morning being the 18th, Rebecca and them started for Warrington Quarterly meeting and attend some meetings in Adams and York Counties and was gone near three weeks. Perry was a verry poorly part of the time. 25th, James Smith, Wm. Potter (NOTE: Paper torn. This may not be the correct name. Ed.) Ann Thomas and myself was verry much frightend with the horse. We was nearly overset agoing to meeting.

(MARCH, 1849)
3rd month 1st. Heard of the death of John Riches youngest child and Francis Eves oldest child and Delila Cox a young woman died at James Johns. 9th, Charles Martzes wife was buried. An uncommon many people was there, over forty waggons. She has left five small children. 11th, I did not go to meeting. Elida John and wife came here. 13th, We went to Preparative meeting at Cattawissa and went to Reuben Johns and staid over night. Next day was verry stormy. We went to Samuel Hamptons after meeting and staid all night. Harriet Evens was there. Next day we came home. It raind again a part of the way. 17th, Abia came here. We heard of the death of Ephraigm Parter. 13th, I staid at home. Perry and Rebecca and Ann Thomas went to meeting. Ann went home. She had been here five weeks. 3rd month 24th, Sarah H. John brought Rebecca Davis here. She was paying her last visit around. 29th,she went away.

(APRIL, 1849)
4th month 1st, Samuel and wife here. 5th,Rebecca and self walkd to meeting and calld to see Polly Muskclow [McClow] and dined. 8th, We went to Abishas house, from meeting. Rowland Hughes and family was there. 9th, Jacob Kester came here. 10th, Was Preparative meeting at Shamokin. I saw Martha there. Next day was Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. I was not there. 15, Was at Hirams. 22nd, Was at Samuels. 26, Ann and Jane Thomas was here. 29th, Sarah went to meeting. Perry and wife went to see Ruthanna Williams. Isaac John is at work for Perry in the shop. 24th, Adam Gilger was married to Elizabeth Long.

(MAY, 1849)
5th month 3rd, Wesley John and Doctor David Walter from Centre County came on a visit. 6th was rainy. Perrys went to meeting and from there to Walters and brought Ann Thomas with them home. 7th, Wesley John came here and in the evening James John and family came here. They have twins and had Elizabeth Wilson along for nurse. A verry rainy time. 9th, Perry and wife and Elida and wife started to Philadelphia Y.M. 12th, I was sick. 13th & l4th, rainy. None of us at meeting. 10th,I walkd to meeting, and went to Asas for dinner. Ann Kester was there. I came home after dinner. Ann Yocom came here and staid till next day. 15th, I walkd to Asas and staid all night. there. Ann was there. Next morning, Hiram took me to Roaring Creek Monthly meeting. Mary Jane Tyson and Elizabeth Fuller preachd. A considerable number was there. We dined at Osburn Williams and from there home. 20th, Ann Thomas and Isaac John walkd to meeting. I was not well. 22nd, Perrys returnd from Yearly meeting. Angelina had another daughter that day. 24th, after meeting we called there. 27th, Ann and I walkd to meeting and rode home. A cool, cloudy day. 29th is my birthday. Martha Ann John came here to quilt. A rainy afternoon. She staid till next day evening.

(JUNE, 1849)
Sixth month 2nd. Perry, Rebecca and I started to see Ruthann Williams. We calld to see Hirams. He was poorly and Polly was likewise. We had a verry sattisfactory time at Mark Williamses. His wife is verry poorly with consumption. She was in great trouble of mind, not feeling peace and clearness, but was verry penitent. We had a tendering time. Rebecca preached. I got a bad headache and it raind and thunderd and we staid all night, and next morn we went by way of John Hugheses and James Stokes to Reuben Johns. A verry pleasant ride and beautiful morn. Aaron Kester was at Reubens. We all went to meeting. Had a comfortable meeting. We went to Judah Cheringtons and dind and spent a little while at the Widow Cheringtons. Enoch Kester and Ruthanna was there. Half after three we started home and calld a few minutes at Osburn Wm. and had a pleasant ride home. Ruthanna and Sarah Eliza John was here. Next morn Perry took Ann Thomas home. She had been here four weeks. 7th, We was at meeting and cleand the meeting house. 10th, Stacey John was at meeting and others. A distressd day to me. 12th & 13th, Preparative and Monthly meeting. I did not go. 17th, Perry, Rebecca and Sarah went to meeting and from there to see Ruthanna Wm. and had a religious opportunity there. She is still sinking. They brought Ann Thomas home with them. 19th, Perry and Rebecca and self started to Fishing Creek and lodged at John Wilsons. Elida and Sarah and daughters and Joseph Davis and wife and Ruth Davis. All came there and staid over night. Elizabeth Davis and her husband and Rebecca preached in a family sitting in the evening beautifully to the children. Next morn, was beautiful. Five carriage loads started from there for Fishing Creek. We calld a few moments at Wm. Watons before meeting. There was a great turnout there. Charles Townsend and wife, Priscilla, and daughter in law, Anna, and Sarah Tyson and James: Andrews in company with Elizabeth Newport and companion, Mary Hollowwell, and Joseph Davis and wife, Elizabeth and cousin Ruth Davis, and Levi Coats and wife. Six strange preachers spoke. I was all night at Jacob Kesters and was at Aron Kesters and James Johns and another night at John Kesters, and I was at Charles Eves, Dr. Palemon Johns, Ezra Eves. Their daughter, Elizabeth, has been lying sick near four months. Some of the Friends had religious opportunities with her. I was at Anna Ashtons, Wm. Watsons, George Masters. We had a good Half Years meeting. We came and staid all night with the Widow Wilson and daughter, Elizabeth. Next day we came home. Joseph Davis and company and Joseph Iddings and company all came home with us. Next morning Elizabeth Davis had an opportunity in our family. Then all went to meeting but myself. Next morning Joseph Iddingses started home at ten oclock. Priscilla Townsend and company was at our meeting. Her and Ann spoke and A. suplicatd. Then they hurried off to take stage. I had a bad headache in the afternoon. Sarah staid several days away. On seventh day Ruthanna Williams was buried, being the 23rd of sixth month.

(JULY, 1849)
7th month 1st, 1849, I am at home. James Smith is free of apprentiship with Perry. He is fixing to leave. 7th mo. 2nd 1849. James Andrews, Elizabeth Newport and Mary Hallowell, with Elida John, came here on a family. They had an opportunity with Sarah and I first and said a great deal to both of us, and verry encoungingly, if we would only be faithful, and then they went to Perrys family, and invitd us down. She spoke a great deal to Jones Smith, making him out for a great man in the glorious cause, if he would be faithful to manifestd duty, to war in Righteousness, and be a Captain of a little bind, to be a leader, a guide and Pioneer to pull down and build up again, forth. They staid here all night, and in the morning they went to Abia Johns at 4 oclock had meeting, and a memorable one it was. Isaac John, James Smith, and I and Elizabeth Vanhorn walkd to meeting. The rest rode. After meeting they went to J. Walters. She had a message for Jesse J. John, verry pretty. 4th, was a Celebration in Petersburg. 8th, we walkd to meeting. A good many there. Went to Elidas after meeting, and in the evening, Abia C. brought us home. 10th,Went to Cattawissa Preparative meeting and then to Roaring Creek to John Lees. After supper I went to Ellenor Lees and staid all night. In the morning we went to Amos Johns, and from there to meeting. A good many was there. Ann Ellises case was brought before the meeting. We dined at Osburn Williamses. John Helvick is dead. 12th, Hiram was here. 14th, John Walters was here. 15th, John Persings wife was buried. 18 waggons attended. I am at home while the rest is gone to meeting. In the evening Samuel Newton Thompson and family came here and staid all night. 16th, James Smith cut our Harvest. 18, Jacob Conrad and Perry hauld it in, and I had to help. 19th,was at meeting. 22nd, at home. Had the company of J.S. Our folks went to Thompsones from meeting. Doctor Palemon Johns was there at meeting. Mark Williams and family was there, and Mary Ann John and John Hartmann young folks. 26th, I was at meeting and want to Samuels from there. I staid all night. Susan Gilger was there a quilting and I helped. Julyann Krickbaum and Elizabeth Causeman came there and quiltd and next day I came home. Perry had been verry sick. 29th, we was at meeting. Rebecca staid at home. A good turnout. Sarah staid to pay a visit at Samuels. Doctor Walter was there amongst others. Rowland Hugheses youngest child, Emily, buried this afternoon.

(AUGUST, 1849)
8th month 11th,1849. John Jackson and wife and Jane D. Pearse came here with Brother Elida, and I went with them to Morgan Hughes to find crystals, and next day John preachd excellent at our meeting house to a large audience. John Wilson and family was there, and we all went to Elida Johns and spent the .afternoon, and Edwin John brought us home. James was several days at Minersville. James took me to Perrys and Rebecca and I rode to meeting. James and I dined at Asas. Sarah MuckClow was keeping house-(there). I brought Griffith home with me. Elida and Sarah was there. 29th, James and I walkd to meeting and I came home alone. Elizabeth Vanhorn was here. 31st, Jehu was here.

(SEPTEMER, 1849)
9th mo 1st. Abia and Mary and Margret Eddy came here and next day they went to Camp meeting. Edwin John and I walkd to meeting. Reuben and wife was there. Them and I went to Elidas and Perrys. Edwin brought me home. 8th, Abia and Mary and Margret Eddy, a Scotch girl, came over here from Minersville, and LLewellen. They had been at Camp meeting and report says that Abia was convertd. 9th, they and James went to Replys (sic) to meeting. Perry and wife and Abia and Jane and Ann Beck came here. 10th,George Pennsyl came here to thrash and staid all week. 10th, Abia and company left here. Have missd two Preparative and a monthly meetings. __th We are at home, disappointd from going to meeting. 20th, I rode to meeting and back to Elidas. I went to look at a lot that is for sale. 23rd, I walkd to meeting and stopd at Samuels and dined. W.T. was there. Samuel brought me home. Eliza and Margret Martz were here that afternoon. 26th, Jehu and family came here. He went and brought Solomon Hauseweart here and staid over night. Next morn, they took leave for Illinois. I went with them to Petersburg and Abia John took Patiences and my likeness, and we presentd to each other. I bid them farewell in Petersburg, perhaps for ever. 28th, I attended the funeral of our old neighbour, Solmon Krick. He out livd three wives. The last was buried about one year ago. 29th, James Smith took leave of us to go off to work, not knowing how long he might stay or if we should ever see him. Made us feel sorry. He had been here 3 years and 8 month. We are verry lonesome now. It is raining and I could not go to meeting.

(OCTOBER, 1849)
A verry lonely rainy gloomy week. Tenth month 4th, I walkd to meeting and got to ride part of the way home. 6th,verry rainy. Abia came here and staid all night. 7th, still raining. I could not go to meeting. Verry lonesome and distressd. Elida and wife and Perry and wife came here in the afternoon. 8th, of tenth, three teams came here and moovd Perrys things away, which still makes it more lonesome. 14th, P. came and took Searh to meeting. Samuel and wife brought her back and spent the afternoon here. 16th, was at Preparative meeting. I dined at Perrys. Elias Hicks was there. I read a letter from Martha Ann John. She is at Sharon Boarding School at John Jacksons, a verry interesting letter she writes. I rode to meeting with Elias and wife. Jacob Kester and family and Martha Kester was there on their way to Chester County. Eliza V. Walters was there for the first time. Margret and William Thomas applied to be receivd as members of Friends. 17th, I met Elidas carriage in Petersburg and went with them to Monthly Meeting at Cattawissa. A considerable number was there. We came right home after meeting. 21st, I walkd to meeting and dined at Asas. It got to raining verry much all afternoon, I rode along with Abia John, Senior and got home safe. 27th, Sarah went home with Perry and staid all night and to meeting next day. I had Jefferson M. John with me. 25th, I had my likeness taken in the morning before meeting. Reuben and wife was at meeting. He preached. In the afternoon Hiram took Sarah and had her likeness take.

(NOVEMBER, 1849)
4th of the 11th month, We were both at meeting. Obediah Palmer and wife came home with us, and Edwin John, and dIned, and then Palmers went to Sunbury. 6th, they came here and staid all night with theIr daughter, Elizabeth Smiley, on their way home. 7th, put a quilt in the frame and have been engaged at that 8,9, and 10th, verry unwell. Nine years since Mother died. 11th, did not get to meeting. Not well, and bad walking. Verry lonesome. We have felt very distresad at hearing of a Steam boat being burnt that Jehu and family expectd to go on for Illinois. The thoughts of them and their property lying in the bottom of Lake Erie. This evening being the 11th of the month, to our inexpressible Joy, we heard of a leeter being received by Elida from Jehu that they had arrivd safe at their new home near Rock river in Winnebago County, Illinois, and well pleasd with their farm and plenty of grain to keep them till they can raise. But some of their goods were missing, two dry good boxes of bedding and so forth, were lost or stolen. 12th, had the pleasure of seeing Jehus letter. We felt thankful to see a letter from him after so distressd about them. 14th, was monthly meeting at Roaring Creek and I was not there. 15th, receivd letters from G. Janney and James Smith, both from Philadelphia. His, J.S. was dated the 4th. I went to meeting the 18th with Hugh John in their Buggy and William Huing and Elizabeth Minegar made their appearance in their wedding garments. I went to Elidas and spent the afternoon. Jonathan Vastine and wife and Dr. Palemon and wife was there in the evening. Elida and wife and Hanna Jane came home with me. 19th, I sent a letter to J.S. 22nd, was at meeting and rode to Elidas and dined, and from there I rode with W.T. 28th I received a letter from Evan Yarnall maild 9th month. 29th, I went to Perrys before meeting and rode to meeting and back to Perrys and dined and rode from there home. Sobers (or -Lobers) Mill got a fire, a narrow escape of being burnd up.

(DECEMBER, 1849)
12th mo.7th, l849 Sarah Gellinger was burled. A nice young woman. A few weeks before her brother William was buried, a young m an. Amos and Jesse came
there and staid over night. I heard of the marriage of Grace Ann Brooks and Joshua Wolverton of Shamokin town. 8th, I was verry sick all day. 9th, Perry and family here. llth, the last Preparative meeting at Cattawissa. 12th, Monthly meeting there. Ann Weaver and company there. I was not there. llth, Sarah Mull was buried. She died suddenly. l3th, Samuel and wife was here. 20th Half years meeting. 22nd, a verry stony day. 23rd, Laertes John came here with a sleigh and took me to meeting. Ann Weaver and company was there. She preached excellent. There was quite a turnout. I dined at Samuels. L. brought me home in the evening, and Ulyses Franklin came home to stay and go to school. 27, receivd 1 letter from Martha Ann. 28th, Isaac John returnd from Ohio. He had been at brother Griffiths. He has a large family and is very wealthy. 30th, Chalkly John came and took me to meeting. Elihu Bernard preached verry nice. Elihu and Amos Bernard and Elida and wife and myself all dined at Perrys. Chalky brought me home in the evening.

(JANUARY, 1850)
1st month 1st, 1850. I had the sick headache. 5th, Perry and Rebecca spent the evening here. 6th, I walkd to meeting and got verry lame. Dined at Asas. Joseph brought me home. 10th, I was at Preparative meeting being just establishd. Perrys took me there and Elida brought me home. Heard of the death of David Williams. 12th, William Thomas and Ann came and staid all night and I rode with them to meeting and dined at Hirams. 16th, Monthly meeting at Roaring Creek, newly establishd. I was not there. 15th, I was at Petersburg. 20th, at home. Kersey and Amos Gilger here. 24th, Was at Meeting. Went home with Perrys and dined and he brough me nearly home. I recievd a letter from James Smith. He was in New Jersey. Hiram Reeder and Elizabeth Yocom was married. I wrote a letter to Martha Ann John and J.S. and sent them the 25th to the office. 27th, Rebecca had a meeting at Casemans school house. A great turnout. I went to see Margaret Vanhorn. She is sick and I calld at Mary Millers. 29th, Rachel Potter was buried. 20th, Emily and Rebecca and Perry came here. Emi]y staid a week. 31st. I walkd to meeting and home again. Calld at Vanhorns. The doctor was there.

(FEBRUARY, 1850)
2nd month 2nd, Jacob Kerch(or Serch) was buried. 3rd, Elida and Ruthanna was here. 7th, Elida came and brought Emily and self to Preparative meeting. 9th, a verry stormy day. Samuel and wife came here and staid till next day afternoon. 13th, I was at Samuels. 14, Lewis Vastines wife was buried. 16, I was at meeting and went along with Jacob Kesters to Samuels. Stacy John and Mother was there, besides others. In the evening they came here. J. Kesters and Emily Thomas, and staid till next day. 21st, I was at meeting, a foot and call at my brothers, Ss., Ps., And Es. 24th, I walkd to meeting. Elida and wife came home with me. 26 & 27, a verry fine weather. Asa and Susan and Hanna Gilger was here. 28th, I went to meeting and had storm to come home in.

(MARCH, 1850) 3rd month 3rd,
A verry stormy day of snow and wind. 7th, Preparative meeting. I did not get there. 8, I went to Petersburg. Calld at Widow Yocoms and Gilgers. A verry windy day. 13th, Monthly meeting at Berwick. 16, Mary P. John came here and left here the 19th. 25th, Perrys here. 27 of 3rd month, 1850. Abia Johns moovd here. 29th, I was at Snufftown. 31st, Edwin and Ruth Ann came here and took Sarah and myself to meeting and to Elidas to dine and then home.

4th month 7. I walkd to meeting and went home with Elida and dined and he brought me home and then I went and paid a little visit at David Marzes with his daughters. 9th, John Kester and Ann came and Mary Ann Cherington and staid all night. 10th, was monthly meeting at Shamokin for the first time. A great turnout. E.M. Fuller and mary Jane Tyson preached. 14th, a verry cold day. henry John brought me to meeting. 16th, We mooved to Asas T. Johns. Had six wagons. 25th, Thomas Potter buried. Died with cancer on his face. 28th, Robert Howey buried. Jesse Broomall and wife here. John Wilson her; Abia and Jane likewise

(MAY, 1850)
5th month, 5th, A verry rainy day. Abisha and William Thomas here. 3rd, Sarah and I went to Abia Johns to our old home. 6th, I went to Elidas in the evening and staid all night. 7th, A beautiful morning. Elida and I startd for Philadelphia. We joind John Wilson and wife and daughter, Susan at Perrys. It was a fine morning. We traveld comfortably over the mountains and fed at Anthony Douglers at Ashland. Reuben Wilson and wife joind us there. We came through New Castle and Pottsville on to Schuylkill Haven and Elida and self staid all night at Lawyer Bushrod Washington Hughees and his Mother told me about a verry large building that was in sight of there for Engine house. She said that it was first coverd with boards, sand paper and pitch, then muslin and then zink, and then paintd. The house is shapd like a bowl turnd up side down. Maria Hughes is a nice little woman. Bushrods wife. They have 3 sons and a daughter. We started about seven and traveld through Orwigsburg, Port Clinton, Hamburg, Shoemakersville, to James Stars in Maiden Creek. Reuben Wilson and wife, Elida and self dined there. John Wilson went to Sarah Rights. We spent the afternoon there. About 5 oclock we went to William Willetses and met with a hearty welcome. His wife and son Thomas was at home. Wm. had gone to Philadelphia quarter. We had excellent entertainment. It was a rainy night. Next morning we started at six and joind our company at John Rights. It was verry muddy. We saw a telegraph concern to carry water. We came by a place where they were agoing to lay a corner stone for a meeting house, we supposd. We met a number of People going to it for miles. On a hill near Reading we caw a verry curious building in Reading and was informd that it was a jail. We crossd the river at Douglasville and fed at Unionville at Gidion Hills. This is in Chester County. We pased through Lawrenceville, Charlestown, and Valley Forge to the Great Valley. There is a factory and several verry buildings at the Valley Forge. The railroad passes there. We all put up and staid all night at Joseph Davises. His lovely wife, Elizabeth, was verry much pleasd to see us, and we had a verry pleasant time. There was seven of us, in company. We saw a wild goose there. It was tame and setting. Next morning we started about seven and went through Radner and Springfield to Darby and on one mile from there to Saron Boarding Schook, kept by John Jackson. A verry pretty place. Martha Ann, Harriet and Fanney was verry much pleasd to see us. and we likewise. We was verry interestingly entertaind by John and Rachel. We saw a number of curiosities. We were on the house top and saw a number of schooners on the Delaware, a distance of from two to six miles. We was in the Observatory, where they go to view the moon and stars. We saw the telescope and globe. Rachel showd us a model of a human form which cost three hundred dollars. Was brought from Paris. She showd us every part and explaind it to us. They had a number of shells and some from California, and stones, and many curious things, and Electrifying Apperatises which would make the sparks fly from their hands. I saw a piece of gold from California. They have Fifty three schollars and two little sisters from Charleston, South Carolina, both under ten years old. Francisco Loviza (sic) and Rosealic or Virginia Rosealia Rabe, a verry nice looking teachers. Mary Pancoast, Jane Pearse, Hannah Criscom, Hannah Ann Ash, James Mott, Joseph Dugdale and Edward Davis came there. William Dean and wife from Baltimore; Marion, their only child, was one of the schollars. They had not saw her for 8 months. Next morning Elida and Martha Ann, and myself started for the city and came by Dlrby Kingessing (sic) and a beautiful ride we had, and came through West Philadelphia over the wire Bridge, and along Callowhill to 12th street, and soon to 3rd St. to T.B. Longstreths and was welcomly recieved by them. Thomas Moore from Clearfield came in soon after us. It soon began to rain after we got there. Tommy brought his daughter Elizabeth home. She had been sick. Martha Ann and myself, in company with Margret Longstreth, Williams daughter who kindly offerd to go with us, went to several stores and came back to dine. Quite rainy. Joseph Warner and Henry Iddings came. He wantd to lodge, which he succeedd in a little after five. Maryann Jeffries and Georgianna Jenney calld to see us and staid near two hours. A number of strangers came in; Edward Townsend and wife and Samuel Townsend --- from Baltimore; Olever Sc???? Richard Blummer [mns badly torn here Ed.] and Rebecca Pearse, after 8 oclock James Smith came and staid two hours. We was verry glad to see him. Next morning was verry fine and clear. After nine oclock James came and went with us to Green Street meeting; Elizabeth Davis and Eliza Wilson, formerly wife of Andrew Ridgeway, and two men that I did not know, and Rowland Johnson. Then we went to Benjamin Janneys to dine. They were verry kind. Aunt Phebe John and Mary Ann Jeffries was ther. We went to Spruce Street meeting. James still with us. At four colock Ireal [Isreal?] Drake and Susan Cox preachd. She is crackd. We all went to Charles Townsend to tea. His wife, Priscella, is verry nice. We saw a number of likenesses there. John Wilson and wife and girls was there. James left us after we went from there. He had been with us all day. He is not well, nor had not been for several days. Had the Cholic. Painting does not agree with him. Second day morning, fine and clear. Martha Ann and me is in our Chamber writing. At ten we went to meeting. All the representatives were present but four. [some missing] communications were deliverd. -- -Elizabeth Davis, Lucretia, Mott, Harriet Moore, ---[Rho]da Lamb, and others. We all went to Dr Yard --- shing Creek folks [possibly Fishing?] In the afternoon we went to me[eting] --- Several spoke. S.M. Davis supplicatd, Martha Ann --- to B. Janneys and staid all night. At nine --- met there was thirty Communications deliverd -- is several strangers from a distance atten -- [m]eeting Catharine Kease, Esther Haviland, Sarah --- and Several men. We dind at Doctor Hanry --- ilds. They are verry kind and agreeable. Ellen Hancock ---- living there, A nice girl. Jonathan Hagill and wife was there -- afternoon. It became verry rainy. We had some [verry] good preaching. Thomas Moore accompanied us. --- the rain. It was thirday evening we --- ting house to an Antislavery -- [sa]ttisfactory with a little excep -- was there and handd -- me with --- to Longstreths --- ten --- we met and twenty testamonies were deliverd. L --- Eliza Newport, R. Rogers, P. Hadley, M. Schoef ---, ---cot, D.F. Wharton, H.I. Moore, A. Ga --- , --- Kease, Esther Haviland, M. Moore, M. Allen, M. --- streth and others. We dined at Doctor H.T. C------er of Friends were there. They were verry ----- . Ma. A. and myself walkd toe the Delaware and --- vessels at the wharf and steamboating a running ---- verry interesting for me to view the water and --- and brigs. At four we met and was interesting --- subject of Education. A number spoke. It was --- Jackson and Jane D. Pearse came and --- Fifth day morning Thomas -- Cherry Street to meet wi-- verry sattisfactory and --- tended Cherry Street mee[ting]---orn (sic) Ellis, Isrea- Drake--- Mary Lewis, Lucretia Mott preachd, We dined at Edward Townsends, husband of Ann A. Townsend. A great number was there. Fishing Creek folks and many other At four we met again. The yearly meeting subject came before us and was ably spoken too by Elizabeth Newport. Elizabeth Davis, L. Mott, Anna Morris, Harriet Moore, Rhoda Lamb and others. In the evening, James Smith came and spent the evening. Sixth day there was a number of communications deliverd and verry crowd meeting and excellent preaching, and a good deal of rainy weather. We dined at B.S. Janneys. Howard was sick. Doctor Janney attending him. Aunt Phebe and Mary Ann Jeffries started about three oclock for Willmington, where they live. Martha Ann and me returnd to meeting. At four we had a smart shower and thunder. There was a woman made some disturbance by speaking, but the meeting ended verry solmnly. Roda. O. Lamb supplicatd and a number spoke verry nice. Rachel Wainright bid farewell over and over verry feelingly, and the meeting closd before dark, though we had to have a light for the clerks. Ther was a good deal of company came in for tea. Elizabeth Longstreth and husband, J.S. came again and spent the evening. I and Martha Ann both had bad headache Next morning I was still unwell. After breakfast M.A. and Lydia Ann Moore and self walkd to Seckond Street a shoping, and was in two Dagu rarian Shops At Charles Adams store. Elida met us and he took us to a Riding Schook in Fourth Street, where young woman was learning to Ride on horseback. The sight was verry pretty. Then we went to Longstreths and prepard for leaving the City. I felt verry bad and sick. Lydia made me some Composition and I felt better soon. Then she got us a nice dish of tea, which about curd me. We felt sorry to leave there, and they expressd the same. About eleven oclock we startd and left Martha Ann there to go in the stage home. When we got to the wire bridge Elida stopd and waitd for me, and I went to see Fairmount waterworks, and I could see over the City and see Girard College. I had to go up several pair of stairs to fairmount. Then we travel on through a beautiful country along the Lancaster pike for several miles, and before sunset we arrivd at Joseph Davises in the Valley, 18 miles from the City and was welcomly recievd there. Elizabeths sisters came there. Henry Clark and wife, Mary and two children, and Rebecca, a widow sister from Jersey. They others were from Willmington. Our company, the Wilsons, came there also. Mary Stephens was there. Next morning Elizabeth was sick and not able to be up, We startd and traveld all day and got to Maiden Creek. We went to Wm. Willitses and a verry good place it is, too, full and plenty and so kind. Esther, I shall remember her kindness. Then ae came to Schuylkill Haven to feed at D. Bashores Then we made a little stop in Pottsville and then came to Ashland to Denglers and staid all night. Next morn was verry cold, so that we sufferd and we got to Elidas for late breakfast and found all well, it being the 21st of fifth month. Samuel Gilger and Eliza Vastine was married that day. 25th, Adam Gilger and wife was here on a visit. 26th, Quite rainy forepart of the day. Afternoon Susan Gilger and Isaac and Harriet Long came here, and Samuel and Angalina, and Ira Motler from Illinois came. He is a verry interesting young man. I sent a letter and Sarah sent her likeness to Jehus.

(JUNE, 1850)
6th month 2nd, Newton Thompson and wife was here. Abisha and Emily and Ann Thomas likewise. 11th, Preparative meeting. 12th, Monthly meeting. I went with Perry and came back with Elidas young folks. 29th, Thomas Vastine was buried. He died with the Cholic. He left his housekeeper verry well, and Amos Vastine a farm. Rebecca Lamberson is to have the income of all them houses where they livd as long as she lives, and all in the house(sic). He died sensibly and willingly. He became deaf and blind just before he left and told of it. 29, Martha Ann and Wilsons girls came home. 30th, they were at our meeting. Reuben Wilson and wife was along. There was great joy when the Sharon girls arivd. 20, Half Years meeting. I forgot to mention it in place. Sarah and Angalina went together in company with others. A good meeting they had. W. Underwood and others was there. I heard of the death of my friend Hannah K. Cleaver, which was a great shock to me. Jeremiah Moore and wife was at our meeting on the 23rd, and both preachd a good deal. Aaron Kester and wife, Jesse Kester and wife, Wesley John and wife was also at meeting. Kesters were here for dinner and Jeremiah and Moore and Hannah for tea. Next night Wesley and wife was here all night and we went with them to Hirams. Then Sarah went with them to Abishas and staid two days.

(JULY, 1850)
7th, I went to W. Thomases with W. and Mary Ellen and Jane. Mark Wms. and Ann and Priscella was there. Sweet cherries was ripe. 9th, I went there for cherries. 10th, At MuckClows. 13th, recievd a letter from J.S. giving account of' dreadful fire in the City. 15th, I went with Elidas to Mahlon Hickses and staid all night. Esther Potter and Hiram and Martha was there. Perrys went to Pilkingtons. Next day we went to Berwick and calld at Able Delbys. Wm. Stull [or Stoll] a little boy had just been hurt with a horse a running away. He was carrid to Dalebys. E.M. Fuller was verry officious in Administering aid to the boy. A Doctor Brass was calld in. At eleven was one Monthly meeting there. It was a dull time to me. After meeting we again went to Dalebys. E. Funner was verry kind. Her daughter was also there. We went back to Hickses to dine. Some staid at Dalbeys. We came back to B. Shaplesses, fed the horses, and came on home that night. It was light and pleasant and next day it commencd raining, being the 18th, and raind two days and a night, continually, I believe. It was in Harvest time. Oh, what high waters and damage was done; grain swept off and bridges, fences, houses, gardens, and we have not heard the half quarter. 25th, I was sick. 26th, I went to W. Thomases for Hunkelberries. 28th, I am not well yet.

(AUGUST, 1850)
8th month, 2nd, Rebecca and I went to Wm. Thomas in company with Eliza V. Walter for Huckelberries. 7th, Martha Teats was buried. Joseph took me there and to the grave yard. A great number of people was there. Guinn, the Methodist, preached at the Brick -- I in company with Hirams went to the mountain for Berries. Reuben and girls staid here over night. 11th, I was at Abishas. 14th, Monthly meeting here. A great trunout, and a good meeting. Reuben, and Mary Jane Tyson and Rebecca Preachd. Abia and wife, Rowland Hughes and wife and children, Able Dalby and wife, Mahlon Hicks and wife, and Eliza Sharpless, James John and wife was here for dinner. Heard of the death of John Comly. 21st, I went with John Walters on the Big Mountain for Huckel Berries. 25th, Mary Ellen Thomas, Martha Ann and Ruthanna was here. 23, 1 was sick. John Kester and Ann came here. [Last two items accidently reversed by Ed.]

9th month 1st, 1850, sister Sarah went to Roaring Creek with Elida. It was rainy. 2nd, rainy, also 3rd. Aweful floods and high waters and loss of a great number of lives and houses and property, such as was never known in these parts. 6th, Rebecca and self went to Abias. 8th, we was at Elidas and fixed on a spot for a house. Aunt mary Bennet was at meeting today. 10th, She came here. 11th, I was at Roaring Creek Monthly Meeting. A fine meeting. A good deal of preaching by Rebecca John and Mary Jane Tyson. A good turnout, I heard of the death of Phebe Starr, wife of James, in Maiden Creek. A verry nice woman. As we came home, Elida got verry sick. 9th month 15. James Smith came to see us from the City. We were glad to see him. Aunty was still here. After meeting she went to Hirams. James and Ann and Mary Ellen Thomas dined here. Next day Emily and I went to our farm for peaches. J.S. came here in the evening and staid over night and next day after dinner, Margaret Teatsworth was here at Asas spining wool. Then we went to Shamokin town to see Susan, ant the night he was here again. Next morning early he took leave of us and Joseph took him and trunk to Beargap to meet the stage to go to the City again, being the 19th. It was our meeting day. Quite rainy a number was there. Rebecca preachd nice. 21st, Edwin took Aunt Mary home. 22nd, Reuben preached, P. and R. also, verry nice. Emily came here in the evening. Joseph and I was at Elidas and Samuel and wife. 23rd, Martha Ann John started back to Sharon Boarding School. 25th, Rebecca and I went to the farm for fruit. That night we was at a Peach Cutting at Elidas. I staid all night at Perrys. Verry Stormy indeed. Next morning was aweful, but it broke away and we got to meeting. 27th, recievd a letter from Lemuel Yarnall.

(OCTOBER, 1850)
10th month, 1st, I put an answer in the office and was at Abishas and eat water melon. 6th, Doctor Jesse J. John calld to see us. He was preparing to go ten lectures in the City. 6th, Perrys and I was at J. Walters. John Kester and Ann came down and staid several days. 13th, I was at Samuels helping a quilt. 12th, Abner Walter and Margaret Teatsworth was married. 13th, made their appearance at our meeting. Wm. Underwood was there and preached verry good and supplicatd. Sarah went to Samuels. 14th, They started to the City, him and wife was at Monthly meeting. We dined at Sharplesses. Lemuel Yarnall met us there and came home with us. 20th Morris Hannun and wife Susan, late Walter was at meeting, and Elizabeth Wellever also. I went to MuckClows and spent the afternoon. Susan and Hannah Gilger came there. They started the next morning for Vernango and Clarion Counties. 24th Walters and Hannums was here. 26, A great animal show at Bear Gap. I saw two elephants and two ponies an 17 or 18 wagons agoing, one with 8 horses. Sarah came home from Samuels with Geo. Eves and wife, Mary Shively, and Mary I. [or S.] Clements. They dined her and in the evening went to W. Thomases. Amos and wife, Mary Oliver and Oliver Evans came here and staid all night. It was verry rainy that night and part of the next day, though we had a comfortable meeting. Mary Clems spoke verry pretty. They dined here again. I recievd a letter from J.S. and sent and answer by Lemuel He left here the 28 for Mahonoy and on to the City, and from there to Virginia, I went to Abias to pick winter apples. 29th, I staid all night with Rebecca Lamberson. Returnd home the 20th. With Hirams team. Hepsey Krickbaum was here several days,

(NOVEMBER, 1850)
11th mo.3rd, She went home. 5th, Asa and self was at our farm for a load of apples. 7th Preparative meeting. 10th, recieved a letter from G.A. Jenney, M.A. John and J. Smith. 13th, Monthly meeting at Berwick. 15th, I was at Abishas. 17th, Jacob Kester was here and Emily likewise. We heard of old Edward Roberts being found dead along the river road and we heard of the death of Tamson Smith, and heard of the marriage of Elisabeth Fox and Hatty Yocom and Scott McWilliams and C. Fagely and Jacob Keller and Rosetta Conrad, Joseph Conrad, and Luwesa Keller.

(DECEMBER, 1850)
12th mo. the 1st, Thompsons was at meeting. 5th, Preparative meeting. Verry rainy time. My head achd badly. l 10th, Select meeting. Joseph Pilkington and Mary Jane Tyson was here over night. 11th, Monthly meeting here. The queries was all read and answerd. A small meeting. Jacob Gearheart died the 10th. Verry cold weather for several days. Heard of the death of John Ellis several days ago. Mary Jane Tyson, Reuben John and Rebecca John preached verry nice at meeting. 19th, Was Half Year meeting. It was small and the weather was stormy. No strange ministers there. I was not there neither. 22nd, Perry and wife was here. I write to Martha Ann and Amanda Underwood and James Smith. 24th, took them to the office. 25th, Christmas. I was not well. 27, Went to the farm for a load of corn. 29th Snow. Marietta Krick and Julyann Krickbaum was at meeting. No preaching. 31st. Butchering.

(JANUARY, 1851)
1st mo. 1st, 1851. We were invitd to Samuels to a carpet sewing and Roast Goose but we could not go. 5th, Parker Kester and Tamer Jane and W. Thomas and Mary Ellen spent the evening here. 1, Hirams here. 15, Joseph took me to Monthly Meeting. Beautiful weather. The horse got sick. We left it at Osburn Wms. He was laid up with a swelld face and gathering. We dined there. Martha has a son. Malinda was there working. We had a large Monthly Meeting. MJT and Rebecca preachd. 19th, Joseph and I went to W. Thomases. Verry cold weather. Abner Walter and wife and Mark Wms. and Ann was there. We staid till bed time Had a sattisfactory time. 24, I was at Abisha Thomases the 24th. 26, fine day. Rebecca preachd good. Susannah Gilger and Harriet Longs pent the afternoon with me. Isaac John was here too. 27, I was at Perrys. Elida and hands was putting on our Barn roof. It had blown off. 29, 30, & 31st. verry cold weather. I recievd a letter from. J.S.

(FEBRUARY, 1851)
2nd mo. 2nd Emily and Perry and wife was here. 6th, I was not well. Preparative Meeting day. I recieved a letter from Lemuel Yarnall. 2nd mo. 12th, Joseph took me to monthly meeting at Cattawissa. A large meeting. We dined at Sharplesses. A number was there. 15th We was at MuckClows. 16th, W.M. Thomas took me and Joseph took Mary Ellen to Mark Wms. We staid till eleven oclock at night. It was cold, but nice and moonlight. Hannah Gilger and David Keefer was married the 11th of this month. 19th, Martha Kester was here. 20, Rainy. 22nd, Samuel and wife here. 23rd, Reubens at meeting. He and Perry and Rebecca preached. Rebecca Water at meeting. A fine day. 25, At Perrys. 26, At Bear Gap and Abishas. A quilting there. Martin and children there. I put letters in the office for Elizabeth M. Fuller, Lydia and Lem. Yarnall, and James Smith. 27th, Janes Price was buried.

(MARCH, 1851)
3rd mo. the 2nd J. Hughes was at meeting. Elida and wife here, and Rebecca Walter likewise. 4th, I was sick. 5th, Rebecca Walter and self had a pleasant ride to Perrys and calld at A. Gilgers to see Hannah. 6th, Was our Preparative Meeting. 9th, Doctor J.J. John was at Meeting, lately from the City and M.A. John lately from York State. A good meeting. Sarah has been poorly for some time, and Polly too is quite unwell. keeps her bed part of the time. 12th, Monthly meeting a Berwick. 13th, I went to Gilgers to help Hannah C. Keefer quilt. Had a sattisfactory time. 11th, Polly MuckClow and Mary and Hannah Keefer and Harriet Long was here and spent the evening. 16, after meeting, Rebecca and I went to Hirams awhile. Mary Ann John and Laertes and Mary Fry was here. A rainy morning and evening. 17th, Snow. 18, quite unpleasant. 23rd, A number has the measles. Hirams childrens and Elidas and Samuels and Perrys children, and Walters and Doctor Jesse Jones John has it badly. A rainy night and turnd to snow- 25th, John Kesters moovd here. I was sick that day. They had seven loads of goods. 27th, Meeting day. Rebecca Walter spent the afternoon here. 28th, I went to Samuels to see Mary Ann John. 29th, MuckClows Vendue. 30th, not many at meeting. Rebecca preached nice. 31st, John Kester moovd partly near his farm to get a house built. Ann and the children staid at her Fathers till the 3rd of 4th Month.

(APRIL, 1851)
Sophia John came here the 3rd of 4th. Her and me went to Perrys and I went from there to our farm, then returnd and plantd some trees, in the evening, on our lot. On the night of the 5th, reat rain. 6th, After meeting I went to Watlers. John Campbell and Johnna was there. Doctor Jesse and Rebecca came part of the way home with me. Next morning she startd back to Chester County. She was goin in company with Samuel to the City. 16th, was Monthly meeting here. A considerable number was at meeting. 20, Kesters was here. 21st, Rain. 22nd, G. Keller and S. Pensyl was making rails; 286 in one day. 27th, Joseph and self went to J. Kesters. A verry rainy afternoon. Thunder and lightning. Ann Pensyl, Thomas Vastines daughter, was killd with lightning in the Methodist Meeting house in Danville, in time of Prayer. A number more was hurt. 28, we was favourd with hearing and excellent discourse from Priscilla H. Cadwalder from Indiana. She had the sick headache, through she preached good and suplicatd. May we not forget the truthes we heard her declare. John Needles from Baltimore, and Elsy H. Allen from Cincinnatta were her companions. They dined with us. 29th, I staid with Sarah Jane Vastine and Isabella while the rest went to attend Ann Pensyls funeral. Sarah Jane is and interesting young woman. She seems to have the consumption. She cannot walk or speak above her breath. Is verry handsome, and sweet innocent countenance.

(MAY, 1851)
5th mo. the 1st, Hirams wife had a son and calls him Ira. 3rd, I was sick. Samuel Gilger was here and settld. 4th, James Smith came here. Just returnd the evening before from the City. He expects to work for Perry. He went to meeting with us. [NOTE: In the following pages, any entry enclosed within #'s will be the work of Griffith John, who at one time copied Eliza John's Diary. We use his notes when the original manuscript is missing. Editor.] 4th, John and wife, Mary, from Canada was at our meeting. Both preached good. Benjamin Eves and them dined here. Perry and wife started to the City from meeting, and Sarah went to keep house there. I was not well. Rainy weather. Reuben and wife weatherbound here. 5th, saw,cold stormy weather. 8th, Preparative Meeting day, 14th, Hiram took me to monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. E.M. Fuller and Reuben preached. She returnd her certificate to our meeting. 16, Polly went to Samuels. 17, She went to Kesters. 18th, I was at W. Thomases. Jacob Kesters was at meeting. 19 and 20th, Cleaning house. 21st at Richards . 22nd, Perrys came home and Sarah returnd home. 25th, Mary Ann Swank at our house. Griffith Daves and E. Walter to Abisha Thomases. 27th, we moovd. Mary Ellen Thomas helpd us and Mary Fry and Samuels team, Elidas team, and Hirams and Joseph Johns and Adam Gilgers and John Vastine. 29th, at meeting. Heard of Abram Kerlin hanging himself. Sarah is verry unwell. A great deal of rain.

(JUNE, 1851)
6th mo. first. Cold and rain. 8th, still cold and rainy. Wilsons young people is over. after meeting them and Abia and Jane dind at Perrys. 17th, Emily and Perry and wife and myself started (to) Fishing Creek. Took tea at Wilsons and went to Jacob Kesters. Next day at Monthly meeting. W. Cleaver, Oliver Schoefield and wife, and Jonathan McGill and Mary Clements preached. I went to John Kesters and staid all night. Next day after meeting I dined at Anna Chamberlins and was at Doctors Johns, and we staid all night at John G. Riches. After a good eal of Preaching meeting broke. We dined at Isaac Clements and went to Mount Pleasant. Emily was sick there. We took tea at James Johns and staid at A. Kesters. Next morn we started home. We stopd a while at John Wilsons. Joseph Iddings and wife and daughter was there. Emily was verry unwell and my head achd badly. When we got home next day, being the 22nd, James Smith left Perrys and went to Nescopeck. John and Ann Kester was at Perrys and Amos John for the last time. Next day I was sick, and Emily sick for more than a week. Sarah is there taking care of her. A verry lonely week to me.

(JULY, 1851)
7th month, the 10th. We brought a load of goods from Abias and in the evening Martha Ann came home. 26th, Doctor P. John and wife here. Heard of the death of Amos, which shockd us verry much. He died of the dysentery. 27th, he was buried in Shamokin. A great many people attended. Poor Amos. It seemd like a dream that he was gone. He was sick nine days and seemd to be better and went off suddenly.

(AUGUST, 1851)
8th month first. Aunt Phebe and Georgie and family came and staid among us three weeks, and started back the 21. We had a good deal of sattisfaction with them. 20, Joanna Campbell married. 26, we went to Abias. Him and Jane has been sick. 27, Elida started for Ohio and Illinois. 28, James Smith and Susan Gilger was married at her fathers. 29 or 30th, John Hursh was buried. 31st, Wm. Gulicks and Lot Shipman was buried. We went after meeting and attended Lots funeral. A solmn time. Preacher Hull preached. A good many out. Verry fine and dry weather for more than a week. The Dysentery is bad.

9th mo. 14, W. And M. Thomas was here, and Ann. A cold day. 10th, a great many at monthly meeting. Verry warm and dry weather. 21, at Elidas. 24th, hard frost. Had several the week before, not hard. 28, Rain. Got a letter from Jehu.

(OCTOBER, 1851)
10th month the 5th. Got a letter from Jehu. Sarah H.J. was verry sick. Perry and I went to Abishas. Rowlands was there and Kesters. 6th, sent letters to Aunt Phebe and Georgia. Elida came home from Illinois. The first and seckond Susan Smith was here. Sarah and I was at Samuels after meeting. 9th,At Samuels. S. Smith is sewing there. Laertes is sick. Emily was there. 10th, was at Elidas. Hirams there too. Angalina and Susan Smith at Perrys. 12th, Fishing Creek folks at meeting, and Mary Cherington. They came here and to Perry and Elidas. Harriet Wilson and Jane Kester was among them. 15th, Monthly meeting. Dined at Sharplesses. Levi Mettler was there from Ohio. We got a letter from Mary P. John. 18th, We went to the School House to hear Martha Ann Schollars say Geography and History. Verry interesting. Saw J. Smith at Samuels store. 19th, the Widow Goodridge, Angalina and Rebecca Cleaver and self rode to meeting. A rainy day. P. and R. preached, I feel sad. 23rd, 24, and 25th, Daniel and Peter Yost building us a stable. Arnold Kesters at Perrys, and 26, meeting. Enoch Kester and wife and William Thomas and Mother was at Perrys. 27th James calld to see us.

(NOVEMBER, 1851)
11th mo. 2nd. We was at Abishas. Emily is poorly. Anna Walter is there. S. and wife here in the evening. 3rd and 4, J. Pensyl working here. Elidas girls paid us a visit the 3rd. 5th, J. Smith here getting his things. 6th they moovd to Numedia. 7, I was at Abias. 11th, Perrys went to Berwick to Monthly Meeting. I kept house there. The carpenters was there. 13th, Wm. Ellis was buried, 13, 14,15, rain.

(DECEMBER, 1851)
12th month 4th, William Magir was at our meeting. A :great preacher. 6th, the Methodist Meeting commenced at the new meeting house, and lasted more than a week. Isaac John was convertd and Laertes John and others. 13th, Martha Ann and Sarah Eliza and Abia Comly and Franklin Johns was here and spent the evening. 14, Martha Ann went ot Roaring Creek to teach school. Heard of Susannah Eilises death, a young woman. 17th, Monthly meeting here. It was small. Verry cold weather. 20th, Ellen Vastine and Catharine and Harriet Long was here. 21st, Elidas and Samuels was here. Sarah got verry bad with the Asthma. 24, 25, 26, Perry and wife at Half Year meeting. Snow. Sarah got bad again and laid by more than a week. 30th. Jonathan Davis and Dorcas and Anna Boyers was here. Anna is from Ohio. 31st, verry rainy.

(JANUARY, 1852)
1st mo. the 2nd, 1852. Aunt mary Bennett died, aged 83. 1st mo., 5th, Butchering. 6th, a great snow. Good sleighing. 10th, Walters were. 11th, at meeting. It was small. James Stokes was verry much affectd. Martha Ann was there and at home. Jacob Reed to be buried tomorrow. Died of appoplexy. 12th, Mary P. John and Alfred Tomlin was married. 13th, came here. Mary staid two days. 14th, Monthly meeting. I was sick. 15th, Hirams here. 16th, John P. Kester and family here. 21st, Samuels and Polly John here. 25h, At meeting. In the evening had a sleigh ride with Hugh L. John and Mary P.J. Tomlin to Asas. 27th, at Elidas. Sarah is sick. 28th, Maria Hughes, wife of Bushrod W. Hughes died at Dr. Robbins. They had come on a visit there and she took sick. Her corpse was taken home below Scoolkill Haven to bury. I recievd a letter from M.A. Jeffries and Aunt Phebe.

(FEBRUARY, 1852)
2n mc,. first was at meeting No preaching. A stormy day. John and Ann Kester was there. 2nd, Mary MuckClow was buried at Danville. She died suddenly in a Fit. 6th, Martha M. Kester here. 11th, Was at Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. Bad roads. Perry and wife started to Centre County. Martha M. Kester is keeping house for them. 15th, She went to Asas. Ruthann took her place. 16th, Ellen John had a son. 19th, Joseph Kester was buried. He died verry suddenly. 21st, Malinda John was here over night. We rode in Elidas carriage to meeting. After meeting her and me and Rebecca went to Asas to see Ellen. Malinda came with us to Samuels. Isaac went home. 21st, Mary Ann John and Malinda here.

(MARCH, 1852)
3rd mo. the 1st, Hiram and Wesley here. 3rd, I was at Hirams. 7th, Saml. and wife here. 9th, We were at Samls a quiltin. 10th, We were at Hirams at a sewing party. The word came of James M. Johns death. 11th, He was buried. He died suddenly, though he was long ailing. He was resigned to go. A great many people here and a verry affecting time. 12th. Their youngest child died. Jesse G. John was married the 11th to Mary Marks. We heard a few days ago that Abia John is married in Ohio to Rebecca Asper. 17th, Berwick Monthly Meeting. A verry snowy day. I was not well for a few days. 18th, David Addams and Mary Lytle was married. Aseneth Eves and Francis Root was married on the 11th. 21st, At meeting. Rather dull. Head achd badly in the afternoon. 22nd, Jacob Slayman was buried. Elida and wife and self was at John Kesters. There was a Jury on a road there. 24th, I was at our farm. It stormd badly a coming home. Jonas Gilgers wife was buried. 25th, Meeting day. 26th, Was at Hirams vendue. 27th, Reuben was here. Ann and Mary Ellen Thomas all night here. 28th, We walkd to meeting. A fine day. Polly Fox was at meeting from Roaring Creek. 29, 30, 31st. Stormy.

(APRIL, 1852)
4th month the 1st,1852. A fine day. Hirams moovd to Abishas, Peter Yocoms moovd to Hirams. Abias moovd to P. Yocoms. Jacob Conrad moovd to our farm. 2nd, I was there. Cold. 4th, was at meeting. Stormd in the afternoon. Snow. 5th, 6th,and 8th. Snow and rain. 11th, rainy evening. 14th, Monthly meeting at Shamokin. Enoch Kester, Rachel Cherington was here to dine, and Pilkingtons and Reuben for tea. Anna Campbell died this evening. Rain. 15th, rainy. 16th, Anna was buried. David Addams at work here. 18th. Cold. Our meeting is at ten oclock now. 22nd, Hirams moovd here. 27, They startd for Illinois.

(MAY, 1852)
5th mo. 1st, Ziba Bird died. 7th, Geroge Swank buried. 12th, monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. Rainy. 4th, Ellen John was here. 15th, Hannah Fox was buried. We attended the funeral and staid meeting. Elliot preached. She had a wen cut out a week before. 17th, Palemon son Horace Mann was buried. 13th of 5th mo. Doctor H.H. Fox was married to Eliza Fenninger. 20th, Doctor Jesse J. John was here on a visit. 29th, My birthday. I was 40 years old. 30th, I was at James Smiths. A nice time. Him and Susanna came nearly home with me.

(JUNE, 1852)
6th mo. 22nd. They started to Half year Meeting. 25th Returnd. Evan Yarnall came here.

(JULY, 1852)
7th month the 13th. I went with Elida and daughter to Berwick monthly meeting We staid all night at Mahlon Hickses. John P. Kester and Mary Ann was there. We took dinner at Able Dalbys and was Ferried across the river at Mifflinsburge and came by the Cattawissa Iron works and saw a railroad bridge 83 feet high. We passd under it. We crossd the Catawissa mountain and staid all night at Samuels Ecks. Next morning came by Slabtown home. 16th, Verry unwell with the sick head ache and preparing to start to the State of N. York. 17th, Evan Yarnall and I started about noon and went to Griffith Davises and staid two hours. I was quite unwell. They were verry kind. About five we started for Fishing Creek and got to Jacob Kesters just after dark. I felt bad in my head. Took a dish of tea and went to bed. Next morn, we went to see Hannah John a little while and Aarons. Then we went to Meeting. Mary S. Clemments supplicatd, then dined at Doctor P. Johns and spent part of the afternoon with them and then to John P. Kesters and had a pleasant time there. Esther Evans was there, in the evening. Next morning early we started and went through Rhorsburg and them all new new to me. About six or seven miles from there we came to Benton, a little town on a low ground, near a Creek, and next we pased Coles Mills and some wild looking country. We fed at G. Gaisers at the foot of the Allegany Mountain. There was a verry sociable Landlady and handsome daughter about sixteen. The mother was small and homely. Then we started up the great Mountain, and the roughest road that I ever saw -- rocks and stones. We stopd to rest and eat a bite in the shade where there was great shelving rocks over the road. Many names were written there by travelers, two miles to Watsons for 12 or 14 miles, only 3 houses the long Pond and Ellises besides Watsons. Many places the limbs of trees reachd clear across the road. Some places the road sandy. A number of red Rasberries we saw and regaled ourselves on while the horse eat leaves. Near Ellises, we crososd the Laurellock and then up on another mountain. Some verry wild country, and barren. We traveld for or five miles to Cherry or Dushore, a little town. We staid all night. there. Paid 12-1/2 for a bed and started before breakfast. Passd a Catholic meeting house, and through an Irish settlement. We passd Wilcoxes, Monrocton, and to Towanda against ten oclock. 19 miles form Dushore. We fed there. It is a flourishing place. A court house and Jail. I did not feel well. Tried to sleep a little in the tavern. Then next we passd Ulster and Tioge Point at Athens, and next Factoryville, and fed, and then along Shepherds Creek and through Vanettsville to Spencer, 35 miles from Towanda. We traveld 54 miles this day. 12-1/2 for a bed again, then passd Ithica. I forget the distance from Spencer. We traveld 7 miles on plank road, and fed at Jacksonville, 26 miles from Spencer. Got there against 11 oclock. Eleven oclock was at Thorps tavern. Verry beautiful country, splendid buildings, ornamenttd house . Barns and wagoon houses paintd with great taste, white ocre, straw colourd, slate chockalet, and verry nic towns, splendid buildings, some houses built in Gothic styec. We passd through Treumansburg. I guess it is in Tomkins county, and Farmersville, hardsome towns, and some villages that I did not hear their names. The mare nearly give out, but we got to Lemuels about three oclock, and took tea and restd a while. Lemuel lives in a large white house on a beautiful farm in sight to the lake. He has a fine wife. Amos was there and he took me in the carriage to his house. We got there before sunset and found them pretty well. Lydia was glad to see me. her daughter Sally Ann came out to recieve me. We got there the 21st. 25th, Sally Ann took to to Lemuels and a riding around to see the country. 28. Lemuel and wife and child here, and Abby Dickerson. They are Harvesting with a reaper. 29, they are at Lems. A great rain and hail storm. 30, Caroline Boice is here a sewing. Two Carmans came here to work, fresh from Germany. Erheart Loetz and Peter Barrack. Peter is single and the other is married.

(AUGUST, 1852)
8th mo. the 1st, Evan, Sally Ann, and I went to Baptist meeting at Scotte Corner. Sue Taylor preachd. They have musick in time of preaching calld the melodian. The seats is numberd and sold out. The Pulpit was deckoratd with red cushions and fringes. 4th and 5th, rain. 6th, Gloomy. Great rain in the afternoon, Lemuel and wife here. Some people stopd here for shelter from Bierytown, John Tunison, a preacher and wife and three children. He had one of his arms taken off by a thrashing, machine. They were well dresed and seemd like nice people. A barn was burnd the 5th by lightning, near Farmersville. Had once belongd to John Kelly. 8th, Amos took me to see his Aunt Betsey Swick, near Farmersville. I did not feel well there till after dinner. Saw some of her children and grand children. They were verry kind. Saw a young man there named James Venauburge, a club footd fellow, and saw Sylvester and Hannah Buckaw. There was some thunder showers, but we secapd them till we got home. 9th, showery. 10th, Evans birthday. We had some fun. 12th, Sally Ann, Betsey Jane Dunlap, and myself went to Doctor Charles Cohns. His father is crazey and verry troublesome. He was laying on a bed on the floor, but was helpd on a chair. When we went there he would talk to himself. The wife and two sons is much respectd. (Since I came home I heard of his death.) From Cohns we went to the Conga lake from one to four miles wide and 38 long. It is a verry beautiful water. I enjoyd the sight verry much and hunting curious stones. I washd my face and hands in it. We walkd along the lake a ways. We could see houses on the other side plainly. We took up a hollow to hunt blackberries. We saw people a getting berries but did not go to them. We went over a hill calld the Hogs back, a great curiousity, high and narrow. We started up the rump, as appeared to be, just a path along the back bone and a hollow way down on each side. There appeard to be two such hills near together. After walking some distance the ridge flattend down to a level, then we found black berries near a steam saw mill, and mountain rasberries and white berries, like black berries and got home at dusk. Had a long walk, and verry tird, and did not find many. Lydia was pleasd with that we brought. 14th and 13th, I recieved a letter from Martha Ann John, giving accounts from home. I was truely glad and it likewise give account of Zechariah Underwoods death, a fine old man. 14th, Amos took me to Lemuels, I enjoyd myself well. 15th, Engaged in reading a Summers Journey in the West by Mrs. Steele. It was verry interesting. She give verry particular accounts of things that she saw and heard. On First day towards evening, Lemuels wife, Sally Ann and her babe, Amanda, and myself took a ride to Sheldrake Point, There her Father, John Bleu lives. They have 9 daughters and 7 sons living. They have a fair view of the lake there. It is near by there. We was cold coming back, the wind so cold. 17th, Lems wife brought me back to Amoses. Lydia is poorly. They are busy at their hay. 20th, I am not well. Lydia nor Sally Ann either. Evan took me to Ovid. Was in Bailys store. Saw the Court house and Acadamy and Presbyterian Church where Bernarn Dunlap preaches, a single man, brother to Betsey Jane. We came home by Hoyts Corner. I laid down when we came back a while, then felt better after tea. 21, Still not well. 22nd, looking over old letters upstairs, and saw several that I had sent, and was packing up my things and preparing for starting home. Evan, Sally and me took ride towards evening. When we returnd Hannah Church was here and said her sister would come in one week, so I must wait one week longer for Sally Ann. She had give up going home with me, because they thought the girl would not come, as she had promisd, and Lydia was more poorly, and now there is preparations for Sally to go to Pennsylvania. 24, Several days warm and dry. 27th, A good shower. 28th, Alby Dickerson calld to see us. 29, I was sick and kept my bed till near two oclock, then eat something and felt better. Rachel Dickerson and Charlies girls, Mary and Louisa, calld to see us and Lemuel and wife came toward evening, then went away just before Rhoda Church came. She is to here till Sallie returns. I went to bed early. 30th, a fine morning and in good spirits, preparing for our journey. We expect to start a little after noon. May the good being be with us all and guide us aright and protect us from danger. We left Amos Yarnalls a little after one. Amos brought us to Baily town, or Ovid Landing, six miles from Yarnalls, and we had to wait two hours for the Steam Boat, Bealoder, which arrivd about four. Then we were off in short order on the Seneca lake, a splendid boat, and a number of Passengers. Stephen Brown and wife, acquiantances of Amos Yarnalls, took passage with us and traveld to Elmira together on their way to New York and Jersey. We each paid 87-1/2 cents to Elmira. We got to Jefferson about sunset and then took cars 22 miles in about an hour. Elmira and all was hurry and bustle. We was taken in an omnibus to Heights [or Hughts} Hotel and staid the night. We felt verry little there. A great and splendid Hotel. I never saw so many rooms. High charge, 25 cents for a bed. 50 for us both in one bed. In the morning we paid our fare to Williamsport, three dollars and a half each for 75 miles from Elmira. Between Jefferson and Elmira we passd Havanna and Millport and the Horseheads, if I am not mistaken in the names. In the morning we took stage about eight oclock. There was nine inside and some outside. We had interesting company. Thomas Wilson and lady, young people. He has been two years and a half at California, and just lately returnd to take his wife there. They livd at Covington, in Tioge County. He showd us a piece of gold worth one hundred and sixty dollars in a lump as he had found it. He has a brother there that farms. Can cut 43 tons of Hay get 75 dollars a ton. Flour had been there 300 dollars a barrel, butter was last winter on dollar a pound. There is but three kinds of Timber there, redwood and I have forgotten the others. We pased some rough and wild country and fed and dined at Troy. Paid 37-1/2 for dinner. Monstrous high. Wilsons left us here. One of our Passengers was an Irish lady from New York, a Jolly woman, and Samuel and Harriet Eaton from the State of Maine, a young married folks. Was coming to Williamsport. He seemd to be engagd in the lumbering business. He had been through there before, and along the Susquehanna, but she never saw such wilds before. She was verry lively. Him and her frequently sung as we rode along. I got sick and vomitd. We got to Rallston after dark, and each paid six pence for a bed. About 4 in the morning we loaded in a horse car drawn by two horses and took breakfast at Trout run. I supose we crossd the Laurelsock, and I believe we crossd Lycoming Creek several times. A great many saw mills. About ten oclock reached Williamsport, 26 miles from Ralston. We was taken to the United States Hotel. It was court time, and a great throng of boarders. It is a beautiful place here. We paid our fare, one dollar and 75 cents to David Davises. We passd Montuersville, Pennsbourough, or Muncy, a beautiful country, Turbutville and Washington. When we left Williamsport, there was Sarah Anna, myself, and Sarah Leesey and Irish girl that had traveld with us since morning, a nice sensible girl, and a man from the east that wantd to talk too much on Religion. Rather a restless and inquisative man, that made him appear disagreeable. I refused to talk with him at last. I thought he wantd to appear more Religeous than he was. After some miles there was another man got in that had been drinking, by the name of Danl Leeland, from Hughesburg. He had talk enough for our stranger. He askd him questions that he could not answer, and was glad to be quiet. We saw the place where the Counterfelt Haases (sic) livd, a pretty place, and verry pretty country from Williamsport to Washington. It was dark when we was at the last named place, near nine oclock. The stopd at the Temperance house, at D. Davises. I was sick before we got there. The passengers seemd to regret us leaving them. They had four miles further to Danville. David and Sally was gone to bed, but we were kindly recieved by Rebecca Ann Blue, Nathaniel Bennett and Clarrissa Johnson, all cousins to us. They soon got a dish of tea, but I was sick and could not eat much. We soon went to bed. I could not sleep good. I was taken with the Cholera Morbus. Next morn I felt verry miserable. I was thankful that I had left the stage and was among my relations. After breakfast David took us to Griffith Davises in his carriage. I was verry sick there and laid down most of the time while there. They were all kind to us. After dinner I was some better and young David brought us home to my sweet home, after dark. All glad to see us, and we glad to get here. Everything lookd nice and pleasant. I was not well for two or three days.

It was the 2nd of the 9th month when I got home, and it was the 17th of the 7th month when I left home. 5th of 9th month, was at meeting. Introduce Sally Ann to a number of relations. Afternoon we were at Elidas. 6th, I went to the farm to divide apples and peaches. 7th, Elidas took Sally and S.A. Yarnall to Roaring Creek to see Malinda John. She is sick. Has had a daughter. Sally Ann staid there. 9th, I sent a letter to Amos Yarnall, written by Sarah Ann and myself. 10th, Isaac John brought her back here. 11th, We went to Abishas. 12th, to meeting and then to Asas. Kesters was there, and then we came home. In the evening she went home with Elidas young folks and staid till next day. 15th, We went to Monthly meeting. A rainy day. S.A.Y. staid with sister. In the evening she went to Samuels and staid till next day. In the evening, she went to Elidas and staid all night. 17th, We went to Asas. Had a nice walk up by Gilgers. I got Fox grapes at Asas. Sally Ann staid till next day, then came back here. We spent the evening at Perrys. 19th, after meeting, Samuel took her to Mahanoy. 26th, Isaac Batten, A. Comly John, Anna Eves and Ellen Pilkington from Fishing Creek was at meeting and at Elidas and Perrys. I was at James Smith to see his wife and son. She had been verry bad with her breasts but was better. Sarah McClow came there too. He was verry kind giving large peaches and elegant Fox grapes. A cold evening. 27th, S.A.Y. returnd from Mahanoy to Abishas. 28th, Emily brought her here by moonlight. 29th. We took some walks in the afternoon. We paid a visit at Elidas. 30th, Her and Martha Ann and myself walkd to meeting after noon. Joseph John took her to John Kesters, Jesses and Abias. Next day John Kester brought her to Asas. In the evening Joseph came with her here. We went to Perrys awhile, and next morning????

(OCTOBER, 1852)
being the 2nd of 10th month, she started with Edwln for Fishing Creek, and from there home. 9th, She got home. 11th and 12th, Picking winter apples at our farm. Got verry wet coming, home. Jane and me was out in a dreadful shower and it got verry dark. 13th,again gathering apples, and I went to John Vastines and staid all night. Sarah Jane was glad to see me. 14th, In a rain again coming home with a load of apples. 15th, Brought a load of apples home. Jacob Kesters was visiting around here. 16th, I went with them to Abisha Thomases. 26th, Recievd a letter from Evan Yarnall. 29th, Picking cider apples. Workd verry hard.

(NOVEMBER, 1852)
11th mo. the 2nd, making cider. A rainy day. 3rd, boiled cider. 4th, Sent a letter to E.Y. 5th & 6th, rainy. The made apple butter the 6th. 12th, recievd a letter from S.A.Yarnall.

(DECEMBER, 1852)
12mo. the 1st, Susan Smith and Sarah MuckClow was here, and Dolen Ambrose Smith. 2nd, Perrys moovd in their new house. 15th, Monthly meeting here. P. Hicks and S. Pilkington dined with us. 16, Wm. Thomas here. Daniel Hammets(?) wife died suddenly. Had been confind 8 days. Clatworthy Fisher and Sabina Stambach was married the 19th. 19th, Samuel and wife here. Jesse Underwood and Jane Downing came to Perrys and staid till the 21st, then they and Perrys went to Half Year meeting. 24th, Nancy Vastine died. Had been confind near two year, and was buried 26th. 28th, We butcherd. 30, J.Conrad rentd again.

(JANUARY, 1853)
First mo. 2nd, 1853. Isaac M. John and Catharine Elizabeth Vastine was married by Charles Martz, esq. 3rd, I went to Hummels. 7th, We was at Adam Gilgers, P.&R.& self. 9th, Angalina was confind. Had another daughter. 12th, Monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. A verry snowy day. 16th. Cold. 22nd, Saw Angalina. She is poorly. 21st. Asa and Polly here. 23rd, A snowy day. S.M. Thompson and wife at meeting. I was sick. Sarah Fisher and Joseph Sanders was married by J. Hoof (Hoff?), esq. in the evening. 25th, A stormy day. David Thompson was buried. J. Walters at Perrys. Harriet Purdy was buried. Verry cold weather for several days. 27th, Was at meeting. and calld to see Angalina. She is still poorly. Sally had been bad with Puthisick for nearly two weeks. Elida and wife here. 28, Elidas at A. Gilgers and Perrys at J. Replys. 30th, At meeting this three First days. We went on the sled. Isaac and Catharine took tea with us on the way from Roaring Creek to her Fathers.

(FEBRUARY, 1853)
2nd mo. the first. I took a Slay ride to our farm and several other places. 4th, 5th,6th, Rainy and took the snow off. 8th, At Meeting. Verry small. I heard that Susan Eves has had a troke of Palsey. 23rd of last month, and Dr. P. John has a daughter the first of this 2nd mo. 2nd mo.,13th. Frederick Adams died. After meeting I went there awhile. 14th, Catharine Elizabeth V., Isaacs (Johns) wife came here and staid till next day. A Pedling woman was here. 15th, F. Adams was buried. A great number of people was there. 31 carriages and so forth. Ann Thomas came here and staid two days. 16th, rain. 17, was at meeting. 18th, I was at Petersburge and saw Sabina S. Fisher at Berks Store, and I calld at J.S. and took dinner with his wife. She was verry kind. 19th, At Adamses. 20th, Wm. Persing Sener was buried. 19th, Martha Ann and Sally Liza was here. Jesse G. Johns wife got a son. John Kesters child is verry low. Perry and wife at Roaring Creek. Allen John is in a strange way, and thinks he will die, and is not prepard. 28, Rain. Smith calld to see us.

3rd mo. 1st, Rainy. 2nd, Ziba Swanks wife is buried today. 10th, Vendue at Adams. Preparative meeting. I heard of the death of Anna Maria Walter. She died the 27th of 2nd month and was buried the first of this. 13th, Emily was here and Samuel and wife. 14th, Abia and Jane was here and at Perrys. 15th, Jacob Kester was here. 16th Monthly meeting at Berwick. Martha Kester was here. I heard of the Marriage of Hiram Kester and John Hicks and Elizabeth Hughes and Phebe Hicks and Reese Eck. 20th,A nice day. Rebecca commencd visiting families. Sarah H. was here. Doctor Jesse calld here. Oliver Holfman and Harriet Haas was married a week or two ago. 22nd, G. Hogawort, a Lawyer, was married to Catharine Lisenring. A great display of a wedding, and number of people. Was married at 8 oclock in the evening. I was at our farm that day. 24th, Rebecca started fro Cattawissa, Berwick and Fishing Creek. Margaret Thomas is with her. Wm. Thomas took them round Roaring Creek and brought her home the 22nd. Benjamin Hughes takes them round over the river. 27. Was Easter day. Rather cold. 28th, 0bediah Campbells vendue, and W. Perrings. 29th, John Vastines vendue.

(APRIL, 1853)
4th mo. first, cloudy, 2nd, beautiful. 3rd, raw and rainy. Our meeting commenced at ten oclock today. The Methodist has a quarterly meeting today. 6th I went to Reeds to bespeak line. Had a long walk. Calld at Rebecca Lamersons. Perrys wife returnd home that day from visiting families. 8th, making garden. Catharine came here. 9th, Her and Isaac took dinner here and then went to Roaring Creek. 10th, we walkd to meeting. Cold all week. Alvina Underwood died the 31st of last month 13th of 4th mo. was our monthly meeting. A good turnout of people. 12th, 13th & 14th. Rain. 16th, Ann Eliza Walter was here. Commencd raining towards evening and raind all night and next day. Ruthanna came here, and a carriage load of young folks along, all at meeting the 17th, and went to Wm. Thomases in the afternoon. 24th, A rainy day. I did not get to meeting. Ann Eliza Walter came to Perrys to sew, and staid all week. 26th, Perry and I went to Numedia to attend our cousin Harriet D. Fishers funeral. She died of Consumption great turnout. Reuben and Perry spoke at grave, verry pretty. We heard of the death of Mary Lynville in Cattawissa. Was buried the 25th, being the day before. We calld at Osburn Willaims and saw Robert Exel and wife. She has been sick a long time. They are from Ohio. She was Elizabeth Williams. I was sick a coming home and all evening. 28th, Adamses house was raised. 30th, Peter Yocoms barn was raisd.

(MAY, 1853)
5th mo. the 1st, A fine day. A good many at Meeting. Sarah was there for the first since last fall and Ann Kester had not been for between for and five months. 6th, Elida and wife and Rebecca started to Yearly Meeting. 7th, Emily came and staid till the 9th. A verry rain day the 8th. 11th, We was at monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. A great turnout. Mary Jane Tyson was there and requestd a certificate of Removal for herself, husband, and five children to White Water Monthly Meeting, Indiana. We went to Reubens for dinner. I had not been there for several years. 14th, Sarah and Rebecca returnd from the City. 15th, Was at Polly MuckClows after the meeting. Had a nice time. 19th, Cold and high winds. 22, Was at meeting. Jesse and wife and son was at meeting. I am alone. A high wind. Sarah and Perrys gone to Walters. I forgot to note in the proper place of hearing' a week ago of the death of that excellent friend, Elizabeth Davis, a minister in the valley, 18 miles from the City, and also the death of Sarah Ann Childs, wife of Doctor Henry T. Childs of Philadelphia, a nice woman. 29th, my birthday. 5th mon., 1853. I am 41 years of age. John and Ann Kester and family here, and Emily and Ellen John at Perrys, and we were all together part oof the time, and Elida and Edwin and the girls came there too. Had a nice time.

(JUNE, 1853)
6th mo. 2nd, We cleaned the meeting house. 3rd, I went to Petersburg. 5th,A good many at meeting. In the afternoon, James Smith and wife and children came here. A fine little boy they have. Perry and wife went to Sunbury in the afternoon to visit two families there, S.N. Thompsons, and S. Robesons. 9th, Preparative meeting. Sarah was there and got sick. 11th,12th, Mary Ellen and Jane Thomas here and at Ps. Sally is poorly. 15th, Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. I was at B. Sharplesses to dine. He is near 89, quite feeble. Does not expect to live long. Phebe Hickses certificate of membership was brought to the meeting from Richland, and ws acceptd. We had a pleasant ride coming home. I came with Elida and wife and we went to see their improvement at Oxford. 16th & 17th I was a cleaning house. 18th, I was sick. Sarah is still poorly. 19th, at meeting. Amos Y. Thomas and son was there and is paying visits round. 17th, I recievd a letter from Sally Ann Yarnall. They are all complaining. Her father had had the Billious fever. 20th, Amos Y. Thomas calld here a while with us. In the evening Thomas B. and Lydia Longstreth and Catharine Trueman came to Elidas and next morning calld here a little while, and then started to Fishing Creek to attend the Half Year Meeting. Perrys and Elidas went to the meeting too. 22nd, I was at Petersburg. 23rd, Janes Mother and two others came in a carriage and took her away to Samuel Thompsons tavern in Sunbury. A young lady by name of Thacher, a half sister to the Landlord, was along. Perry and wife was away. Sarah Jane Yocom had livd at Perrys over five years. 25th, Perrys came home. Wm. Cleaver and Jacob Downing and daughter Hannah Margaret came with them. 26, A great turnout at our meeting. W. Cleaver and Lydia Longstreth and Perry and wife preachd. Longstreths and C. Truemand and J. Wilsons and Downing was at Perrys for dinner. In the afternoon, C.T. & L.L. and myself walkd to Samuels awhile. Ann Eliza Walter came here. In the evening a number went to spend the evening at Elidas with the Philadelphians. Next day I went there and staid til they started home. Which was near noon. We had a good deal of sattisfaction with them. They are nice people.

(JULY, 1853)
7th mo. 3rd, William Thomas and his mother was at Perrys and here. There came . great rain so that they had to stay all night. 4th, Independance day. Hirams daughter, Martha Hallen, was married to Benjamin Wade in Illinois. She is between 16 and 17, I think. 10, Elida and wife here, and Ann Eliza Walter here. Rain. 17th, I was sick and did not go to meeting. Walters at Perrys. Elida is sick. 20th. I was at the farm and at mill. I forgot to mention recieving a letter from Isaac and Catharine maild 10th of last month, an have answered that and S.A.Y. over two weeks ago. 7th mo. 24th, I am not verry well. Perrys and Sally has gone to Roaring Creek meeting, and I and William alone today. Elidas young folks gone to Thomas.

(AUGUST, 1853)
8th month 5th, I was at Elidas. A quilting. 7th, I was at Asas after meeting. 8th & 9th, Sarah and self was there. A quilting. 11th, Preparative meeting. I was helping Asas quilt. There has been a bush meeting in the Burge. 14th, Verry warm weather for several days. James Millard is buried today. He died suddenly. Fell off his chair in the store and was laid on the counter, and was dead. 16th, Prepareing for Monthly Meeting. Elias Thomas calld here. John Parvin Eves and wife was here all night. Benjamin Hughes and Abel Dalby and Elias Hicks and wife were at Perrys. Pilkingtons and Wilsons and Mary Ellis were at Elidas. A great turnout at our monthly meeting. Some what showery. A good meetin. Reuben, Perry and wife preached. In the last meeting Frances Wilson preached. I never heard her before. She began with these words, "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, Neither hath it enterd into the heart of man to concieve the good things the Lord hath in store for those that Love Him. Therefore be encouraged to follow the leadings of truth, and serve the Lord and obey his commandment”, or something near that. Rowland Hughes and family came here for dinner. In the evening Enoch Kesters and Mother and Jacob Kesters was here. 15th of 8th mo., Abner Walters got a son. 19th, Ann Kester got a daughter. She has been verry poorly some time. Elizabeth Exel has a son. She had kept her bed for several months. 21st, cool. A small meeting. Wm. Rich and wife at Perrys all night on their way home from Mainden Creek. She is James Stars daughter, Ellen. I read a letter from Lydia Longstreth. She mentions a hailstorm that, they saw when going home from here, where there was hailstones as large as an egg. 25th, Elida got verry sick with the Intermitten fever, with a Bilious attackt. They sent for Palemon. Sister Sally is verry sick today, the 28th.

9th mo., the 1st Perrys started to Centre county. Mary Ellen Thomas keeps house for them. Elizabeth Newport was there and several others. She had much to say there to the sprituallists and their opposers. Elsy H. Allen was there. She was lately married to Reuben Baker, and her adoptd son is married to Malinda Way. 4th, Wm. Thomas and Mother was here. Samuel Reeders daughter was buried. She died suddenly. 9th. month, 8th, Solomon Keller was buried, He died suddenly. Though he was long ailing. It was Preparative meeting day. I went Abishas in the afternoon, and festd on Water melons. In the evening, went to Elidas and helped the women. They had a corn cutting. I staid all night. I was not well all week, had such a cold. 10th, I was at a sewing party at Samuels. 11th, I rode with S.M. Thompsons to meeting, P. and R. preached, likewise. I rode back again with them. Susan and their four children staid all week amongst us 14th, was monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. We calld at Osburn Williams to see his wife and sister, Elizabeth Exel. She has kept her bed several months and has a child a month old. Great rain in the evening. 15th, High wind. 16th I took Susan Thompson and Alice Emily to Wm. Thomases and calld at Asas. 17th, Jesse G. John and wife came to Perrys and next morn came and took breakfast with us. After meeting Sarah and Perrys went to see Emily. She has been sick some time. I staid at home reading. In the evening S.M. Thompson, Edwin John, Abia C. John, and Amos Moyer called here. 19th, Thompson and family went home. A verry windy day. 20th, Martha Anns school closed. A rainy day. We had Joseph J. Kester between two and three weeks boarding here, a going to school. 25th, Angalina here. Sally went with Elida and Martha Ann to see Emily. She has been sick some time. I was writing to L. Longstreth and G. Janney. 26th, In the evening, Martha Ann came and bid us farewell. I went with her part home, We had a nice talk, but it was too short. George Hummel and Wm. Farrow was buried. 27th, At two in the morning Edwin and Martha Ann started for Pottsville. She is going to the State of Delaware to teach school one year. She was an interesting young woman. We shall miss her much. 27th. Rebecca and self went to see Emily. Martha is there taking care of her. Amos wife was there.

(OCTOBER, 1853)
10th mo. the 2nd, Aron Kester, Mary Ellen, Ruth Kester was at meeting and at Perrys and told of the Death of Hannah K. Moore, a Friend of mine. She died the 18th of 9th mo. with the Dysentery, from home, traveling with Elizabeth Newport. Aged forth nine years. She was a minister. 3rd, Rebecca John and myself went to see Elizabeth Exel at Osburn Williams. She had kept her bed many months but seemed much better now. We had a comfortable time there with her and Martha. Elizabeth seemed resigned wither to live or die. She said she was prepared and willing, but on her husband and childs account, she would be willing to get well, but for fear she would get back into the world and wickedness, she would rather go. She had said she thought she would only live about two weeks, in a bad spell that she had, when she experienced a change of heart. 6th, Preparative meeting day. The Methodist is holding a Protracted Meeting. Shusler, the young minister, attended our meeting. I called to see Emily. She is better. Martha is there yet. 8th, She called here. 9th, went home.

(JANUARY, 1854)
2nd of First month,1854. Uncle Israel John went away. A verry cold day. 25th Joseph Thomas articled for our Farm. Jacob Kester brought Hannah to Perrys. She was there a spell but staid at Elidas all night. Next day Martha, Jacob, and Hannah were at meeting.

(FEBRUARY, 1854)
2nd mo. 2nd. Preparative Meeting. Sarah was sick. I did not go to meeting. Reuben and wife, John P. Kester, his wife, Mary Ann and Allen John were at meeting and came home awhile. Next morning they took breakfast with us. John P. Kester paid us Nine Dollars and Twenty Four cents what was coming to us from James M. John's Estate. We sent Four Dollars of it to Hannah. 4th, Ann Thomas on a visit here all night. Abisha and Elily Thomas here on the 5th. 6th, I was at Petersburg. 8th, Monthly meeting at Catawissa. A verry stormy day. Snow on the ground and it rained nearly all day and made slugh. 9th, Lemuel Tietsworth married. 12th, we called to see Asa. He was sick. 14th, Perry started to Fishing Creek, Muncy, and Hughesburg. Mary Ellen Thomas keeps house for them. 19th, Elida and Sarah here. 20th, Perrys came home. A verry stormy afternoon. 21st. we heard that Frances Wilson wife of John Wilson died suddenly and was buried the 23rd. 0h, what a shock it was to hear such news. Perry and wife came from there the day before and she was as usual and had been to meeting on the 13th. What a choice woman, universally beloved. How she will be missed. She spoke a few times in meeting. They have 11 children. We also heard of the death of Eliza Goodridge Gearhart, a pious Methodist and Samuel Crowl. 25th, Angelina here. Wm. Underwood and Jesse came to Perrys. 26th, an uncommonly stormy day. Wm. Preached verry nice. Samuels family there; also Elidas and Perrys and myself and a few more. In the evening they came here. Next day they started home.

(MARCH, 1854)
3rd mo. 1st, I was at Petersburg. 5th, Perrys and myself were at Asa's. I had a bad headache. I received a letter from R.H. Walter telling of a great snowstorm there. 6th, heard of Abishai Thomas being sick. 9th, Heard of Edward Walter being bad with Pleurisy. 10th, Gloomy all day till evening and then rained smartly. 11th, A beautiful evening. Wm. Thomas and Jonathan Bachman came here. Next day we were at meeting. A good meeting. A fine day a considerable number there. We went a spell to see Abishai in the afternoon and saw several there. Dr. Jesse J. John and Elizabeth Krick were married, and Robert Tietsworth and Marietta Krick married at the same time. 13th, I walked to our farm and H. Vastines, Vansants Rebecca L. Reeders and C. Fishers. 14th, Elida and Perrys went to Berwick to Monthly Meeting. Ruthanna and myself went to Petersburg. Each got a dress. We called a few minutes at J. Smith. Afternoon went to Samuels. Beautiful spring like weather 16th & 17th, I made Garden and a number of other folks made. 18th, verry cold and high wind for nearly two weeks. 24th, I went with Chalkley to our farm to get the remainder of our movables. They hauled two loads of hay for us.

(APRIl, 1854)
4th mo. 4th, 1854, Ben Adams at work here. Elida was sick. We were there on the 2nd. 3rd, I was at Petersburg. 4th, William and Joseph Thomas brought a load of goods for Backman and called here as they were taking them to our farm house. 5th, We articled with Joseph Thomas. 7th, Dr. Palemon John fixed a tooth for me which was loose. He came twice to see his Father. He was here on Second Day. Asa and wife also called here on their way home from Elidas. 8th, Perry and myself went to our farm to get a load of hay and straw. Bachmans moving. Came there in the afternoon and evening. They have rented till they can raise money to buy. We were home before they came. Our Sweet old home. Farewell. We heard of Wm. Thomas losing one of his Match Horses, worth 150 dollars. 9th, Perrys went to Catawissa. I walked to meeting and part way home. Emily was there and some that had not been there lately. 12th of the 4th mo., 1854. Monthly meeting here. Sarah Wilson dined with us. Her Father at Perrys. Uncle Isreal John came back here the 11th of 4th month. Was gone 11 weeks. 13th, Made some garden. Ann Eliza Walter came here on a visit. 14th, Commenced snowing. 15th, Benjamin Rich and Amanda Underwood came to Perrys. It snow for four days, 17 inches deep. 18th, B. and A. left. 22nd, Emily Thomas and Jacob Kesters came here. Quite a big rain in the evening and night and next day. Cleared off afternoon, fine. They were at Elidas all night and till after meeting, then came to Perry. Elida is sick. Uncle Israel has been verry poorly nine or ten days. A verry bad cold and cough. Samuel and wife called there. Doctor Palemon John and Edwin came in the evening. Heard of Mark Williams and Elizabeth Hogeland being married the 13th of this month. 27th, Verry warm in the forenoon. Afternoon rainy, cold and freezing. Peaches in bloom. Rainy for four days.

(MAY, 1854)
5th mo. 7th, I went to Asas after meeting, Emily with me. Kesters was there. Abner Walters at meeting, and called there awhile. Samuel and Angalina here. Mary Ann was married the 4th to Isaac Troxler of the state of New York. 5th, I received a letter from R.H. Walter. 11th, Angalina was confind with a daughter. Our Preparative meeting day. A great rain the night before. 12th, Elida and Palemon and Abia started to Yearly meeting. We finished planting corn, Uncle Israel and me. 14th, at meeting. The Methodist has a quartely meeting. 15th, Sarah H. and Hannah Jane here. 16th, At Perrys. 17th, Monthly meeting. We dined at Ellen and Martha Lees. I was not well. 19th, At Elidas, Sarah, Rebecca and self. 20th, Planted potatoes, Uncle and self. Elidas returned from the City. 21st, at meeting. Received letters from G. Janney and Lydia Longstreth. I don't feel well. 29th, My Birthday.

(JUNE, 1854)
6th mo., the 1st, We cleaned the Meeting house. 7th, At a quilting at Samuels. A great rain to come home in. 10th, I was there again quilting. 11th, Kesters here and left Joseph to go to school from here. 14th, At Cattawissa Monthly meeting. John Walters has requested to be a member. We called at Oxford in time of a shower. Jesse and wife lives there. She got us dinner. There was an awful hail storm in the Valley. We saw bushels of hail lying in the fence corners. It injured a quantity of grain. 17th, Asas had their Barn raised. 18th. verry warm. Rebecca has been poorly two weeks. I heard a few days ago of Mordica Lee having a stroke of the Palsey at Bloomsburg. He was speechless and senseless for a while. 20th, We started to Fishing Creek, P.R. & G. and self. We went the river road down little Roaring Creek, a pleasant ride, and got to John Wilsons before sunset. Had a pleasant time there. Saw the likeness of Francis and all the family. In the morning we started on toward Millville. Had to walk a good deal. It was verry warm. We stoped at George Masters and took a cup of tea before meeting, then went to monthly meeting. Eliza Satherwait., Joseph Schoefield, and Lydia, his wife, from Newton, Bucks County, was there. Eliza was a pretty speaker. Jeremiah Moore spoke. After meeting I went to J.P. Kesters and had a good deal of sattisfactlon with Mary Ann. She was apponted over seer. Esther Evans came there. She is a nice lady, a single woman. Next morning was quite rainy, thorugh a great turnout to meeting. Levi Coats and wife was there. He tries a good deal of Preaching. Wm. Underwood also preached after Eliza Satherwait. J.P. Eves stoped William and raised considerable excitement and distrubance. One third of the People left the house, but some returned. We dined at Doctor P. Johns. Elidas was there. Wm. Underwood, J. Iddings, and Rachel Hickland, from Unionville in Center Cty. I called at Ezra Eves. They were glad to see me. Susan has had a Paraletic stroke, but is a good deal better. Elizabeth still in bed. Our Newtown Friends were there. A verry agreeable time. In the evening we went to Benjamin Eveses and staid there all night, verry agreeably. Two nice daughters they have, Susan and Rachel. 24th, We called to see Em. Watson before meeting. The strangers was there, too, the Centre and Bucks county Friends. Wm. seemed pleased and was interesting. He is eighty four is I am not mistaken. A great turnout at meeting. Eliza Leve and Reuben and Wm. preached, and the meeting ended to not so much sattisfaction as sometimes. We dined at Jacob Kesters and got caught in a great hail storm on our way to Bloomsburg. A number more Friens was also in the storm. Reuben Wilson had the Newtown Friends, a taking to Bloom. We stoped in a Bridge a while till the storm abated. We arived at Elias Hickes a while before sunset, and staid all right, and got our clothes dried. The strangers took stage at four in the morning. We got home before noon. Sarah MuckClow kept house for Perrys. Cousin Samuel John came here from West Chester while we were away and staid six days. He is a nice young man. 29th, in the afternoon we went in Elidas carriage to attend the Burial of Jane Williams, late Thomas, at the Methodist grave yard. She died of Consumption. Slusser, the Methodist minister, preached.

7th mo, the 1st, J. Bauchman and J. Thomas came and paid one hundred dollars on the rent last evening. 30 dollars was all that was due. 2nd, at meeting. A considerable number there. I am alone except the children. Ps. & S. gone to J. Yocoms. 12th, monthly meeting at Berwick. Ps. gone, M.E.T. there. 13th, Martha Ann and Mary H. Jenkins came from Camden in Delaware. 16th, Asas here and at Ps. 17th, Martha Ann and Mary Jenkins here. Adam (sic) farm valued at between 23 and 24 hundred dollars. 19th, Elidas girls, Mary J. and self crossed the mountain to see the sand spring which is quite a curiosity. 26th, Mary H. Jenkins started back. 27th, I was at Abishais. 29th, Verry rainy day, and high wind. Laertes Pennington John took sick. 30th, Ps. and myself was at Wm. Thomases.

(AUGUST, 1854)
8th mo., the 1st, Was at Samuels. Laertes was not expected to live. Several of our folks was there, as well as others of the neighbours, which was verry good in going and assisting there. 2nd. I was there again. He was better apparently. 3rd, We was sent for to see him die. He took my hand and staid in a whisper, "I think I am agoing", but he revived and lived till the next day between eleven and twelve. Then his spirit took Its everlasting flight. Oh, what an aweful thing to see a person die. He was flighty the latter part of the time. Thought he was from home with the team. In the forepart of his sickness, he was engaged in suplication and professed to have his peace made, and at times wished to be taken away. He suffered verry much. Sometimes three persons at a time would have to fan him, he was verry restless. His disease was Inflamation of Stomach and bowels. They met at the house seventh day at four oclock. A great number of people was there, more than could get in the meeting house. Reuben, Rebecca and Perry preached. It was a Solmn time, being the fifth of the 8th month. On the next third day, being the 8th, William Camp was killed, and buried 9th. He was at work at the Coal breaker between Shamokin town and Mount Carmel. A large cast wheel fell on his head and crushed it and he died in fifteen minuets. A great many people was there. Slusser, the Methodist minister, preached. 8th, I went to John Kesters. 9th, to Abia Johns. They went with me in the afternoon to the Burial of Wm. Camps. 10th, Slusser was at our meeting. 16th, Monthly meeting. Sarah Pilkington and Sarah Ann Hicks were here all night. Reuben Wilsons, John Wilsons was over. 20th, Perrys at Roaring Creek. Franklin John has the Typhoid Fever. Emily came home with me. 22nd, Mary Ann Kester was here. Elidas girls took her to see Franklin. 23rd, a sewing party at Perrys. 25th, Sarah and Perrys at Asas. Rain. 26th, Rain again. Had not but little rain for four weeks. 27th, Sarah is poorly.

9th mo.,7th, Perry is sick with Dysentery. 10th, William is sick. Margaret Thomas and William there and here. Raing and dull. I a not well. 12th, Emily and Matilda Thomas here all night. 13th, Monthly Meeting. I was not well. head and eyes ached. Took dinner at Osburn Williams. Martha was poorly. Ann Kester was there. 17th, Headache. 19th, Mary Ellen Thomas here. 20th, I was at Elidas visiting Wm. Millard was buried. He died in Petersburge, with the Dysentery. 23rd, Ruthanna, Sallie Liza and myself went to John Kesters to a quilten party. Slusser paid a visit at Perrys. 24, Sarah and I was at Elidas. 25th, Hampton Stokes was buried. Died in Petersburge of Consumption. Had lived there 3 weeks. I paid Susanna Smith a visit. 28th, Martha Ann started to Camden. Sarah poorly all week. A long, dry time. This may be remembered as the dry summer.

(OCTOBER, 1854)
10th mo. the 1st, Meeting at Eleven oclock. 3rd, Jesse Muck Clow married to Eliazbeth Bacon. Charles Martz and Esther Fisher married the first of this month. 6th, Polly Weeks was buried. Died suddenly with the Erceipulous. 8th, James and Susannah Smith and children here. Staid till moonlight. Received the 3rd a letter from Isaac John and Griffiths Abia John stating that Saran Jane Vastine has got well and to be married 2nd of 11th month. Jehu as been sick with fever. 11th, At Cattawissa Monthly meeting. Dined at B. Sharplesses. He is fast declining, though glas to see friends. We bid him farewell, not expecting to see him again. 21st, Received a letter from Illinois from W.J. They are doing well. We have still dry weather. Sarah been poorly a long time. Rebecca preparing to attend Philadelphia and Abbington Quarterly meetings and the meetings belonging thereto. She got a minuet at the last monthly meeting. This 20th a dull day. I don't feel well.

(NOVEMBER, 1854)
11th mo. the 1st, Reuben Wilson and wife and Rebecca started to the City. Mary Ellen Thomas is keeping house. Jesse MuckClow and wife and Sarah and John Ship, Levi and girl, Jane Thomas and Brn Kester all at meeting today the 5th. 11th month, the 5th, Elida and wife here. 9th, Preparative meeting. Ruthanna and Lydia Emily is sick. Eliza V. Walter and Ann here. 10th, I got a letter from Mary H. Jenkins of Camden. A long dry time. 11 & 12th, Rainy and dull. A good many at meeting today. 15th, Berwick monthly meeting. Emily, Perry and Edwin was there. Elidas girls are all sick. 19th, Writing letters to the State of New York. Thomas Davis called here. 21st, Elida and Samuel started to York State. T.D. here again. 22nd Rain. 23rd, A fine day. Uncle Israel and myseIf went to Abishais and got six apples trees for fifty cents. 24th, Rainy day. Amos Davis buried, a young man, next to the last one of his race. His Father and Mother, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts and cousins gone. Old grand mother Camp also buried that rainy day. the 25th. 25th, Planted our trees. 26th, Cold blustery gloomy day. Not verry many at meeting today. Rebecca not yet returned. 27th, Reuben Wilson and wife and Rebecca returned. Absen wanting one day of four weeks. They had a pretty sattisfactory time visiting meetings and Friends. I was quilting at Elidas on the 28th.

(DECEMBER, 1854)
12th mo. 2nd verry unwell. 3rd. A verry stormy. snowy day. I did not get to meeting. Was already to go, but no opportunity offered. In the evening Elidas and Samuel returned from the State of New York. Gone near 13 days. 6th, Abisha and Elizabeth Wellever at Perrys. 7th, Preparative meeting. 13th, Monthly meeting here. Good sleighing. Jane Cherington and Enoch Kester here and at Perrys and next day Reuben and Lucretia also. 14th, We had butchering done, Cousin Reuben John came. 17, Rode on Elidas sled to meeting. A great turnout. Rebecca preached excellent. Freece Brown and wife was there. 19th, the folks went to Half Year meeting. I attended to Perrys work. Verry cold weather. Cousin Reuben here. 24th, Perrys and I was at W. Thomases. I rode on the sled with the young folks. A clever time there. 25th, Cous. Reuben started home. J. Lauchman and J. Thomas and us articled. 31st, At meeting. Read in the afternoon. Heard of the death of James Gaas. He was buried on New Years day. His son died some time before. Preacher Slusser and Nancy Yocom married and Jonathan Lewis and Melvetta Yeager, and Uriah Sober and Margaret Hoffman on New Year, 1855, besides others.

(JANUARY, 1855)
1st mo. 7th,1855. Mely and Vienna here afternoon. I was not well. A great rain in the evening. 8th, a fine day. S. called here. I was at the store afternoon. Consecrating the new meeting house at Petersburg, the Methodists. 11th, Preparative meeting day. 14th, Walked to meeting. A cold day. Dined at Samuels. Jonathan Lewis was there, Permelia Yeagers husband. Samuel and wife came home with me. 16th, heard of the death of John Vastine in Illinois. 17th, At monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. I had to serve as clerk. 18, I was at Petersburge. Saw several old acquaintances, Mary R. and saw Margaret Boughmer and husband at J. Smiths. 21st, A verry stormy day. Elida and wife poorly. Walters at Perrys. My niece Sally Ann Yarnall was married to Edward Bloomer the evening of the 18th of first month 1855. A great wedding. I suppose they had. Mary Ann Troxler from York State and others was at Samuels, 21st & 22nd, & left 23rd. We did not get to see them. 23rd. Julian Erickbaum and Aaron Barrel was married. 28th, Perrys at Roaring Creek. Had meeting at Methodist Meeting house. At Yocoms. Verry cold and stormy weather. A verry cold week. 25th, I was at Petersburg and got new shoes.

(FEBRUARY, 1855)
2nd mo., the 1st, Daniel Beckman and Emily Francis Thomas was married at Minersville. 4th,They made their appearance at our meeting and called to see us all She is 18 years old. 7th, Snow. 8th & 9th,Snow. 11th, At meeting. E.V. Walters here. Ulyses here a while. Sarah poorly. 13th, J. Replys at Perrys. I received a letter from Doctory P. John. Heard of the marriage of Benjamin Rich and Amanda Underwood on New Years eve, and in four weeks was delivered of a daughter. Oh aweful shocking news that is some fruits of Spiritualism. She is a verry pretty little girl. 14th, Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. A dreadful rainy day or morning, turning the snow into slush and wind blowing terribly, but slacked off in time for a few to get there. I did not go. Sister was not well. A great deal of snow. 18th, We rode on a sled to meeting. Is family and self. A pretty good meeting. Samuels and Caroline Smith was there. She rode with us. A tolerable turnout today. 22nd, Emily and I went from meeting to A. Gilgers to see Harriet Long. She has been ailing a long time. 24th, Abram Arter and Polly Groover buried, Ann Kester and children here all night. Verry cold. Ps. went to Cattawissa. Received a letter from Abia in Ohio. 25th Edwin and Wm. Thomas here. 26, Mother Isenheart buried. 27th, Reuben Snyder buried. 28th, received a letter from Sally Ann Y. Bloomer in York State.

(MARCH, 1855)
3rd mo.,first, Joseph Thomas and Rebecca Zimmerman married. 4th, Joshua Woolverton buried and two other persons. I was not well. A verry slushy day. At meeting. Heard of several being sick. Heard a few days ago of Wm. Gilger and Jane Sober being married. 5th, Abisha Thomas here. Brought straw. 8th, Preparative meeting, But few there. 10th was at the funeral of Pete Huffmans wife. Rather small owing to a mistake in the time. They met at two oclock 7th day afternoon, and numbers went first day at ten, near relations and brothers. 11th, A small meeting. My head aches. Ann Thomas has been sick more than a week with Typhoid fever. Perrys has gone to Fishing Creek. Ellen John is keeping house. 14th, Berwick Monthly Meeting. 15th, Perry and Rebecca returned and brought sad news of the Death of Charles Eves and Hannah Reese and several others. Francis Rote, a young man, was killed by rascaling with Milton Phillips, a lad of 12 years old, a coming from school. The eldest was 18 and was throwed by the least one and instantly killed. The one that threw the other was almost destracted. One woman by the name of Kitchen was buried that kept her bed thirty years. 18th, At Asas. 20th, Verry cold. 21st, I was at James Yocom N. Yocoms, B. Woolvertons to see his sick wife, which is nigh unto death appearently, and Paxinos Post office. Put letters in for S.Y.B. in New York State and W.J. in Illinois. I was at J. Reeders Store and at our old home at Buchmand and Thomases and at Mary Millers to see her and Susan. How I love to make calls at our old neighbours and acquaintances. Joseph Thomas brought me part way home as I was afoot. I got home against 4 oclock. 22nd, Meeting day. 23rd, 24th, & 25, Verry cold. Ann Thomas is better. We have a wonderful sight of snow and cold, windy weather this winter. Saw George Pensyl and wife. I had a verry bad cold for a few days. 28th. At Gelgers to see Harriet Long. She is quite ill with the Dropsey.

(APRIL, 1855)
4th Mo., the 1st, 1855. Emily and Jacob Kesters called here before meeting. It begins at ten oclock. I rode with them to Meeting. Reubens has sold their farm and expects to go to Illinois. 2nd, 3rd, 5th, We are both unwell. I have taken a heavy cold. 5th, I went to the mill and bespoke a bushel and a half of wheat at two dollars and 25 cents a bushel. Rye is one do.25. Buckwheat one collar, corn one dollar, Hay 23 per ton. Butter 20cts., eggs 14. Hard times for poor people. William Haas died the 3rd and was buried the 5th. They telegraphed to Philadelphia for their sons and they came. 6th, I was at Petersburg. Y. Haas died at Shamokin town and was brought home to bury. 7th, Sarah is verry poorly. 8th, Easter. We are better. A nice day. Verry sleepy at meeting. Called to see Samuels child. It is quite ill. Broke out in a sore scab. Walters at Perrys. Worked verry hard for several days preparing for Monthly meeting, which was the 11th. Jesse Heacock and wife at Perrys all night. Several at Elidas. Not a large Monthly Meeting. John Wilson and young Aron Kester dined at Perrys. Sarah and Nancy Wilson dined with us. 12, Mary Ellis and Sarah H. John was here. 13th, got a little garen made. Asa and Polly and Mary Ellis here. 15th, rainy and dull. Mary Ellis here. 15th, quite a rainy afternoon. Uncle Israel started for the City to take the cars in the morning at Paxinos. 16th, Elida, Perry and self went to Reubens vendue. They are selling off to go to Illinois. A great many people there. 17th, I went to Elias Woodruffs and got trees and planted. 19th Meetin small. Mary Ellis came here. It rained that night and next morning Elida and Perry went to Reubens vendue, the seckond one. They did not get all sold before. There was a dreadful thunder and hail storm afternoon. Heard of the death of John Jackson, a great Minisher among Friends. They kept a boarding school. He was buried the 19th. His lose is greatly lamented. 21st, a fine day. I saw J.S. They have another son. Palemons has another daughter. Sarah. is gone there, his Mother, to stay a while. 22nd. A fine day, A considerable number at Meetin. No preaching. W.T. and mother at Perrys. I went toward evening to see Harriet Long. She seemed better. 24, Rowland Hughes was here drafting. Sally went to Oxford with Elida. 26th, Allen John was here paying his last visit. 29th, Sarah went to meeting. 30th, I was working in the garden and planted peas.

(MAY, 1855)
5th m0. the 1st, Planted cucmbers. Rain. 6th, Reuben and wife at meeting. He preached his farewell sermon. A number was there. They expect to start next week to Illinois. After meeting we all was with them at Elidas and in the evening at Perrys. next morning they took breakfast hear and bid each other farewell, never expecting to see each other. Poor Reuben, we were all sorry to part with him. Franklin was here on first day morning. Seckond day afternoon, Malinda, Lucretia and Sarah Jane came to Perrys. Malinda came here and staid all night. Lucretia came and took breakfast with us. A stormy morning. I went with them to Elidas and staid a while. Still rainy. Sarah Jane came home with me and took dinner. Edwin and Sally Eliza went with them to Samuels and Abishais. We were sorry to part with the girls. Fifth mo., the 21th, 1855. Early in the morning, half past five oclock, Elida took John Walter, Perry and myself in his carriage to Shamokintown to meet the cars. We got there in good time. John Walters took me to Jesses. I saw him and wife and Robert Teitsworth and wife and James Smith came in and invited me to see his house occupied by David Keefers. We were in town an hour before the cars came. We heard that Sylvenus Birds daughter was to be buried that day. At eight oclock the cars came and we were off in short order. William Thomas was passenger in the cars bound for the City in company with us. We took stage at Mount Carmel and there met John Kester. Nine passengers inside two coaches run filled and some set on the top. We had a rough and crowded time to Pottsville, over the mountain. we got to Ashland before ten oclock. One of our Passengers was Doctor Johnson from Eire and a gentleman from Sunbury. We got to Pottsville between one and two and had to wait two hours. The cars did not start till four oclock then we went. There was a great crowd at the depot. A number of passengers. We halted at a great many towns, Schuylkill Haven, Mount Carbon, Orwlgsburg, Port Clinton, Hamburg, Leesburg, Reading Morhsville, Auburn, Duglessville, Potts Grove, Pheonixville, Norristorn, Pocopson, Many York. It got to raining toward evening but abated before we landed. We got to the City after 8 oclock and had a long walk to T.B. Longstreths. We got here before nine and found Mary levis, George Eves and wife, their daughter, Emily and Ann Eves were lodges in my room. We had a good dish of tea and went to bed before ten. I was tired and sleepy but did not rest well. Next morn, Adam Gilger died and was buried on seckond day afternoon. A large concorse of People. The funeral in the Cross road schoolhouse. It seems as if it cant be that he is gone forever, so suddenly. Only sick five days with pleurisy. We were in the City at the time. At ten on first day morning we went to Green Street Meeting. Samuel Comfort, Benjamin Mather, Henry W. Ridgeway preached. We dined at T. Longstreth. Then John Walters, Perry and I went to B.S. Janneys and saw, aunty and cousins. At four, accompanied by Phebe Wilson, we went to Green Street again. Eleazer Haviland, Elihu Bernard, Rachel W. Barker preached. She was lengthy and excellent. In the evening we went to Cherry Street, a verry sattisfactory meeting. F. Haviland and R.J. Barker spoke lengthy about David killing Goliath. The sight was splendid, the house lighted with twenty four gal lights and such a body of people. Was beautiful. Next morning Lydia and I went a shoping. I got a bonnett. At ten meeting convened. A great number of women spoke, the representatives present except nine. Fore the absence of six, reasons were given. We dined at Jane Johnsons or Joseph Warners, the most of the Fishing Creek Friend ......... I saw John Parish and wife. She is a minister. Mary Poirt is living there, Elizabeth Davises daughter. She is a sweet looking girl. Her and Isabelle Johnson walked with me to meeting. In the morning Elizabeth H. Osburn was named to assist the Clerk in place of Mary Jessup, deceased. In the afternoon sitting, Mary Mickner took the sent of assistant Clerk. Thirday morning I went to Janneys alone. Had a pleasant time before meeting. Aunty went with me to meeting, but did not stay long owing to her not getting a good seat. I met with Mary H. Jenkins and her Mother, Patience on seckond day noon. Thirday they came with me to Longstreths to dine. I gave Mary a letter for Martha Ann which I wrote the evening before. A great many people was there for dinner. Elizabeth Newbold, a grend child of Warner Mifflins, Mary H. Schoefield, Haliday Jackson and wife, Paxton Price and wife, Mary Schoefields son and twin daughters. John Kester, Jacob Kester, I went that night and staid at Janneys. I had an introduction to John Hunn by Mary Jenkins on our way to meeting by Mary Jenkins on our way to meeting He her uncle and a minister and a widower since last fall. Fourth day morning, Cousin Georgie Ann and I had a nice omnibus ride along Chesnut Street. We went to Townsend Sharpleses Store in Seckond Street. We saw Dr. Jones establishment in Chesnut Street. Met with Eliza Newport and agreed to go with her to dine next day. I met with Catharine Trueman and went home with her on Fourth day. Saw George and her daughters. Henry Ridgeway was there. After dinner went all the way to Longstreths alone, That night went to stay with Aunt Phebe again. Next morn it was raining copiously, but abated in time for me to go to T.B.L.’s. Aunty and Phebe Wilson was agoing to Kennett that day to stay this season. Phebe Wilson is a female Physician attending medical lecures in the City. Lydia Longstreth and I went to two stores and got what I wanted and to a bonnet makers and got one for Sarah. We got back in time for meeting at ten at Green St. Eleazer Haviland, Joel Lair and two other men and a number of women spoke. I think ten or eleven spoke. I went home with Eliza Newport. Had a pleasant time They live in Green above 8th. She has some nice daughters. Her husband is a pleasant man. Martha is a nice girl. She is engaged to be married to Jonathan Travilla, a merchant in west Chester. He is a nice appearing man. We had a verry sattisfactory and interesting Yearly meeting. A number of excellent communications. Sixth day morn Lydia and (I) went to Charles Adases store and I got two shawls. We was in but one store yesterday. J.W. Thomases in Seckond Street. We had but one sitting on sixth day. The meeting closed between one and two, a long sitting from ten oclock. Eleazer Haviland visited our meeting one day. I dont suppose that I can recollect near all that I heard speak and a number I did not hear their names; Lucretia Mott, Deborah P. Wharton, Harriet I.(or T.) Moore, Ann Morris, Anna A. Townsend, Rachel I. Barker, Rachel Sharpless, Ruth Pile, Eliza Newport, Lydia P. Mott, Elizabeth S. Brooks, Rebecca Price, Rebecca Pearse, Rachel Rogers, Phebe Hadly, Mary Allen, Mary Ann Marshall, Patience H. Jenkins. Dr. Atleys wife, Mary S. Lippencot, Sarah Hoops, Mary E. Schoefield, Priscilla Townsen, Mary Levis, Mary K. Janney, Mary Ann Weedles, Rhoda O. Lamm and several more, some that I did not hear their names. Catharine Foulk. I also heard Maria Jane Dent, Eliza Satherwait. Sixth day afternoon, Margaret Longstreth took me and Sarah and Frances Wilson over the Delaware in a steamboat to Camden, in New Jersey, and saw some very pretty gardens and curious trees with flowers on. I was not well. My head got to aching badly. I laid down after we returned and it continued to ache violently till I slept it away. Next morn, was verry rainy. Thomas Longstreth took a carriage load of us to the Depot and our baggage. Our Fishing Creek friends started at six, and we at half past seven. We saw Esther Willets and Mary Lightfoot and James Meredith in the cars. It rained the greatest part of the day. We were verry much crowded in the stage. There was a Catholick Priest rode part way, then a Episcople Minister from Sunbury, came on with us. He was a verry, pleasant interesting and agreeable young man, and good looking, verry large in statcure. He was raised in Philadelphia. While we were in the cars before we reached home, we heard of the death of Adam Gilger, our neighbour. Died and was buried while we were away. It was a great shock to us. Our Nephew, George Dillwyn John, met us at Paxinos with a carriage, Perry, myself and Wm. Thomas and John Kester. We got safely home before dark. It was rainy still. We were glad to get home and they to see us. Sarah was quite poorly. Angalina and Ann Eliza Walter was here. 27th, Sarah and I was at Samuels after meeting. 31st, We cleaned the Meeting house. Samuel was taken sick and was sick for a week or more. The Doctor attended him. I spent the evening there. A.E. Walter and the Doctor was there.

(JUNE, 1855)
6th mo. 7th, heard of the death of Henry Wasser, an old neighbour of ours, a tavern keeper. 13th, at mo. me. at Cattawissa. 19th, George Tribley was killed at a coal breaker near Shamokin town. 21st, David Reeds wife and her Nephew, Samuel Haas, was buried. Both funerals took place at once. 23rd, Jesse Underwood and wife and Jane Downing came with Perrys from Half Years Meeting and dined with us. They had a verry interesting Half Year Meeting. Stephen Paschal and Samuel J. Levick, John and Mary Watson and some other preachers was there. 24th, I was at Gilgers. A great thunder shower while I was there.

(JULY, 1855)
7th month the 1st, John Watson and wife, Joel Hughes and wife, J.P. Eves and wife was at our meeting. A crowded meeting and excellent preaching. 2nd, they were here. Paid a family visit and visited all the families belong to our meeting and the greatest part belonging to Fishing Creek Half Year Meeting. They were English people from Canada. 4th, a rainy day. Celebrating day. Ben Brooks was married and Willemina Saunders was buried. 8th, I was at Abishais. EIias brought me home. 10th, Elida and wife and Perry and wife went to Berwick to Monthly Meeting. Ann Thomas kept house for P. She told me of the death of Elizabeth Exel. 15, Ps. and Sarah was at Abishais and I went to. 22nd, Samuel and wife was here. Perry brought Rebecca Davis. Martha Ann came home the 17th from Camden in Delaware. 23rd & 24, Rebecca Davis was here, then went to Samuels and Elidas. 29th, Perry took her to meeting and then To Asas and Sally too. We have had a great deal of rainy weather. It did rain some every day for ten days. The people had great times to get their grain in. Some or good many had to be opened and dried. It was so wet, and got to growing. Sally went with cousin R.D. to Elidas the 25th and staid all night there. 29, I was there a while to see Martha Ann. She is not well. We have a lovely day of this I forgot to mention in the proper place of the marriage of Lydia Longstreth and Thomas P. Rowlet the 6th of 6th month. and Martha E. Newport to Jonathan Traville the 13th of 6th month, all of Philadelphia except J.T. He is from West Chester and the fourth of 7th month Harriet I. Moore, a minister of esteem in Philadelphia'.

(AUGUST, 1855)
8th mo. 5th, I was poorly nd did not go to meeting. A gloomy day. I was writing letters. 12th, We was at Em. Thomases. Chalkley is sick. 15th Monthly meeting here. John Lees and sisters was at Perrys and here. Not many at meeting. P. Reese and wife at Perrys. W.T., Mother and sister at Elidas. The Doctor attended Chalkley. 21st, I was at Gilgers helping quilt. 22nd, Poorly and continued for more than a week with pain in my head, ears, face, and jaws, and swelled for several days. 26, Perry and wife and Sarah went to Roaring Creek to see Mother Cherington and was at meeting and at Osburn Wm. Sarah is poorly since. 30th, Henry G. Thomas and daughter, Mary Jane, was here. Walters and Abishai, too.

9th mo., the 2nd, Jacob Kesters was at meeting. A rainy morning, but turned out fine. But few at meeting. Mary Ann Hughes confind. 6th, Preparative meeting. Ann Kester is sick and Margaret Thomas has the Dysentery. Elida and I went to our farm. 8th, Harriet Long here. 9th, a warm day. Some cloudy. 11th, We were at Elidas. Received a letter from Cousin Samuel John. 12th, Monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. A beautiful day. 14th, Uncle and I went to our farm and to Mary Millers and eat dinner there and then home the valley road, and was verry tired. Angelina came here and the afternoon turned out rainy. 15th, Fishing Creek folks here and at Perrys and Elidas and 16th at meeting; George Eves an wife and sister, Rachel, and brother, Ezra, and Reuben Wilsons two daughters. Rainy last evening and this morning, but the day turned out fine. 19th, Joseph Thomas here, and came to and agreement about our Rent thats due to us. 20th, received a letter from Lemuel Yarnall. 14th, we were at Elidas cutting peaches 23rd, I was at Asas after meeting. 28th, I was at our farm getting apples. I was not well. 19th, Still unwell. Osburn Wm. and Martha came to Perrys and the next day went to meeting. The afternoon stormy.

(OCTOBER, 1855)
10th mo.,the 1st, Samuel and wife started to Elmira Fair and York State. 6th, they returned. 7th, Perry and Uncle went to Catawissa. I went to Gilgers after noon. 11th, Preparative. A beautiful day. I went to Asas before meeting. Martha Ann and Ruthanna spent the afternoon here and staid all night at Perrys. A verry rainy evening. Hirams wife, Elizabeth, died in the morning of the 11th. in Illinois, after two weeks illness. poor Betsey; she will be missed verry much. We thought much of her. I hope she is happy now. 14th, I walked with Rebecca to meeting. A rainy day. Perry gone to Fishing Creek, and got his horse kicked badly. I was writing letters to Illinois. Abia C. John here. Spent the afternoon. He is going to the City to attend lectors. 16, got a letter from Mary P. Tomlins. 17th, Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. I did not get there. 19th, We were at Elidas visiting. Beautiful weather this week. 21st, George F. Eves and wife and daughter and Anna Chamberlin was at Meeting and dined at Perrys. A beautiful day. George Libe was buried. 22nd, Mary Cherington was buried and Martha Ann started for Illinois to teach school, perhaps a year. The same dat uncle started to Chester County. The rest of the week rough and stromy. Snow and hail and rain and high wind. 28th (on). 23 & 24 snow. 30 & 31st, S. Stertsler here, a thrashing our Rye.

(NOVEMBER, 1855)
11th mo., the 2nd. 0. Cambells vendue. I went to our farm. 3rd, rainy day. 4th, Cloudy, not many at meeting. Heard some days ago of Loyd Thomases death, and since have heard it contradicted. I and Griffith was hauling corn and potatoes from our farm the 6th & 7th. 9th & 10th, got ten bushels of potatoes and 56 bushels of indifferent corn, good and bad. 11th, Perrys and Elidas at Catawissa. They are about laying down that meeting as the members are nearly gone. I and Ruthanna and Sarah Eliza went from meeting to Gilgers and took dinner, then the widow came home with me and spent the afternoon. David Martz died that day of appoplexy and was buried the 13th. A great many people attended. A verry nice day. Elidas and Perrys gone to Berwick monthly meeting. Was away three days. 16, Sarah and myself was at Elidas, aquilting and heard a long and interesting letter from Martha Ann in Illinois. 14, was the last vendue at Gilgers. Ellick Yocom brought the place for 98 hundred dollars. The 16th of 11th month at half past four in the afternoon, 1855, our Dear old Aunt Phebe John died in West Chester and was buried the 18th; the last one except Uncle Israel of Mothers family. Oh. now little did we think of what was taking place. 24th, Recieved a letter from Georgie informing us of Auntys death. We are all sorry to hear of Aunts death. She was old, pretty far in 76. A cold, blustery week. 25th, quite stormy. Joseph Wharton from Philadelphia was at meeting today. 26th, I planted some peach trees. 28, Burying turnips, beets, and so forth. 29th Lydia Woolverton died at her Fathers. Jacob Leisenrings, at Bear Gap. She long had the consumption. 30th I was at Petersburg.

(DECEMBER, 1855)
12th mo., 2nd, Lydia W. was buried. A verry large funeral. 40 carriages. A fine day till near evening. Recieved another letter from Mary P. Tomlins. 4th, I was at Abishai Thomases. A sattisiactory visit. 5th, Sarah and self was at Samuels. 6th Preparative meeting. A verry nice week. 9th, Stormy day. I did not get to meeting today; had no chace to ride. 10th & 11th, verry cold. Henry Gilger was here the 11th. Phebe P. Hicks and Esther Potter was here over night 12th, was Monthly meeting. Amos Peasley and Charles Tease and Benjamin Foulk, Catharine Foulk, Kesiah Foulk, were all at meeting, Amos and Catharine preached had a gread deal, verry good. Next day had meeting again. Not verry many out. They both spoke ..........

11th, Perry and wife and Ed and Ruthanna gone to Berwick Monthly meeting. Ellen John keeping house for Perrys. They went to Fishing Creek from Berwick. They away near a week. 18th, I sent a letter to Patience. Sylvenus (sic) Bird was buried. 19th, I had a verry bad headache. A snowy day. The scarlet fever and sore throat is about this neighbourhood and Mumps. W.T. had them. 22nd, Recieved a letter from Evan Y. 23rd, Perry and wife and self was invited to Elidas to eat Roast Turkey and it was excellent. 24th, A.C. John paid us a visit. Verry stormy, blustery weather; some days fine and then cold and windy. An uncomon hard winter. Snow on the ground from Christmas to Spring. 27th, I was not well. Did not go to meeting. 28th, Went to Petersburg. Verry cold. 29th, John Hoff Esq. came here and acknowledged a deed from us to Henry Martz and Hannah Martz. 31st, H.E.M. came here and paid 4 hundred dollars on our old farm.

(APRIL, 1856)
4th month, the 1st, 1856, Perry and I went to the farm to get some things and take a farewell look over the house and farm. 4th mo, the 6th, Meeting is at ten oclock. A considerable was at meeting today. 8th, Elida and self went to the Widow Martzes and Paxinos. 16th, Monthly meeting here. Mary Ellen Thomas came to keep house for Rebecca. She and Perry started the 18th down country to attend three quarterly meetings and visit the most of the meetings belonging thereto and attend Yearly meeting. 27, Perry returned. Mary E. Thomas got the mumps and was taken home. Abiahai and Emily here 28. 29th Making garden.

(MAY, 1856)
5th mo., 4th, I was at D. Adamses. A.J. and A.E. Walter came here. 5th, S. Tar at (or S.T. ar at) Perrys washing. 6, 7, & 8th at Perrys. 7th, Wm. Millard called at Perrys and staid all night at Elidas. We heard that Mary P. Tomlins died the 7th at Pottsville and left 3 little children, girls, and was buried the 9th. Died of Typhoid fever. Our folks started to the City that day and Sarah got bad with the Phthisic and continued till the 12th. 13, James Smith came here. Had an ague shake. Was quite sick. 14th, Ruthanna and I went to Roaring Creek Monthly Meeting and came home by Oxford. 17th, they returned from the Yearly Meeting. I recieved letters from L. Longstreth and G.A. Janney and some articles of Aunt Phebes clothing. Emily and Sarah F. here and others, recieved a letter some time ago from Abia and two from Jehu. 24th, Rebecca returned here. 28th, Elida got the Dysentery. 29th. My birthday. 44 years old. A great rain. 30th Cold, stormy, snow and hail. 31st, Ruthanna came home sick from teaching school. She has the Dysentery.

(JUNE, 1856)
6th mo. 1st, I was to see the sick. 3rd, set up with Elida. The Doctor came after night. Next day called here. I was not well. 5th, Preparative meeting. We cleaned the meeting house. Ann Thomas married to Seth Thomas. Got verry cold afternoon. 8th, Ruthanna is better and Elida, also, though miserable. 10, at the Burge. 11th, George took me to Cattawissa Monthly meeting. Came home by the Furnace. 12th, E. Wellever and A.E.W, here. Verry busy house cleaning for a few days. 15th, Emily and I at Elidas. He is still poorly. Doctor P. came. 16th, Berwlck Monthly meeting. [This part scratched out in mns. Might have been written in error. H.J.,ed.] 6th mo. 17th. Amos Yarnall came here. 17 & 18 folks gone to Half Year Meeting.

(JULY, 1856)
7th mo. 19th,1856. Alfred J. Tomlins and Elizabeth W. Dobbins came here and brought his three little daughters to leave amongst us. We took Ann Elisabeth the youngest, 14 months old. Abishai Thomas took the eldest, Malitta Maria, over four years of age. Elidas took the seckond, Mary Josephene. 22nd Thomas Longstreth and wife and daughter, Mary, came and staid two or three days. and visited amongst us and Lydia spoke at our meeting. Sarah H. John was confind with the Dysentery. On fifth day afternoon, Elida and Sally Eliza and myself went with them to Samuels. Fourth day afternoon, they are at Perrys and here. David McWilliams was buried. 7th mo. 3rd, a verry warm day. 7th mo., recieved a letter from Rachel John with hers and Griffiths likeness, his taken when a corpse. Got a letter from Hiram.

(AUGUST 9 1856)
8th mo. 13th, Got a letter from Abia. Monthly meeting here. J. Wilsons here and at Perrys all night. Able Dolbys all night at Perrys. Enoch Kesters there to dine. Jacob Kesters and Hannah here to tea. Martha had been down a week. Martha Kester and her daughters were here all night the 7th and next night at Perrys. 14th, Rebecca and I went to see Mary Ellen Thomas. She was confind to her bed. 17, Abishai and Emily and us at Elidas. 23rd, Alfred Tomlins came to see his children and was at our meeting next day. A great many there. In the afternoon Elida and Sarah came. Angalina and Ann Eliza Walter and Polly Adams and children here. Mary E. Thomas and Phineas is verry sick. 27th, Perry, Rebecca and William started to Centre quarter. 31st, James Smith and family here, and Elidas girls.

Perry returned the 5th. 7th, Quite a turnout at meeting. A company of Friends from Phila came to Perrys and dined; Margaret Brooks, John Bancroff and family. They missed getting to meeting. 10th, I went with Elidas to Roaring Creek Monthly Meeting. I had the headache. We went to Osburn Wm. to dine. Martha has seckond son. 11th, Sarah is poorly and continued so for 2 or 3 weeks

(OCTOBER, 1856)
10th mo. the 12th, Alfred Tomlins here. I was white washing up stairs last week. 13th, Cleaning and white washing down stairs. 15th, Monthly meeting at Catawissa. Sarah was taken verry sick with the Cholera Morbus. 19th, Rebecca and I were at Abishai Thomases. He had gone to Centre County 23rd of 10th mo. 1856, Jehu and Patience and their youngest daughter, Verdilla Elmira, and Sister Rachel, Griffith's widow and her son Abia, came; Jehu from Illinois and the others from Ohio. We were all rejoiced to see them as we had never seen Rachel and Abia before. Jehu and wife we had not seen for seven years. We had a good deal of satisfaction with them. They were here two weeks and four days. They left home the 13th and left Allen County the 20th, and arrived here the 23rd. Martha Ann came the 31st.

(NOVEMBER, 1856)
They started home 11th mo. 10th. We were sorry to part with them, not knowing if ever we should see them again. Palemon and family was down to see them, and at meeting here, and at Perrys to dine. We all was together the evening before they started, at Elida, except Sally and Asa. 16th, Quite a turnout to meeting. Seth Thomas and Ann was there from Virginia. Peggy Thomas is sick. Perrys was away from Thursday to (sic) seventh day at Berwick monthly meeting and visiting families. 17th, at Petersburg and dined at J. Smiths. We got stove the 12th. Cost 13 dollars 40 cents. The night of the 21st, Samuels store was robbed. 23, A raw, damp day. A turnout at meeting today.

(DECEMBER, 1856)
12th mo. 1st, I was at Petersburg. 3rd, Recieved a letter from S.A.Y. Bloomer. 4th, A letter arrived from Jehu. Things went wrong while they were from home. Bad luck. A great deal destroyed by carelessness in those that was left to take care. 7th, A cold day. Sarah is still poorly. I missed to get to meeting. 11th, Preparative meeting, answering the queries. A rainy day, and small meeting. 13th, Recieved letters from Cousins Mary Ann Jeffries and Georgia Janney. John and Ann Kester at Perrys all night. 14th, A verry rainy day though we went to meeting. 17th, Monthly meeting here, not large. 21st, We had Butchering done. 22nd, Perrys and Emily went to half year meeting. 24th & 25th, Sarah got Bad with Phthisic. Alfred Tomlins came and staid several days. Martha Eliza Hughes keeping house for Perrys. 27, Angalina and Ann Eliza here.

(JANUARY, 1857)
New Year day, Evan Yarnall came. Cold dry weather. 11th, I rode with John and Ann Kester to meeting on a sled. Poor slaying. I commenced a letter to Sarah A.Y. Bloomer. 18th, We were at J. Walters. Verry cold; a great snow fell that night and next day and great wind. I was verry unwell. 24th, Perry and wife went to Roaring Creek and staid two days and nights. 30th, Wm. Underwood and wife and two daughters came and also John G. Rich came to Perrys. 31st. A dreadful stormy day. Snowd and blowed and drifted worst than has ever been since we lived here. Wm. and Lovanna (or Lorena) and Eliza and Hannah and Perrys spent the evening here. Next day we, with a sled and four slays, broke the way to Meeting. Wm. preached nice. Evan Yarnall was along at Meeting. Sarah is poorly.

(FEBRUARY, 1857)
2nd mo. 2nd 1857. The Friends started home. Heard of five wedings at Roaring Creek: E. Mears, M. Case, os ch C. Wil (sic) S. Lavern, C. Fox, .W. Irwin, B. Yocom, Lorenzo T. John and Lucretia Elmira John were married on New Year day, 1857. 2nd mo. 5th, Lena Yeager and David Caseman was married; and Jacob Adams and Harriet Smith. We heard of several deaths; Preacher Fisher, Preacher Eliot, Enoch Spencer, Widow Dewart, A. Jordans wife. Sarah had been verry bad with the Phthisick. I missed two meetings. We have had a great body of snow on the ground and it went of in a few days with a rain and warm thaw, and now the 10th, it is verry cold. I am not likely to get to monthly meeting tomorrow at Cattawissa. 11th, I went to the mill. 18th, Martha called here. 19th, Staid all night here. 22nd Emiily and Malitha here. I recieved four letters this last week from L. Yarnall, Tamsey Creemein, Abia, and Lorenzo T. John. 23rd, At Petersburg, and called at Smiths. Susan has a daughter. I dined there. Verry nice weather for several days. It was a mistake about Lorenzo and Lucretia being married. It has been contradicted.

(MARCH, 1857)
3rd mo. 11th, Berwick Monthly meeting. Ellen John is keeping house for Perrys Ruthanna and I went to Petersburg. Elida and Wm. Thomas returned from Phila. 17th, Several of us attended the exebition of Martha Anns school. 22nd, I we. to see Martha Ann. 24th, Sallie and Lydia here visiting. 25, I was to see Susan Smith before they mooved on the 1st of 4th month.

(APRIL, 1857 (see last entry above for 1st of April)
The evening of the 1st Osburn Wm. and family came to pay their last visit amongst us before going to Illinois. Left here the fourth. 5th, Elida and wife here. 5th, Great rain and snow, then freezing cold. Esther W.T. and Mother at Perrys and Elida and wife also. 15th, Monthly meeting here. Mahlon Hicks and wife and daughter, Mary, and Elias Hicks and wife at Elidas, Perrys, and here, and Enoch Kester and wife and Mary Ann Cherington here and Reuben Rich and Mary Ann also, and Polly McClow, too, here visiting, and at Perrys and Elidas, and Angalina and Ann Eliza Walter here the 17th, and Jacob Adams here, digging garden. Heard of the Death of our Cousin Sarah Davis and also of the death of Wm. Cleaver, a minister of Clearfield County. 19th, At meeting. In the afternoon cold and stormy. 6th mo (think this should read 4th mo.#.) 30th, I settled with D. Krickbaum.

(MAY, 1857 )
5th mo. 1st, 1857, I was at Abishai Thomases at a quilting party for Sarah Tar and the afternoon and evening turned out verry rainy. Henry Fox brought me home. Next day still rainy. I was at Elidas quilting. 9th, Action or Auction at Samuels. 10th, I was at Asas. Polly is verry miserable. A. Tomlins came up. 11th, He paid us and the others for keeping his children. Perry and wife gone to Yearly meeting held in the new house. 5th mo.,1857. Monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. G.D. John took me and Willie here. 16th, I was at Petersburg. Perry and wife returned 16. 17th, Abion Campbell buried, son of Obediah and Eliza T. 19th, Elida and wife and Samuel and others started West. Rained for two days. 24th, Emily and Esther Potter and John Kester here. 28th, A great deal of rain. We cleaned the Meeting house. 29th, My Birthday, 45 years old. I was at Petersburg that day. 30th, Dear old Benjamin Sharpless was buried, aged near 94 years. He was a Piller to Cattawissa Meeting. He had been ailing or feeble a long time, and nearly helpless and verry forgetful.

(JUNE, 1857)
6th mo. 1st, Rainy by spells. 3rd, Rebecca poorly. Sarah and Angalina visiting at James Smiths and John Reply. A great rain in the evening, and that night rained powerful. 4, Preparative Meeting. Only 4 females there. Recieved the likeness of D.L. Crites and wife, Martha Crites from Ohio one week ago. (5th mo 30th). She is brother Griffiths daughter. 6th mo. 7th, Mathias Goss (or Gass) was buried, one of our near neighbours. He suffered much with the Precipulus . Only a week sick. He left a wife and two small children. We shall never see him passing here any more. Oh, may we all take warning to prepare for death for we know not how soon we may be snatched away. A large funeral. A number of convexions (sic). I was verry sick with headache today, but better towards evening. 10th, Lydia, Emily and I went to Cattawissa. Monthly meeting, and was too late. We dined at the late B. Sharplesses. Young Lizzey Fuller was there. 12th, Sally poorly and continued verry miserable for more than a week. 16th, Perrys started to Half Year meeting. Martha Eliza Hughes is keeping house for them. 21st, Wm. Dorsey and daughter, Elizabeth, and Anna Wharton and John Wilson was at our meeting. Wm. preached verry beautiful and went to see Asas wife. She is sick and has been ailing a long time. He had and opportunity with her which tendered those present. They dined at Perrys and called here. 24th, Elida and Sarah and Samuel returned from the West and give account of Wesley Housewearts death. 25th, Mary Ann Jeffries buried two of her children with Scarlet fever; Edward, six years, and Benjamin, over two. Both died in one day.

(JULY, 1857)
7th mo., 5th, John Lees and wife at meeting and at Perrys, and here and Elidas Sarah staid at Asas. Polly is sinking fast. 10th, We, Rebecca and I, set up with her. She suffers verry much. 12th, A verry warm day. Saw Polly again. She is worse. A great many there, coming and go to see her. 13th, Sister Polly died about seven oclock on seckond day evening. She seemed to rest on first day night and seckond day till about an hour before her close, she seemed to be distress and gave her hand to Asa and looked around to see all, and said "Lord, let me die." Rebecca and I was going to set up with her, but she died a few minuets before we got there, so after a while we came home again. She was buried the next afternoon. Met at half three oclock. Had meeting after the burial. Perry and Rebecca preached. A number was there, considering the short notice. Some went back to the house for supper. I came home and felt verry sad. 18th, Alfred Tomlins came. 19th, Him and children dined here. Samls and Jacob Kesters at Perrys. 26, Emily and Walters children at Perrys.

(AUGUST, 1857)
5th mo. 2nd, I was at Asas. 8th,Felix Larch was buried. 7th, Walters at Perrys. 12th, Monthly meeting here. A good many at Meeting. A busy week for us, and the week before also. 16, I am at home writing letters. 21st, Ann. Reed was buried. Died suddenly in confinement; one that I used to be intimate with. 23rd, Perrys at Roaring Creek. 27, Stephen Roberts and wife came here and to Perrys. They are nice people. A verry rainy afternoon. 28th, Molly Keller was buried, aged 80 years. Camp meeting began here the 28, and the greatest turnout of people that ever we saw. A number of two horse waggons loaded and carriages, buggys, foot people in droves nine or ten preachers there. Mitchel the Presiding Elder; Wilson Warren; Coleburn Sherlock; Tenney Hill; Nash Stout: Shannon DeMoyer; Mendenhall were preachers there. I saw them taking Sacrement and Beptiseing. 4, Several Converts, some supposed between 20 and 30, Vieanna was one, Samuels daughter. 31st, Martha Campbell and husband and child was here.

9th mo. 3rd. The meeting broke. I saw a number a starting away, the tents tore down loaded wagons with beds, tables, chairs, tents, provisions. Ministers starting off in Carriages and buggys, biding farewell. 4th, I was at the Burge. 5th, Betty Welliver here. 6th, At meeting Felt dull and sleep. Newton Thompson and Samuel Robbinson at meeting. I wrote a letter in the afternoon to Evan J. Yarnall. A few days ago I recieved letters from G.A.J. and S.A. Yarnall. We have had verry nice weather for a week. 8th, Mary Ann Kester here and at Perrys. 9th, John Yeager mowing and cutting wood. 10th, R. Mendenhall at our meeting. 13th, john P. Kester and Mary Ann here 16th, Monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. Lydia Emily and I went together. 18, digging Potatoes. Rotting a good deal. 19th, A rainy day. 23th, Sarah and I and Perry and wife at Samuels. Angalina and Ulysses and Mary was going next morning to start for New York State. 23rd, Eliza Yocom and Ellen John was here. 24th, At Petersburg. Old Moher Yeager was buried. 25th, Mother Henker was buried. 26th, Charles Dobbins and wife and son was here from the City. Esther Potter was here all night. 27, Afternoon, Sarah, little Ann and self went to David Adams. 28th, Robert McWilliams was buried. A great many people there. I was still digging Potatoes. Sarah poorly. 29, I got poorly and we both were verry miserable for several days.

(OCTOBER, 1857)
10th mo. 1st, 1857, I called to see Sarah McClow at Samuels. 2nd, Mary Clayton buried and left two children. 4th, I was not at meeting today. Had a verry sore mouth. Sarah was there with the rest of the folks. Jesse G. Johns at Perrys. A dull day. Doctor Palemon John and children called here and Ed and Chalkley and Jesse and family. 5th, I finished digging potatoes. 7th, Mary Gaas here. 8th, Preparative meeting. I went to Petersburg in the afternoon. 10th, Sarah and Perry went to Fishing Creek. David Miller was buried. 11th, Rebecca and I walked to meeting. A cloudy day. Rebecca Yost and Daniel Lybe married. I recieved a letter from Uncle Israel John. Heard of the death of Wm. Millard. He was buried the 21st of 9th month. Angalina and her Mother and Sister and son and daughter started to York State that day and staid between 4 and 5 weeks. 14th, Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. We dined at Sharplesses, suppose for the last time. Reuben Wilson and wife came home with us. 17th, Charles Hull and Dorcus was here. 18, Perry at Thomas and Sarah at Asas. 19th, Alfred Tomlins came. 21st, Rebecca had sewing and quilting party. 22nd, Alfred left here. Sarah CmClow came here and staid till next day. 25th, Abishai and Emily and Esther Potter here. Walters at Perrys-rainy afternoon. 26,Rainy. 27, Perry took Rebecca to Cattawissa to take cars for Norristown to meet Lydia Garret and George to accompany her in visiting Bucks, Salem, Burlington quarters and some other meetings. Sarah Eliza poorly. Had to quit her school a few days. Elida poorly and Lydia Emily and Sister Sarah, also.

(NOVEMBER, 1857)
11th, mo. 1st, Asa here and at Perrys. 3rd, Reuben and Sarah Rich came to Elidas 5, Preparative meeting. Sarah Rich here. A rainy afternoon. 8th, At meeting. A considerable number. A warm day. Joseph and Jane Kester there. 9th, Uncle Israel John died about two oclock in the afternoon. He fell downstairs the evening before and never spoke afterward. Bled at the mouth and nose. He had been weak and dissey for some time before. We recieved a letter from him six weeks before that he had not been well this summer and had the Dysentery. He was buried the 11th. G.A. Janney wrote to us giving account of his death. 15th, Cold. 23th, 21st, Verry cold and freezeing. Snow on the ground. 22nd, John Kesters here. 23rd, Rain. 24, 25, Verry cold and 26th, Cold. 27, 28th, & 29. Quite moderate. Sarah poorly and Perrys children too. Ruthanna here afternoon and evening. A verry pretty moonlight eve. Got a letter from our Abia a few days ago. He is in better health now. 30th, Sarah and Perry quite poorly.

(DECEMBER, 1857)
12th mo. 1st. We are all poorly 2nd, Angalina here in the evening. 3rd, I was verry unwell. Perry getting better. Sarah poorly all week. 6th, A verry stormy day. Wrote a letter to Jehus daughter. 10th, Preparative meeting for answering the queries. 13th, Verry sick. 15th, Rebecca returned home after and absence of seven weeks in truth service. 16th, Was Monthly meeting here. Verry sattisfactoryly. Heard of the death of Samuel Wood. 22, The folks went to Fishing Creek to Half Year meeting. Rechel B. Moore was there, a great speaker. 26, They returned home. Emily staid here all night. A snow fell. We had a sattisfactory time. Rode with her to meeting. Perry and Rebecca preached. Henry Fry buried today. I was not well, but had a sattisfactory time reading afternoon and evening.

(JANUARY, 1858)
1st mo. 2nd,1858. Kersey Trueman John was here in the forenoon and in the afternoon and evening. Angalina and her Mother and Saml. was here. 3rd,P erry and wife went to Cattawissa. Had meeting there. 4th, Abia and Jane at Perrys. Got a letter from Jehus daughter, S.M., and since that we got one from Lucretia E. John. 13th, Monthly Meeting at Roaring Creek. I did not get there. I was poorly. Ellen and her boys has had the measles. 14th. 21st. Henry Haases house burned and nearly all their property. 24th, Elida and Sarah here. Abishas at Perrys. Walters at Samuels. 25th, Perry and Wm. Thomas started to Maiden Creek to visit the families and attend meetings.

(FEBRUARY, 1858)
A nice open winter. No sleighing yet, this being the 2nd of 2nd month, but is verry blustery, with not much snow or rain. A hail storm last evening, and terefying wind. Rowland Hughes has another son. G.Fox and Barkley or Barclay. 3rd, Perry and Wm. Thomas returned from their visiting families belonging to Exeter Monthly Meeting. Verry sattisfactory. Gone 9 days. 4th, Preparative Meeting. 5th, I was at Petersburg. 6th,Sarah verry unwell. 7th, She was more poorly and I am not well, but went to meeting. Heard of 7 of my Nephews and nieces in Illinois joining the Methodist, Hirams and Reubens Children, Malinda and Lucretia, and William and Lewellyn, Harriet and Ruhemy and Daniel John, also, Abias son; Harriet and Ruhemy were members of Friends. We heard since that Sophia and Isaac and wife and Franklin and Sarah Jane and Ben Wade and wife also. 10th, Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. Heard of the death of Jane. J. Rich, a nice young woman at Fishing Creek, daughter of John J. Rich. We also heard of the sudden death (of) Rachel Hartman. She left twins 4 days old, and several children besides. Heard of the sudden death of Esther Reed, and at Shamokin town found dead. 14, Sarah poorly. I staid at home. Sarah poorly all week. l9th, the largest snow we had this winter. 20th, Jacob Conrad died. 21st, A sled ride to meeting with 7 others of Elidas family. 22nd, Susan Boyer confind. Jacob Conrad buried. A large funeral. We heard he died with consumption. He had been a tenant of ours 3 years ago.

(MARCH, 1858)
3rd mo.5th, Susan Boyer died and was buried the 8th and left a son 2 weeks OId and a husband. A verry nice woman. 19 years old. A Methodist. She was willing to go. They lived on Samuels farm one year. Her Mother and Sisters and Brothers was sent for and attended the funeral. They live near Milton. 11th, Elidas wife verry bad with the Quinsy. 12th, Mary Josephene taken sick. 14th, Ruthanna taken sick. 16th, Verry warm weather. Angalina and I went to see Mary. She was verry bad with the scarlet and conjectice (sic) fever. Sarah Ruth better. (Sarah and Ruth? ed.). 17th, Mary Josephene Tomlins died between 7 and 8 oclock 18th, She was buried, a pretty corpse. A number attended. Perry and wife not returned from Berwick Monthly Meeting. The child's Father is in Illinois. Elidas folks grieved verry much, for was verry anxious far her recovery, as was we too. She was a lovely child. Aaron Kesters wife buried 11th or 12th. John Persing buried the 20th, 2lst, Sarah has been verry bad with her ears and head and Ruthanna is worse again with the liver complaint. Lydia Emily has the Scarlet fever. 22nd of 3rd mo.1858. Polly Caseman died of Typhoid fever and was buried. 24th, A great number of people was there. I went home with Susan Smith and took dinner. They were agoing to moove to Shamokintown the next. Elidas wife is worse, and Ruthanna has the Typhoid fever. Sarah is not expected to live. Our Anna is verry sick, too. We have to Doctor her strong. 27th, Lafaette Caseman was buried. 28th, I was at Elidas. The sick ones are better. 29th, Elizabeth C. Buttinger was buried, being the 3rd one of Casernans children in one week. Polly and Lafaette was to have been married the week that they died. Jacob Kesters was here. I sent a letter to Alfred Tomlins. Malitta has the measles, but is better.

(APRIL, 1858)
4th mo. 1st, Sarah McClow visiting here. 14th, Monthly meeting here. John Hicks and wife here to dine.

(MAY, 1858)
5th mo. 2nd, Mary Ann and Rachel Cherington at our Meeting. I went with them to J. Walters and took dinner, then we calld at Asas awhile and then walked home. Next day I went with them to Petersburg to the stores and to Doctor J. Robbinses, and took dinner. Next night they staid at Perrys and two nights at Elidas. 4th day was verry rainy; fifth day they were at our Meeting and Ruthanna took them home or to Numdeia. 6th, day being the 7th, Ruthanna took Perry and me to Cattawissa to meet the cars. We had a pleasant ride with the exception of one of the horses getting frightened. We dined at Harriet Reifsnyders. 20 minutes past one we took the cars for Philadelphia. Harriet has a nice family of children. Eliza Sharpless was there. Well, away we flew when got in the cars. 7 high bridges we crossed, and three tunnels before we got to Tamaqua; and two after Half past 4 we reacted Port Clinton and had a pleasent ride, and saw many towns and beautiful farms, and a quarter past 8 we reached the City. It was raining. Benjamin Janney was there to meet us. Cousin Georgie was pleased to see me and had supper waiting. We set up till near eleven. Next morning Georgie went with me to several, stores, and I got my likeness taken, and we called at a shop and she treated me with Ice Cream and Doughnuts. It was after one oclock when we got back and took dinner after two, and rested the afternoon. First day morn, cousin G. went with me to the meeting house. A great crowd was there, more than got seats. Five men and three women spoke. Samuel Levick, Lucretia Mott, Anna Garagus, the.others not known. At 4 I went with Janneys to Episcople meeting. Their mode of worship is quite a curiosity; reading prayers and organs, and minister changing his dress, first in white, while reading prayers, and saying prayers, and then in a black gown to preach. Seckond day morning, cloudy and rainy. Went to meeting early. Saw Jane D. Pearse. The meeting opened solemnly. Mary Smith spoke a few word, and Rachel Royers suplicated, and several others spoke. I saw several Fishing Creek friends, and Gula Hanson, a sister of Patience Jenkins. I rode home with Lydia Longstreth in company with Mary H.Schoefield and took dinner and rode back again to meeting. Several spoke. Thirday morning, verry gloomy and rainy day. An interesting meeting. A number spoke. I dined at the meeting house. Suppose near ten hundred dined there that day. Some say 8 hundred and some say near ten. Many woman laid down on the' benches and took naps or tried to. I got in conversation with two sisters from Morristown Meeting by the name of Smith, Daniel Smith's daughters. Hannah John came along with me to Janneys, and staid all night. A nice time with her. Elizabeth W. Dobbins called to see me while I was away. Next day was nice but cold. We dined at W. Sharpless. Mary L. Lippencott was there, and Sarah Hunt, Sarah Hoops, W. Griscom and wife was there; W.Thomas and Fishing Creek Friends was there. We took tea at Deborah F .Whartons; a nice time. Elizabeth Dorsey was there. Jose D. Thurston, Deborahs son in law, a widower, accompanied us to T. Longstreths. 18 lodged there. John K. Eves, his wife and daughter, Emily, Sarah K.Eves, Hannah John, Rachel Wilson, Sarah E. Rote lodged there. Gideon and Rebecca Pearse, R. Plummer, M. Schoefield and others. Fifth day morn, we went along 2nd Street to get cheap goods. I got a shawl. Eliza E. Dobbins call to see me, and went to Green Street meeting with us. Samuel C. Thorn preached and several more, also. Several of us, with Isaac and Mary Clement, went to Spring Garden to John J. Lytles store of cheap, plain goads, and got free tickets to ride in the cars. We went to Dr. J. M.Moores to dine, in Spruce Street. Rachel W.Barker, his wife now. He seems like a nice man. Several times I saw a man with his legs taken off at the knees. I walked two miles from Dr.Moores to the meeting house with I and M. Clement. We went through Independant Square to the State house, but had no time to go up to view to the steeple. I was verry much fatiegued and feet so sore and painful that I could hardly get along. The house was so crowded that we could not get seats in the meeting apartment for a
time. Sixth day morn, again rainy. We had an interesting meeting. It closed with one sitting. Rachel Moore preached a verry lengthy to the young women. A solmn quiet prevailed all over the meeting. Several spoke during the sitting and Rachel suplicated near the close. It was a solmn time, a breaking up. I dined at Dr. George Truemans, then went to Longstreths and a cousin, Anna Longstreth, went with me to Spring Garden, and several others stores, and to see Sallie Longstreths. Lydia Rowlet was there. We returned to T.B.Ls. and I soon went to my house, cousin Janneys and next morn, it was raining. Benjamin S. Janney went with us to the Dep. There was the Fishing Creek Friends. Half past seven we started, Ellen Lewis, a widow of Thomas, was there in the cars from Providence. We had a pleasant ride to Pottsville. All of our Friends left us before that. Then we took the stage for Mount Carmel. An English woman was passenger in the stage; from Manchester. Verry interesting woman, going to see her daughter near Ashland. An Irish woman was one of our company, and Wm.Thomas and Esquire Forningar, to Ashland. About five oclock we got to Mt.Carmel. Chalkley and Willie was there to meet us. We had a pleasant ride, and arived safe home before dark, and felt thankful that all was well and we had a safe journey. Elidas and Edwin returned from Illinois the evening before, being the 14th. The next week, a rainy weather. 23rd, Edwin here. Walters at Perrys. 30th, Ellen here. 31st, Griffith Davis and Charles Hull here. Them and wives at Samuels. Still rainy weather,.

(JUNE, 1858)
6th mo 2nd, I was at Petersburg. 3rd, We cleaned the meeting house. 6th, Some young Presbyerterians at our meeting. Wm. Mar, the teacher of the high school and some others. 10th, Preparative meeting. Martha Ann came home the 5th from Camden. 11th & l2th, Verry rainy 23, Cloudy. I was verry sleepy at meeting. I wish I might not be. A young man, Jerry Gellinger buried yesterday, and a young woman, Jacob Huffmans daughter, buried today. Elizabeth, her name. 20th A warn day. A number at meeting. 22 & 23rd, the folks went to Half Years Meeting. 26th, Cyrus Betts and wife and Mahlon Hicks and Elias came to Elidas. Sarah Betts had meeting at Shamokintown. A number of us went to meeting. We had a pleasant ride. A great turnout at Shamokin. Sarah preached beautiful. Commenced before dark and preached an hour or more. Verry god. She had been married twice before. Next morn they called at Perrys.

(JULY, 1858)
7th mo.3rd, Nicholas Yocom was buried. A great thunder gust in the evening. 4th 1st day, a silent meeting. A poor, dull time for me. 11th, Anna sick, I staid at home and wrote some letters. 18th, At meeting and writing. E. and wife cane. 19th D. Krickbaums child buried. John Tiersworth preached. 22nd, Sarah at Samls. I helped Perry at Hay. James Stokes there, and was at Meeting. Ann Lavan (or Savan) late Stokes, was buried a few days ago. She was thrown out of a carriage or wagon, and never spoke after, but breathed 48 hours. The horses run away in the first place. A burr, came off, and let the tounge loose. 25th, Our folks at Abishas. I heard of Mathias Reeds Death. He was deranged. 28th, I was at Petersburg. 30th, Isaac J. Gilger was buried. Had been sick a long time

(AUGUST, 1858)
8th mo. 1st, l858. Robert Taylor was buried. I staid at home. A cloudy day. Perry and Rebecca had a meeting at the Welsh meeting house. Edwin and Ruthanna went along. Got a letter from A.J. Tomlins. Heard of the death of Harvey T. John. He died the 18th of 7th mo.,1858, of Dyspepsia and Bronchetus. He thought it wrong for him to eat, and starved himself. 8th mo. 2nd & 3rd, rainy weather. Georgianna Janney was buried. She died the 31st of 7th mo., after 30 hours illness. It shocked us verry much, indeed. She was respected cousin. I staid there with her and family during yearly meeting with a great deal of sattisfaction, and now she is gone forever, and I am really sorry. A news paper was sent with a notice of her death. I did not get it till the 8th. I am not well, but was at meeting. It was silent. 11th, Monthly meeting. 13th, E.W. Dobbins and her son, Edwin Albert, and Angalina came here. 14th, We were at Elidas. 15th, Perry was sick. Elizabeth Dobbins and son was here and was at meeting with us. 21st, Elidas girls was here on a visit. 22nd, Perry and wife
went to Roaring Creek meeting. A great turnout. A cool day. I was writing to Sallie Ann Bloomer. Jehu John, in Ohio, was married this day, 22nd. 26th, Amanda Underwood Rich died at Fishing Creek of the Dropsey. Left one child. 27th & 28th, rainy. 29th, Several strangers at meeting. E.W. Dobbins here and at Samuels and Abishas. 20th, I was at Bergstressers store. Put letters in the office for S.A.B. and Mary A. Jeffries.

9th mo.1st, Rebecca and I was at Samls. 4th, Perry had a stone hauling. Wm. and Mary Ann Sharpless came. 5th, They went with us to meeting. Several strangers was there. Mary Shively was buried. 15th of 8th mo. I heard since of the death of Mary Musgrove. She was buried 31st of 8th mo. John Underwood wife . . . died 1st of 9th month. 7th of 9th mo. I was at Abishais. 8th, We was at Elidas. 11th, Jacob Kesters here all night. I recieved a letter from Mary Ann Jeffries, giving particulars of Georgianna Janneys death. l5th, Monthly Meeting at Roaring Creek. A blustery day. Edwin John requested a marriage certificate. 17th, Pervin Eves and wife, and Ezra Eves and Anna Chamberlin came to Perrys and here. Sarah H. and Martha Ann was here. 18th, the Friends from Fishing Creek here again. l9th, I was not well. I staid home and wrote a letter to Jehu and Patience. 20th, Rebecca and I went and helped Elidas quilt. 2lst, Martha Ann started to Illinois. I was at Petersburg. 22n, Cold and hard frost. 23rd, Ruthanna and Sarah Eliza started to Camden, in Delaware, to teach school for ten months. 26th, Frost again. A nice day. We all was at meeting. Walters children at Perrys, and here. Cousin John T. Davis died 22nd or 23nd. A great number of deaths.

(OCTOBER, 1858)
10th mo.the 7th, Preparative meeting. Mary Emma Walter requests to be recieved into membership with Friends. 13th, Edwin took me to Monthly meeting. A verry rainy forenoon. Rebecca mentioned a concern to visit Suthern and Haddenfield quarters, and the meetings belonging thereto. 17th, We were at Abiahais. Tompson Barker and wife and sister Ruth was at Perrys and here. 21st, Kimber Cleaver was buried. Died in Pottsville. 22nd, A woman was hung at Danville. 24, Friends had an oportunity with Mary Emma Walter. Verry cold blustery day. Verry dry weather a long time. I had a bad cold for some time. 30th, John Underwood and son, Jesse, came to Perrys. 31st, Ellen John came home with Perrys from meeting.

(NOVEMBER, 1858)
11th mo. 4th, Preparative meeting. John Underwood and son there. A rainy damp day. 7th, Asa came with Perrys. I was quite unwell. Was writing to sister Lydia and Evan. 8th, Went to Petersburg. Was verry unwell when I came home and in the evening, my head pained badly. 9th, still had the headache. Rebecca started away to the South Delaware . . ..(torn), Maryland and Jersey. 10th Monthly meeting at Berwick. 11th, Elizabeth Hughing was buried. 12th, Stillman Enton died at Petersburg. 13th, a rainy day. There was a company of Gipseys near Petersburge, Telling fourtunes. 14th, a cold day and freezing. 15th, snow. 21st. Snow for several days. I was not well, nor Sarah neither. I was verry miserable for a week and not clear of a cold for two or three months. 25th, Edwin and Rachel Eves was married. 26th, Angalina was here. Benjamin Camps wife died. 27th Edwin and wife called, and Doctor Abia C. John. Doctor Hellers house was burned here. A great company of wedding party ariding around. Mary S. Clement died this day. 27, She was a minister. I was in her company in the City with her husband and her at Doctor Moores. 28th, quite snowy. I was poorly and Sarah also, so that I did not get to meeting for two weeks.

(DECEMBER, 1858)
12th mo. 1st, Joseph Hills wife died. 2nd, I was at meeting. Snow on the ground near a week. 4th, Verry rainy. 5th, I was at meeting. A verry damp day. Sarah still miserable. We heard since that Mary S. Clement hung herself. A most shocking occurence. She hung herself on her bed. Tied a rope around the bed post. 6th, Asa here. 9th, Preparative Meeting, answering the queries. Emily and Mary Ann Hughes here. 15th, Monthly Meeting here. Not many attended. No company here. 17th, Martha Eliza Hughes here all night. 18th, I was verry unwell. Rebecca returned home from her visit of five weeks absence in Maryland, Del., and Jersey stats. Benjamin Sterieter (sic) was buried. He was instantly killed at a steam saw mill. He was bruised and mangled. 22nd. The folks gone to Half Year meeting. 25, they returned. 27th, Nicholas Brown and wife and company at Cattawissa. 28th, At Roaring Creek, and came to Perrys and Elidas. We went there and great the evening. Pleasantly. 29th, They had meeting here. A fine meeting. A great turnout. Nicholas and Margaret Brown spoke verry good. Some did not like all his preaching against hireling ministry, and so forth. She is Hugh Judges daughter. Nathan Dennis and wife dined at Perrys. Also Mahlon Hicks and wife. It was a verry snowy day.

(JANUARY, 1859)
1st mo.2nd, 1859. Edwin and Rachel was here. 6th, Preparative Meeting. Verry warm and slushy. 7th, Verry spring like. 8th, Verry cold and freezeing. Perrys and self went to see Charles and Dorcas Hull. 9th, Cold. 12th, Monthly Meeting at Roaring Creek. I was not well. 15, recieved a letter from Wesley John. 16, At meeting. Quite muddy. Abishai and Emily at Perrys. 10th, Mary Isabella Janney was buried. She died of the hemorage of the lungs. Kept her bed 5 weeks. She only lived five months and a half after her step mother, Georgie. She was anxious to die. 22nd, Samuei returned from the West and brought Palina John, brother Griffiths youngest daughter with him to stay till spring among us. 23rd, she was here. 26, at Perrys. I heard of the death of Lucy Ann Martz, Charles Martzes youngest daughter. . (this item insetted at bottom of page, with no date mentioned. Probably about 22nd.Ed.) 29th, Perry started to Fishing Creek to visit the Families. George Krickbaums wife was buried yesterday, the 28th,and heard of the death of 2 others, Spraign Zimmerman was one. I recieved a letter from Mary Aim Jeffries giving an account of Mary Isabella Janneys death. 30th, I walked to meeting and rode home with Edwin and Rachel. 31st, Asa here.

(FEBRUARY, 1859)
2nd mo. 3rd, Preparative Meeting. Palina here. 6th, at meeting. Can't get into the right way to . . . wandering thoughts. Saw the likenesses of my Niece Sallie Ann Bloomer and husband in the State of New York. 8th, Davis Hoff and Jane Gulick married and Jacob Hoffman and Mary Gillinger was married the same time Solomon Pensyl married to S. Eplers daughter. 17th, Peter Swank and Matilda Cherington was married; also Nicholas Campbells daughter, Elizabeth to A. Johnson. Daniel Campbell was buried. Abram Osburn was buried the 19th, He died verry suddenly. 17th, Doctor Abia Comly John called here to bid us farewell to go West. 20th, Stormy. Ellis Eves and wife and Edwins at Perrys.

(AUGUST, 1859)
11th, Preparative Meeting. 17th, Monthly meeting here. Not many attended. 18th, we had a quilting. 21st, We were at Elidas eating roast Pig. 23rd, We, Sarah, Self, Griffith and Anna, were at Paxinos, and Muchlers, our old home. 28th, Ann Kesters come to see her Father from the City, and was at our Meeting. 20, Sallie came to bid us farewell and next morning she started to Camden, in Del to teach school ten months. I went to Petersburg and bespoke shoes.

9th mo. 1st, Ann was at meeting and Asa got there for the first since be got sick. 4th, Rebecca and I and Willie at Abishas, and went to see Esther Potter. She is poorly at William. 14th, Emily Meekman here. Monthly meeting day. Sarah and William is poorly. John P. Kester and family here the 13th. 18th, Received a letter from W.W. Dobbins. 22nd, we recieved a letter from Alfred J.Tamlins. 25, Walters at Perrys. 27, At Petersburg, and saw Lucy Ann Barrett. I had not saw her for 20 years, I guess. An old school mate.

(OCTOBER, 1859)
10 mo. 2nd, Sarah and Anna and I was at meeting. Asa came on a visit. 10th mo. 4th, William Krickbaum was buried. He suffered a long time with the Gravel. Verry nice weather. We were digging Potatoes. They are rotting verry much. 12th, Monthly Meeting. Sarah is quite poorly, I could not go. 18, At Petersburg. Got new shoes. Dined at Rothermels. 23rd, W.Y. and Mother here. 30th,I wrote a letter to Abia in Ohio. Henry E. Martz died.

(NOVEMBER, 1859)
11th mo. 1st, Henry Martz was buried. Lydia Emily and Myself walked there. 27 waggons there. Ritten House Preached. Wompole and Hall officiated. A great many people there. Henry appeared to be prepared, and willing to die. He had the throat consumption. A nice young man. 4, I walked to Paxinos and to Mary Millers and saw her a little while, and home over the hill. Verry tired. 6th, Perry and I dined at Wm. Thomases, and then on to see Rowland Hughes. He is confind to bed with the Gravel. 7th, Abia and Jane at Perrys and here. Verry nice weather for several days. 12th, Perry and Rebecca started to Fishing Creek and to Centre and Clearfield. Mary E. Thomas at Perrys 12 & 13th, Stormy weather. The first of this month Joseph Warner died in Philadelphia. A verry kind and good man, and verry wealthy. He never married. Priscilla Cadwallader died the 13th of this 11th month. A great minister of Indiana. 20th, Mira Townsend of Philadelphia, died the 20th. She was one of the excellent women and verry useful to Socity and the Poor. She was a cousin to my Mother. James Vanhorn had a little son drownd in the spring..

(DECEMBER, 1859)
12th mo. 1st, I was at Asas. Abia and Jane was there. It was verry warm weather. Perry and wife came home that evening. Was away near three weeks. 2nd, It was verry warm. 3rd, Snow. 4th, Edwin dined here after meeting. 6th, Joseph Kester from the City here. Verry stormy weather. 11th, John Kester spent the evening here. 12th, Rebecca Robberst was buried; aged 84 years; our cousin. 14th, Monthly meeting here. Small. 17th, Recieved a letter from A.J.T. 20th, Stormy. Perry and wife started to Half Year meetIng. 24th, Returned. No strange minister there. Martha Kester has a son, born 21st. 26th, Emily Thomas here. Verry warm and sloppy. She had not been here since the 10th of 7th. month.

(JANUARY, 1860)
1st mo. 18th, Asa here all night. 22nd, Nelly Sterteler was buried, a verry large funeral. She had been complaining several weeks. 25th, Ruthanna was here visiting.

(FEBRUARY, 1860)
2nd mo. the 1st, 1860. Leib Hine, son of George Hine, was buried. He went to the store and asked for some molasses, and while Hugh Vasting was drawing it, he fell down and in a few minuets expired. It was a verry shoking, indeed, and hard for his folks. It was verry cold weather for several days. A few weeks ago old Andrew Tar was buried, aged 100 and 10 years of age. He was a colourd man, and blind. 2nd mo. 4th, Abisha and Matilda Thomas here. 4th, 5th, 6th, I was poorly with headache and toothache, and swelled face. Sister is poorly for some time. 12th, We recieved a letter from Jehu. He was 50 years old yesterday the 11th. We recieved a letter from him in the 12th month. Ann Eliza Walters was married in the first month, 1860 to Isaac Cook, a widower with 2 children. Elias Woodruff was buried the 23rd or 24th of the seckond month. 27th, Perry and self and Anna went to Petersburg to get Annas likeness taken, and waited several hours, and missed to get it as she cried. So many there we dined at J. Rothermels. 29th, Levi Barkley Hughes was buried, a son of Rowland Hughes, with the sore throat, 2 years old.

(MARCH, 1860)
3rd mo. 2nd, Deborah Myers and Reachel was here. They were twice at our meeting. 3rd mo. 5th, 1860, Asa and myself was at Abisha Thomases. I called at F. Millers. Heard of Thomas Harders death, of Cattawissa. 12th, Ulysses F. John was here all night. Perry and Rebecca and Sarah H. started to Berwick Monthly Meeting. 23rd, Elidas Vendue. 29th and 30th, I was verry poorly. Sarah and Anna was also poorly. S. Mutchler was here. Washington Harder died 26th in Cattawissa of Comsumption. He learned his trade with Perry.

(APRIL, 1860)
4th mo, 1st, 1860. Jacob Kesters and Abisha and Emily was here. Rainy toward evening. 4th mo. 5th, Asa and self went to Rowland Hughes. A nice ride. He came home with me and staid all night. 8th, I was to see Joseph and Mary Ellen. Mary Ellis came to Perrys. 9th, We had wood choppers. Mary Ellis came here and staid till the 11th, which was Monthly meeting. Verry rainy weather. Mary Cherington dined with us. l2th, Elidas house was raised. 2lst, I was at Petersburg. A verry rainy evening. Perry and Rebecca went to the Welsh Meeting House. 23rd, Mary Ellis went home. 25th, Snow. A great deal of rain and cold weather. 29th, A great turnout at our meeting.

(MAY, 1860)
5th mo. 6th, Emily, Sarah and myself at Elidas. Wm. Thomas and Mother at Perrys. Verry warm day. Fire on the Mountain. 7th, Asa started to the City. 4th & 5th he was here. We were planting corn. 13th, Perry and wife had a meeting at Irish Valley. A good turnout. 16th, Monthly meeting. Doctor Jesse J. Johns son, Walter Scott, was buried. We heard that Benjamin Hughes was buried the 14th, and Mary Ann Lee was buried the 17th. A son of Hursts, in Slabtown, a boy that was not smart, strayed away and got lost over the mountains in trying to go home, and about ten days after was found in a coal pit with water ten feet deep, drowned. His Father had bid a hundred dollars if he was found. It created great excitement and sympathy for his people. 18th, Davis Davis and wife came here and staid all night and visited Elidas and Perrys. Cold and showery. 20, A nice day. Not many at meeting. I was sleepy. Afternoon, finished writing a letter to Malinda John in Illinois. 21st, Thunder showers and hail. Mordica Perry was killed by lightning. 23rd, I went to Bear Gap Store and called at Abishas. A great deal of thunder showers and a great fall of rain and washing out corn and truck (or track). 26th, Thunder .and rain. 27, Rebecca is sick. Has not been able to go to meeting today. It is dull and threatens more rain. 31st, We cleaned the Meeting house. Thomas Millard came here. A nice man. Showery weather.

(JUNE, 1860)
6th mo. 2nd, Ruthanna and Maggie Kennedy at Perrys. A nice day. 3rd, Jesse G. John and family and Ellen here and at Perrys. 4th, Planting sweet potatoes and working in the garden. A rain came up. 5th, I was at the mill and a great rain came up. I turned in to S. Adamses in time of the shower. 7th, Preparative Meeting. 8th, A great hail storm,. the 3rd or 5th time it had hailed. A wonderful sight of thunder and lightning and rain. 9th, Cold and cloudy. Jane Yocom here. 10th, Cool and windy. Sleepy at meeting. 11th, Esther Potter died at Lewisburg. 13th, Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. A number was there of towns people. We was in a great shower coming home. 11th, I was at Mutchlers and Paxinos. 15th, Vieanna here. 17th, Emily here and Walters young folks at Perrys 19th, Rain. 20th, Sarah and Perrys and Emily and Elidas started to Fishing Creek Half year Meeting. Ann Singles and Lydia Garrett was there. Sarah Pilkington was nearly gone. She is resigned. Is verry mush altered. She sent her love to me. 23rd, They returned from Half Year meeting. Sarah poorly. 24, A few strangers at meeting. I was sleepy. Sarah and Perrys at Asas. He just returned from the City and Kesters was gone six weeks. Clara and Mary here. 25th, Sarah Pilkington died, a woman that was much loved. 26, & 27, I was hoeing corn. Warm weather. 28th, At meeting. Dined at Asas. Ellen and I went to see Polly Muck Clow. She has been verry poorly. 29th, A great storm of wind and rain, blowing down fence and fruit trees and trees in the woods.

(JULY, 1860)
7th mo. 1st, A verry rainy forenoon. Small meeting. Doctor Johns family in the neighbourhood. At Perrys in the afternoon and here awhile. Palemon and wife, Elida and wife, and Perry and Rebecca. A nice afternoon. 2nd, I was at Petersburg. 8th, Cool and cloudy. Walked to meeting. No preaching. 9th, Finished hoeing corn. 10th, Elidas and Perrys started to Berwick Monthly meeting. Susan Smith and two children came here and paid a visit. Dr. Jesse called here. Harvest is here. Cool weather mornings and evenings. 15th, Warm and dry. No rain worth mentioning for some time. Sally and Perrys gone to see Emily. 22nd, Elias Thomas is here and took tea. Franklin Miller and Harriet here. 24th, I was at Petersburg and called to see Matilda Swank and had a comfortable time and took dinner with her. She had got married contrary to the order of our Society. I went to talk with her on that subject. 26, Jacob Kesters was at meeting. 27h, Sarah Eliza came home. Margaret Lober (or Sober) came with her. 28th Rebecca and I called there to see them. 29th, Rainy. 30, Sallie and Maggie called here. 31st, Elidas 3 girls and Maggie visited us.

(AUGUST, 1860)
8th mo. 1st, the girls visited Perrys. I sent a letter to Abia John. 4th, I was at Millers. 5th, Perrys had meeting at Snufftown. Sally went along. Verry warm. 9th, Preparative meeting. We was at Elidas. Spent the afternoon. 10th, I was at Petersburg. Verry warm weather. In the evening, Samuel Adams child died. Rebecca and I was sent for to lay it out, and we set up with it. We had a smart shower and hail that afternoon and that night. It rained most all night, and next morning Sarah and I had the shroud and cap to make for the corpse. 12th, was the burying. A great many people there. 13th, A rainy day. 15th, Was Monthly meeting here. 16, Elidas young folks, Lafe Kennedy, Matty Osburn, Perrys family, and myself, went to the Big Mountain for Hunkel Berries and got a good many. 19th, We was at Abias, Perry and wife and I. Elizabeth W. Dobbins was here a little spell. I did not see her. She came to Shamokintown that afternoon, and returned there that night. 22nd, Elida, Ruthanna, Sallie took supper here and bid us farewell. Elida and R. started west next morn. 26, A turnout at our meeting. Perry at Roaring Creek. 27th, Perry and myself went to Shamokintown, at Samuels, Jesses and Smiths. Clara Elmira John came home with us and staid till First day.

A turnout at meeting again, being the 2nd of ninth month. Perrys and Sally went to Jesse C. Johns. 9th, Verry cool. Sarah has been poorly with the Dysentery several days. A great many deaths about, mostly children. Abisha and Emily at Perrys. Elida and Ruthanna got safe to Illinois. Ruthy sick in Ohio a few days and had to have a Doctor called. 12th, Monthly Meeting at Roaring Creek. Verry cold day. Sarah Eliza was appointed clerk. 13th, We had our corn cut and plowed. Next day it was sowed with Wheat and Timothy seed. I was at Abisha Thomases. It was verry warm day. 20th, Sarah H. John visited us. Griffith took sick with the Typhoid fever that evening, verry bad. 23rd, Perry went to Millville for Doctor Heller. 24th, He came in the evening. 29th, He came again. Griffith was worse. It being the 9th day he had taken Cold. 30th, Peter Sholl was buried today. William is getting sick. Perry and Rebecca is poorly. Sarah and I also is poorly.

(OCTOBER, 1860)
10th mo. 4th, James Stokes was buried. He died rather suddenly with the dropse in the chest. 6th, John Pensyls daughter was buried. Died with the Typhoid fever. Her brother Jacob died two weeks before. Was to be married to John Voughts daughter. 7th, Sally still complaining, and Rebbeca too. William and Griffith both lying sick. The Doctor was here the 3rd overnight for the last time until called for again. We have to set up with the boys. Perry and Rebecca has it hard. I help them when I can, and George, Sallie and Emma has set up. Our meetings are small. We had a finishing frost last night. The night of the 6th, one week ago, we had a hard frost but not as hard as this one. 10th, mo. 8, Old Perer Sholl was buried. 9th, Perrys made apple butter. 14th, and 15th, A snow that broke peach trees down. 17th Monthly Meeting. Sara Eliza is Cleric. Perry and myself dined with Harriet Reilfsnyder. 18th, Rowland Hughes died. 19th, Was buried. A great many people there. Elida came home from the west. He was gone 8 weeks. 21st, him and Sarah was here. He informed us that Palina John was married to Jesse Carr. We have had some verry nice weather for a few days. 28th, Cold and windy. Griffith and William is better. Can walk out about.

11th mo. 3rd, A verry rainy day. Dull and cloudy and rainy all week. 4th, the weather is cleared up, though cold and windy. William has taken cold and is worse again, though not confind to bed. 7th, Cold and windy. Took up our Dalhies and dined at Elidas and got a pig of Kennedy, 1.25 cents. 8th, Samuels and Sallie started to York State. Dined at Millers. 10th Rainy. 11th, rainy and cold. 13th of the 11th month, 1860. We started to Berwick. Elida, Asa, Perry, Emmie, and myself, about eleven oclock, and got to Doctor Palemon Johns half past 3 oclock, and staid there all night. Perry was not with us, so we went on to Mahlon Hickses. Reuben Wilson and wife and 3 daughters were there at Mahlons. Next morn about sunrise, we started from Bloomsburg to Berwick and got to see Able Dolbys between nine and ten and had a cup of tea. Several more came in, near eleven, we went to meeting. I verry much dreaded serving as Clerk. A good deal of Business to do, and the Clerk not there. Perry and Reuben Wilson preached. There was a certificate to be read for John and Ann Kester and six children, and Martha Ann John and Chalkley, to Clear Creek, Illinois, and Kesters to Darby, In Delaware County. Mahlon Hicks and Phebe John Hicks, myself and Reese Eck dined with Susan Eck, then called at Dolbys and came to Mahlon Hicks and staid all night. Next day to Palemons Bookstore, and printing office, and saw them printing Newspapers. He has 4 hands, a young woman attending the store. We called at Elidas and John Ricks and saw Johns twins, Ida and Dora Emme, and I got an unpleasant mark somewhere we knew not how. As we were going from there to Palemons, Hannah Jane got us an early dinner, verry kindly, then came over to Cattawissa. Elida and Perry had to stay to sell the school house property. Asa, Lydia E. and I came home. I had not been to Berwick for 8 years. Sister Emily and Rowlands daughters, Rebecca Ann and Hannah Alfina, was at Elidas, and the next day the girls came to Perrys and here. They staid over night. 18th, Several strangers was at meeting. Anthrim, the Cancer Doctor and United Bretheren Preacher, was there, and spoke, and Perry and wife, also Hannah Osburn and Jane Cherington and Rowland's daughters was there. 22nd, Martha Kester came down with Joseph and Ellen and was at meeting and at Elidas, Perrys and here all night. 23rd, Snow and storm. 24th, Mary Ann Hughes vendue. An uncommon cold day. Snow on the ground and cold wind. 25, Jacob Kester at meeting. Still cold.

(DECEMBER, 1860)
12th mo. 2nd, Cold. Sarah poorly. William went to meeting. 4th, Franklin Miller brought us a hog, 192 lbs, 7 1/2 cents per lb. 5th, old John Adams died verry suddenly with palsey or appoplexy. 8th, Snow. Slays runing. A great deal of visiting. 16th, Asa here all night. 18th, Abishai and Emily here. Perrys started to Half Year Meeting. 22nd, They returned. Charles Underwood, John Underwood, and son Jesse came home with them. They came with a sled and the snow went away. They staid several days and went home with Perrys waggon. They took dinner here on Christmas day. Also Kimber L. John. Hime and Daniel T. John came from Illinois the 20th. 27th, I went to meeting and saw Daniel John and from there I went to Ellick Yocoms to see his sick daughter, Mary Jane. Elias Thomas was at meeting and here with Emily. The next day I went to Petersburg and called to see Ellen Scout, an old women that lay sick several weeks. Old Noa Kar died the night before.

(JANUARY, 1861)
1st month 2nd, 1861. Daniel John came to see us. 5th, Kersey, Angalina, and Mary Alice came. The women staid all night. She brought us a taste of York State Apples. Kersey took me to meeting. 7th, Daniel and Kimber at Perrys. 10th Preparative meeting day. Ellen Scout buried. 13th, Verry cold. Obediah Campbells son buried. 16th, Montrtly meeting at Roaring Creek. I was not there. It was stormy. Peter Mowrer was buried. He died of a cancer in his face. He suffered a great deal with it. 19th, Perry started down country to attend Caln quarterly Meeting and several other meeting, monthly meetings, and appointing some and visiting families. 22nd, Kimber came here. He had the day before returned from Fishing Creek. He had been there a week. Went with Edwin the 13th. We have a great deal of cold stormy weather and sleighing. 24th, A verry stormy day. Elida, Rebecca and I went to meeting. The wind blew and the hail and rain fell. 27th, William and Mary Ellen Thomas was here. It was a nice day. Rebecca preached verry nice. Daniel and Kimber was there. 3lst, a small meeting. Asa is poorly with a cold. Had not been at meeting for some time. Sally is poorly, too, and has been a long time.

(FEBRUARY, 1861)
2nd mo 3rd, There has been a break up. It is verry Icey, though. We was at meeting on the sled. It done verry well. Many places in fields the ground is bare. 13th, Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. Perry came home that night from down country, attending Meetings. Was away near four weeks. 19th, Joseph Robbins buried. 24th, I have been writing letters to my Relations in the West. P. and R. at W. Thomases. 26th, Kimber here. 27th, Mary Jane Yocom died. 28th, Was buried. A large funeral. Potts preached. She was between 13 and 14 years.

(MARCH, 1861)
3rd mo. Cold weather. 13th, Monthly Meeting at Berwick. I was sick. 14th, Snow all day. 16, Rebecca and was at Franklin Millers. 22nd, Abisha and Seth and Ann Thomas here and at Perrys. 23rd, Harriet Miller mooved to Cattawissa. Peter Hoffman was buried. He fell dead off his chair. Daniel and Kimber started the 20th for Illinois. 25, Emme and I was at Paxinos and B. Reeds. Maggie Kennedy here visiting the afternoon of the 25th. 26, Millers vendue and Temperance Meeting in the evening. 28th, Kersey T. John was married to Diadem Zimmerman Easter day. A nice day. Martha Kester took supper here. She told of the death of Margaret Wilson, daughter of John Wilson. Died with the Typhoid fever. Was buried the 20th of 3rd month.

(APRIL, 1861)
4th mo. 2nd, Franklin Miller mooved to Cattawiasa. Kersey T. John mooved to the Farm. 4th, Lena Bird was buried at Shamokintown. Franklin Leisenring and Angalina Keller was married on Easter evening. Elizabeth Ent was married lately to a Hoover. 7th, Polly Adams here. 8, Got some garden dug and Pig pen finished. 10th, Monthly Meeting here. Ruthanna Kester and Mary Ann and Rachel Cherington dined with us. 10 and 11th, Verry nice weather. 12 & 13th, Stormy. Perry and wife went to Fishing Creek. 14th, I called at Kerseys on my way to meeting. Kersey and wife came here in the evening. W. W. Moore died that day in Philadelphia. 16 & 17th, Snow. Perrys came home 17 after monthly meeting. 18, Saml. and Angalina called here and told that there was war likely to be. 20th & 21st Great excitement. Soldiers inlisting and starting off in great numbers. Jefferson M. John is gone, among the rest. They started the 22nd for Harrisburg. Dreadful times. We hear of actions of wicked men. I was at Petersburg. Knoebl new store and several places. Samuel Ents child has the small pox. We have nice weather now. 28th, Rainy. 29th, Samuel and Caroline Mutchlers were here. A nice day. 30th, cold and rainy.

(MAY, 1861)
5th mo. 1st, Dull, blustery weather. 2nd, Sally is poorly with the Phthisick. Elidas mooved to their new house. 3rd, I was at Petersburg. Cold, with snow squalls. Rode with George to their new house. Rain in the afternoon. Frost most every night. Fruit trees in bloom. 5th, Called at Kerseys. A nice day, only cool. 5th month, 10th, we started before five oclock for Philadelphia. It was a lovely, bright morning, though cold and frosty. We got to Ashland about nine oclock. Elida and wife, myself, and George and Perry and wife. We put up at the stage-office. Adams. There we met Asa and Mary Ann and Rachel Cherington and Hannah Thomas and Amos Thomas, and Mary Ann Rich came to see us, and we saw Margaret Walter. The stage was behind time, and we was verry uneasy. At last it came. Then we packed in, Perry and George returned home, and Perry brought M. Rich up with him. The Driver hurried his horses with all his might and we just reached Pottsville in time for the cars, and it was raining then and got worse. Rained hard nearly all the way to the City. At Port Clinton, the Fishing Creek Friends came in; Ezra Eves, Reuben Wilson, Parker Kester and wife, Aseneth Rote, Joseph W. Eves and Sister Phebe Hicks, Susan Eck, Ellenor Pilkington. We got to the City before dark. Mary Ann Cherington had her pocket picked of several dollars in getting out of the cars. Elizabeth Johnson met us there, and Dillwyn Parish and John Kester to meet us. We had to walk a long way through the water and rain to 9th and Green to get to the Germantown cars and paid 12 cents to get to Germantown. We had to walk with all our might through muddy water along the streets. Dillwyn run ahead and told them to wait one minute. Samuel Griscom was with us, helping carry our Carpet bags. Mary Longstreth met us at the Depo with a carriage. She took one load and then returned for the rest of us. We was welcomed by Thomas and Lydia and soon set down to a nice supper. They have a verry nice house, garden and yard. Everyting in order, and a lovely prospect. 7th, day, We are here. Cherington girls and Elizabeth Johnson and self, Elida, Sarah and Rebecca is gone to Select Meeting. After noon, Lydia Longstreth went out (to) Germantown with us and showed us many curious things and told us things of interest about some of the first setlers of that place, and about her two eldest daughters Joining the Episcopelians with their husbands. After a pleasant walk we returned. Morris, their youngest son, came home. He is going to school at Haverford nine miles off, and he went back again the same evening. The next morning we went to Germantown meeting. Sarah Hunt, Rebecca John, Lydia Longstreth, Arden Seaman and Amos Jones spoke. Sarah Hunt was excellent. Mary Ann Cherington, Elizabeth Johnson and myself went home with Mary Wright. She lives with her son Edward, a widower with 4 children. The youngest is twins. His sister in law, Sarah Jane Harris, kept house. It was the grandest and most beautiful place I ever saw. The richest carpets and guilt framed glasses and pictures, several in each room. The yards and garden and every thing in the best order. Grape vines, trees, shrubbery of all kinds; Glass houses, for grapes and hot beds. Warner Johnson married her daughter, Mary, and lives close by, and another beautiful place of curiosity. Mary Wrights, James and wife, Mary, and children was there, and Peter and wife, Fanney Palmer cane there. She is Isaac T. Hoppers grand daughter. I saw her perhaps 20 years ago. I was at her Fathers. We staid there for tea. Dan Neal, Mary Rights brother in law, was there, and took tea. Mary took us home to Longstreths, near 2 miles. Several Friends were there in the evening. Thomas was verry interesting. Next morning we to Philadelphia and Yearly Meeting commenced verry interestingly. We dined in the meeting house. Afternoon meeting convened at 4 oclock. Mary H. Child was appointed clerk in Mary S. Michners place. Mary S. Lippencot continued Clerk. There was some verry good preaching. A great deal said on the subject of war and sympathy for the Suthern friends. We rode in the steam cars at nights to Germantown and mostly horse cars in the morning. Pay from ten to twelve cents a trip, and 4 cents more take us nearly to the meeting house, by getting exchange tickets . Seckond day evening, we took tea with Jane Johnson. Elizabeth Paxton and husband was there, besides others from Fishing Creek. Abigail Coats and son in law, George Lamburn, made their home there. Thirday we dined at Sarah Biddies. Reuben Wilson, Elida, Sarah and self. A nice place. I saw John Kester fourth day. Ann was at meeting. We went to J. Lytles store, Mary Longstreth for a guidd, in the evening; I got a bonnett. 4 dollars and a half and 25 for a box at Garigues. Daniel Walker and Susan Roberst was at Longstrethes all night, from Virginia. A man was killed on fourth day morning by a wheel of the Locomotive brakeing and killed him instantly. He was the fireman. Left a wife and two children. 2 others were hurt. It caused great excitement. We saw the wreck in the evening. The Locomotive laying on the roadsied, turned over. Fifth day we were at Jane Johnsons before meeting at Green Street and dined at Amos Peasleys. A nice place, and excelent dinner. Their daughter Sarah Evans, was there from Germantown. She is a nice woman. Wm. Dorsey took tea with us at Longstreths on fifth day evening. I believe. Sixth morn we bid our Friend farewell, and Thomas took our Baggage to the Meeting House for us, as we expected to go to John Kesters that night. The meeting ended well. Rachel Rogers supplicated, and the meeting broke under a solmn covering. We did not go to John Kesters. It was a disappointment to me and them too, I expect. Wed took our things to George Chandlees, and then went to dine at Henry Longs. His wife is Anna Trueman, and, Catherine, his mother, lives there. We tried to find Benjamin Janneys, but faild. He had mooved from where they used to live, Arch and 20th. I was told that they had mooved to. We took tea at Doctor Childs. Him and wife seems nice and common. They live by Franklin Square. Rechel Hancock was there. She is Ellen Childs mother. I did not feel well. We went to George Chandlees and staid all night and paid fifty cents a piece for bed and breakfast. At 8 oclock took the cars for home. I must try and name some of the women that preached at Yearly meeting Sarah Hunt, Lucretia Mott, Rachel Moore, Anna Harris, Rhoda Lamb, Rugh Pile, Lydia Longstreth, Anna Lingley, Elizabeth Paxton, Mary Cagley, Mary H. Child, Mary S. Lippencot, Mary Cox, Ann Jackson, Elizabeth Newport, Sarah Betts, Rachel Rogers, Mary Ann Needles, Maria Jane Kent, Jane Price, Anna Carrigus, Margaret Atley, Deborah Wharton, Sarah Hoops, Eliza Hoops, Rebecca John and several that I did not hear their names and a number that did not speak. I got sick riding backward in the stage coming over the mountains. Cheringtons girls left us at Ashland. Our folks met us at Shamokintown, and Samuel and wife took us home, and we took supper there, and we got safe home before dark and thankful for it, as there was and had been great excitement and commotion, and the City threatned to be burned, and the meeting house to be blown up, but we were preserved from all danger. Rachel W. Moore took nearly all the time at Green Street. Three men spoke some; John Brooks, Joel Lair, and. . . . Next day after I got home, I had the headache. Perry was taken poorly and neither him or Rebecca got to meeting.

(JUNE, 1861)
6th mo. 5th, Elidas barn was raised. 6th, Preparative meeting. We cleaned the Meeting house. !2th, Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. A good shower. 15th, A thunder shower. James Jackson and Lydia Brinton came to Perrys. One of their horses got sick. Ulysses just returned home. Angalina and him and Kersey and wife and her mother was at our Meeting. Jane Jackson preached. I rode with them to and from meeting, and they went to Elidas and I and Perry spent the afternoon with them. Seckond day morn William took me to Paxinos. 19th, I went with Elida, Sarah, Emily to Fishing Creek. After a long, tiresome ride, we got to George Eves and took dinner and staid 2 hours. George is verry miserable with the Jaundice. Then we went to the Meeting house. Emmie and self went to Joseph Polkingtons. John Underwood amongst others was .there. Ellen seems verry nice. Then we went to Edwins. Next morn, I went to Ezra Evanses. James Jackson and Lydia Brinton was there. Anna Chamberlin and Elizabeth Kester came there. We had a nice time. Perry and Rebecca also there. I and Lucretia rode with James and Lydia. 15, from Centre and several from down country; Elizabeth Newport and company. She spoke nice. We went to John P. Kesters. Abiahai and David Harleyman, Jesse and wife came also. We had a nice time there, only cool and next morn rainy. We rode to Millville in a short time after the rain abaited, Angagalina and Ulysses was there with Sallie Rote. Elizabeth suplicated after James and her preached. After meeting and bidding our friends farewell we went to George Eveses for dinner. John Underwood and Susan was there on their way homeward. We got home just after dark. Not many at meeting here. James had meeting at Roaring Creek. Perry and wife there and Willie, too. I am not well. Sarah McWilliams and Jane Reply was there at our meeting. 25th, Elizabeth Newport had a meeting at Roaring Creek. Elida brought them here for tea. Charles Kirk, Mary Ann Evans, accompanying Elizabeth. They went to Elidas to stay all night. Next day they took tea at Perrys. We had a thunder shower before they came. Next day they were at our meeting. Not many out, besiders our common attenders. Elizabeth spoke nice. They dined at Perrys. Samuel Kirk, from Clearfield, was also there. Our friends had meeting at Shamokintown that evening. A great turnout. Elizabeth spoke a good deal, and suplicated to general sattisfaction. They staid all night at Samuels. Perry and wife also. 30th, not many at meeting.

(JULY, 1861)
7th mo. 4th, Sarah came home. Elizabeth Gensyl hung herself in the schoolhouse in Cattawissa. She was greatly troubled on account of this war. Three of her sons was away 2 of them in the army and supposed to 3rd son was among the secesionists, which proved not to be the case. 5th, We was at Paxinos and got Fish. 7th, We was at Abishais and went to see Sally Yocom. She is much afflicted with the Dropsey. We have had some verry warm weather and a great deal of showery weather. 14th, Palemons at Perrys and Elida and wife and here a while. 16, Elida and Sallie B. and myself went to Palemon and took tea, and Hannah Jane went with us to Mahlon Hickses. Wm. Thomas came there, also, and we all staid over night there. Next day was Berwick Mo. Meeting. We called at Able Dolbys, then came back to Mahlons and got dinner and back to Dr.Johns, and staid all night, and next day home. 21st, I went home with Emily and she brought me home and took tea here, and Asa, Too. He had just returned home from John Kesters. 28th, I went home with Jesse G. John and staid all night. Her Father and Mother came there. Next morning he brought me home. 31, The United Bretherens camp meeting commenced.

(AUGUST, 1861)
8th mo. 4th, A great many people passed here, going to the damp. Edwin and Rachel and children here the 3rd. A great rain is some places. After our meeting we came home and some of us went to the camp meeting. One of their preachers, by the name of Lites, from Lebanon county, was at our meeting and said he had long wished to attend Friends meeting. He was a German. He prayed in German after Hoffman preached. I saw them communsing and washing feet. Women washed the womens feet, and then huged and kissed, and the minister washed the mens feet, shook hands, and kissed. I saw a great many acquaintances on thirday night. Perry and wife and self and boys went to see and hear as it was the last night. They sung verry pretty, but ther was not many went forward. We came home after ten. There was not as much noise as is sometimes. 7th, Sallie and Emmie here. 10th, Salliie went to Millville school. T.T. and Mother at Perrys, and took tea here. 12 & 13th, Rain. A great rain after a great drough, and many things died for rain. 14th, Monthly meeting. Not many there. We had no strangers. George and Lloyd returned from York State. Gone 2 weeks. 18th, Camp meeting at the Sharpridge, not many at our meeting. Perry has a verry sore hand. 19th, Perry and Willie at Mutchlers for slippery Elmm. Phebe Jane Grist, Wm. Underwoods daughter, was buried that day. 23rd, Joseph Preston buried at Cattawissa. 25th, Asa at Perrys and here, and went to see John Teats and at Elidas. Elizabeth Cleaver and her children was at our Meeting and at Elidas a few days. She is the widow of Kimber Cleaver.

9th mo. the 1st, ELlen at Perrys. I recieved a letter from Benjamin S. Janney the 30th of last month. 8th, we were at Josephs and eat water melon. He brought us home. Daniel Fagely was buried. 10th, I was at Petersburg. 11th, At Monthly Meeting at Roaring Creek. Sister Emily And Matilda Thomas at meeting. 15th of 9th month, Emily at Perrys and here. Matilda with Elidas young folks. She and Emmie at Perrys next day, and called here. Perry and Sally went to Shamokin. 16, I sent a letter to Jehu and Ann Kester. Angalina is sick with Dysentery. Sally staid from seckond day till sixth day. A rainy time till fifth day. She was unwell all the time. 21st, I was not well. Matilda Thomas came here. A verry rainy afternoon and evening. Perry took her home to Abishas and got a likeness for us from Cephas D. John in Illinois, our nephew.

(OCTOBER, 1861)
10th mo. 6th, Abishas at Perrys. 9th We were at Kerseys. 10th, John Gass buried. Died suddunly. Got a letter from J. and A. Kester and Evan Yarnall. 13th, Cold and windy. 14th, I sent a letter to Northumberland P. M. for a letter that was advertise. 16, At Cattawissa Monthly meeting. Lumuel Fisher buried, a young man. 17th, Recieved a letter from Abia that was in Northumberland P0. 19th & 20th, Jacob and Martha Kester here. Abishas, us, and Perrys dined at Elidas on Pork and sweet potatoes. 27th, Samuels called here. I rode with him to meeting. Henry Thomas and wife was there. Eliza Walter is sick. A man killed on the railroad between here and Shamokintown. Wm. Farnsworth, his name. Had a wife and 2 children. Several cars broken on the night of the 24th. Abia C. John is gone to war. A great grief to us and his parents. Sallie came home the 25 from Millville school, and has gone back again to teach school at Fishing Creek. Martha Kester and Boys were down to meeting. 29th, Rebecca and I went to see Eliza V. Walter. Jane Thomas was there, Henrys wife. 30th, I was at Paxinos.

(NOVEMBER, 1861)
11th mo. 1st, Sarah went to Petersburg, 2nd, Dreadful wind and rain; cloudy and cold. But few at meeting. 7th, a small Preparative meeting. 10th, We were all to meeting. A nice day. 16th, Kerseys wife confind. 7th, Clara here. Went with her to Kerseys to see their daughter. Samuel and wife there. 19th, Sally and Rebecca went to see Eliza Walter. 20th, I was at Kennedys visiting and heard of the death of Robert Campbell and son, being buried in on grave. Died with the Typhoid fever. 21st, I pulled a bushel of turnips of Kennedays. Asa came to Perrys. 22nd, a nice day. 23rd, A rainy day. Asa here. He came from Elidas. Perry and Griffith went to Roaring Creek to get a school, and got the Eck school; the cross road school began the 18. Ann Elizabeth Tomlins goes. 25, Snow. A muddy week. 29, Rain. 30th, Snow.

(DECEMBER, 1861)
12th mo. 1st, A small meeting. Perry took Griffith to his school. A snowy day. Perry took Grifiith to his school. 11th, Was our monthly meeting. Verry small. 14th, Griffith at home. Not well. 15th Angalina was verry bad. Emily was here, and Rebecca was at Walters. 16th Perry and wife and I was there to see her. She was better. 19th, Half Year Meeting. 2lst, They came Home. Verry nice weather. Mary Ann Hughes and Martha Eliza was here. 23rd, Wrote to Ruthanna. 24th. Sent it. Snowy. Mary Alice here. 25th, Christmas. Absalem Fry and Mary Adams married. 26, Lydia Emily here and at Perrys. 28th, She went to Millville School. 30th, We were at John Davises to attend the funeral of Joanna Home. She had been the wife of our cousin, John Philipps. Swartz, the Methodist, preached.

(JANUARY, 1862)
1st mo. 5th,1862. Asa came home with us. There was a great many strangers came to meeting. Asa staid among us till the 8th. 9th, Preparative meeting. Eliza V. Walters was there. She had not been for three months. She had been sick. Old John Miller died at Samuel Adamses. 11th, Was buried. 12, A stormy day. Griffith had to be taken to his school. 14th, I was at Petersburg. It was verry slippery. Next day we was at Roaring Creek Monthly meeting. It was verry stormy: snow and rain. Sarah, Perry, Rebecca and myself. Elida did not go. He had a sore eye. 16th, I went to Sophia Kings to see her cow. 18th, Stormy. 19th, Rainy and 20th, also; great waters. 21st, We brought a cow of Sophia King for 15 dollars. now on the ground. We had a time to bring her as it was slippery. Jacob Fagely here cutting wood 2 days. 23rd, Perry started away don to Concord Quartely meeting. 25 & 26, Griffith at home. Snowy. A great turnout at our meeting. William Lee and wife was there and came to Perrys and spent the afternoon. 28th, Wm. Potters son was buried, a verry snowy day. 30th, Stormy 31st. Palemon John and wife here. J. Smith calld.

(FEBRUARY, 1862)
2nd mo. 1st, George hauling wood afternoon. Morgan Hughes died. 2nd, not many at meeting. Priscilla Zimmerman went with us and back. 3rd, Rebecca and self went with Elidas to attend Morgan Hugheses funeral. A verry cold, snowy day. 4th, Heard from Perry. 6th, Preparative meeting. 8th, Heard of Thomas Cheringtons death. He suffered greatly. Had lately been married and lived at Girardville. Samuel and little girls here. 9th, John Kester and son at meeting near Philadelphia. Abia and Jane and Jesse and family at meeting. Griffith started to Roaring Creek again. Joseph John and Sarah McWilliams was married the 6th of this month and kept it a secret, or nearly so. for ten days. 12th, Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. Reuben Wilson and wife and George Masters and wife was there. 15th,They were here, and Elida and wife here also. Perry came home from down country. Had been gone three weeks and 2 days. The Friends were at Perrys and on first day they were here at our meeting. Reuben Wilson preached and Perry and Rebecca. Joseph and wife appeared at our meeting the 16th of 2nd m.o. A great surprise to all except to Asa, Ellen, and John Kester. I went to Asas to help Ellen. The Fishing Creek Friends were there, and besides, Joseph and wife and John Kester and son, Townsend and Jesse and son. 17th, I wrote to Evan Y. Yarnall. 22nd, Griffith at home, not well. 23rd, Heard of Philip Eveses marriage. Not many at meeting. We have had sleighing for many weeks.

(MARCH, 1862)
3rd mo. 2nd. A nice day. Rebecca Ann Hughes here 2 or 3 days and went along to meeting on Elidas sled. 6th, Joseph and wife and Ellen here, and spent the evening. 8th Griffith at home. 9th, A nice day. The snow is agoing fast, I heard that Wm. Sleaker died in the Hospital. We have had about 2 months sleighing till today. Davis Hoff and wife and cousin at meeting. 12th, Berwick Monthly Meeting. Elida and Asa, Perry and wife went. 11th, I and Anna was at Paxinos. 13th, I was at Abishais and saw Ann Thomas before she went West; her and her husband and 2 boys was going to Iowa. 30th, She and children was at meeting .

(APRIL, 1862)
4th mo. 1st, I was at Petersburg. 5th, Jacob Kesters at Perrys and Elidas. Anna is taken the measles. 7th, Seth Thomases started for Iowa. 8th & 9th of his, had a great snow, the deepest that we have had all winter. I recieved a letter from Sallie Ann Bloomer and one from Palina Carr and Harriet and Franklin John, all in a little over 2 weeks. 12th, Sallie visiting here. John Lee and Polly took tea here and staid all night at Perrys. After meeting they went to Abishais. Emily and her got hurt badly thrown out of the carriage in a mud hole. 13th, Martha Eliza Hughes came to Perrys. 14th, Came here and staid 2 weeks and had the measles and we had to nurse and Doctor her. 20th, Easter. Kersey and wife here. 27th, Palemon and wife here for tea and Elida and Priscilla Zimmerman was also here. Palemons took Sallie home with them to tend his book store.

(MAY, 1862)
5th mo. 1st, Wm. took Matty Hughes to Abishas. 2nd, Anna is 7 years old. I went to Petersburg. Got to ride the most of the way there and back. 4th, A nice day. Emily was at meeting after her hurt for the first. A good many out. Perry at Fishing Creek. I heard a week ago of the sudden death of Emily Rote, daughter of George Eves. She died in convulsions. 4th, Martha A. Hughes went to Elidas to work. 5th, Elida and wife went to Edwins. His wife is verry low. 9th, Rebecca started to Philadelphia. 14th, Monthly Meeting at Roaring Creek. 17th, Sarah B. went to stay' 2 weeks with Rachel. 28th, Mary Ernest cleaned our meeting house. I went along and staid at Asas. It was rainy aforenoon. 29th, Walked to meeting and back again. I was 50 years old this day. Oh, I wish I was better. Rebecca came home the evening before. Was away near three weeks, attending yearly meeting and others.

(JUNE, 1862)
6th mo. 1st, We was at Abishais, and heard of the death of John Stertsel. Solomon Libys wife died the 1st or 2nd. Was buried the 3rd. 4th, Great rain, dreadful waters and damage done in many places. 7th, Thunder shower. 8th, I am not well. Anna is poorly. Thomas and Walters at Perrys. A great appearance of fruit. 9th, Elizabeth Caseman, wife of Fredrick, was killed by falling from the Hay mow. I was at the house on the 11th.- A great many people there. She was 93 years, nine months, and some days. The old man calls himself a Hundred. Cattawissa Monthly meeting. John S. Peter, Prine Osburn, was killed at the war. Joseph Weaver died suddenly. 15th, Got a letter from Alfred J. Tomlins 22nd, Wrote and answer. Perrys and Elidas was at Half Year meeting. Jacob Downing died the ninth of this month in Centre County. Rebeccas brother in law. 29th, A warm day. I wrote to Palina Carr, my niece. It is raining this evening.

(JULY, 1862)
7th mo. 6th, Sarah and me and Anna and Wallers young folks [Waller or Walters ?] and Palemons were at Elidas. 10th, Haran (sic) and Mira was here. Recieved a letter from Rebecca H. Walter. 13th, Perrys and Sarah at Walters. I wrote to Mary Ann Jeffries in Knoxville. 15th, Sent it to the office. Laura and Mira here all night. The folks started to Berwick Monthly meeting. We had some great rains. 17, They returned. Sallie E. John came home. 20th, I wrote to Martha and Ruthanna in Illinois. 24th, Heard of our sister in laws death, Rachel John., Girifiths widow. She died with the Bilious Cholick. She was much loved by al. 27th, Yesterday I recieved a letter from Mary Ann Jeffries. This day I have wrote to Franklin and Harriet. Perrys and Sarah is gone to see Abishai and Emily.

(AUGUST, 1862)
8th mo 23rd (date?) Asa and Emily at Perrys. 12th, Cousin Lydia T. Jeffries and her daughter, Lucille, came here to Perrys. 13th, Monthly Meeting. We, a part of the committee, met on the subject of changeing or appointing Elders. We reappointed all but Mary Ellis, with the addition of Mary Ann Cherington. Lydia Jerreris and daughter dined and took tea here, then went to Elidas and staid till First Day. 15th, Angalina got badly hurt by the horse runing away. We was all much frightened. Her and Clara was thrown out at the foot of the hill, near Kennedays, and Angalina was most killed. She was carried on an arm chair back to Kersey and sent for the Doctor and she staid till the 26th. Mary Ann Hughes and children was here on a visit. 17th, Emily here with cousin Lydia. Elida and Sarah called here to bid us farewell, as they was to start next morning to Illinois, being the 18th. 19th, Perry took Cousin Lydia and Sarah and Rebecca to Asas and Josephs. 20th, We were at Abishas and walked through Bear Gap and saw many curiosities. We walked home. Saw Jefferson at Kerseys He came to see his Mother. 21st, Abisha and Emily and Mary Ann Hughes at Perrys after meeting. 22nd, Rain. 23rd, Sallie and Lucille went to Bloomsburg. Showery afternoon. 24, Cousins and Perrys and me at Walters. 25th, Lydia and myself visited Angalina and picked Black berries, and she went to Elysburg with Willie. 27, They went with Samuel to Shamokinton. Angalina was taken home the day before. We were verry lonesome when they were gone. Anna and I went to Petersburg and took dinner at Ann Eulicks. 28th, Cousins left Samuels. 29th, Got home. Lydia was sick agoing home and for some time after. 31st, Walters at Perrys. I recieved a letter yesterday from Matilda C. Ellis, in Indiana, and since recieveing her letter, heard of her Mothers death; Mary Ellis, and Elder. A fine old woman.

I wrote to her, Matilda, and mary Ann Hughes, and sent to the office 2nd of 9 month, 1862. 4th, Preparative. 7th, Wm. Underwood came to Perrys with Samuel and was at our meeting. He preached nice. 8th, Rebecca and, Willie took him. to Fishing Creek. 9th, Rebecca returned. Ieft her brother at Bloomsburg. 10th Monthly meeting. I was verry unwell. In dreadful pain in my bowels. A part of the committee was there from Fishing Creek. J.P. Eves, J. Rich, R. Wilson and wife, J.P. Kester and wife, to try to keep up Roaring Creek meeting. We dined at John Lees. R. Wilson and Sarah, likewise. Old Wm. Persing and Jacob Muenchs wife died. was buried the same day, the 3rd of this month, I believe. 6th, 2 of Solomon Hummels children was buried in one greve, 2 sisters, Susannah and Anjalina Solomon, was buried about a week before, all with the Dipitheria. 14th, I wrote to cousin Lydia T. Jefferies. We recieved a letter from her the 4th, and Perrys got one the 13th. 18th, Small meeting. Howard Gilbert, the teacher from Millville, and Hannah Jane John was at Elidas. She was here and at Ps. a little while. Siba Swanks wife was buried. 21st, A nice day. A small meeting. Peaches and plums are ripe. Joseph and wife at Shamokintown. I recieved a letter from M.C. Ellis yesterday. Perry has been poorly. 22nd, He was at Shamokin. 23rd, We made Peach butter. 24th, A cloudy day. Got cold afternoon. Elida and Sarah started home. 25th, Sarah went home with Sarah Eliza and staid all afternoon. 26th, Elidas came home. 27, Sallies birthday. Elida called here. Perry and Rebecca and self went there in the evening to see them and hear news from the West. John Coder, son of George of Shamokintown, was wounded in the war. Had his leg taken off and died, and was embalmed and was brought home several days after his death, and was buried the . Betty Hummel, another daughter of Solomon, was buried 28th, Died of the Diptheria. A small meeting. Dull morning. Elida and Sarah took sister Sarah to see Abisha and Emily Thomas. 11 men killed and forty wounded at Harrisburg, as was coming home They were from Reading and Philadelphia, just returning home as home guards, by the cars runing together. How aweful. 30th, Samuel Fishers daughters was here with Melinda Thomas and at Elidas.

(OCTOBER, 1862)
10th month, the 1st., Susan Tietsworth was buried. Died with the dropsey. A verry rainy day. Perry took me there. Doctor Samuel Smith was buried the same day. 2nd, Sallie E. John and myself went to see Emily. She had been verry sick. 5th, Jesse G. Johns at Perrys. 6th, Frost, then verry warm weather for several days. 9th, recieved a letter from Sallie Ann Bloomer, telling of her Mothers sickness. 10th, rain. 11th, cold. 12th, Committee at Roaring Creek. A cool day, rather lonesome. Not many at meeting. This day our dear Sister Lydia died, about 10 days wanting of being 63 years old. She had the Fever three weeks, and then a gathering in her side, and sore throat. I was a great shock to us when we heard of her death. She had wanted to see us so badly, and we was verry sorry that we could not get there. 15th, Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. I dined at Harriet Reifsnyders. Martha Kester was here over night the 13th. 14, She went to her Fathers and he took her to Cattawissa. Mary Ann Cherington and Rachel came home with us and staid 2 nights. We went with them to Elidas. Perry took them to Shamokin. 19th, Martha Meller and Esther Bancroff and Joseph Bancroff and wife, and Thomas and Margaret Bancroff was all at our meeting, and dined at Elidas. It was a rainy in the afternoon. They were from Philadelphia and Ashland. 21st, Asa here. Elida came to tell of Sister Lydia death. It was rather unecpected news, though we knew she was sick. 22nd, I was at Petersburg. 26th, A rainy day. 29th, I was at Paxinos. Walked there and back.

(NOVEMBER, 1862)
11th mo. 2nd, I wrote to Sallie Ann Bloomer. 7th, I was at Erickbaums and it snowed in the afternoon. 8th, Recieved a letter from Sallie Ann Bloomer giving account of her Mothers death, the particulars verry interesting. Cold, snowy day. Perry started to Berwick. Elidas and Sarah here on a visit. 9th, Rode on a sled to meeting. Cold, gloomy day. 16, Sallie and Matty spent the evening here. 19th, I was there. 23rd, Lydia Emmie, and Amelia Butler at meeting, from Bloomsburg. We went to Abisha. Perry was poorly. 24th, Sallie and George commenced school at Roaring Creek. Rebecca V. Woolever was buried the 11th at Cattawissa. 29th, Recieved letter from W.W. Dobbins. 30th, I wrote and answer.

(DECEMBER, 1862)
12th mo. 2nd, Sarah H. John and I went to Asas and Josephs. Had a nice visit. Sarahs Mother, Jane McWilliams, was there. 4th, Elida and wife went to Myerses at Roaring Creek. Mary Myers husband died with a cancer in his face. 11, Preparative Meeting. Abisha and Emily at Perrys. 12th, Old grandmother Haas was buried. She was the oldest woman about here, near a Hundred. Fredrick Lybe buried also, same day. 14th, A nice day.

(JANUARY, 1863)
First month 1st, 1863. Sarah and I was invited to Kerseys to eat Roast goose, besides Samuels folks. None attended but Samuel and myself. Perry was verry ill then. 5th, Ella and Ida Erdman was buried same day. Died with Diptheria. Martha E. Hughes and I went to the house. I never saw 2 corpeses at one time before. Asa was here. 11th, Ellen came and staid a week here agmon us, while I went to Roaring Creek Monthly Meeting, and Rebecca Ann Hughes came home with us and staid a month among us. Sarah had a bad spell with the Phthisick.

(FEBRUARY, 1863 )
2nd month, 15th, Sarah commenced with another spell. 16, Rebecca went to Fishing Creek to visit families.

(MARCH, 1863 )
3rd mo. 2nd, Emily came to stay with Sarah. She has been verry ill. Emily staid a week here, one night at Elidas, and a part of 2 days. 7th, A snow fell. 14, 3rd mo., Emily Kester died of the Doctheria. Buried the 16th. Charles died perhaps an hour after they returned. Henry T. Kester died the 26th. Josephs wife here. We went to Perrys to help quilt. Joseph came in the evening. 28th, Henry was buried. Abisha and Emily and M.E. Hughes went up. 29th, Jacob was taken sick and that evening Martha was confind. 31st, Abisha and Matty came home. Angalina was here. It snowed.

(APRIL, 1863)
4th mo. 1st, Kennedays mooved. A cold snowy time. Emily staid at Jacob Kesters 13th, Lydia Garrett came. 15th, Monthly meeting. She came to join Rebecca in visiting the families belonging to this monthly meeting. Rebecca was at Fishing Creek near 2 weeks. Edwin brought her home 2nd of 3rd month. [NOTE: Believe this should be "2nd of 5th month". Ed.] We had no strangers from Monthly Meeting, so Perry and wife and Lydia Garrett dined here and the after noon was verry rainy, as was the next day. They commenced their visits fourth day afternoon. On first day they were at Cattawissa and Roaring Creek first. They had good meetings. They got through fourth day evening. 4th, At our meeting and afternoon they went to Shamokin and staid at Samuels. Lydia started home next morning. Rainy that day and the afternoon before. She is a fine woman. 26, A number at our meeting. Ellen Lytle was buried. Chandlee Eveses wife, Elizabeth Wilson formerly, died the 26th. Phebe Mather died 21st. 27th, Asa here all night. 28th, Sarah H. John here and Sarah McClow. Staid all night. 30th, Even Yarnall married to Sophia Blew. Lydia Emma visiting at Perrys. She was here 22nd.

(MAY, 1863)
5th month, 3rd, Verry nice weather. Mary Emma Walter at meeting. Had not been for many weeks She has been verry ailing and not right in her mind. They went to Elidas. Mary E. Thomas at meeting. She had not been all winter, I believe. 7th, Asa, Elida and Perry started to Yearly Meeting. 9th, Isaiah Miller died and was buried the 11th. I was at the Meeting house and saw him laid in his grave. Wampole preached. We called to see Joseph Fry. He was quite poorly. 16th, Amos Yarnall came. Sallie E. John came here with hime. 19th Joseph Fry died. Was buried the 21st. We did not get there, it being our Meeting morning. 29th, I was 51 years old, and was helping to dig garden. 30th, Amos Yarnall came back here and next day was verry poorly, and was verry unwell the greatest art of the time for 2 weeks.

(JUNE, 1865)
6Th mo. 4th, Aaron Packer and his wife, Ann, came. They are preachers from Ohio. They were here 4 days. Verry nice people. They were at our meeting on first day and had a good meeting. On thirdday they went to Roaring Creek and fourth day at Cattawlssa Monthly meeting, and then to Berwick and on to Fishing Creek Half Year meeting. They visited all around here. 7th, was a cold afternoon. Amos got so cold and was worse. 8th, Caty Lancisois was buried. A showery day. None of us was there, owing to having strangers. 13th, Amos started away. Went to Samuel Kellys on his way home. 16, some of our folks started to Half Year meeting. 17th, Elidas went, George, with Jefferson, and Doctor Jesse, and others started as soldiers to Harrisburg. We were verry much distressed about George agoing. I went and staid with M.E. Hughes at Elidas 2 nights. 10th, the soldiers returned. To our joy, they were not needed. Pearse Hoops and Sarah was at Half Years meeting and Martha Dodson. They had a good H.Y. meeting. Lydia Rich died the night of the 18th, and buried 21st. She had been confind several years. Amos Underwood and his son, Zephaniah, came home to Perrys from Fishing Creek. They are from Ohio. Emily here all night, and went with us to meeting. She was at the Half Year meeting. 21st, Is a rainy afternoon, I was so sleepy in meeting. 23rd, Underwoods went away. 27th & 28th, I was verry unwell with the neuralga or some soreness and lameness in my breast and arms, and bad cold. Samuel and wife called here. There was a great turnout at our meeting from Petersburg. 25, I think Perrys was at Roaring Creek and no preaching. 24th, I and Anna was at the burg and cal to see Ellen Ent.

(JULY, 1863)
7th mo. 4. A rainy day. A great deal of rainy dull weather for 2 weeks. 5th, Samuel Thomas was buried. We went to the meeting house. Swank preached, the United Bretheren. We got a letter the day before from Amos Yarnall with his photograph. Also one from Wm. John. 10th, Asa and Ann came. 12th, They were at meeting. Still dull weather. Alfred Smith buried 12th. 19th, Ann Kester came here here and Cyntha and William, and next day went to Perrys. In the evening, they went to Elidas. 23rd, She started home.

(AUGUST, 1863)
8th mo. 4, A great rain and high waters. 10th, Angalina here all night. 11th, Susan Parker, Sarah P. Eves, Harriet Wilson here all night. Parvin Eves and John Eves at Perrys. 12th, Monthly meeting. Mayberry Gearheart and wife at meeting, and came to Perrys to dine, and Enoch Kester and Ellen Lee was there Cheringtons girls here. Alexander Mearse died suddenly. A man was killed at Paxinos on the railroad. 15th, James Byard Jeffries and 2 daughters came, and Jacob Kester. Sarah Ellen John and Abisha and Emily and Rebecca Downing also came to Perrys. 16th, Ellen Ent was buried. A hard shower. Afternoon, Sarah had a bad spell. Meeting at Cattawissa and Roaring Creek. Some to the committee attended it. Anna Mary and Maria Jeffries (or Anna, Mary, etc, Ed.) was here all night and went to Shamokin. 17th, On their way home. 18 & 19, Rebecca Downing verry sick with sore throat. We got a letter from Jehus girls. 22, Aaron Berrils son fel and hurt himself so that he died soon. 23rd, Henry C. Thomas and daughter, Saran Emme, at meeting. 24th, I was at Berrils. The child was not fit to be seen. 31st, United Bretherens camp meeting began at Whartons land.

9th mo. 2nd, Rebecca and Griffith started to Centre County quarterly meeting. 10th, Mary Ann Hughes and Geo came. 12, Rebecca and Griffith came home. 14, Edwins here and Ellis Eves and wife, also. 17th, Rebecca Downing started home. 16,was monthly meeting at Roaring Creek. Perry got minuet to travel down country. and to Baltimore yearly meeting. 23rd, Elida took me to see Doctor Raker concerning a lump in my breast, feared to be a cancer. Both of the Doctors looked at it and gave me no medicine, then we went to Sunbury to Packers and was kindly entertained by Rachel and her children. There was a great Union Meeting in Sunbury, the like I never saw before. We were late getting home. Judge Kelly from Philadelphia, and Judge Adams, from Kentucky, and General Coffee spoke. I felt sad that day. Brother Jehu died that day, aged 53 years; 8 month. We did not hear of it for three weeks after. He was next older than myself. A verry kindhearted man.

(OCTOBeR, 1863)
10th mo. 3rd, Willie took me to Dr. J. Rakers, We waited 4 hours but did not see them, the Doctors. We got our dinners. The Doctor appointed for me to come in ten days, but took the day before for the 10th day. 5th, We went again and saw Henry Morris, the young doctor. We came back to Samuel Kellys for dinner. They were verry kind, or Anna was. He was not at home. 13th, We heard of Jehus death. 14th, Monthly meeting at Cattawissa. Sarah nor myself was well enough for me to go. Matty E. Hughes left Elidas and went to her Mothers. From Cattawissa Perry started on his journey down country and to Baltimore Yearly Meetin, with J.P. Eves. How bad we felt that day. I had sharp stiches in my breast. Next day, the 15th, Griffith took me to Doctor Rakers...found the old Doctor, but he was a good deal discouraged, and so was I. 26th, Elida took me, being the 5th time that I was at Rakers. A verry cold, frosty morning. I started without my breakfast at 5 oclock, and got to the Doctors 20 minutes of nine. We soon came home. I wanted to settle with the Dr., but Elida wanted him to try something stronger 10 or 15 days longer. But my mind was to quit there, for he did not seem to do much good, and wanted to amputate. He had gave me 3 phials of drops to take inwardly, and three boxes of salve, or 2 of Iodine, and she gave me a small box of healing salve, and the last time he gave me something to bathe my breast to make it sore. We went to Sunbury I called at R.B. Packers and dined at John Frys. The wife and daughter was verry kind. We was late getting home. 29th, I was at Josephs. Sarah was verry kind. Henry and wife came there.

(NOVEMBER, 1863)
11th month 1st, Samuel and wife, Kerseys here. 3rd & 4th, Wrote to Lydia Longstreth, the 2nd letter. Rebecca and I wrote to her 2 weeks before and got an answer. Sarah is verry bad for several days with the Phthisick. 8th, she is still poorly. 5th, I commenced using a poltice of carrot and slippery Elm, recommended by Doctor J.W. Moore to Perry at Baltimore. I have had great deal of trouble to know what is best to do. Sometimes I want to go to Dr. Thayer at Montrose, and sometimes I conclude to go to Doctor Pancoast in the City, and then the monstrous expense and many other things discourages me, and all seemed dark, and then sometimes I felt like going there, and expected to go the 15 or 17, that is, tomorrow or next day. But hearing of the uncertainty of an operation, or using a knife for cancers, sickens me. Perry came home the 19th, Rebecca and Asa went to Berwick. Perry met them. M.E. Hughes has a daughter. 15th, I staid at home today, not being well. I have been more ailing this week. 23rd. I am verry sore and aching in my breast and bowels, and weakness. I had my mind made up to go to Montrose. 24, Recieved a letter from T.B. Longstreth inviting me to come there to be Doctored by Dr. Noble and Doctor Ashmeas, which has given me trouble.


Eliza John died December 20, 1863