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  4Family History~Burbidge, Stoney, Parry, Humpherys



The Burbidges

Salt Lake City, Utah

Burbidge Family Reunion
circa 1933

The BURBIDGE family immigrated from Bedfordshire, England. They were converts of the LDS Church and settled in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their descendants, for the most part, have remained in northern Utah. Business, law, law enforcement and government service have been a few of the common occupations. This genealogy  begins with  Joseph David BURBIDGE (1902-1966).

  • CHARTS: 

     Joseph David BURBIDGE  Pedigree

  • Historical Documents & Photos: Includes on site as well as offsite images.

    Photo Album

    Burbidges in the News

  • Associated SURNAMES:  


  • Parry<Goulder<Roberts
  • History: At present family group records with sources. Will eventually include histories

  • Of Kith & Kin: This section will investigate clusters of families, friends and neighbors with associated times and places.

  • Of Research Past, Present & into the Future: Here is a recognition of both our previous and present family historians as well as a general discussion of sources which pertain to Burbidge family research, including offsite links.


4Family History
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