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Balancing copyright & fair use with sharing family stories. Iíve tried to respect the work of other researchers and writers. Iíve cited written works, microfilm, and web sites with standard citations and web addresses. Iím publishing family pictures & writings, which I have in my possession. Pictures or writings posted elsewhere on the web are linked to from my site with clear identification of authroship-- before the fact.  


The exceptions.  In a few cases I have some family photos without any reference to ownership, and I suspect may be the only copies left. If I do post them, I will identify that the provenance is uncertain. Iíve decided to do this because one of my first goals is to share all of the pictures and writings Iíve been holding, and trying to preserve. The web seems to be the best way to share them with family. If anyone feels the picture or writing is infringing on their ownership of copyright, I will be glad to hear from them. I have some biographical writings, which I am not going to post, because the author is clearly identified. These I will cite from and will gladly share with family members through the mail.


Copyright of these pages.  I'm sharing this work with anyone who is interested in using the material for personal use. I ask that any use anywhere of my work be properly cited. IF YOU DO, I would appreciate hearing from you, and I would appreciate a link to these web pages. These pages are copyrighted and not to be used for material gain. These are important issues to the future of the web as a place for free access and exchange of ideas. This must be balanced with respect for the creative works and efforts of anyone who publishes via the web.





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