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Here are some excerts from things we found through the Michigan Genweb about the town of Alpine that contained names in our tree.

Alpine is one of the west tier of townships, and is bounded on the north by Sparta, on the east by Plainfield, on the south by Walker, and on the west by the township of Wright, Ottawa County. It retains its original form and size, containing thirty-six square miles.
The first settlers were Solomon Wright and family, who came from Wayne county, New York, in the year 1837, and located on the south line, near Indian Creek. The family consisted of the old gentleman and lady and five sons, Benjamin, Solomon, Noadiah, Andrew and Jeremiah, only one of whom remains in the township, and that is Solomon. The old people are both dead, one some lost his life in the recent war, one is living in Lowell, and two are in Walker. In the year 1840 John Coffee and Richmond Gooding came from Ohio, penetrated the forest nearly five miles beyond the Wright neighborhood and settled on section nineteen, near the west line of the township. For years this was considered the "jumping off place," as they called it, there being no settlements north of them, and in fact no house in any direction nearer than three or four miles. About the same time Jacob Snyder -- a German -- settled on section thirty-five, and another German by the name John Plattee on section thirty-six, in the southeast corner of the township. A short time before this, Turner Hills and family came from Vermont, and located in the east part of the township, on section thirteen, where, for several years, they were the northernmost settlers. Mr. Hills died many years ago, but the widow and two sons remain in the township.

michigan land records Kent Co., MI -- General Land Office Records - 1807-1907
SNYDER JACOB 34 8 N 12 W 80.00 07 4485 1841/08/10

Pioneer Catholic Families Outside the City Limits (McGee 1950)Pioneers Families
Outside The City Limits
"To complete the record of early Catholic families in the Grand River Valley
region in so far as possible, an attempt has been made to add to the City
Directory lists, a list of the Catholic families in the various townships
adjacent to the city. Belden's Illustrated Historical Atlas of Kent County,
Michigan, has served as a source of much of this data.
The northern townships were largely unconnected with the Catholic community in
Grand Rapids, but a list of Catholic families in the other townships is given.
The list would be as of the year 1875, or seventy-five years from the date of
ALPINE TOWNSHIP: W. HylerH. BurtchP. Thome
N. ArmockE. M. EddeyA. Rusche
J. MatthewsM. ThomeJ. Ebers
J. KlinkC. HencyN. Switzer
A. HostM. PitchJ. Platte
H. AlbeeW. CordesD. Krupp
J. GrinerC. CordesF. Hainbeck
J. CoffeeJ. KochJ. Heinbeck
G. SauerS. DeissW. Withey
J. BrownJ. Yost

Holy Trinity Cemetery (GR 13)
Alpine Township, Kent County, Michigan
Ebers, Henry b. 1809 d. 1872
Ebers, John H. b. 1854 d. 1915
Ebers, Lilian o.d. 1883
Ebers, Mary b. 1852 d. 1916
Rusche, Anthony a native of Genminghausen, Prussia d. May 10, 1882; a.- 63y 10m 6d