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BORN: 27 February 1950
in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California
Gloria McKinnon b: 03 Nov 1923
FATHER: Merle Frank Snyder b: 24 Jul 1919
SIBLINGS: Geraldine Marie Snyder b: 03 Jun 1947
MARRIED: Jeffrey William Becker b: 18 Nov 1948
second husband: Patrick Terrance McNeely b: 04 July 1948
third husband: Ronald Edward Parker (no children) b: 06 Sep 1949
CHILDREN: Jesse Corey Becker b: 12 Feb 1970
Naomi Song Bear b: 30 Jan 1976
RESIDENCE: Stockton, CA; Livermore, CA; Sydney, NSW, Australia; Santa Cruz, CA; Napa, CA; Reno, NV; Rancho Tehema, CA; Gerber, CA; Sun Valley, NV; St. Helena, CA; Vallejo, CA; Arroyo Grande, CA; Grover Beach, CA; Nipomo, CA; Los Osos, CA; Kempsey, NSW, Australia

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Geri, Gwen, Jesse, Merle, Jacob, Roy, and Naomi in St. Helena, Ca.
Geri, Gwen, Jesse, Merle, Jacob, Roy, and Naomi in St. Helena, Ca.
Jeff, Gwen, Jess, Merle, Roy, and Naomi
Gloria, Geri, and Gwen Gwen

Gwen and Geri on the bike, in Stockton Geri with Gwen, Gloria in back Geri and Gwen fishing Gwen and Geri during xmas Geri and Gwen at xmas

1970 Gwen with Jesse, Gloria, and Geri with Jason
Geri on the left with her mother and sister
Gwen and Geri
Gloria with Gwen
Gwen during xmas
Gwen, 1950

Gwen with some family friends during a camping trip

Gwen with son Jesse Gwen with her daughter Naomi Gwen, abt 8yrs old Gwen, abt 5 yrs old Gwen in Boulder Creek, abt 20 yrs old
Gwen in St. Helena, abt 25

Gwen, abt 4 yrs Geri and Gwen age 5, Xmas in Australia Dorothy, Bill, a friend Nancy, Jacob, a friend Maria, and Gwen Naomi and Gwen, Australia 2002 Naomi and Gwen, Los Angeles 1984

Gwen with Jesse's dad Jeffrey Becker, 1969
Naomi and Gwen, Dorrigo Park, AU 2002 Naomi and Gwen, Dorrigo Park, AU 2002 Gwen, 2nd from left front row, in Australia Gwen, front row with sign, first grade, Australia

Gwen, St. Helena Gwen, St. Helena Gwen and Naomi, 1976 Naomi and Gwen, Edinburough Falls, Australia, 2002 Gwen and Bubba Gwen and her sister Geri

Gwen, Vallejo 1985? Gwen Gwen during xmas 1950 Gwen with her niece Ramona Yazzie