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1899 Lancers Aldershot

Queen's Birthday Parade

HMS Victory.

Hospital Ship Strathcona

Nelson Hoists

His Flag on

the Victory

The British Fleet

on its Way

to the Battle

The Exhibit of

Idris and Co Ltd

British Empire Exhibition

The Last of

an Old Ironclad

HMS Resistance

The Prisoner

of the Pirates

The Wreck of

The Stella, Women

& Children First

HMS Birmingham

Sinking German


Illumination of the

British and Italian

Squadrons, Aranci Bay

Ships at the Coast

Savage Club Menu

Firth of Clyde

Great Cumbrae

in the Distance

Return of Victory

The Return

of the Lifeboat


South Western Docks


The Chilean Serrano

Class Destroyer

Serrano at Sea

The Hunt Class Type 4

Escort Destroyer

Brecon at Sea

The U Class

Escort Destoyer

Undine at Sea


of a Man

Seascape with

Boats, Jetty

and Hills Beyond

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