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      This well known school, the Holy Rosary Academy, was established in Woodland in 1887 by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, the mother house of which is at Notre Dame, Indiana.  The Holy Rosary Academy is a boarding and day school for girls and today has an attendance of seventy-five boarders and one hundred and twenty-five pupils.  The institution has figured largely in educational work in northern California for forty years, the school offering complete courses in primary, grammar grade and high school instruction.   It also affords regular business training and elementary and advanced courses in music and art.  The school has enjoyed a steady and substantial growth, so that a class-room building has been erected which will include a small hall.

      It is the purpose of the academy to so equip its students that graduates are qualified to continue their work in any of the state universities or teachers’ training colleges or in private colleges.  The limited number of students received makes it possible for instructors to anticipate the needs of individual pupils and to direct their studies accordingly.  The staff includes eighteen teachers, many of whom hold degrees or normal certificates or have done accredited work in their special subjects.  Three of the Sisters in charge of the school have recently celebrated their golden jubilee, covering a half century’s connection with educational work.  They are still teaching and two of them came to the academy forty-one years ago.  At that time the land all around the academy was wild and barren but these conditions did not deter Sisters Ave, Aquiliana and Corona in their work.  Sister M. Incarnata, came to the college four years ago.  The music department of the school is one that has been well developed, offering a complete course in piano, organ, violin, voice culture, solfeggio, harmony and composition, counterpoint, history and musical appreciation.  The department is affiliated with the Arrillaga Musical College of San Francisco, one of the three recognized schools of music in the state.




Transcribed by Joyce Rugeroni.

Source: Wooldridge, J.W. Major History of the Sacramento Valley California, Vol. 2 Pages 177-178. Pioneer Historical Publishing Co. Chicago 1931.

© 2010  Joyce Rugeroni.



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