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            California is as cosmopolitan as any state in the Union.  The favorable opportunities it presents for getting on in the world have been made available by enterprising men of every land.  Some natives of Switzerland and many more descendants of old Swiss families have done well there.  One of the most prominent citizens of Swiss blood of Tuolumne County is the well known mining man whose name appears above.

            Albert Trittenbach is a son of Jacob and Ann (Muller) Trittenbach, who were born, reared and married in Switzerland and who in 1853, not long after their marriage, came to the United States, hoping to improve their fortunes.  Mr. and Mrs. Trittenbach settled at St. Louis, Missouri, and there their son Albert was born November 11, 1858, and the mother died in 1864, aged thirty-three years, leaving a husband and three sons.  In 1869 Mr. Trittenbach came with his three boys to California, where he prospered as a merchant and eventually retired from business, and he now lives in San Francisco.  Gustave Trittenbach, his eldest son, is prominent in business circles in San Francisco, where he is the manager of the city department of the New Zealand Fire Insurance Company and the president of the Dutch Mining and Milling Company; and Emil, the youngest of the family, is in the coal trade in the same city.

            Albert Trittenbach, the second son of Jacob and Ann (Muller) Trittenbach, began his education in the public schools of St. Louis, where he lived until he was eleven years old, and continued it in the public schools of San Francisco.  After he left school he learned assaying and metallurgy, intending to make mining his business, and engaged in mining at Glencoe, Calaveras County, in the employ of the Valentine Mining Company as assistant superintendent and assayer to mill men.  In 1884 he spent some time in Arizona and after that he went to the Calico mining district in San Bernardino County, California, where he had the management of the sampling works and acquired a mine of his own and with several partners bought and sold mines to advantage.  Then, giving up silver mining, he became the superintendent of the Platt and Gilson mine at Soulsbyville, a position which he held five years and a half, during which time considerable gold was taken out of the mine.  Meantime he acquired an interest in other mining enterprises there and became a stockholder in the Duct mine at Quartz, of which he is the superintendent under the direction of the Dutch Mining and Milling Company.  This mine is considered one of the best properties in this vicinity.  It has an electric plant and all necessary apparatus of the most modern kind, and the work has been carried to a depth of eleven hundred and fifty feet.

            Mr. Trittenbach lives in a fine residence on this property, and his management of the interests of the company in which he is a stockholder has won the unqualified approval of all his associates.  He is widely known as an experienced and expert mining man, whose estimate of any property is accurate and valuable.  In politics he is a Republican, but has no time for office holding or practical political work.  A member of the Masonic fraternity, he is exceedingly popular with his brethren of the order.  He was married in 1893 to Miss Florence Superiette, and has two sons, named Philip Edward and Albert Benjamin.



Transcribed by Gerald Iaquinta.

Source: “A Volume of Memoirs and Genealogy of Representative Citizens of Northern California”, Pages 568-569. Chicago Standard Genealogical  Publishing Co. 1901.

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