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            Frank A. Mitchler, one of central California’s esteemed hotel proprietors, has conducted the Mitchler Hotel at Murphy’s for eighteen years and during the interval has borne an unassailable reputation as a businessman, never making an engagement which he has not kept, nor contracting an obligation that he has not met.  His sagacity and enterprise and moreover his untiring labor have brought to him a handsome competence, and the most envious could not grudge him his success, so honorably has it been acquired.  He is yet a young man and the unwritten chapters of his life history will doubtless contain an account of added prosperity.

            Mr. Mitchler was born in Murphy’s on the 8th of November, 1863, and is a son of George Mitchler, who was a native of Germany.  During his childhood the father accompanied his parents on their immigration to Boston, Massachusetts, where he was educated and learned the trade of the cabinetmaker.  In 1851 he came to California, crossing the Isthmus to take passage on Pacific waters and thereby reached the Golden Gate.  In 1852 he arrived at Murphy’s where like other pioneers, he followed mining, but during much of the time he engaged in house-building and erected many of the leading residences and substantial structures of the city, including the Catholic Church at Murphy’s.  On many sites may be seen the evidences of his handiwork.  He also conducted a boarding house in the early mining days.  In 1866 he removed temporarily to Mariposa County, where he was left in charge of a hotel, and while acting in that capacity he was shot and almost instantly killed by a drunken man with whom he had had trouble.  Thus Calaveras County lost one of her most enterprising and industrious citizens.  The murderer was sentenced and sent to the state prison, but afterward was pardoned and finally committed suicide near the place where he had taken a good man’s life and bereft the little family of husband, father and protector.  Mr. Mitchler had married in 1857 Miss Elizabeth Cline of Germany, becoming his wife.  They had three children, all of whom are living:  C. P.; Lena, now the wife of G. H. Scantleburry; and Frank A.  All reside in Murphy’s and are numbered among the most respected citizens of the place.  The mother departed this life in 1893, at the age of sixty years.  She had been a faithful wife, a loving and tender mother and had well cared for her children after the father’s death.  He was a member of the Masonic fraternity and in politics was a Democrat, but at the time of the Civil War became an earnest advocate of the Union.

            Frank Alexander Mitchler was only three years of age at the time of his father’s death.  He was educated in his native town and in early life accepted the position of clerk in the hotel of which he is now the proprietor.  In 1882 he purchased this hotel in connection with his brother, the partnership between them being maintained for some time, when our subject purchased his brother’s interest and has since been the sole proprietor.  He has able conducted the house for the past eighteen years, and it is regarded as one of the cleanest and best-kept hotels in the state, having a wide reputation for the efficiency of the help there employed and for the neatness and comfort that characterizes the establishment. Mr. Mitchler’s sister acts as the housekeeper, and their joint efforts have made the hotel a favorite resort of the traveling public.  The building is a fire-proof stone structure, is lighted with electricity and contains twenty-five sleeping rooms.  It is nicely furnished throughout and at one end of the house is a beautiful and well-kept lawn adorned with flower gardens, indicative of the refined taste of Mr. Mitchler and his sister.  The subject of this review also conducts a livery stable in connection with the hotel, it being under the care of a partner.  He is also one of the owners of the Ozark gravel mine four miles distant from the town.  It has been thoroughly prospected and proves to be a very valuable property.

            In his political affiliations Mr. Mitchler is a Republican and keeps well informed on the issues of the day, and as every true American citizen should do, feels a deep interest in all that pertains to the success of the principles in which he believes.  Socially he is a member of Ophir Lodge, No. 33, F. & A. M.  His business has brought to him a wide acquaintance, and the sterling qualities of the man, his upright character, genial disposition and unfailing courtesy have secured for him the warm regard of all with whom he has been associated.



Transcribed by Gerald Iaquinta.

Source: “A Volume of Memoirs and Genealogy of Representative Citizens of Northern California”, Pages 569-571. Chicago Standard Genealogical  Publishing Co. 1901.

© 2010  Gerald Iaquinta.




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