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Southeast corner Ellis and Leavenworth Streets

[San Francisco, CA. 1899]





Reception Day, Monday

Telephone East 954




Abbott, Mrs. M. H.

Amadon, Mr. and Mrs. C. S.

Baldwin, Capt. and Mrs. G. B.

Baldwin, Master

Beggs, Mr. William P.

Bixby, Mr. Edward M.

Blake, Mr. and Mrs. L. H.

Blohm, Mr. and Mrs. A.

Bond, Mr. Ernest F.

Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. E. H.

Bremkamp, Miss Clara

Burk, Miss Kate

Cannell, Mr. Robert E.

Carey, Mrs. R. S.

Carey, Mr. and Mrs. F. W.

Chase, Miss Ella

Collister, Miss Ida C.

Cornell, Mrs. F. A.

Cunningham, Mr. C. H.

Daly, Judge and Mrs. J. C.

deZaldo, Mrs. C.

Dow, Dr. and Mrs. Burritt N.

Dutton, Mrs. H. E.

Eberhard, Mr. George F. and son

Edgcumbe, Mr. C. W.

Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.

Ewing, Mr. and Mrs. Elmore E.

Finch, Mr. Arthur B.

Foggo, Miss Agnes

Gallagher, Mr. and Mrs. J. L.

Gallagher, Mr. and Mrs. P. H.

Graham, Mr. and Mrs. A. D.

Gruenhagen, Mr. and Mrs. T. G.

Harbour, Mr.

Harker, Mr. and Mrs. O. A.

Harriman, Capt. and Mrs. A. H.

Hatch, Mrs. A. E.

Holladay, Miss Linda

Hotchkiss, Mr. J.

Hewlett, Mr. and Mrs. George

Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.

Johnson, Miss

Johnson, Miss J.

Kavanaugh, Mr. Luke

Kelly, Dr. E. E.

Kirsch, Mr. F. M.

Lemmon, Miss L. M.

Levy, Mr. and Mrs. M. C.

Locke, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. C. E.

Locke, Miss Katherine

MacDonald, Mr. Neil


Mackey, Mrs.

Mackey, Mr. Charles

Maguire, Hon. and Mrs. J. G.

Maguire, Master Willis

Maguire, Master Harold

Mantle, Mr. and Mrs. Byron G.

Mantle, Mr. Sheldon

McAlester, Mr. and Mrs. A. J.

McAlester, Mr. and Mrs. W. F.

McAlester, Miss Nellie

McAlester, Mr. A. F.

McDonald, Mr. Paul

McMahon, Mr. and Mrs. Mabery

McPherson, Mr. A. R.

Mickel, Mr. Thomas

Murphy, Mr. D. C.

Phillips, Miss E. M.

Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. Purcell

Rurmann, Mr. and Mrs. F.

Sanquist, Miss M. C.

Schell, Mr. and Mrs. E. P.

Schott, Mr. and Mrs. L.

Schott, Miss

Scott, Mr. H. H.

Scott, Mr. Tod R.

Scott, Mr. Austin

Smith, Mr. F. J.

Smith, Mr. G. L. A.

Stanford, Miss Ida M.

Stanford, Miss M.

Straub, Mrs. J.

Straub, Mr. Vincent

Stewart, Miss M.

Stewart, Mr. Charles

Titus, Mr. and Mrs. Louis

Todd, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.

Turney, Miss Kate

Van Fleet, Mr. Carey

Van Vroom, Mrs.

Veazie, Mr. J. C.

Walsh, Miss M.

Watson, Mr. and Mrs. P. W.

Weston, Mr. H. E.

Wiles, Prof. J. A.

Williams, Miss L. D.

Williamson, Dr.

Wittich, Mr. and Mrs. T. K.

Wise, Mr. and Mrs. Clark

Ybarra, Mrs.

Young, Mr. Henry B.


Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., Our Society Blue Book, Page 333. Charles Hoag Publishing, San Francisco, CA. 1899.

2006 Elaine Sturdevant.




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