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      For thirty-two years, Dr. William H. Haines has been engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery at Etna, California, and no man of the profession in the Sacramento Valley holds a firmer place in the affection, confidence and esteem of the people than he.  He has had extraordinary success in the administration of his professional duties, and his skillful treatment and kindly counsel are much sought over a large territory.  Dr. Haines has kept abreast of the times in his profession, and has followed closely the modern methods of surgical and medical technique.  His office at Etna carries the most up-to-date equipment.

      Dr. Haines was born in Illinois, October 6, 1876, a son of William M. and Ellen L. (Crenshaw) Haines.  The father was a merchant, and both he and his wife lived in Illinois until their demise.  William H. Haines attended the common schools, also of the National Normal School at Lebanon, Ohio.  Following this he entered school at Keokuk, Iowa, in what is now a part of the Iowa State Medical College.  From this institution he graduated in 1898, and then served in the United States Navy for three months, on the historic old battleship Oregon.  He was recommended to the navy by Colonel S. C. Mathews of Pittsfield, Illinois.  Dr. Haines was honorably discharged from the government service at San Francisco in 1898, and then came to Etna, where he has since resided.  At one time he was in partnership with Dr. C. W. Nutting, past grand master of the Masonic bodies in California.  This association, a most agreeable one, continued for twelve years.  Doctor Nutting’s death occurring in 1920.

      In 1899, Dr. Haines was married to Miss Eugenia Kappler.  Her father, Charles Kappler, built the first brewery in northern California, and his beer won the first prize at the San Francisco Exposition in 1915.  Dr. and Mrs. Haines have two children, namely:  Lewis, who graduated at the University of California as a pharmacist and is now at home; and William, now attending the Etna high school.

            Dr. Haines has been health officer for eleven years.  In politics he is not governed by party affiliation, but votes independently.  His fraternal membership is with the Masonic Blue Lodge at Etna.  His favorite diversions at present are hunting, fishing, and baseball.  In his younger days, Dr. Haines was a well-known player in the national pastime, having pitched for one year in the Western Association.  He “threw his arm out” in 1893, so had to cease active playing, but has taken a keen interest in the game every year since.




Transcribed by Gerald Iaquinta.

Source: Wooldridge, J.W.Major History of Sacramento Valley California, Vol. 3 Pages 186-189. Pioneer Historical Publishing Co. Chicago 1931.

 © 2010  Gerald Iaquinta.



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