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      The leading garage and repair shop in Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County, is that of Glidden Brothers, who have built up a fine business as the result of their excellent work, their honorable dealing and their accommodating methods.  The three brothers are A. E., H. S. and J. C. Glidden.  Incidentally, the town of Mount Shasta was formerly known as Sisson, having been named after Mr. Sisson, who really established the town.  Owing to the fact that the town was located at the foot of Mount Shasta, by the combined efforts of “Curley” Brown, the well known race-horse man, and others, the name of the town was finally changed to its present name, Mount Shasta, which is more appropriate.

      Glidden brothers established their present shop in 1912, and have since conducted the repair shop and garage.  They have a large property, in front part of which is leased to the Chevrolet Sales Agency.  The shop in the rear, occupied by the Glidden boys, is well equipped for all kinds of quick repair work, and they also sell oil and gas.  They are numbered among the live wire business men of Mount Shasta, and are exceedingly popular in the community.  They are splendid men personally, genuinely interested in the welfare of the community, giving their support to the things which relate to the prosperity of their fellowmen, and are recognized as among the best and most dependable men of the district.



Transcribed by Gerald Iaquinta.

Source: Wooldridge, J.W.Major History of Sacramento Valley California, Vol. 2 Page 221. Pioneer Historical Publishing Co. Chicago 1931.

© 2010  Gerald Iaquinta.



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