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For details see the April, July or this, the November issue, indicated by the small letters a, j or n.


*An asterisk precedes the bride’s name.


Pages 123-124


a. *Adair to Houghton

n. *Adler to Elkins

n. Allen to *Dooley

n. Allen to *Perkins

n. *Andrews to Foute

a. Austin to *Tallant

a. *Baker to McComas

n. *Baker to MacLeod

j. Baker to *Vanderbilt

a. Ballentine to *Christy

n. Bartlett to *Doyle

j. *Beaver to Van Sicklen

n. Belshaw to *Spencer

n. *Bertheau to McCurdie

a. *Bliss to Fuller

n. *Bond to Strout

j. *Bothin to Lyman

a. *Boyd to Payne

j. Buckley to * Murray

j. *Bull to Bullard

a. Bull to *Ewell

j. Bullard to *Bull

n. Bullitt to *Selby

j. Capwell to *Webber

n. Carolan to * Jouand

n. *Chamberlain to Morrow

a. *Christy to Ballentine

j. *Cohen to Gilliland

a. Colfeton to * Moore

a. Cooley to Craig

a. Craig to *Cooley

j. *Crocker to de Limur

n. *Currey to Heilbron

a. Davis to * Porter

n. *Deane to Morbio

a. *De Fremery to Hoisholt

a. Dengener to *Glenn

n. de Laveaga to *Buffum

j. de Limur to *Crocker

n. *De Pue to Matthews

n. *DeSabla to Lyle

j. *Detrick to Holbrook

n. *de Young to Tucker

n. *Dooley to Allen

a. Dow to *Henshaw

n. *Doyle to Bartlett

j. *Easton to Eaton

j. Eaton to *Easton

n. Elkins to *Adler

n. *Ellicott to Watson

n. Ely to *Plum

a. Erskine to *Ward

a. *Ewell to Bull

a. Foster to *Oversett

n. Foute to *Andrews

a. Fuller to *Bliss

a. *Funke to Witter

a. Gage to *Seaton

a. Gage to *Steffens

n. *Gardner to Hellmann

a. Garthwait to *Hook

n. *Gerberding to Gildersleeve

a. Gerstle to *Mercier

n. Gildersleeve to *Gerberding

j. Gilliland to *Cohen

a. *Glenn to Degener

n. *Goodbe to Selfridge

a. Grant to *Ward

n. Grant to *Wilkins

a. Grubb to *McAllister

n. *Haas to Koshland

a. *Hall to Weeks

n. Hammon to *Pierce

n. Hardin to *Lathrop

a. *Harrington to Tuttle

n. *Harris to Mhoon

n. *Havemeyer to Otwell

a. Havens to *Lee

n. Heilbron to *Currey

n. Hellmann to *Gardner

a. *Henshaw to Dow

a. Hoisholt to *De Fremery

j. Holbrook to *Detrick

a.*Hook to Garthwait

a. Hooper to *Morehouse

a.*Hooper to O’Sullivan

a. Houghton to *Adair

n. *House to Judd

j. *Janson to Van Winkle

a. Jones to * Overberry

n. *Jones to Raymond

n. *Jouand to Carolan

n. Judd to *House

n. Kales to *McKenzie

n. Koshland to *Haas

j. *Koshland to Sloss

n. *Lathrop to Hardin

a. *Lee to Havens

j. *Long to Sutton

j. Lyman to *Bothin

a. *McAllister to Grubb

a. McComas to *Baker

a. McCurdie to *Bertheau

n. McElrath to *Smilie

n. *McKenzie to Kales

j. *Macondray to Kaime

a. Mailliard to *Wheaton

n. Martin to *Riddick

n. Matthews to *DePue

a. *Mercier to Gerstle

n. Mhoon to *Harris

a. *Moore to Colfeton

n. Morbio to *Deane

a. *Morehouse to Hooper

n. Morrow to *Chamberlain

j. *Murray to Buckley

n. Norris to *Sharon

a. O’Sullivan to *Hooper

a. *Overberry to Jones

a. *Oversett to Foster

j. *Owens to Barnard

a. Payne to *Boyd

n. *Perkins to Allen

n. Perry to *Wilson

n. *Pierce to Hammon

n. *Plum to Ely

a. *Ponting to Rose

a. *Porter to Davis

n. Raymond to *Jones

n. *Riddick to Martin

a. *Rolph to Finnell

a. Rose to *Ponting

j. *Rucker to Spieker

n. *Searles to Smith

a. *Seaton to Gage

n. *Selby to Bullitt

n. Selfridge to *Goodbe

n. *Sharon to Norris

a. Shiels to *Shiels

a. *Shiels to Shiels

j. Sloss to *Koshland

n. *Smilie to McElrath

n. Smith to *Searles

n. *Spencer to Belshaw

j. Spieker to *Rucker

a. *Steffens to Gage

n. Strout to *Bond

j. Sutton to *Long

a. *Tallant to Austin

a. Thurston to *Tilgham

a. *Tilgham to Thurston

n. Tucker to *de Young

a. Tuttle to *Harrington

a. *Tuttle to Zerxa

j. Van Sicklen to *Beaver

j. VanWinkle to *Janson

n. *von Phul to Trufant

a. *Ward to Erskine

a. *Ward to Grant

n. Watson to *Ellicott

j. *Webber to Capwell

a. Weeks to *Hall

a. *Wheaton to Mailliard

n. *Wilson to Perry

a. Witter to *Funke

a. Witter to *Perkins

a. Yerxa to *Tuttle







For details see the April, July or this, the November issue, indicated by the small letters a, j or n.


The name of a Woman is indicated by an asterisk [*].


Page 125


n. Adams

n. *Alexander

a. Babcock

n. Baker

a. Bancroft

a. *Barreda

n. Beaver

a. *Bidwell

n. *Brady

a. *Campbell

n. Chamberlain

n. *Chapman

n. Chase

a. Coleman

j. *de Long

j. Deming

a. de Young

j. Draper

a. Everson

a. Gage

a. *Gibbs

a. Hamilton

a. *Hardy

a. *Harrison

n. Harrison

a. Havens

a. *Hellmann

n. High

a. *Hoffman

n. Hoisholt

n. Houghton

n. *Johnson

a. *Jordan

n. *Kaufman

j. Kellogg

j. Knight

j. Lovell

n. McNear

a. Matson

n. *Meek

j. *Meyer

n. Morrow

j. *Palmer

a. Parrott

n. Parrott

a. Perrin

a. Pinckard

n. Pinckard

a. Plaw

a. Pomeroy

n. *Pond

n. *Price

a. Quay

n. Ralston

a. Reis

a. St. John

n. *Schmeidell

a. Shea

n. Sherwood

a. *Smith

a. *Spencer

a. *Sperry

n. *Sperry

a. Steinhart

a. Tobin

a. *Tompkins

n. *Towne

a. Wilson

a. *Young

a. *Zook









The following maiden names taken from the present number of the Social Register are arranged alphabetically for the purpose of convenient reference to the married name.


The names of Married Maidens who have married into families of other cities appear with their married name and the city of their present residence.



Abbott, Bertha L. to Welch

Abbott, Florence to Hammond

Acker, Helen to Bunker

Adair, Ellen to Mendell

Adair, Jean to Houghton

Adams, Camille B. to Cavalier

Adams, Cassandra to Dudley

Adams, Elizabeth to Jackson

Adams, Evalyn M. to Edwards

Adams, Gertrude to Jackson

Adams, Louise to Easton

Adams, Mary L. to Kellogg

Adams, Pauline to Dargic

Adams, Ruth to Godfrey

Addock, Maud to Hastings

Adler, Frances T. to Elkins

Ainsworth, Daisy to Morgan

Albright, Alice to Farnum

Albright, Marion to Bray

Alden, Elsie A. to McElrath

Aldrich, Virginia to Beede

Alexander, Eleanor B. to Roosevelt, New York

Alexander, Harriett S. to Pickering

Alexander, Mary to Brigham

Allen, Elizabeth to Burrage

Allen, Florence C. to Smith

Allen, Frences to Grimwood

Allen, Gertrude to Hutchison

Allen, Harriet to Williams

Allen, Harriette de W. to Kittle

Allen, Ruth to Allen

Allen, Sarah L. to Coffin

Alton, Henrietta to Whitney

Ames, Alice to Robbins

Ames, Dorothy to Pond

Amos, Linda to White

Amoss, Marguerite to McLaren

Anderson, Jessie M. to Eastwood

Anderson, Katherine to Ede

Anderson, Laura C. to Schlesinger

Angus, Betsy to Holden

Annoot, Alice to Goodfellow

Anthony to Folger

Anu, Lucy to Whitney

Apperson Phoebe to Hearst

Arner, Louise C. to Boyd

Ashe, Elizabeth to Sperry

Ashe, Linie L. to McLaren

Ashe, Mary to Miller

Ashton, Bessie to Pigott

Aston, Doris to Howard

Atherton, Florence to Eyre

Atherton, Muriel to Russell

Atherton, Olga to Mullen

Avery, Ellie to Campbell

Ayres, Caroline S. to Smith

Babcock, Alice to Brigham

Bachelder, Lilian to Plum

Bacon, Alice to Driscoll

Bacon, Ella to Soule

Bacon, Maria to MacDonald

Bailey, Annie to Voorhies

Baird, Marie to Sproule

Baker, Dorothy to Willcutt

Baker, Gene F. to McComas

Baker, Helen to MacGavin

Baker, Irene to Grissim

Baldwin, Blanche E. to McGaw

Baldwin, Grace to Selfridge

Baldwin, Louise to Parrott

Baldwin, Mary to Wood

Baldwin, Mildred to Hall

Ball, Eunice to Chase

Ball, Helen to Dornin

Ballard, Gertrude I to Clement

Ballard, Hattie J. to Welsh

Bangs, Irene to Barton

Barber, Alice to Floyd-Jones

Barker, Mary to Alexander

Barling, Harriet to Trotter

Barnard, Ednah to Black

Barnes, May to Egbert

Barreda, Christine to Polk

Barrie, Barbara to Henshelwood

Barroillet, Lizzie to Bowie

Barroll, Josephine to McNear

Barron, Margaret to Anderton

Barry, Edna to Clay

Barton, Grace T. to Cuyler

Barton, Isabella T. to Barton

Bassett, Amy C. to Clarke

Bassett, M. Katherine to Gallwey

Batchelder, Doris to Lewis

Bates, Bessie to Stoddard

Bates, Phelind to Lincoln

Bauer, Josephine to Holmes

Bauer, Louise to Van Bergen

Bauer, Minna to Foster

Bayard, Mabel to Angell

Bayard, Susan R. to Irving

Bazet, Emma to Flanders

Beals, M. Louise to Bates

Beatty, Emmeline to Bates

Beatty, Virginia to Selfridge

Beaver, Grace I. to Cushing

Beaver, Mirian W. to Van Sicklen

Beckett, Leah to Corbet

Beckwith, Helen to Trowbridge

Beckwith, Lois to Moorhead

Belden, Margaret to Ford

Bell, Kathleen to Wilson

Bender, Clara V. to Yerington

Bender, Ella M. to Young

Bennett, Alice to Fagan

Bennett, Elsie to Shiels

Bennett, Kate C. to Brizard

Bennett, Susan to Acker

Bentley, Esther to Powell

Berry, Dorothy to Perkins

Berry Edith to Baldwin

Berry, Grace O. to Wingate

Berry, Lola de B. to Nichols

Bertheau, Helen L. to Roe

Bertheau, Jeannette K. to McCurdie

Bertheau, M. Anita to Fulton

Berthier, Adelaide to Klink

Bien, Edith L. to Dohrmann

Bigelow, Romola to Wood

Bird to Everett

Bishop, Cordelia to Alderson

Bissell, May to Hall

Black, Jeannette to Preston

Blake, Marguerite to Wilbur

Blakeman, Leontine B. to McMillian, Washington

Blanchard, Alice to Valentine

Blanding, Edith to Coleman

Blanding, Henriette to Goodrich

Bliss, Anna to Rucker

Blythe, Florence to Moore

Bodkin, Mary to Harrison

Boericke, Dorothy to Symmes

Boericke, Ruth to White

Bohrmann, Elizabeth K. to Scott

Bohrmann, Madeleine to Miller

Bolado, Julia D. to Davis

Bond, Irene to Von Schrader

Bond, Ruby to Strout

Bonner, Lucy H. to Vermillion

Boobar, Rowena to Kerr

Boole, Anita to McKee

Boole, Clara to Davis

Borden, Hester to Collins

Borel, Alice to Cotton

Borel, Grace to Bovet

Borel, Sophie to Lewis

Boruch, Fannie to Reding

Bosqui, Caroline to Borrowe

Boss, Helen W. to Holmes

Boswell, Edith M. to King

Bosewll, May to Jones

Bothin, Genevieve to Lyman

Bourn, Maud to Hayne

Bourn, Maud to Vincent

Bourn, Maye C. to Tucker

Bovee, Ella to Sonntag

Bowen, Amy N. to Talbot

Bowie, Emily to Ramage

Bowie, Jessie to Detrick

Bowman, Edna to Kuhn

Bowne, Helen to Sutton

Boyd, Aileen to Payne

Brackett, Florence to Abbott

Bradbury, Mary R. to Howard

Bradley, Annie to Wallace

Brady, Elizabeth to Fee

Bransford, Laura L. to Clark

Brashear, Eleana to Ertz

Brastow, Wanda to Henrici

Bray, Emma to Cohen

Bray, Olive to Adams

Breckenridge, Florence to Hesketh

Breed, Lillian M. to Moore

Breese, Lucile to Hammon

Breeze, Mary F. to Benson

Bremer, Winanda to Metcalf

Brett, Ada C. to Marwedel

Brettville, Almade to Spreckels

Brewer, Elena E. to Grant

Brewer, Ysabel to Jones

Brigham, Alice to Kempff

Brigham, Beulah to Johnson

Brigham, Gladys to Rector

Brigham, Kate D. to Elbright

Bromwell, Barbara to Martin

Brooke, Martha to Mohun

Brooks, Della E. to Walker

Brooks, Isabelle to Reis

Brooks, Loraine to Sperry

Brooks, Ruth H. to West

Brown, Carrie B. to Oliver

Brown, Emma to Jeffress

Brown, Harriet to Wilson

Brown, Josephine to Stetson

Brown, Katherine W. to White

Brown, Katrina P. Moore

Brown, Lillian to Everts

Brown, Lucy P. to McAfee

Brown, Summit to King

Browne, Lucy M. to Van Wyck

Browne, Mary E. to Braverman

Bruce, Bertie to Stephenson

Bruce, Katharine to Kelham

Brune, Alice to Van Fleet

Brunswig, Aimee M. to Field

Bryan to Hale

Bryan, Linda to Corbet

Bryant, Marie L. to Foerster

Buckbee, Anne to Bliss

Buckbee, Lillie M. to Currey

Buckley, Gertrude to O’Brien

Buffum, Gertrude to de Laveaga

Buffington, Margaret B. to Thompson

Bulkeley, Grassi to Smith

Bull, Bertha B. to Lum

Bull, Elizabeth to Hamilton

Bull, Esther to Bullard

Bull, Kathleen to Pringle

Bull, Margery F. to Newhall, Boston

Bullard, Marie D. to Towne

Bunker, Phoebe to Barkan

Burge, Mae to Miller

Burgess, Elizabeth to Raymond

Burling, Lolita H. Gearing

Burling, Mary H. to Page

Burnham, Lucretia to Bates

Burns to Long

Burns, Frances to Green

Burns, Lillian to Grant

Burton, Alice to Talbot

Burton, May to Angus

Butler, Emma to Breeden

Butler, Leila to Stoddard

Butters, Marguerite E. to Teague

Butters, Marie L. to Gray

Butterworth, Cora to Smith

Butterick, Annie to Holmes

Byington, Emma to Ford

Byington, Geraldine L. to Everett

Cabny, Marie R. to Stillman

Cade, Marie to von Phul

Caduc, Florence to Williams

Cadwalader, Anne to Graves

Cadwalader, Anne to Waterhouse

Cadwalader, Linda to Avenali

Cady, Nancy K. to Boericke

Calhoun, Margaret G. to Foster

Calio, Philomen to Clarke

Callahan to Pettigrew

Callaway, Reba to Hulen

Campbell, Cornelia to Yeazell

Campbell, Elsie to Walsh

Campbell, Louisa to Rixford

Canfield, Fredda to Otis

Cannon, Mary to Wallach

Capwell, Dorothy to Cocroft, Providence

Capwell, Phyllis to Seydel

Carolan, Genevieve to Poett

Carr to Monsarratt

Carrigan, Margaret to Thompson

Carritrot, Grace to Borel

Carroll, Elizabeth to Tyson

Carroll, Elizabeth to Whittier

Carroll, Flora H. to Wilson

Carroll, Minnie P. to Kaufman

Carter, Bonny to McLaine

Casey, Margaret to Haile

Casey, Ruth to Brown

Castle, Blanche to Farquharson

Castro, Julia to Galpin

Catherwood, Louise B. to Maud

Cave, Annie H. to Metcalfe

Cawston, Pearl C. to Fillmore

Cearley, Emma to Angellotti

Chabot to Knight

Chabot, Catherine to Dunn

Chabot, Claire to Bocqueraz

Chabot, Ellen H. to Bothin

Chabot, Josephine to Dieckman

Chamberlain, Pauline to Morrow

Chapman to Grant

Chapman, Dorothy E. to Foss, Boston

Chapman, Emilie to Ashe

Charmak, Golda to Dorr

Chase, Helen E. to Bell

Chase, Lucy E. to Putnam

Chase, Maud E. to Belshaw

Cheevers, Jessie to Friedlander

Cheney, Hope to Havens

Chesebrough, Marie to Markwart

Chickering, Emily E. to Jones

Child, Ellen D. to Nichols

Chinn, Frances F. to Brooks

Christy, Elizabeth to Hall

Christy, Emilia A. to Ballantine

Chrystal, Eugenie to Harrison

Church, Gertrude M. to Jackson

Clapp, Caroline A. to Chickering

Clapp, S. Louise to Bee

Clark, Ann to Hart

Clark, Emma W. to Percy

Clark, Jessie to Fletcher

Clark, Katherine J. to Redding

Clark, Margaret to Crittenden

Clark, Mildred to Peabody

Clark, Minnie to Porter

Clarke, Edith to Lyman

Clarke, Emma to Baldwin

Clarkson, Elizabeth to Crane

Clay, Madeleine to Harrold

Clay, Nina to Watson

Cleaton, Susan to Collier

Clement to Arnold

Clement, Katharine to Hewitt

Clifford, Elsie to Farnham

Clift, Abbie B. to Lundborg

Clift, Clara L. to Searles

Clift, Elizabeth to Burnham

Clinton, Frances L. to Bonifield

Clot, Adele to Converse

Cluff, Florence to Janss

Cluff, Mabel to Miles

Cobb, Janet I. to Lanphier

Code, Aileen to Wilson

Coffin, Edith L. to Williams

Coffin, Florence to Breck

Coffin, Marion to Eells

Coffin, Natalie to Green

Cohen, Mabel to Lansing

Cohen, Marian to Gilliland

Cole, Elizabeth R. to Boardman

Cole, Florence to McCormick

Cole, Helen to Howard

Cole, Margaret to Crimmins

Coleman, Ethel C. to Bonner

Coleman, Florence to Noble

Coleman, Harriett to Zane

Coleman, Jessie to Knowles

Coleman, Kathleen to Porter

Coleman, Lucy G. to Vincent

Coleman, Sophia G. to McPherson

Colley, Helen M. to Follett

Collier, Lutie to Beckett

Collier, Margaret to Macdonald

Collier, Mariquita to Macondray

Colton, California to Cluff

Compyon, Maude to Bunnell

Conner, Evelyn to Tucker

Conners to Thomson

Conners, Sarah F. to Thomson

Conness, Mary to Johnson

Connor, Mollie to Champion

Conrad, Irene M. to Miller, Philadelphia

Converse, Etsie to Allen

Converse, Fannie to Bromwell

Coogan, Margery to Campbell

Coogan, May to Donovan

Cook, Anabel to Reid

Cook, Elinor to Miller

Cook, Elizabeth to McAfee

Cook, Ethel to Curran

Cook, Lucile to Hoyt

Cook, Theodosia to Grace

Cooke to Gresham

Cooley, Esther to Craig

Coombs, Muriel to Gyle

Coon, Frances to Kehrlein

Coope, Ethel E. to Gordon

Cooper, Dorothy to Willis

Cooper, Louise H. to Davenport

Cooper, Mary L. to McNutt

Cope, Georgie to Ryan

Cope, Vera to Mikel

Coppee, Eugenia to Griffith

Corbet, Mary to Hanchett

Corbett, Laura to Best

Corbett, Minnie to Macmonagle

Corbett, Nellie to Moody

Cory, Katharine to Goodfellow

Coryell, Mary V. to Bowman

Cosgrave, Patricia to Murray

Cotton, Claudine to Warren

Cowl, Mary to Robbins

Cowles, Helen E. to Marcus

Cowles, Myra to Redding

Craft, Mabel to Deering

Crane, Ruth to Henley

Crawford, Ora to Weeks

Crellin, Ethel to Hall

Crellin, Jane F. to Everett

Crellin, Laura to Fitzgerald

Crerar, Violet to Gallagher

Crittenden, May to Hopkins

Crocker, Caroline to Green

Crocker, Ethel M. to de Limur

Crocker, Evelyn to Dorr

Crocker, Fannie to McCreary

Crocker, Jennie to Whitman, New York

Crocker, Lizzie to Van Fleet

Crockett, Caroline to Scott

Crockett, Lucy to Grimwood

Croghan, Serena to Rodgers

Crosby, Lois to Gardner

Crothers, Rose to Pickering

Crowder, Anne E. to Weber

Crowell, Daisy to Bull

Cudahy, Cecelia to Casserly

Cullen, Marion to Goodall

Culver, Minnie to Oliver

Cunningham, M Genevieve to Kent

Cunningham, Mary H. to Sargent, New York

Cunningham, S. Evelyn to Donohoe

Currey, Cornelia S. to Phillips

Currey, Edith to Schulze

Currey, Laura C. to Heilbron

Currier, Marie L. to Fraser

Curtis, Elisabeth to O’Sullivan

Curtis, Hazel to Adams

Cushing, Eleanore to Jenkins

Cutter, Edith to Rickard

Cutter, Sophie G. To Harvey

Cuyler, May to McCreery

Daegener, Louise to Volkmann

Dale, Mary to Hall

Danner, Emogene to Oliver

Danner, Ramona to Baker

Dargie, Bessie S. to McCarthy

Daulton, Maud to Mann

Davidson to Dibblee

Davidson, Frances to Cooper

Davis, Anita to Macdonald

Davis, Constance to Ford

Davis, Edna to Moore

Davis, Elizabeth to Miller

Davis, Helen M. to Clinton

Davis, Ida M. to Allen

Davis, Mary E. to Bucknall

Davis, Mary E. to Kirkpatrick

Davis, Sada to Cornwall

Davis, Sydney A. to Wolff

Day, Ann H. to Pray

Day, Anna to Symmes

Deal, Jeannette to Dimond

Dean, Emily to Allen

Dean, Ethel to Hussey

Dean, Eva R. to Barron

Dean, Flora to Hobart

Deane, Dorothy to Morbio

Deane, Rebecca F/ to Deane

Decker, Alice to McAllister

de Fremery, Mary to Atkins

De Fremery, Virginia to Hoisholt

De Golia, Noell to Parker

De Guigne, Josephine to de Tristan

de Guigne, Marie C. to de Dampierre

De Kantzow, Mary to Foute

de la Guerra to Dibblee

de la Montanya, Jane to Dorn

de la Montanya, Lorraine to Crittenden

de Laveaga, Julia to Welch

Delger to Moller

De Long, Florence A. to Lovejoy

Deming, Dorothy S. to Wheeler

Deming, Florence to Harley

Deming, Helen to Sherwood

Deming, Mabel to Hobart

de Noielle, Louise to Braden

Dent, Ellen to Reis

De Pue, Correnah to Neville

De Pue, Elva to Matthews

Derby, Elizabeth to Harmon

Derremer, Hazel to Francis

De Sabla, Leontine to Lyle, New York

De Sabla, Vera to Payne

Detrick, Albertine to Alexander

Detrick, Elise to Holbrook

Deuprey, Anna to Baldwin

Devol, Katherine C. to Bates

de Young, Constance to Tobin

de Young, Helen to Cameron

de Young, Kathleen Y. to Thieriot

de Young, Phyllis to Tucker

Dibble, Adelaide to Messer

Dibblee, Mercedes to Poett

Dick, Edith D. to Moseley

Dick, Isabelle to Gladwin

Dickins, Helen B. to Bassett

Dickson, Marian to Ehrhorn

Dillon, Katherine to Winship

Dimond, Eleanor to Silverston

Dimond, Ethel to Sherwood

Dimond, Mary G. to Tobin

Dinkelspiel, Hortense to Davidson

Dixon, Georgia to Bentley

Dixon, Julia to Heise

Dodge, Mabel to Jones

Dodge, Mabel to Yerington

Doe, Alice to Green

Doe, Dorothy to Ahlborn

Doe, Eileen to Johnson

Doe, Laura to Pettigrew

Doe, Marguerite to Rogers

Doe, Marian to Shores

Doggett, Gertrude G. to Norris

Dohnert, Emma G. to Lukens

Dohrmann, Minna to Pischel

Donaldson, Mabel to Chase

Donohoe, Emilie to Parrott

Donley, Clara to Allen

Dore, Ada to Johnson

Dore, Lavina to Hoffacker

Dore, Ory to Spreckels

Dornin, Helen E. to Childs

Dorr, Elsie to Brigham

Dorr, Ruby to Bond

Dow, Rebecca A. to Stolp

Downey, Eleanor to Martin

Downey, Helen to Umbsen

Downey, Sarah J. to Goodfellow

Dowsett, Elizabeth J. to Knight

Doyle, Celia to Hamilton

Doyle, Elizabeth to Parker

Doyle, Grace to Bartlett

Doyle, Maria A. to Marye

Draper, Dorothy W. M. to Donavin

Draper, Elizabeth K. to Kaufman

Draper, Ella to Chase

Drown, Bernie to Boardman

Drum, Cassie to Hitchcock

Drum, Sara to Gill

Du Bois, Emily to Reed

Dudley, Grace G. to Wood

Dudley, Janey to Tainter

Dudley, Mary to Terry

Duff, Agnes to Fenwick

Duncan, Pauline to Girvin

Duncan, Florence to Bliss

Dunn Fanny to Barbour

Dunn, Jane to Dutton

Dunning, Helen W. to Rich

Dunphy, Jennie to Meyer

Durbrow, Carrie to Holman

Durham, Katharine to Osbourne

Dusinbury, Caroline M. to Stafford

Dutton, Gertrude E. to Howell

Dutton, Mollie to Waterman

Du Val, Katherine to Dibble

Duval, Katherine to Moore

Eagan, Clara to Hopkins

Eames, Mae S. to Watson

Earl, Alice to Wilder

Earl, Elinore to Henshaw

Earl, Martha to Graham

Easton, Edna to Eaton

Easton, Louise H. to Ward

Eaton, Dorothy F. to Kimball

Eaton, Edith to Powers

Eaton, Jennie to Wilshire

Eccles, Alice to Corley

Eddy, Mabel to Bolton

Edwards, Josephine to Capwell

Edwards, Lucile to Bray

Edwards, Lucile to Ryone

Eells, Gertrude to Lawson

Eells, Helen L. to Livermore

Eells, Marian to Babcock

Elder, May to Ferguson

Eldred, Nina O. to Bancroft

Eldridge, Grace N. to Cushing

Eldridge, Mary to Buckingham

Eldridge, Mary to Green

Elkins, Marie L. to de Guigne

Ellicott, Mary to Schwerin

Ellicott, Priscilla to Watson

Ellinwood, Charlotte E. to Greer

Elliot, Georgie to Ayers

Elliott, Mary B. to Ponting

Ellis, Bessie w. to Stow

Ellis, Evelyn to Smith

Ellis, Georgie H. to Creed

Eloesser, Helen to LaPlante

Emerson, Margaret to Baker

Emmons, Marjorie to Coogan

Engelhardt, Anne to Barlow

Englehardt, Katherine to Cushman

Englehardt, Mary to Seward

English, Clara to Hinds

Esberg to Sloss

Estee, Maude to Beering

Evans, Charlotte to Thomas

Everett, Dorothy to Minturn

Everett, Margaret L. to Von Schrader

Everson, Etta to Roberts

Ewell, Helen to Bull

Ewing, Cornelia to Clampett

Ewing, Leila A. to O’Connor

Eyre, Margaret to Girvin

Fairweather, Rosalind to Havens

Farrell, Leonora to Angell

Faucherre, Marie Roussy

Faull, Rose to Wayman

Fay, Kate to Boericke

Febiger, Frances P. to Marrack

Felton, Kate to Neilson

Field, Adele to Christy

Field, Emilia to Ashburner

Field, Florence to Wright

Fife, Beatrice to Shortlidge

Fife, Violet T. to Foster

Filkins, Jennie to Tubbs

Fillmore, Bessie to Wadsworth

Fillmore, May to Adams

Findley, Louise to Lusk

Finnell, Mary H. to Slade

Fisher, Nellie J. to Eddy

Fisher, Serena to Jenkins

Fiske, Florence to Houghton

Fitzgerald, Margaret to Marx

Foley, Jessie to Carrigan

Folger, Mary B. to Babcock

Follis to DeVecchi

Follis, Lillian to Griffin

Forbes, Bella to Wilkins

Forbes, Maud to Wilson

Forbis, Geraldine to Howell

Ford, Ella to Earl

Ford, Relda to Stott

Ford, Susan F. to Pierson

Fore, Genevieve to Seagrave

Fore, Pauline to Moffit

Forman, Gertrude S. to Brander

Forwood, Alice to Queen

Foster, Anna to Draper

Foster, Katherine to Loeser

Foster, Marie L. to Green

Foster, Martha K. to Abbot

Foster, Mary F. to Kuechler

Fowle, Helen to Sperry

Fox, Jessie to Adams

Fredenburr, Annie to Payot

Frey, Barbara to Payne

Fries, Dorothy K. to Lilienthal

Fritz, Maud L. to Flood

Fuller, Leota to Robinson

Funke, Helen to Witter

Fyfe, Flora D. to Duncan

Gage, Ethel to Gross

Gale to Dodge

Gall, Judith to Kirkpatrick

Gallatin, Jane to Powers

Gallois, Jeanne to Hill

Galpin, Frances to Lint

Gardner, James to Hellmann

Gardner, Ruth to Fennimore

Garrett, Jessamine G. to Brown

Gaskill, Elizabeth to Waldron

Gay, Emma to Thomas

Gerberding, Beatrice to Gildersleeve

Gerstle, Bertha to Lilienthal

Gerstle, Sophie to Lilienthal

Ghiradelli, Carmen to Baker

Gibbons, Emily to Cohen

Gibbons, Florence to Evans

Gibbons, Ida L. to Rogers, Baltimore

Gibbs, Helen to Ward

Gibson, Grace to Morris

Gibson, Mae to Foster

Giffard, Jane to Leib

Gilcrest, Inez A. to Craig

Girvin, Lee E. to Tevis

Glass, Frances to Beamer

Glenn, Cleo to Miller

Glenn, Helen to Degener

Goad, Aileen to McIntosh

Goad, Ella to Hooker

Goad, Genevieve to Riley

Goddard, Charlotte to Lally

Godey, M. Elisabeth to Kohl

Goldsmith, Flora L. to Ewer

Goddall, Ella F. to Cooper

Goodall, Helen to Van Dyke, So. Cal.

Goodbe, Edith to Selfridge

Goodfellow, Edith to De Fremery

Gooding, Caroline to Andrews

Goodman, Ruth to Van Sant

Goodrich, Elizabeth E. to Whitney

Goodwin, Olga to Doe

Goold, Rosa R. to Havemeyer

Gordon, Cornelia D. to Shook

Gormley, Phyllis to Cope

Gorrill, Grace to Brittain

Grant, Nelly to Cronan, Washington

Gray, Elizabeth F. to Potter

Gray, Emma A. to Wright

Gray, Mabel T. to Potter

Grayson, Georgia to Ralston

Grayson, Mary to Dutton

Grayson, Mary to Hinckley

Green, Genevieve to McEnerney

Greene, Ursula to Sawyer

Greenwald, Bertha to Sloss

Greenwood, Jane to Chipman

Greenwood, Mary to Josselyn

Greenwood, Suzanne to Hall

Gregg, Enid to Haldorn

Gregg, Ethel to Mann

Gregory, Elise to Bowman

Griffin, Ina to Cushing

Griffin, Mary to Revett

Griffith, Roberta to Deal

Grinnell, Mary to Davenport

Grow, Nellie to Moseley

Grube, Anna to Durbrow

Grummer, Lillie to Hunt

Guerin, Gertrude to Drum

Guirola, Gertrude to Mejia

Gummer, Emma to Grant

Gunn, Jeannette to Everson

Gunn, Kate to Woods

Guthrie, Nina H. to Weaver

Guyot, Hortense to Soule

Gwin, Mary Belle to Kingsbury

Gwinn, Grace I. to Pierson

Haas, Eleanor to Koshland

Haas, Ruth to Lilienthal

Hadenfeldt to Melone

Hagar, Alice W. to Tubbs

Hager, Emelie to Dean

Hager, Ethel to Hager

Haggin, Edith H. to DeLong

Haldorn to Murray

Hale, Mary to Cunningham

Hall, Alice to Smith

Hall, Alice J. to Brush

Hall, Mabelle P. to Clement

Hall, Priscilla to Weeks

Hall, Ruth to Caminetti

Hall, Susie T. to Langstroth

Hamilton, Alexandra to Schilling

Hamilton, Clara to Martin

Hamilton, Fanny to Hamilton

Hamilton, Helen to Howard

Hamilton, Louise to Selby

Hamilton, Matilda to Barry

Hammer, Delphine to Miller

Hammond, Amy to Coffin

Hammond, Edwina C. to King

Hammond, Florence to Whiteside

Hammond, Georgia to Page

Hammond, Grace to Burnett

Hampton to Mauvais

Hampton, Grace to Tyson

Hancock, Elaine to Bentley

Hanker, Ruth A. to Wellman

Hannigan, Edna W. to Duncan

Hannigan, Josephine to Hooper

Hardy, Agnes to Mintzer

Harlan, Addie E. to Stolp

Harley, May to Jenks

Harmes, Belle to Weeks

Harmon, Edith to Whipple

Harmon, Elma to Howard

Harrington, Anna to Tuttle

Harrington, Pearl to Henshaw

Harris, Eliza G. to Carrigan

Harris, Frances to Stent

Harris, Isabelle to Lathrop

Harris, Martha to Mhoon

Harrison, Lucy to Kirkman

Harrison, Teresa to Lawson

Harrisse, Valerie to Arnold

Harrold, Susan to Van Sicklen

Hart to Boalt

Hart, Mary P. to Jones, New York

Hartley, Dale to MacLeod, Buffalo

Hartson, Asenath to Cope

Harvey, Anita H. to Cooper

Harvey, Genevieve L. to Barron

Harwood, Eva to Hays

Haskins, Mary to Coxhead

Haskins, Ruth H. to Tobin

Hass, Ruth to Lilienthal

Hastings, Clara to Darling

Haswell, Elizabeth to Mills

Hathaway, Marie K. to Short

Hathaway, Minerva M. to Lovell

Havemeyer, Ethel to Otwell

Havemeyer, Wilhelmina to Stone

Haven, Bessie to Hall

Havens, Marietta to Dinsmore

Hawes, Caroline to Robinson

Hawes, Eugenie to Crabtree

Haxe, Josephine to Thorne

Hay, Ada L. to Redington

Hayden to Taft

Hayden, Sevilla B. to Shuey

Hayes to Willcutt

Hayes, Elizabeth to Norris

Hayne, Julia to Langhorne

Hazzard, Louise to Bancroft

Head, Anna to Jephson

Head, Ethel to Osbourne

Heath, Constance A. to Gregory, Richmond

Hecht, Hattie to Sloss

Hecht, Hilda to Gerstle

Hecht, Sara to Gerstle

Heilmann to Lewenhaupt

Heinrich, Josephine E. to Rosborough

Hellman, Florence to Ehrman

Henderson, Mary G. to Henshaw

Hennessey, Kate to Coleman

Henry, Lillian to McCormick

Henry, Mary Lee to Lawlor

Henshaw, Alla to Chickering

Henshaw, Florence A. to Keeney

Henshaw, Ida to Dow

Hermann, Leonide to Burling

Herrick, Florence to Requa

Hertz, Jessie to Butters

Hewitt, Elizabeth to Davenport

Hewitt, Marie to Sutton

Hewston, Elizabeth Van H. to Grimwood

Hickox, Edna to Johnson

Hiester, Lydia to Oulton

High, Helen to Daniels

Hildreth, Marie to Meiere

Hill, Amy to Yost

Hill, Katharine to Kuhn

Hill, Linda O. to Coleman

Hillyer, Florence to Deuprey

Hillyer, Helen to Brown

Hinchelwood, Kate to MacGavin

Hinckley, Helen to Bowman

Hinkle, Katherine to Morrow

Hitchcock, Lily to Coit

Hoag, Linda to Hale

Hobart, Jane to Cutter

Hobart, Virginia to Baldwin

Hoff, Elizabeth to Oulton

Hoffacker, Lavinia to Splivalo

Hoffacker, Louise to Page

Holbrook, Mary to Knight

Holbrook, Olive to Palmer

Holland, Martha C. to Pennell

Hollister, Blanche to Patigian

Hook, Marion to Garthwaite

Hooker, Bessie to Lent

Hooker, Mary to Smith

Hooker, Minnie to Robertson

Hooper, Alice to McKee

Hooper, Helen to O’Sullivan

Hooper, Isabel to Creed

Hooper, Isabel W. to Norwood

Hooper, Jeannette S. to Foote

Hooper, Jessie to Beatty

Hooper, Katherine to Hutchinson

Hooper, Mary to Somers

Hopkins to Clark

Hopkins, Edna to Taylor

Hopkins, Florence to Cowdin

Hopkins, Frances to Murphy

Hopkins, Georgina to McNear

Hopkins, Gertrude to Clark

Hopkins, Gertrude to Parrott

Hopkins, Helen to Taylor

Hopps, Mary to Dieckman

Horsley, Elsie to Scott

Hort, Annie J. to Boardman

Horton, Olive to Conklin

Hotaling, Jane T. to Swinerton

Houghton, Ruth to Hall

House, Margaret to Judd

Houston, Estelle to Havens

Howard, Jean to McDuffie

Howard, Julia to Beylard

Howard, Phyllis to Murray

Howell, Lillian to Lovell

Hubbard, Blance to Ryer

Hubbard, Fanny to Belden

Huff, Laura B. to Finnell

Hulbert, Elisabeth H. to Cutting

Hulbert, Margaret to Morrow

Hunt, Helen A. to Conrad

Hunt, Natalie to Baker

Hunt, Rowena to De Pue

Hunter, Mary F. to Howard

Huntington, Caroline D. to Holladay

Huntington, Edith to Wakefield

Huntington, Elizabeth V. to Metcalf

Huntsman, Emma to Dutton

Huntsman, Genevieve to Williar

Hush, Estelle W. to Magee

Hush, Florence B. to Bentley

Hush, Harriet to Magee

Hutchinson, Isabel to Pringle

Hutchinson, Martha C. to Ransome

Hutchinson, Mary to Wilson

Hutchinson, Mary G. to Peixotto

Hyde, Adele to Morrison

Hyde, Augusta to Bixler

Hyde, Eleanor to Smith

Hyde, Frances A. to Martin

Hyde, Gertrude to Garceau

Hyde, Katharine to Danford

Ingels, Hazel to Sharon

Ingestre to Pennoyer

Innis, Dorothy to Bromfield

Irwin, Helene to Crocker

Ivers, Fannie to Irwin

Ives, Florence B. to Scribner

Ives, Mary V. to Crocker

Jackson, Annie L. to Small

Jackson, Harriett to Boericke

Jackson, Lillie to Rodolph

Jackson, Lucy to Rothschild

Jadwin, Elizabeth M. to Anderson

James, Margaret to Porter

Jessup, Mabel L. to Coryell

Johns, Lucille to Hunt

Johnson, Arline to Towne

Johnson, Cornelia to Pringle

Johnson, Ella M. to Glass

Johnson, Eunice to Philip

Johnson, Helen to Johnson

Johnson, Josephine to Milton

Johnston, May to Hale

Johnston, Susan R. de L to Spotts

Joline, Alice  Van V. to Powell

Jolliffe, Eleanor to Spreckels

Jolliffe, Gertrude to Allen

Jolliffe, Margaret to Moffitt

Jolliffe, Virginia to Jackling

Jones to Potter

Jones, Alice to Latham

Jones, Edith B. to Hodson

Jones, Gertrude to Ballard

Jones, Gladys K. to Weaver

Jones, Grace to Miller

Jones, Helen C. to Raymond

Jones, Lila to Bruguiere

Jones, Marie Adele to Keeney

Jones, Rhoda B. to Pardy

Jorane, Eda to Moody

Jordan, Anita to Bertheau

Jordan, Edith to Gardner

Jordan, Nellie to Tuttle

Josselyn, Florence to Spencer

Josselyn, Gertrude to Rathbone

Josselyn, Mary to Avenali

Josselyn, Myra to Duncan

Jouand, Adelaine to Carolan

Judson, Pearl to Somers

Jungblut, Olga to Broughton

Kales, Ruth A. to Knowles

Kane, Annie O. to Rethers

Karsner, Jenny to Murphy

Kaufman, Ella to Hotaling

Kaye, Louise F. to Whittell

Keeney, Innes to Chamberlain

Keeney, Mary A. to Walker

Kelley, Maude to Pringle

Kelley, Muriel to Countryman

Kellogg, Ethel L. to Nichols

Kellogg, Louise to Whipple

Kellogg, Rachael A. to Van Winkle

Kelsey, Louise G. to Draper

Kelty, Elizabeth to Cassell

Kemble, Hallie to Kelso

Kendall, Isabel to Lowden

Kendall, Louise M. to Troutt

Kenna, Blix to Hammer

Kennedy to McNab

Kennedy, Lulu to Doe

Kent, Elizabeth S. to Arnold

Ketcham, Elizabeth to Houghton

Keyston, Antoinette to Grau

Kidder, Charlotte A. to Curtis

Kimball, Corinne to Rideout

Kimball, Jessie to Parcells

Kimble, Hattie J. to Chanslor

King, Josephine F. to Wilson

King, Lucie to Harris

King, Maude to Upham

Kinne, Alice to Burnham

Kip, Clemintina to Edie

Kirk, Cora to Clagstone

Kirkpatrick, Suzanne, MacDonald

Kittle, Elizabeth to Taylor

Kittle, Isabelle to Dibblee

Kittle, Lucia to Sherman

Kittle, Margaret to Boyd

Kittredge, Mary W. to Batchelder

Kitzmiller, Emily to Nicholson

Klose, Augusta to Brinckerhoff

Knapp, Eleanor to Stone

Knight to Jordan

Knight, Iona to Jordan

Knowles, Mary to Adams

Knowles, Mattie to Bliss

Knowles, Ruth to Chase

Knox, Virginia to Maddox

Kohler to Bertheau

Koshland, Margaret to Sloss

Kraft, Ernestine to Gunn

Kroeger, Elsie to Bissell

Laine, Otilla to LaMontagne

Lally, Marian to Durkee

Lampel, Lilian to Perkins

Landers, Bernice to Johnston

Landers, Eleanor to Speyer

Landers, Helen A. to Tallant

Landers, Pearl P. to Whitney

Lane, Agnes to Leonard

Lane, Harriett to Liggett

Langhorne to Hammond

Langhorne, Julia H. to Parker, New York & Washn.

Langhorne, Mary E. to Hammond

Langley, Millie to Wright

Lansdale, Olivia to Howard

Lansing, Mildred L. to Keane

Latham, Alysse to Allen

Lathrop, Hermina to Hardin

Lathrop, Jennie S. to Watson

Lawrence. Lillian to McKinstry

Laws, Charlotte to Belden

Leary, Nora P. to Derby

Leavitt, Helen to Eaves

Le Breton to Barbour

Le Count, Susan to Evans

Lee, Grace I. to Havens

Lee, Martha to Speck

Leib to Monsarratt

Leichter, Paula S. to Watt

Leigh to Adams

Leigh, Dixie to Adams

Leigh, Julia to Dierssen

Leighton, Elizabeth D. to Watt

Lemcke, Emmy to Hall

Lemme, Agnes to Schilling

Levey, Flora C. to McGregor

Levinson, Shirley to Lewitt

Lieben to Spreckels

Lightner, M. Louise to Colley

Lilienthal, Pepa to Samuels

Lilienthal, Sarah to Weil

Lincoln, Christine to Reid

Lincoln, Ethel to Hamilton

Linen, Lavina J. to Hotaling

Little, Anna to Cassell

Livermore, Mattie to Hurtgen

Livingston, Alice to Aikins

Lohse to Hall

Lohse, Anita to Gregory

Lohse, Berta E. to Thomas

Lohse, Clarissa to Ghirardelli

Lohse, Pauline to Taylor

Long, Amy to Sutton

Long, Emma to Smith

Louise, Edith to Dohrmann

Lovell, Lilla to Hill

Lovell, Phyllis to Hayne

Low, Lillie B. to Matson

Lowden, Helen to Allen

Lowell, Sara to Beckwith

Lowenberg, Ruby to Brown

Luchsinger, Rosa A. to Buckingham

Lukens, Eva G. to Musser

Lumbard, Emma J. to Palache

Luning to Fife

Luning, Anna L. to Whittell

Luning, Clara to Folger

Luttmer, May A. to Thornton

Lyon, Jeffreys to de la Montanya

McAllister, Ethel P. to Grubb

McBean, Edith to Kiersted

McCabe, Edith R. to McCormick

McCain, Mary to Smith

McCalla, Lily H. to Knox

McCarthy, Mary L. to Dougherty

McClure, Elise to Gregory

McConnell, Lolita to Grayrigge

McCormick, Elizabeth to Mathieu

McCormick, Louise to Henderson

McCormick, Lucille to Coleman

McCullough, Sada to Robbins

McCutchen, Alice to Schmiedell

McDonald, Florence to McNutt

McDonald, Hilda to Hart

McDonald, Lila to McPherson

McDowell, Elizabeth to Ellinwood

McElrath, Hilda to Wheeler

McElrath, Katherine to Black

McFarland, Ruth to Balfour

McKee, Sally to Black

McKenzie, Georgiana to Neville

McKenzie, Lorraine to Kales

McLaren, Constance to Griffith

McLean, Mary M. to Olney

McMahon, Maidie to Borel

McMahon, Metha to Heebner

McMullen, Mary to Latham

McMullin, Anna to Hays

McMullin, Betty to Weller

McMullin, Eliza to Gallois

McMullin, Lilo to Perrin

McNab, Jessie to Kerrigan

McNear, Einnim to Train

McNear, Elizabeth to Hutchins

McNear, Ernestine to Nickel

McNear, Mary A. to Bowles

McNear, Miriam to Korbel

McNeil, Minnie to Johnson

McNeil, Nora to Blinkman

McNulty, Virginia to McMullin

McNutt, Mary L. to Potter

McNutt, Ruth to Brown

McPherson, Frances to Bennet

McPherson, Isabelle F. to McCrackin

McPherson, Sophia E. to Breyfogle

Macondray, Alejandra to Kaime

MacCorkle, Isabelle to Wakefield

MacDermot, Flora B. to Proctor

MacDonald, Edith to Chamberlain

MacDonald, Georgiana to Stoney

MacDonough, Helen C. to Dean

MacFadyen, Edith to Wright

MacGavin, Emilia to Cline, St. Louis

MacGavin, Jessie to Watt

Mackenzie, Elizabeth to McNear

Macleay, Edith to Grant

Macondray, Lucy to Otis

Macondray, Nina to Eyre

Macondray, Ynez to Moore

Mahan, Sereta T. to Taylor

Mailliard, Anita to Bridgman

Mangels, Emma to Tillmann

Marriner, Mary to Bertholf

Marriott, Emily to Partridge

Marsh, Lillian to Wheeler

Marshall, Hazel to Jones

Marshall, Helen to Uhl

Marshall, Margaret to Creed

Martin, Elwena to Phelps

Martin, Frances to Moore

Martin, Katharine to Cerf

Marvin, Emily to Somers

Marvin, Marion to Johnson

Mast, Elizabeth M. to Loomis

Masten to Perkins

Masten, Alice to Spencer

Masten, Eugenie to Mason

Mathes, Mollie to Greene

Mathieu, Marianne to Wilson

Matson, Lurline to Roth

Mauvais, Lulette to Downs

Mauvais, Nina to Watson

May, Alice G. to Rosseter

May, Helen to Gring

May, Julia to Babcock

Maynard, Blanche to Gwin

Maynard, Joanna to Wright

Maynard, Lena to Stanton

Meek, Gladys W. to Volkmann

Meek, Harriet to Hawley

Meeks, Blanche T. to Heath

Meherin, Anna to Merrill

Meherin, Marguerite to Meek

Meiere, Lloyd B. to Bowers

Meigs, Helen to Thompson

Melone, Ethel to Brown

Menges, Louise A. to Schussler

Mercado, Mary to Boardman

Mercier, Marion E. to Gerstle

Merrill, Ellen to Wetherbee

Merrill, Gladys to Bates

Merrill, Ruth F. to Devereux, New York

Merry, Alice to Thurston

Metcalfe, Constance N. to Baker

Metcalfe, Edith W. to Van Gartnell

Metcalfe, Kathryn L. to Kaufman

Meyer to Benjamin

Meyer, Anita to Dray

Meyer, Laura to Busey

Meyer, Rosalie to Stern

Meyer, Vera to Owens

Meyers, Sally to Page

Mezes, Carmelita C. to Wynne

Mhoon, Belle to Magee

Mhoon, Marjorie to Fair

Middleton, Edna to Buckley

Miller, Charlotte K. to Mhoon

Miller, Gertrude to Plaw

Miller, Harriet K. to Smith

Miller, Hattie to McNear

Miller, Kathleen to Van Fleet

Miller, Leslie E. to Moore

Miller, Mae B. to Hale

Miller, Marian to Ford

Miller, Nellie to Nickel

Mills, Caroline to Crockett

Mills, Caroline to Hawkins

Mills, Elizabeth to Crothers

Milton, Mattie to Neal

Mitchell, Harriett B. to Royce

Mitchell, Laura to Doe

Mitchell, Susie to Scupham

Mitchler, Katherine to Sperry

Mizner, Minnie to Chase

Mocker, Irene to Norcross

Moffit, Elizabeth to Folger

Montealegre, Jessey to Wilson

Monteverde, Lolita to Selfridge

Moody, Agnes to Bourn

Moody, Mai to Watson

Moon, Ellis to Spreckels

Moore to Starr

Moore, Caroline to Robbins

Moore, Frances to Breeze

Moore, Jacqueline to Valentine

Moore, Margaret to McClure

Moore, Miriam to Pringle

Morehouse, Charlotte M. to Hooper

Morgan, Eliza to McMullin

Morgan, Therese to Davis

Morris, Anna L. to Pomeroy

Morris, Josephine A. to Rowan

Morris, Ora C. to Weeks

Morrison, Emilie N. to Ames

Morrow, Arabella to Mann

Morrow, Maud to Fechteler, Washington

Morrow, Varina to Merritt

Moseley, Margaret to Johnson

Moseley, Willa to McNear

Moses, Charlotte to Cowles

Moulton, Addie to Abbott

Moulton, Alice to Warner

Moulton, Phyllis to Merrill

Mower, Flora to King

Mullane, Linda to McNutt

Mullins, Maud to Clark

Murison, Constance to Miller

Murison, Helen M. to Davis

Murray, Irene to Buckley

Murray, Maude to Ames

Murray, Sadie de R. to Pratt, Washington

Musser, Etha to Fox

Mygatt to Sharon

Nathan to Peixotto

Neely, Josephine to Deming

Nelson, Margaret to Bresse

Nevin, Elizabeth to Hatfield

Nevin, Katharine to Dallam

Newhall, Alice to O’Meara

Newhall, Elizabeth to Chesebrough

Newhall, Frances H. to Woods

Newhall, Margaret A. to McBean

Newhall, Marion to Hill

Newmark, Rose to Sutro

Newton, Harriet to Dimond

Nichols, Alice to Towne

Nichols, Belle to Southworth

Nichols, Claire Q. to Mills

Nichols, Margaret to Clark, New York

Nicholson, Corinne to Metcalf

Nickel, Beatrice to Bowles

Nicol, Susan to Smith

Nokes, Virginia R. to Murphy

Nolan, Sarah to Doyle

Noonan, Hazel to Gibbons

Norcross, Edith to Howard

Norris, Anna to Farrell

Norris, Katherine to Shea

Norwood, Evelyn to Breeze

Nymond, Elizabeth to Judge

O’Brien, Gertrude to Newhall

O’Brien, Pauline to Payne

O’Connor, Mary to de Cazotte

O’Connor, Patricia to Henshaw

Oelrichs, Lily to Martin

Ogden, Jennie to Abbott

Ogden, Lita to Pease

Oliver, Anita L. to Jensen

Oliver, Burton to Elkins

Oliver, Carolyn to Jones

Oliver, Hester to de Lisle

Olmstead, Nellie to Lincoln

Olney, Anna to Girard

Olney, Ethel to Easton

Oppenheimer, Nellie to St. Goar

Ord, Georgiana to Holladay

Orena, Anita to Dibblee

Ormsby, Mary E. to Yost

Osborne, Isobel to Field

Osburn, Mary to Kehrlein

Ostrander, Gladys to Ghirardelli

O’Sullivan, Mary to Sutro

Otis, Cora M. to Wyman

Otis, Helen to Lake

Otis, Lucy to McAllister

Overberry, Mildred to Postlethwaite

Oversett, Mildred to Foster

Owens, Lydia B. to Herrick

Pacheco, Mabel to Tevis

Page, Dorothy to Buckingham

Page, Edith to Sels

Page, Elizabeth to Gorrill

Page, Elizabeth to Mailliard

Page, Ellen to Pressley

Page, Manuela to Hellmann

Paige, Lydia to Monteagle

Painter, Janet to Fuller

Palmanteer, Carolyn to Snowden

Palmanteer, Hazel to Grunsky

Palmer, Ida B. to Wheaton

Pardow, Mary to Hooper

Parker, Sara V. to Maynard

Parks, Elizabeth to Kilgarif

Parks, Mary to Bradley

Parr, Marguerite to Taylor

Parr, Theo to Chickering

Parrot, Christine to Donahoe

Parrot, Grace to Hayne

Parrott, Daisy to Payson

Parrott, Daisy to Whitney

Parrott, Isabel to Dick

Parrott, Marie Louise to Simpson

Partridge, Dorothy to Melhuish

Partridge, Elisa to Addis

Patton, Harriet to Holmes

Patton, Jessie to Berry

Paulson, Caro L. to Hathaway

Paxton, Roma to Austin

Payne, Marie B. to Bliss

Payne, Maude to Bogue

Pearkes, Edith to Vulte

Pearkes, Laura to DeSabla

Pearkes, Laura to Weyler

Pearson, Harriet O. to Huntington

Pease, Maylita to Watson

Peck, Emily to Bullock

Peck, Helen to Sanborn

Peck, Helen to Vandeveer

Peck, Katharine H. to Hubbard

Peers, Jane to Newhall

Pelham, Sarah to Brastow

Penn, Annie to Wright

Pennebaker, Lillian to Grant

Pennell, Gladys to Luckel

Pennie, Mary Van B. to Chapin

Penniman, Helen to Pardee

Pensam, Emma H. to Burns

Peralta, Erminie to Dargie

Percy, Isabelle C. to West

Perkins, Agnes to McBean

Perkins, Blanche to Allen

Perkins, Helen to Witter

Perkins, Mae R. to Mackinnon

Perkins, Margaret to Deering

Perkins, Pansy to G. Baker

Perkins, Ruth to Oyster

Perry, Gertrude to Dassonville

Perry, Louise to Bryant

Perry, Margaret E. to Stimson

Persons, Julia to Henry

Peters, Mary to Woods

Peters, Pet to Seymour

Peterson, Ella to Baldwin

Peterson, Harriet to Miller

Peterson, Kate to Mailliard

Pettigrew, Helen to Lemman

Peyton, Julia to Johns

Phelps, Eleanor to Glassford

Phelps, Frances to Belden

Philippe, Marie to Luning

Phillips, Cali to Harrison

Phillips, Mamie to Easton

Pickering, Rhoda to Williams

Pierce, Florence to Beaver

Pierce, Franc to Hammon

Pierce, Frances to Morse

Pierce, Sophia to Brownell

Piercy, Viola to Burnett

Pierson, Sue to Magee

Pillsbury, Edith to Bliss

Pischel, Inez to Fletcher

Pischel, Sepha, Evers

Pissia, Margaret to Gallois

Plate, Ella T. to Barkan

Platt, Nina to Kent

Plaw, Helena B. to Jackson

Plum, Loraine E. to Ely

Plume, Kathryn C. to Underhill

Poett, Marian to Howard

Polhemus, Mary to Spalding

Polk, Daisy to de Buyer

Pollock, Eleanor to Graham

Pomeroy, Christine to Brooke

Ponting, Mildred S. to Rose

Poole, Ermentine to Long

Pope, Mary E. to Murphy

Porter, Amy to Ireland

Porter, Ella M. to Richter

Porter, Florence to Pfingst

Porter, Marie to Davis

Porter,  Mary S. to Sesnon

Portner, Kate to Splivado

Postlethwaite, Margaret to Dean

Powell, Eva to Thorne

Powers, Grace M. to Ulman

Powers, Katharine to Chapman

Prather, Edna A. to De Fremery

Prather, Myra to Miller

Prather, Nannie to Clay

Pratt, Anna to Simpson

Pratt, Genevieve to Hook

Preston, Edith to Drown

Preston, Isabel to Owens

Preston, Norma to Scott

Price, Ida to Turner

Pringle, Hess to Houghton

Pullman, Harriett to Carolan

Quinan, Ruth to Marks

Quintard, Clara to Nichols

Radcliffe, M. Emilie to Hunt

Ralston, Emellita to Page

Ramsay, Marjorie to Blythe

Raney, Katherine to Coombs

Ransome, Kate to Boss

Rauch, Nell to Taylor

Rawles, Ethel to Miller

Rawson, Estelle to Fennimore

Raymond, Elizabeth to Ashton

Raymond, Fanny to Smedberg

Raymond, Janet to Dorr

Read, Vesta to Partridge

Redding, Edith M to Wotkins

Redding, Katherine H. to Hamilton

Redington, Louise to Hewlett

Redmond, Caroline to Orena

Reed, Frances C. to Rideout

Reed, Lillian to Sanders

Reed, Mary E. to Quayle

Regan, Mary A. to Tobin

Regnard, Emilie C. to Fox

Reid, Annie to Rolph

Reid, Ella to Harrison

Reid, Hazel M. to Tubbs

Reid, Maud R. to Peirce

Reis, Dora to Faymonville

Reis, Lillian McM. to Huie

Requa, Amy to Long

Rice, Laura to Storey, Chicago

Richards, Sarah W. to Ray, Washington

Riddick, Peggy to Martin

Rinehart, Bessie to Miller

Rising, Nettie to Theobald

Rivas, Guadalupe to Cummings

Robbins, Lydia B. to Owens

Robbins, Mary E. to Sutton

Robert, Suzanne to de Coulon

Roberts, Louise E. to Kamm

Roberts, Marie M. to Kamm

Robinson, Ednah to Aiken

Robinson, Elena to Goodwin

Robinson, Katherine to Beardsley

Robinson, Melita to Tallant

Rodgers, Cornelia to Nokes

Rodgers, Ethel to Dibblee

Rodolph, Marian to McCandless

Rolph, Margaret to Finnell

Roman, Antoinette to Dutton

Romer, Fernande to de Latour

Rooney, Dorothy to Chidester

Roosevelt, Katherine to Babcock

Roper to Douglas

Rose, Frances to Benet

Rosenstock, Hilda to Nuttall

Rossiter, Alice to Dieckmann

Rostovsky to Landfield

Rucker, Edith to Spieker

Rued, Paula to Williamson

Runyon, Louise to Oliver

Russell, Charlotte to Tobin

Russell, Constance to Coffin

Russell, Ella to Kline

Russell, Marie B. to Fagan

Russell, Pauline A. to Younger

Rutherford, Elizabeth to Grant

Ryan, Nora M. to Evans

Ryer, Doris F. to Nixon, New York

Sabin, Grace to Payne

Sadler, Mae L. to Mead

Sadler, Ruth to York

Safley, M. Leone to Kindt

St. Goar, Erna to Mee

St. John, Annie to Whitney

Salisbury, Kate T. to Keyes

Salisbury, Margaret S. to Boardman

Salle, Alice to Ellinwood

Savage, Bertha to Wilkins

Sawyer to Bishop

Schlegeter, Anna to Lathrop

Schlesinger, Lita to Lathrop

Schmidt, Eleanor M. to King

Schmiedell, Antoinette to Howard

Schultz, Elyse to Hopkins

Schulze, Olga to Clifton

Schussler, Louise H. to Pruess

Schutz, Amelia to Maxwell

Schweitzer, Corinne to Koshland

Scott, Alice to Smith

Scott, Anna N. to Newhall

Scott, Harriett R. to DeLong

Scott, Inez P. to Lundberg

Scott, Louisiana to Foster

Scott, Mary C. to Martin

Scoville, Chase to Talbot

Scupham, Elizabeth to Smith

Sealy, Caroline to Livermore

Sears, Elizabeth to Gerberding

Sears, Stella, to Stone

Seaton, Etta M. to Gage

Sedgwick, Bessie to Dargie

Selby, Carmelita to Johnson

Selby, Clara W. to Ralston

Selby, Coralie to Olney

Selby, Edith to Bullitt

Selby, Jane E. to Hayne

Selby, Mary to Hayden

Sellar, Marie to Bullard

Sepulveda, Conchita to Chapman

Shaffer, Laura to Gunn

Shafter, Mary L. to McKittrick

Shafter, Sarah to Goodrich

Sharon, Blanche to Farr

Sharon, Esther to Norris

Sharon, Flora to Brown

Sharon, Ruth to de Grasse

Sharp, Daisy to Howard

Shelden, Clarisse de S. to Houghton

Shepard, Gertrude to Eells

Shepard, Kate to Kerr

Sherman, Alma to Chickering

Sherman, Laura to Gray

Sherwood, Avis to Newton

Shippard, Caroline to Wenban

Sholes, Marion M. to Whitney

Shorb, Edith to Steele

Shorb, Ramona to Murtagh

Shorb, Ynez to Buck

Shreve, Elizabeth to Hooker

Shreve, Elizabeth W. to Schuyler

Shreve, Rebecca R. to Stockton, N. Y. & Buffalo

Sickal, Augusta M. to Rogers

Sidebotham, Lois F. to Umbsen

Simonton, Laura E. to Laine

Simpson, Amalia to Hough

Simpson, Edith to Pike

Simpson, Elizabeth P. to Naylor

Simpson, Mary E. to Sperry

Sinclair, Helen to Cornwell

Stack, Ruth to Zook

Sloan, May to Coogan

Sloss, Louise B. to Ackerman

Smedberg, Cora to Felton

Smilie, Mary to McElrath

Smith to Palmer

Smith, Bertha E. S. to Pillsbury

Smith, Clara to Hamilton

Smith, Erwina D. to Janin

Smith, Ethel S. to Lansdale

Smith, Eva G. to Beck

Smith, Flora L. to Cloman

Smith, Georgiana C. to Scott

Smith, Georgina to Hopkins

Smith, Gertrude H. to Wood

Smith, Grace to Leavitt

Smith, Halla D. to Hubbard

Smith, Helen S. to Hood, Philadelphia

Smith, Lillie W. to Coffin

Smith, Mabel to Mendell

Smith, Margaret H. to Dillingham

Smith, Sue N. to Jones

Smyth, Elizabeth to Grubb

Smyth, Helen D. to Rutherford

Snell, Mariedna to Cobb

Snider, Olive to Rech

Solomons, Katherine to Lilienthal

Somers, Mae to Peterson

Sonntag, Edythe W. to Parker

Sonntag, Ila to Murray

Spain, Anne C. to Woodward

Spear, Charlotte to Hall

Spencer, Grace R. to Davis

Spencer, Kate to Goewey

Sperry, Anna A. to Carrigan

Sperry, Elizabeth to Poniatowski

Sperry, Ethel to Crocker

Spieker, Georgie to Drum

Spotts, Leontine to Keeney

Sprague to Williams

Sprague, Mary A. to Miller, Washington

Spreckels, Grace to Hamilton

Spreckels, Lilian to Holbrook

Spring, Anne to Newson

Sroufe, Mary to Merrill

Stafford, Marjorie to Fitch

Staley, Etta to Schilling

Stalter, Grace to Harmon

Staniels, Mary H. to Farrier

Stanley, Kate to Coghill

Stanton, Margery to Weber

Steele, Beatrice G. to Williams

Steele, Muriel to Gallagher

Steffens, Anna to Gage

Steiner, Carlotta L. to Crocker

Stephens, Abbie to Martin

Stephenson, Alice to Stephenson

Stephenson, Ruth to Hamilton

Sterling, Julia to Hill

Stetson, Nellie to Oxnard

Stetson, Sarah to Wallace

Stevens, Augusta to Newlands

Stevens, Carolyn to Meek

Stevens, Helen A. to Landers

Stevenson, Annie to Buck

Stewart, Frances M. to Woodhouse

Stewart, Hazel to Payne\

Stewart, Louise K. to Goold

Stiles, Eva to Lombard

Stiles, Jeannette A. to Jordan

Stillman, Elizabeth to Chamberlain

Stincen, Mary to Humphreys

Stone, Florence to Douglas

Stone, Harriet to Barnard

Stone, Helen to Hinckley

Stone, Louise G. to Ellinwood

Stone, Marian to Schmidt

Stone, Mary U. to Shean

Stoney, Margaret G. to Pryor

Stone, Nettie A. to Easterbrook

Stratton, Cornelia to Parker

Strong, Georgia M. to Hubbard

Strother, Elizabeth to Wright

Stuart to Hawley

Stubbs, Mary S. to Gibbons

Sullivan, Alice P. to Murphy

Sullivan, Carmelita to Brewer

Sullivan, Genevieve to Doe

Sussman, Alice to Arnstein

Sussman, Amy to Steinhart

Sutton, Carmen to Reed

Sutton, Lillian to Hopkins

Sutton, Lillian B. to Ebright

Suydam, Elizabeth to Bates

Sweigert, Emma to Snook

Taft, Grace to Keeler

Talbot, Amylita to Wilson, Washington

Talbot, Emily to Walker

Talbot, Sophia G. to Pierce

Tallant, Anne to Brodie

Tallant, Elizabeth to Brice

Tallant, Helen L. to Austin

Tarpey, Dollie B. to Edwards

Tay, Elinor to Mighell

Taylor, Adeline to Howard

Taylor, B. Virginia to Meyer

Taylor, Berenice to Roberts

Taylor, Bessie to Pike

Taylor, Caroline to Newhall

Taylor, Dora to Price

Taylor, Edith to Pope

Taylor, Eliza H. to McGregor

Taylor, Elizabeth to Pillsbury

Taylor, Sereta to Jones

Tennant, Mary to Beach

Terry, Birne to West

Tevis, Louise to Sharon

Tevis, Margaret to Blanding

Thatcher, Elizabeth to Kent

Theobald, Evaline to Otis

Thirlkeld, Frances E. to Coleman

Thomas, Coralie to Baker

Thomas, Gertrude to Bocqueraz

Thomas, Helen to Kimble

Thomas, Helen B. to King

Thomas, Molly to McMullin

Thompson to Craig

Thompson, Anne C. to Morse

Thompson, Dixie to Borden

Thompson, Ethel to Taylor

Thompson, Frances to Clark

Thompson, Grace to Holcombe

Thompson, Kathleen to Norris

Thompson, Margaret A. to Hartigan

Thompson, Ruth to Craig

Thompson, Teresa to Benet

Thorn, Inez to Woods

Thornton to Hemphill

Thornton, Lucy to Creswell

Thornton, Mary to Wales

Thorp, Dollie to Kelley

Throckmorton, Ella B. to Wright

Throckmorton, Mary L. to Dilmore

Tillman, Katherine W. to Bull

Tillman, Agnes L. to Van Eck

Tisdale, Betty to Bryant

Tobey, Elizabeth to Bliss

Tobin, Beatrice to Duval

Tobin, Cecelia to Clark

Tolson, Renee to Davis, Washington

Tompkins, Julia to Carey

Tourney, Margaret to Van Bergen

Toye, Mabel to Lucas

Treadwell, Florence to Horswill

Treanor, Alice to Oddie

Treat, May B. to Morrison

Tremberth, Elaine to Smith

Troth, Lilian to Smith

Trucker, Rosa to Wilson

Tubbs, Grace to Henshaw

Tubbs, Hetty to Henshaw

Tubbs, Lillie to Hall

Tubbs, May to Greenwood

Tubbs, Nettie to Oyster

Tucker, Clare B. to Brayton

Tucker, Etta to McNear

Tucker, Maie to Macdonald

Tufts, Alice to Brown

Turnbull, Ellen W. to Owen

Turnbull, Mary to Murphy

Tuttle, Charlotte L. to Yerxa

Tyson, Jean to Weihe

Tyson, Marie W. to Kales

Underhill, Clara to Chace

Upshur, Gertrude to Sperry

Valentine, Juanita to Bandmann

Van Allen, Annabelle to Fuller

Van Dyke, Irene to Bangs

Van Fleet, Beatrice to Du Bois

Van Ness, Daisy, Taylor

Van Ness, Leslie to Denman

Van Sicklen, Dorothy to Lyman

Van Vactor, Ruth P. to Scott

Van Vlack, Isabelle to Bishop

Van Winkle, Evelyn to Smith

Van Wyck, Nannie C. to Chinn

Veeder, Augusta to Thompson

Vignolles, Marie to Bazet

von Phul, Gretchen to Trufant, New Orleans

Voorhies, Anna to Bishop

Voorhies, Kate to Castle

Voorman, Alice to Forderer

Wagner, Helen to Eastland

Wagner, Lillian L. to Colfeton

Walker to Engs

Walker, Florence to Haven

Walker, Genevieve to Burke

Walker, Hattie E. to Cotton

Walker, Helen to Henshaw

Walker, Helen to Kindt

Walker, Minnie to Oliver

Wallace, Isabel B. to Sprague

Walsh, Agnes to Martin

Walsh, Marion B. to Lohse

Ward, Dorothy to Erskine

Ward, Mabel to Grant

Ward, Ruth to Bowers

Warfield, Catherine to Murdock

Warfield, Frances to Newell

Warner, Alysse to Upham

Warner, Eleanor to Rawlings

Warner, Mary to Cope

Warner, Mary E. to Sherwood

Warren, Marion to Perry

Warrin, Mary to Peters

Waterlow, Hilda to Ford

Watkins, Mabel to Wolfe

Watson, Emma to Pease

Watson, Jennie To Shreve

Watson, Lillie to Lathrop

Watt, Janet to Campbell

Watt, Janet to Miller

Watt, Jennie M. to Cary

Waugh, Sarah J. to Jones

Weaver, Elizabeth to Foute

Weaver, Helen to Dennis

Weaver, Sophie C. to Bishop

Webb, Amey to Wheeler

Webber, Erba to Lee

Webber, Margaret to Capwell

Webster, Minnie to Gove

Weed, Dorothy to Whitney

Weeks, Florence to Stone

Wehn, Millie E. to Baldwin

Weihe, Florence to Stone

Welch, Berthe to Lent

Weldon, May to Morrow

Weller, Anna to Shipp

Wells, Juanita to Vincent

Wells, Marie to Hanna

Wells, Mildred to Barbour

Welsh, Ruth C. to Coleman

Wenban to Mills

Wenzelburger, Elise to Graupner

Wethered, Carrie to Woodworth

Wheaton, Caroline L. to Mailliard

Wheaton, Elizabeth to Adams

Wheaton, Isabel to Baldwin

Wheeler, Elizabeth to Head

Wheeler, Gertrude to Beckman

Wheeler, Lilias to Walton

Wheeler, Olive B. to McLeod

Whistler, Emily to Benedict

White, Gertrude D. to Field

White, Lorette to Beck

White, Ynez to Farrell

Whiting, Elizabeth E. to McCutcheon

Whiting, Virginia to Newhall

Whitney, Alice to Ballard

Whitney, Beryl to Wheeler

Whitney, Carrie to Easton

Whitney, Clara to Spear

Whitney, Cleora M. to Hewlett

Whitney, Edna to Bentley

Whittell, Florence to Albert

Whittier, Jennie to Sypher

Whittier, Mattie to Weir

Whittle, Grace to Symmes

Wickersham, Jane to McNab

Wilcox, Charlotte E. to Marvin

Wilde, Edith to Chenery

Wilkins, Lucille F. to Milton

Wilkins, Sue to Bayne

Willard, Bessie to Kains

Williams, Anne to Ellicott

Williams, Belle to Moore

Williams, Cora to Van Ness

Williams, Corona to Anderson

Williams, Dorothy to Hartigan

Williams, Dorothy to Pinckard

Williams, Hannah N. to Wheeler, Phila.

Williams, Irene to Bowie

Williams, Isabella to Blaney

Williams, Juliet to Lilley

Williams, Margaret B. to Heath

Williams, Muriel to Ratcliff

Williar, Etelka to Garber

Wilshire, Jane to Polhemus

Wilson, Berenice to Schurman

Wilson, Bessie to Smith

Wilson, Charlotte to Cadwalader

Wilson, Corennah to Wright

Wilson, Emily J. to Pratt

 Wilson, Gladys to Sullivan

Wilson, Grace B. to Fairlie

Wilson, Helen to Greer

Wilson, Joy to Perry

Wilson, Margaret to Harwood

Wilson, Margaret E. to Moore

Wilson, Marie B. to Stoney

Wilson, Maude to Sutton

Wilson, Rowena to Lyman

Winchester, Anne G. to King

Winn, Dora J. to Langstroth

Winslow, Elizabeth to Babcock

Winslow, Ruth L. to Gibson

Winter, Helen G. to Wheeler

Wirt, Sidi to Spreckels

Wolff, Paula to Humphreys

Wood, Eleanor to Welty

Wood, Leonora to Armsby

Wood, Margaret to Bancroft

Woodbury, Delight to De Laveaga

Woods, Elizabeth M. to Worth

Woods, Florence M. to Hush

Woods, Florence to Crux

Woods, May to Smith

Woods, Netta to Niebling

Woodward, Ethel to Glenn

Woodward, Julie to Nichols

Woolrich, Mary to Bosqui

Woolsey, Katherine to Slack

Wooster, Annie to Glass

Wooster, Eleanor to Fay

Wormser to Sussman

Wright to Pheby

Wright, Adelaide to Fuller

Wright, Eliza to Tallant

Wright, Frances to Kimball

Wright, Helen to Hawkins

Wright, Helen to Miller

Wright, Jeannette L. to Torney

Wright, Jessie S. to Horton

Wright, Marion F. to Campbell

Wright, Virginia to Hanna

Wyman, Fannie H. to Knight

Wyman, Florence to Taylor

Yoell, Hettie C. to Theobald

Yost, Jennie to Jones

Young, Alice to Coleman

Young, Charlotte to Findley

Young, Louise to Parker

Zabriskie, Zayda J. to Buck

Zane, Marianne to Loughborough

Zeile, Ruth to Moody









Transcribed by Sharon Walford Yost.
Source: “Social Register San Francisco, including Oakland 1919”. Published by the Social Register Association, New York.

© 2011 Sharon Walford Yost.