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1895 Sacramento City Directory

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*Mostly from the year 1894.




Albaugh J. L., died Apr 14, 1894

Aldinger Jacob, died Apr 18, 1894

Allison Jane P. Mrs. Died Nov 2d, 1893

Alsip Mary A. Mrs. Died Jan. 9th, 1894

Andrzejlwski Stephen, died Feb. 14th, 1894

Atherton Malinda J. Mrs., died April 21, 1894

Augrave J. Mrs., died July 6th, 1894

Axtmann Geo., died May 30th, 1894

Ayres J. I., died Apr 27th, 1894




Backrath Jane Miss, died Sept 19th, 1894

Backrath R. H., died May 12th, 1894

Baker Wm., died July 9th, 1894

Balz Wm., died June 29th, 1894

Barker E. Adin, died Sept. 16th, 1894

Barnes N. A. Mrs. Died April 23d, 1894

Barr Benj. F. died May 17th, 1894

Basler Anna M. Mrs., died Dec. 9th, 1894

Bates Oliver C., died July 9th, 1894

Beck Lucy Mrs., died April 29th, 1894

Bennett Elsie C. Miss, died May 3d, 1894

Bernard Henry M., died May 18th, 1894

Berriesford Jos., died Jan. 7th, 1894

Blessing Erastus G., died Sept 2d, 1894

Bohannon Arthur W., died June 20th, 1894

Bottemly M. E. Mrs., died Sept 4th, 1894

Bowen Kate M. Mrs. Died Aug. 23d, 1894

Boyle Frank, died April 11th, 1894

Brannan Patrick, died October 23d, 1894

Brannon Geo, died August 19th, 1894

Brazzle Wiley, died Oct 6th, 1894

Brinkman John, died April 17th, 1894

Brooks C. F., died Sept 12th, 1894

Brown August F., died Apr 1st, 1894

Bryson W. J., died Oct 3d, 1894

Bullard Manuel, died Dec. 4th, 1893

Bullard Susan E. Miss, died Dec. 5th, 1893

Burke John E., died June 18th, 1894




Cafferty Patrick W., died June 18th, 1894

Callendine L. J. Mrs., died May 15th, 1894

Campbell Sarah J. Mrs., died Feb. 16th, 1894

Carran Thos. J., died June 21st, 1894

Carrington Maria Mrs., died Dec. 6th, 1893

Carter Oliver, died July 11th, 1894

Casebolt Ira J., died August 26th, 1894

Clinch Conrad, died May 22d, 1894

Coffman Wm., D., died April 10th, 1894

Cole Warren, died Sept 13th, 1894

Colman Rosa Miss, died April 29th, 1894

Comstock Warren E., died Dec. 26th, 1894

Cortez Pedro, died Jan 17th, 1894

Corwin Wm. S., died Dec 19th, 1893

Cowan Albert C., died Jan 17th, 1894

Cowger Mary S. Mrs., died Jan 26th, 1894

Coxley Patrick, died Aug 17th, 1894

Cronkite H., died Jan 5th, 1894

Cuddy Geo. F., died Feb. 1st, 1894




Dake Jas., died Apr 18th, 1894

Darwin Jas. H., died March 15th, 1894

DeMartini Rose Mrs., died Apr 9th, 1894

Deitrich Louis, died Aug 25th, 1894

Devin Josephine Mrs, died March 17, 1894

Dooly Edmond, died Oct 2d, 1894

Dryden Sydney R., died June 15th, 1894

Duncan Frank, died July 25th, 1894

Duncan Jas., died Jan 2d, 1894




Eddlinger Harry, died Jan 17th, 1894

Ehmann Henry C., died Dec 17th, 1894

Ellsworth Peter H., died June 23d, 1894

Emeigh Jacob, died Dec 1st, 1893

Emery Sophia C. Miss, died Dec 11th, 1893

Emory Justine, died march 28th, 1894

Ennis Wm. H., died Nov. 9th, 1893

Ewers Nikolaus, died May 26th, 1894




Faley Dennis, died July 2d, 1894

Fawcett May F. Miss, died Dec 22d, 1894

Fenz Sybil Mrs., died Sept 24th, 1894

Fern Mary G. W. Mrs., died June 25th, 1894

Ferrea Antone, died Dec. 19th, 1894

Fitzgerald Jas. R., died April 8th, 1894

Francis Geo. H., died Jany 3d, 1895

Francis John P., died Nov 15th, 1893

Freichler Wm. H., died Nov 1st, 1893




Gainsley L. Mrs., died Mar 5th, 1894

Gee Emma M. Miss, died May 12th, 1894

Goette John, died Dec 11th, 1893

Graze Louisa K. Miss, died May 3d, 1894

Griffen Chas. D., died Dec 15th, 1894

Griffin Martin W., died Feb 11th, 1894

Gurney Chas. W., died Oct 10th, 1894




Hadwick Wm., died Aug 29th, 1894

Holloran Patrick, died Nov 26th, 1893

Hamer Geo. W., died Mar 25th, 1894

Hancock Geo. W., died Dec 31st, 1894

Hanson Harold M., died Dec 19th, 1894

Harmon Wm. S., died Oct 13th, 1894

Harper Geo. W., died July 20th, 1894

Hauser Matthew, died Sept 1st, 1894

Head Chas. A., died Oct 11th, 1894

Hedger Wm., died Nov 24th, 1893

Hilbert Madge J. Miss, died Jan 9th, 1894

Hilton Barbara Mrs., died Aug 24th, 1894

Hodges Oscar, died July 1st, 1894

Hogue M. Mrs., died July 18th, 1894

Holzinger Geo., died Aug 18th, 1894

Hughson Wm. A., died Apr 24th, 1894




Jackson John H., died Sept 17th, 1894

Jenkins Amelia Mrs, died Dec 4th, 1893

Johnson Benj. F., died Aug 2d, 1894

Johnson Chas., died Aug 27th, 1894

Johnston Robt. G., died Dec 15th, 1894

Johnston Saml. M., died May 10th, 1894

Joy Patrick, died March 10th, 1894

Jurgens Martin V., died March 4th, 1894




Kaerth Mary A. Mrs., died May 7th, 1894

Kingsbury Jos. E., died Apr 10th, 1894

Klein Conrad, died Nov 30th, 1893

Kleinsorge Laura M. Miss, died May 2d, 1894

Klink Chas. F., died Apr 27th, 1894

Kohler Jacob, died Apr 2d, 1894

Kooistra John, died Feb 6th, 1894

Krause John H., died Oct 9th, 1894

Kuhr August, died Apr 3d, 1894




La France Mary Mrs, died Sept 28th, 1894

Laird M. S., died Oct 8th, 1894

Lambert Wm. M., died March 24th, 1894

Lane John, died Sept 27th, 1894

Lansing Mary E., died July 8th, 1894

Lassona C., died May 19th, 1894

Lawson Jas., died Jan 4th, 1894

Ledlie John C., died Feb 1st, 1894

Lenz John, died Sept 6th, 1894

Levi Henry, died Oct 8th, 1894

Lloyd W. S., died Mar 8th, 1894

Loch Ella, died Dec 1st, 1893

Lockhart John, died Apr 6th, 1894

Lowrey Annie Miss, died Jan 14th, 1894

Ludley John, died 1894

Lynch Ann Mrs, died June 20th, 1894




Maher John, died Aug 4th, 1894

Mahns Carl F., died Nov 20th, 1893

Mains Chas. W., died Dec 5th, 1893

Manley Wm. C., died Dec 17th, 1894

Marshall Mary J. Mrs., died June 10th, 1894

Marvin Amelia L. Mrs., died Sept 23d, 1894

Mauldin Lopez, died June 12th, 1894

McAuliffe E., died Oct 20th, 1894

McConaghy John A., died Feb 23d, 1894

McCreary Chas., died Sept 22d, 1894

McGee Peter, died Dec 19th, 1894

McGuire Patrick J., died Nov 29th, 1893

McKenna Patrick, died June 25, 1894

McKenna Wm. H., died May 15th, 1894

McMahon Mathew, died Jan 15th, 1894

McVay Bernhard, died May 13th, 1894

Messner Lillian B. Miss, died Dec 7th, 1894

Meyer Peter, died March 11th, 1894

Michael Geo. A., died July 4th, 1894

Miller Nancy Mrs., died Feb 15th, 1894

Mitchell Mary Mrs., died Dec 28th, 1893

Moriarity Dennis, died May 29th, 1894

Morrisey Mary E. Miss, died June 10th, 1894

Mullery Winnifred Mrs., died Dec 30th, 1893

Murry Mary J. Miss, died Dec 3d, 1894




Nathan Nathaniel J., died July 10th, 1894

Neckfessel Eliphalet, died Feb 24th 1894

Neidhardt Wm. F., died Dec 20th, 1893

Nelson Josef K., died Feb 18th, 1894

Nicolai Stephen, died Apr 9th, 1894

Noonan Frank, died March 25th, 1894

Noras Thos., died Apr 12th, 1894




O’Connor Patrick, died Apr 17th, 1894

Oliver Geo. E., died May 5th, 1894




Parker Geo. M., died May 28th, 1894

Parvin Eliza Mrs., died Sept 7th, 1894

Pascoe Frank J., died May 12th, 1894

Patrick Clay, died Apr 9th, 1894

Pearl Claude A., died Oct 14th, 1893

Pearson N. P., died Mar 16th, 1894

Plummer Emma J. Miss, died May 20th, 1894

Plunkett Bridget Mrs., died Aug 18th, 1894

Preston Frances Mrs., died Aug 11th, 1894

Prince Emma Miss, died Oct 11th, 1894

Putnam Geo A., died May 16th, 1894




Quaid Martha J. Mrs., died Apr 6th, 1894

Quinlan John, died May 9th, 1894




Ramsey M. H. Mrs., died Jan 25th, 1894

Rathbone L. C., died June 12th, 1894

Reedy Eugene, died Jan 9th, 1894

Rettinger Martin, died Dec 13th, 1894

Riley Patrick, died Jan 13th, 1894

Roberts A. H., died Apr 5th, 1894

Rockwell Wm. H., died Aug 26th, 1894

Rowland Chas. C., died March 24th, 1894

Ruman Louis A., died Aug 23d, 1894

Rupa Ernest, died July 19th, 1894

Russell Silas, died June 11th, 1894

Rutsch Rud, died Aug 13th, 1894




Sanders Danl., died Aug 15th, 1894

Schmidt Elmer, died May 28th, 1894

Schmidt Philip, died Apr 9th, 1894

Schmidt Wm., died Oct 25th, 1894

Schuler Annie Miss, died Feb 8th, 1894

Schwartz Bertie M., died Apr 13th, 1894

Scroggs Alexander, died June 20th, 1894

Sellinger Chas. F., died Feb 1894

Senatz Anthony J., died Sept 5th, 1894

Sherman Agnes M. Mrs., died Jan 10th, 1894

Shoemaker Jas. D., died Jan 15th, 1894

Siever John O., died Dec 5th, 1893

Simson Saml. J., died April 20th, 1894

Smith Jacob F., died July 28th, 1894

Sorenson, Soren J., died Aug 9th, 1894

Spilman John E. P., died March 14th, 1894

Spurgin Caroline Mrs., died Sept 17th, 1894

Spurgin Geo. G., died Aug 3d, 1894

Stacey Frances E. Miss, died July 16th, 1894

Starbird John T., died Feb 8th, 1894

Stewart Chas., died July 13th, 1894

Stubbs John, died May 6th, 1894

Sullivan Elioe, died March 1st, 1894




Talbot Chas. S., died Dec 13th, 1893

Taylor Martha Mrs, died Sept 13th, 1894

Tennant Walter J., died Apr 21st, 1894

Thomas Jane Mrs., died July 15th, 1894

Thomas Lee, died Aug 16th, 1894

Thompson Henry J., died Dec 13th, 1894

Tindall Geo. P., died Sept 8th, 1894

Tracy Patrick, died Sept 25th, 1894

Tracy Wm. N., died Aug 8th, 1894.

Trainor H. C., died April 6th, 1894

Trainor Rose Mrs., died May 6th, 1894




Valensuela Pedro, died Sept 2d, 1894

Van Bibber Jas. F., died July 31st, 1894




Waite Edwin G., died Oct 1894

Walsh Danl., died Dec 7th, 1894

Walter Wm. F., died Dec. 7th, 1894

Waters Wm. R., died June 17th, 1894

Watson, J. P., died Oct 23d, 1894

Watson Lily M. Miss, died Mar 31, 1894

Weber F. H. L., died Dec 29th, 1894

Weber Margaretha Mrs, died Feb 6th, 1894

Webster John F., died Oct 4th, 1894

Welch Francis M., died June 14th, 1894

Whitaker Andrew, died Apr 17th, 1894

White Thos. B., died Jan 1st, 1894

White Wm. H., died May 22d, 1894

Wilkins Dedlif, died Dec 30th, 1893

Wing O. H., died July 5th, 1894

Wingate A. M., died Oct 5th, 1894

Wohlck John C., died Jan 11th, 1894

Wolf Louisa Miss, died Nov 23d, 1893

Woodruff Mary A. Mrs., died June 16th, 1894




Young T. H., died July 21st, 1894




Zeigler Geo., died Oct 26th, 1894

Ziegler E. E., died March 30th, 1894




Transcribed by Nancy Pratt Melton.

© 2009 Nancy Pratt Melton.