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In Sacramento City and County

During the Year






Sacramento Daily Union

Monday, January 2, 1865

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The following is a list of the births, marriages and deaths that have taken place in Sacramento during 1864, as nearly as can be compiled from authentic sources:




1-Edwin CLARK and Martha WALKER

4-Charles JARVIS and Martha EATON

6-Charles E. ADAMS and Rachel D. HITE

7-John A. MITCHELL and Agnes McCALL

10-John H. QUATMAN and Hannah SHEEHAN

17-C.E. SMITH and Margaret JOBE


26-W.M. BAKER and Mary E. RUSSELL

28-Howard GAGE and Janette D. SCUDDEN


28-M.V. SMITH and Mary G. KENNEDY

30-Joseph BILLEW and Julia STACK


3-Samuel NATHAN and Hannah SILVER

3-Allen MOORE and Annie L. MOORE

7-H.C. BARRETT and Julia A. FOSTER

8-George BOOTH and Ann HILL

9-August BURNS and Rebecca MERRITT

9-T.C. McHALE and Mary F. GLACKEN

11-Frank H. SMITH and Emma M. FISKE

18-William MORRILL and Mary POLOTZKI

23-Gerard MULLER and Elizabeth M. SHEA


11 - B.F. OLDS and Mariana MAGUIRE

12-John P. BUCK and Esther A. PETERS

15-John LOCKHART and Barbara A. BESHEA

19-E.C. PAYNE and Sarah E. CONE


6-Samuel RENNER and Caroline DAYTON

7-W.D. SEVERE and Sarah E. BAUGANS

10-George BLUE and Mary J. TOURNEY

10-Leopold BERTSCH and Sarah C. POLLOCK

11-George W. CARROL and Rosa McGINNIS

12-J. BREMAN and Mary E. HICKEY

14-Smith SCOGGIN and Adelia HINES

14-John BRUNER and Catharine KUCHLER


19-J.M. MILLER and Cornelia HARRIS


19-H.S. DEWITT and Annie J. MURRAY

20-Robert SCOTT and Sarah BLAKE

29-H.W. EDDY and Salome WEBB




1-Jacob STORTZ and Catharine McCARTY

2-Charles W. BURGTORF and Mary C. WAGENBLAST


8-B.W. MARTZ and Ellen MAHONY

9-John V. THOMPSON and Margaret L. McCANTS


10-C.J. ELKINS and Elizabeth STINSMERE

11-S.B. JOSLIN and Mary J. TREGA

15-B.B. BRYAN and Elizabeth NIXON

15-C.H. MARVIN and Hattie McDOWELL

18-Squire T. HARTLAND and Martha A. BARTON

21-William ROBERTS and Mary A. WOODS

21-Ramon CARILLO and Sarah F. BELKNAP

28-Charles SCHWARTZ and Mary T. NEITHARDT


1-John McCARTY and Catherine McCARTY

2-Robert STEERE and Annie HIGGINS

4-Charles SCHMINGER to Lugarda OCHS


9-Christian SCHAFER and Mary BERGMAN



16-John N. CORD and Jennie PERKINS

20-R.M. DANIEL and Mary WOODS



1-C.P. O’NEIL and Caroline CLAYKES

4-John DUNCAN and Abby ALLEN

9-Jas. S. GOODRIDGE and Orilla A. WHITCOMB


15-Richard HOLM and Cornelia WHARTON

21-J.R. GATES and Lavinia THOMAS



24-Charles BYRNES and Ellen GRADA

29-Geo. N. GRAY to Jane DODGER


2-J.D. PAGE and M.J. MOORE

3-G. MORRIS and Joanna CASPAR

14-John WOOLAVER and Mary C. FLIGGLE

16-William BERRY and M.A. HOLLAND

17-Joseph MILLER and Sallie M. RHODES

20-William McPHERSON and Margaret SMALL



30-J.W. PARKER and Nancy J. McCLURG

30-J.R. OLSON and Mary J. HANLEY

31-Hugo YANKE and Annie W. SANDERSON


1-H.W. SCHACHT and Caroline WINTERS

8-B.H. HOING and Mary J. MAILE

11-C.W. CUTHBERT and Margaret M. COBB

13-Enoch MATTEN and Ellen GEARY

13-Acton TRAVEDSON and Christina JOHNSON

13-Charles UPSON and Marilla UPSON

14-Elijah BURROWS and Margaret BLACKLOCK

14-Lewis GARSEY and Kate ABBOTT

15-P.N. PETERS and Widchke SCHELD

19-Stephen ADDISON and Mary E. LETER

21-Solomon ZEKIND and Juliet ARONSON

21-Anthony McGLINCHY and Margaret McNAMARA

22-E. GREER and Harriet ELLIS

27-W.A. McWILLIAMS and Annie WHITE

27-John S. BARRETT and Agnes MURPHY

30-A.G. DILLON and Ellen BARTON


13-Samuel F. DAVIS and Hattie E. HUMPHREY

22-J.C. McPHERSON and Amelia LEE


1-Charles A. PEAKE and Cornelia S. UPSON

11-Chas. V. JAMES and Carrie E. PERRY



17-C.B. COOLEY and Clara G. BROWN

22-W.N. BALLOU and Hattie BAKER

8-E.E. MASTER and Kate KELLY





14-Horace B. CHAMBERS and Medora MITCHELL

15-John LEAVITT and Eliza WHEELER


20-E.S. FOGG and Hannah L. McINTYRE




26-Frank WEBB and Phebe M. DICKINSON

27-Matthew MASON and Annie SLOAN




2-Wife of A. LEONARD, of a daughter

3-Wife of John SINGLETON, of a daughter

3-Wife of G.W. WALLACE, of a son

4-Wife of Patrick FEENY, of a son

4-Wife of Charles HANLEY, of a son

5-Wife of B. WELCH, of a son

7-Wife of Len. HARRIS, of twin sons

8-Wife of Henry FREICHLER, of a son

12-Wife of Geo. THOMPSON, of a daughter

14-Wife of C. LAWSON, of a son

15-Wife of A.J.F. PHELAN, of a son

15-Wife of Isaiah BUNKER, of a daughter

16-Wife of J.J. BAUER, of a daughter

17-Wife of W.E. LOVETT, of a son

18-Wife of James O’NEIL, of a daughter

20-Wife of M. SILVERBERG, of a son

22-Wife of J.A. BROWN, of a son

26-Wife of A. HYMAN, of a son

26-Wife of George MITCHELL, of a son

27-Wife of John KLEES, of a son

28-Wife of W.M. GORDAN, of a son

29-Wife of Jacob KERN, of a daughter

31-Wife of G.C. HALL, of a son


1-Wife of M. FITZGIBBON, of a daughter

1-Wife of L. KRAUGBERGER, of a son

1-Wife of D.D. HILL, of a son

2-Wife of H.W. STOW, of a daughter

2-Wife of L.L. BAKER, of a daughter

2-Wife of A. HARMEL, of a son

3-Wife of Frank SWIFT, of a son

5-Wife of Thos. CODY, of a daughter

6-Wife of John BRETSCH, of a daughter

6-Wife of Charles KEISER, of a daughter

7-Wife of Samuel MERWIN, of a daughter

7-Wife of S. ROTH, of a son

8-Wife of F.M. CHAPMAN, of a daughter

9-Wife of John BARANKAMP, of a daughter

9-Wife of J. KOHN, of a daughter

13-Wife of C.B. STEANE, of a daughter

14-Wife of John RUGGLES, of a daughter

15-Wife of Geo. MOUNT, of a son

17-Wife of Chas. KLEINSORGE, of a son

18-Wife of M. McMANUS, of a son

18-Wife of H.W. EARL, of a daughter

19-Wife of S. LAVENSON, of a daughter

21-Wife of Charles MILLER, of a son

21-Wife of S. SISENVINE, of a son

22-Wife of John EAMES, of a son

22-Wife of William SHARKEY, of a son

27-Wife of J.R. FORREST, of a daughter

29-Wife of Justin GATES, of a daughter


6-Wife of Louis LEVY, of a son

7-Wife of S.H. WIBURN, of a son

8-Wife of William FELL, of twin sons

9-Wife of A.F. HONING, of a son

12-Wife of F. MECKFESSEL, of a son

14-Wife of Michel C. KYNE, of a son

17-Wife of L. HAGEN, of a son

17-Wife of C. ISER, of a son

18-Wife of S.B. LEAVITT, of a son

18-Wife of Chas. HEINRICH, of a daughter

19-Wife of P.H. RUSSELL, of a daughter

20-Wife of P. McVICKAR, of a daughter

20-Wife of B. CLARK, of a daughter

21-Wife of Hiram SOUTHWORTH, of a son

243-Wife of G.C. HEISCH, of a son

28-Wife of J. JOHNSON, of a son

25-Wife of Charles CATE, of a son

26-Wife of N.T. TAYLOR, of a daughter

28-Wife of John HECTOR, of a daughter

29-Wife of James ROWAN, of a son


1-Wife of R.M. HAMILTON, of a daughter

2-Wife of Robert DAIZIEL, of a son

2-Wife of W. ANDERSON, of a daughter

2-Wife of M.M. COFFEE, of a son

4-Wife of A. LAMOTT, of a daughter

7-Wife of E.K. PHIPPS, of a daughter

8-Wife of Isaac PERKINS, of a daughter

9-Wife of Horace A. SEATON, of a son

14-Wife of M. CHURCH, of a daughter

15-Wife of Geo. SCHROTH, of a son

17-Wife of W.L. DAUTERMAN, of a daughter

22-Wife of J.W. WILSON, of a son

29-Wife of A. EVERS, of a son


1-Wife of John TALBOT, of a daughter

1-Wife of Sanborn JOHNSON, of a daughter

2-Wife of J.W. COFFROTH, of a daughter

4-Wife of J.M. McMILLAN, of a son

4-Wife of Philip MYERS, of a daughter

7-Wife of James PARSONS, of a daughter

7-Wife of H.B. HOLLAND, of a son

10-Wife of Chas. B. RHODES, of a son

11-Wife of M. CRONE, of a son

16-Wife of D.L. McDONALD, of a daughter

17-Wife of D.S. HAYDEN, of a son

18-Wife of J.M. WELSH, of twins

20-Wife of P. TIETJENS, of a son

20-WIfe of Henry MYERS, of a son

21-Wife of Dr. S.C. WOOD, of a son

28-Wife of James COGGINS, of a son

28-Wife of M. DEVINE, of a daughter

24-Wife of H.W. HIGGINS, of a daughter

24-Wife of Geo. C. GORHAM, of a son

25-Wife of John J. HUTCHINSON, of a daughter

26-Wife of T.T. ANDERSON, of a daughter

30-Wife of J. GELINAS, of a son


1-Wife of S.E. LADD, of a daughter

1-Wife of P. MEGOWAN, of a daughter

2-Wife of Marens LOWELL, of a daughter

2-Wife of M. LOBENSTEIN, of a son

3-Wife of S.W. BUTHER, of a son

4-Wife of F. McMORRY, of a daughter

4-Wife of Mart TAYLOR, of a son

5-Wife of Dr. J. WEAVER, of a daughter

7-Wife of E. BERDELL, of a daughter

7-Wife of Daniel O’NEAL, of a daughter

9-Wife of S.M. KEIFER, of a son

12-Wife of David OLIVER, of a daughter

12-Wife of A.C. DUNCAN, of a daughter

13-Wife of J.E. MOONEY, of a son

14-Wife of W.E. MYERS, of a son

16-Wife of C.J. KUSS, of a daughter

16-Wife of W.D. BOONE, of a son

18-Wife of W.B. SMITH, of a daughter

21-Wife of Thomas CROUCH, of a son

21-Wife of H.C. STONE, of a daughter

22-Wife of A.W. CALDER, of a daughter

23-Wife of John LINESS, of a son

24-Wife of T.P. LITTLEFIELD, of a daughter

25-Wife of J.T. MIER, of a daughter

29-Wife of Jabez EVANS, of a son


2-Wife of C. STRENNING, of a son

3-Wife of M. HILBERT, of a daughter

7-Wife of Wm. FOUNTAIN, of a daughter

14-Wife of Sol. LIPMAN, of a son

19-Wife of James KELLY, of a daughter

21-Wife of Christopher GREEN, of a son

25-Wife of Peter RORKE, of a daughter


3-Wife of J. LONGBAUGH, of a daughter

4-Wife of H.S. SMALL, of a son

6-Wife of B. ALEXANDER, of a son

11-Wife of John WETZEL, of a son

13-Wife of C.C. JENKS, of a son

13-Wife of P. MASKEL, of a daughter

15-Wife of J.W. REEVES, of a daughter

16-Wife of J.A.FAIGHI, of a son

18-Wife of William CRAIG, of a daughter

19-Wife of G.A. COURSEN, of twin sons

21-Wife of J.M. RHODES, of a daughter

27-Wife of R. ORTH, of a son

29-Wife of Homer HORTON, of a daughter


2-Wife of P. MILLER, of a son

2-Wife of F.S. HOTCHKISS, of a daughter

3-Wife of Richmond DAVIS, of a daughter

5-Wife of John WILSON, of a son

7-Wife of G. SALLE, of a daughter

7-Wife of G. BEELER, of a daughter

10-Wife of A. COOLOT, of a daughter

15-Wife of L. LOBENSTEIN, of a daughter

16-Wife of C.C. WOOD, of a daughter

18-Wife of L. SHAWL, of a daughter

18-Wife of J. McNULTY, of a daughter

18-Wife of Charles COHN, of a daughter

20-Wife of Milton MORRISON, of a daughter

20-Wife of C.A. COFFMAN, of a son

21-Wife of W.A. DASHIELL, of a son

21-Wife of Jacob HOEHN, of a son

25-Wife of A.F. DASHELLE, of a son

28-Wife of James SWINNEY, of a daughter

28-Wife of Frank GLEASON, of a daughter

28-Wife of Theodore MILLIKEN, of a daughter

28-Wife of R.H. BUCKINGHAM, of s son


1-Wife of J.H. HARVEY, of a son

1-Wife of S.S. PEARL, of a son

2-Wife of J.C. MURPHY, of a daughter

2-Wife of Thomas BYRNE, of a daughter

4-Wife of John BELLMER, of a daughter

5-Wife of J. CAMPBELL, of a son

6-Wife of G.H. VOSE, of a son

12-Wife of John QUINN, of a son

14-Wife of N.W. ROBBINS, of a daughter

15-Wife of John TAYLOR, of a son

16-Wife of D.F. O’NEILL, of a son

20-Wife of Asher S. TAYLOR, of a daughter

22-Wife of J.C. SCOTT, of a son

23-Wife of Charles DOHN, of a daughter

23-Wife of G.W. HILDRETH, of a son

24-Wife of Lambert KUMLE, of a son

24-Wife of Isaac DESSER, of a son

24-Wife of Harry ROBINSON, of a daughter

28-Wife of J.H. QUATMAN, of a son


5-Wife of George JOHNSON, of a daughter

10-Wife of J.J. MONAGHAN, of a son

12-Wife of John BLACK, of a daughter

12-Wife of A. MOORE, of a son

12-Wife of R. NOBEL, of a daughter

19-Wife of John RYAN, of a daughter

17-Wife of G.S. WAIT, of a son

22-Wife of E.A. CLARK, of a son

25-Wife of Thomas McHALE, of a daughter

29-Wife of Frederic KONING, of a son

27-Wife of John THOMPSON, of a son

30-Wife of A.J. SENATZ, of a son


5-Wife of J. ENRIGHT, of a son

5-Wife of Johnson BEAL, of a son

6-Wife of John L .MURPHY, of a daughter

9-Wife of A. EGL, of a daughter

9-Wife of Wm. HARRIS, of a daughter

10-Wife of B. DONOHOE, of a son

12-Wife of Richard BEST, of a daughter

13-Wife of G.W. HOPKINS, of a daughter

13-Wife of Dr. W.R. CLUNESS, of a son

13-Wife of J.H. MITCHELL, of a daughter

14-Wife of H.W. CADY, of a son

14-Wife of John TINGMAN, of a son

14-Wife of Andrew LLOYD, of a daughter

17-Wife of E. GRUHLER, of a son

17-Wife of Samuel NATHAN, of a son

19-Wife of Wm. MORRILL, of a daughter

21-Wife of J.W. LEHMAN, of a daughter

23-Wife of Frederick MIER, of a son

14-Wife of William B. CROSS, of a son

28-Wife of E.F. WOODWARD, of a son



2-Patrick FALLON, Ireland, 63 years

4-Minnehaha FAYE, California, 5 months

4-Louisa HOFFMAN, Illinois, 54 years

6-Carrie YOUNG, California, 2 years, 11 months

7-William H. SUMMERS, California, 15 months

7-Anne McMAHON, Ireland, 27 years

8-David E. DREW, --------, 17 years

12-Charles E. YOUNG, California, 4 ˝ years

15-R.L. JONES, Canada, 37 years

15-F.B. CLEMENTS, New York, 37 years.

15-F.B. WEST, California, 1 year

16-T.C. MALCOLM, England, 46 years

16-Daisy BAKER, California, 6 months

20-F. MERCIER, France, 33 years

21-William C. WOOD, Kentucky, 35 years

23-J. McRAITH, California, an infant

24-Charles LYONS, Ireland, 24 years

26-Patrick CALLAHAN, Illinois, 26 years

28-Jane ROBERTS, New York, 17 years

28-Mary LUNDAN, Ireland, 8 years

28-Morris BICK, Prussia, 35 years

28-Abijah UPHAM, Maine, 56 years


1-Charles N. HALL, Ireland, 57 years

1-John H. SINCLAIR, Maryland, 40 years

2-William PARKER, England, 46 years

2-Unknown, China, 28 years

3-Robert CAMPBELL, Kentucky, 53 years

8-Mrs. LARREY, Ireland, 25 years

7-Alice MURPHY, Michigan, 15 months

8-Stephen B. VREELAND, New York, 50 years

8-Joseph DENNIS, New York, 60 years

10-J.M. LANE, --------, 45 years

11-Son of H.P. DUFFY, California, 5 days

13-Richard RING, Indiana, 76 years

14-G.H. TILLEY, Wisconsin, 41 years

16-Elby SANDERS, California, 1 month

17-Frank FULLER, Maine

18-Kate (Indian), California, 8 years

18-B.F. JOHNSON, California, 2 years

20-Mortimer J. SMITH, New York, 47 years

21-Margaret ANDERSON, California, 1 year

23-Sam (Indian), California, 12 years

25-Harry C. GRAY, California, 4 years

26-Frances C. FRAZIER, California, 15 months

28-Ruthenda L. READY, 28 years

28-Infant son of J.H. SULLIVAN, California, 1 day

29-Justin LEGRAND, France, 40 years


2-Amaur T. PALMER, Maine, 26 years

3-John J. WILSON (colored), 42 years

3-Ah Tong, China, 38 years

4-Mary S. HILDEBREAND, California, 4 years

4-Wm. McLOUGHLIN, Ireland, 40 years

5-Thos. FERNLY, Maine, 45 years

11-Katy BRIGGS, California, 4 years

12-W.F. MARQUAND, Canada, 27 years

17-Joseph KANE, Ireland, 47 years

18-Ellen E. WITHERALL, California, 3 years

18-George H. HILDEBRAND, California, 8 years

19-Minnie DENTON, California, 6 years

21-Florence J. HILL, California, 2 years

22-Kate MERKLEY, New York, 31 years

22-John F. CRONKITE, California, 7 years

23-Lucy SEAMAN, New York, 67 years

25-Chas. DONNELLY, Illinois, 4 years

26-Juana CERVANTES, California, 3 years

25-John YOUNG, Maine, 51 years

26-Ah Gut, China, 40 years

27-Kate BOICE, California, 1 year

28-John A. SWIFT, California, 2 years

31-Fred LAURIN, Canada, 22 years

31-John McALLISTER, Ireland, 42 years

31-Geneva SINGLETON, California, 3 months


1-James BARTON, Washington (D.C.), 87 years

1-Frank CANISALES, Mexico, 19 years

2-Mary S. MILLER, California, 4 years

4-Elizabeth BROWN, Nebraska, 14 years

5-Frank E. SPINNER, 11 months

5-Francois MITCHELL, France, 50 years

6-Wm. J. CONKRITE, California, 2 months

7-Martha L. KELLY, Massachusetts, 1 year

8-Indian girl, California, 18 years

8-Cora E. HUNT, Delaware, 8 years

8-G.W. THOMPSON, 15 years

9-W.H. MARTIN, California, 15 months

11-Francis RAMSAY, California, 15 months

11-W.H. LYNCH, California, 9 months

12-W.F. WALTBY, Illinois, 26 years

12-Moses ELKAM, France, 19 years

12-Jacob YATES, Iowa, 22 years

13-R. Matilda GROSS, California, 15 months

15-James HANNA, Missouri, 28 years

15-Sing Soy, China, 28 years

22- Maggie L. DOYLE, California, 4 years

2-Andrew J. RIGGS, Delaware, 42 years

24-Marion R. HEACOCK, California, 4 years

24-Hiram HADLOCK, Vermont, 60 years

27- ------- SHIRLEY, California, 18 months

27-George LEE, California, 25 days.

27-Nellie I. HOUSE, California, 8 months

29-George E. WALSH, California, 4 years

29-Lillie G. HERRICK, California, 20 months

29-Thos. C. BALTHROPE, California, 15 months

30-George THOMPSON, California, 4 years


4-Maria T. COOLOT, California, 11 months

4-Francisco SOTO, Mexico, 66 years

4-John CAMPBELL, Germany, 37 years

4-Eben WATSON, Iowa, 3 years

5-Bow Choe, China, 32 years

8-W.H. McCLURE, New York, 23 years

9-Elmer G. KLEES, California, 2 months

9-J.P. FARRAN, California, 8 months

10-E.H. McCARTY, California, 15 months

11-J.H. CULVER, Pennsylvania, 50 years

12-Mattie A. GRAY, Illinois, 6 months

12-Frank KERNS, New York, 22 years

12-James BENN, Vermont, 35 years

13-Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, California, 22 months

13-Alice MALTBY, Illinois, 13 months

14-Hattie C. MONDAY, Illinois, 16 years

14-Josiah J. WATSON, Pennsylvania, 46 years

16-Katy FINIGAN, California, 15 months

16-Jim (Indian), California, 10 years

16-Ty Choy (female), China, 25 years

20-W. WILLIAMS, Wales, 87 years

22-J.W. THOMPSON, Missouri, 24 years

23-Louisa P. KOENIG, California, 8 years

23-Laura M. SWINTERTON, 49 years

25-J.M. SMITH, New York, 30 years

25-Caroline BAKER, California, 3 months

26-Francis CRONKITE, Ohio, 30 years

26-Charles BAILEY (colored), California, 2 years

26-Wing Yeu, China, 60 years

27-Yet Yow, China, 26 years

27-Julia EILERS, California, 10 months

28-Percival P. MIXER, California, 4 years

28-Louisa CURTIS, Prussia, 41 years

29-Mary MILLETE, Prussia, 2 years

29-James LEONARD, California, 2 years

29-Lilly RAMSEY, California, 3 years

30-George V. WEAVER, California, 16 months

31-Frederick BARRY, California, 10 months

31-Mrs. J.E. LEARY, New York, 32 years

31-Sing Yek, China, 57 years

31-Unknown man, China, 35 years


1-B.F. FOLGER, New York, 50 years

1-W.D. FARRON, California, 3 years

2-Margaret J. THOMPSON, California, 8 months

3-Jane DAVIS, Virginia, 82 years

3-Meiki GRAY, Iowa, 16 years

4-Sarah E. LOWELL, California, 6 months

4-Joana LEMAN, Chile, 88 years

6-Mary NOLAND, California, 18 months

7-Louise DERBEC, France, 37 years

7-James M. McCLATCHY, California, 9 months

7-Caroline BALDWIN, Perc, 37 years

8- J.T. JACKSON, --------, 37 years

8-N.B. McKINNEY, Pennsylvania, 44 years

8-Andrea HUFTING, Germany, 38 years

11-Kung Meng, China, 37 years

11-Lucille A. DENEL, California, 7 years

13-Clara ROBINETT, Illinois, 80 years

13-Charles N. WALLACE, Ireland, 31 years

14-Lizzie DONAHUE, California, 4 years

15-Jose RODREGUES, Peru, 82 years

16-Frank PINTO, Bavaria, 32 years

18-Frank Brada, Fayal, 38 years

18-Tye Lung, China, 12 years

21-Robert GRIEVE, Michigan, 2 years

27-Augustus HUGHES, Pennsylvania, 8 years

27-Catherine CAMPBELL, New Brunswick, 35 years

28-Granville C. NICHOLS, Kentucky, 36 years

29-Charles A. GRIPE, California, 8 months

29-James DUNCAN, Illinois, 51 years

30-Philip CLAUDE, Canada, 24 years


1-James DOHERTY, Ireland, 28 years

9-Louisa HOFFMAN, Iowa, 8 years

10-Lucy NETTLETON, Ohio, 44 years

12-Rosa J. HATCH, California, 5 months

12-Mary A. TORREY, Maine, 89 years

12-Antonio GILAR, California, 14 months

16-Robert HENDERSON, Ireland, 32 years

16-Jane P. BRIGGS, Pennsylvania, 48 years

17-Margaret FOX, Ireland, 31 years

17-Sarah LUCAS, Nebraska, 3 years

18-Pue King, China, 57 years

19-Reu Amy BECKER, California, 21 months

28-Marina --------, California, 7 days

24-Pauline GRUHLER, California, 2 years

25-Paul FRISCKE, Prussia, 7 years

25-Sarah A. CASS, Canada, 16 years

26-Mary A. HILL, Illinois, 2 years

27-Graham MOORE, California, 8 months

28-George L. GROTH, California, 7 months

28-Henry ROBINSON, Ohio, 49 years

28-L.D. MARTIN, Massachusetts, 32 years


1-James REED, Ohio, 50 years

1-Frances H. RINDON, Ireland, 35 years

1-Thomas J. DONNELLY, Ireland, 31 years

2-Gilbert ALDRIDGE, Ireland, 36 years

3-George FISCHER, Germany, 46 years

3-Ban Tye, China, 36 years

4-Charlotte DESHIELL, France, 5 years

6-Edward DWYER, Ireland, 33 years

7-D. McD. BAILEY, California, 3 years

8-John COCHRAN, Pennsylvania, 56 years

11-Clara DURBEC, California, 6 years

14-Narcissa BARROW, Mississippi, 10 years

14-G.K. HENARIE, New Jersey, 36 years

17-Hattie HILDRETH, California, 2 years

19-Caroline A. RHODES, California, 2 years

19-Tung Wan, China, 46 years

29-Adelaide F. GUNN, Pennsylvania, 1 year

22-Unknown man (drowned ), 35

23-J.B. ROBBINS, Vermont, 52 years

24-John BROWN, Sweden, 40 years

24-Elijah ROBISON, Maryland, 56 years

26-William HAMILTON, Rhode Island, 34 years

27-A.D. FIELD, California, 2 years

28-Julia O’CONNELL, California, 8 months

29-Francis PIMPTON, Massachusetts, 26 years

29-Thos. D. BARROW, California, 5 years


1-Chow Qui (female), China, 25 years

2-Robert KIRK, Ireland, 49 years

3-Patrick MULDOON, Ireland, 40 years.

5-Mrs. Elizabeth PARK, England, 37 years

5-Gates POPE, New York, 28 years

5-Supposed to be Mathias SEGOLA

5-Catherine GLEASON, Ireland, 25 years

5-John SEAMAN, -------, 29 years

5-Justin HOAG

5-Mary Jane HANSON, Canada East, 31 years

5-Charles C. HANSON, Canada East, 9 ˝ years

5-Francis R. HANSON, California, 4 years

5- ------ ROBINSON

5-Unk’n supposed to be Mrs. VAN LANDINGHAM

5-Unknown man

6- ----- BLACK or BLANCH


6-Albert A. MEYERS, Italy, 49 years

6-Mary Jane GODEUS, Ireland, 19 years

6-Louisa LECHEY, Ireland, 23 years

6-James H. CLARK, Virginia, 35 years

6-W.N. HASKELL, Maine, 43 years

6-David GRAY, Maine, 52 years

6-William F. WILLIAMS, Wales, 35 years

6-Henry F.A. MEYER, Germany, 27 years

6-David DAVIS, Wales, 35 years

6-D.M. ANDERSON, -----, 35 years

6-Manuel M. BROOM, -------, *8 years

6- ------ JACOBS, ------, 30 years

6-Samuel W. GRUSH, Massachusetts, 45 years

6-Alexander DUBOIS, France, 30 years

6-Rev. James CALLAN, Ireland, 38 years

6-Geo. C. VAN LANDINGHAM, Missouri, 34 years

6-James CLUNEY, Ireland, 27 years


6-.F.G. ROSS, Kentucky, 39 years

6-James O’HARRA, Ireland

6-Charles NOLL, -----, 5 years


6-Chinaman, unknown

6-John STEILI, of Placer county

7-James RONAN, Ireland, 30 years


7-Manuel KING

7-Jessie G. BAKER, Vermont, 53 years

8-Infant of John BRADLEY, stillborn

8-Sarah A. BRADLEY, Louisiana, 29 years

8-Christian M. STREMMING, ----, 5 years

9-Charles Henry FEYHL, California, 23 days

9-Lizzie HARPER, -----, 3 years

12-John SEARCH, California, 2 years

12-Rosina KREUZBEYER, California, 2 years

13-Ophie N. BRAGG, Missouri, 24 years

16-Rosina ROMAN, California, 4 years

17-Bentha VARWIG, California, 8 years

11-Hubert BURGESS, Massachusetts, 30 years

12- ----- GILLESPIE, -------, 27 years

14-L.R. BLAKE, Ohio

14-Anna McGEE, Wisconsin, 19 years

15-L.P. DUGAN, Ireland, 27 years

18-P.B. HODGES, Virginia, 66 years

19-C.E. GODDARD, California, 5 years

20-Pablo ACOSTA, Mexico, 64 years

21-W.B. McKINLEY, Kentucky, 60 years

23-John RUGGLES, California, 7 years.

24-Mary A. SALIE, California, 16 months

25-Louisa MILLER, Germany, 27 years

25-Emma STEUDEMAN, California, 1 year

26-Infant of Mrs. C.L. WHITE, ----

26-Julia SNIDDY, California, 1 year

30-William A. LINDLEY, California, 10 months


1-Margaret SHAY, California, 10 months

3-Joseph LASHELLE, California, 8 days

3-Kate CONNELL, New York, 28 years

4-Priscilla YANTIS, Kentucky, ----

6-Caroline M. LOWNEY, Cal., 3 years, 8 months

6-Elizabeth DUFF, Isle of Man, 85 years

8-Jennie G. COHN, California, 7 days

10-Anna A. BIDLEMAN, California, 6 years.

11-Jane DOHERTY, California, 3 years

12-Ah Hee, California, 20 days

11-Jared BROWN, Ohio, ------

16-Arthur CAMAN, California, 8 months

17-R.F. SCOTT, Illinois, 30 years

17-Victoria MORALES, California, 18 months

18-Jeremiah MANSFIELD, England, 36 years

20-Catherine HAINOON, California, 4 months

21-Delbert DUSTIN, California, 8 years

22-Katherine KIRCHNER, Bavaria, 70 years

22-Bung Gong, China, 24 years

26-Cyrus BUNKER, Ohio, 34 years

27-George PIKE, England, 46 years

28-W.F. GORMAN, California, 4 years

28-Mary O’NEIL, California, 15 months

29-Thoms GRANT, Jamaica, 25 years

29-Julia GRIMES, Iowa, 40 years

29-James DAVIS, Pennsylvania, 42 years

30-Ida A. MAY, California, 3 months

31-Laurentz PFEIFFER, Germany, 88 years

31-Joseph FRANCIS, Portugal, 56 years


2-Infant of D. FINIGAN, California

4-Ambrose S. SULLIVAN, --------, 31 years

4-Leopold MARKS, California, 3 years

5-Michael LYCETT, Massachusetts, 21 years

5-Mary YATES, Chile, 28 years

5-Pastoria SULANES, Chile, 33 years

5-Louis LINDSEY, Virginia, 88 years

8-Emma B. FRIEND, Vermont, 49 years

8-Ah Som, China, 35 years

10-Chas. U. PRATT, California, 17 months

11-H.P. DAYTON, Wisconsin, 17 years

11-Virginia LOMBARD, California, 20 months

11-Garolamus SCOPINICH, Austria, 34 years

11-Margaret SLATTERY, Ireland, 30 years

12-W.P. TAYLOR, California, 5 months

12-Lucy HASTINGS, California 18 years

12-Nellie FRASER, California, 3 years

18-Infant of Jacob ARNOLD

14-Elizabeth COFFEE, California, 20 months

16-Ann O’CONNELL, Ireland, 56 years

17-Elinor KIRGAN, Illinois, 3 years

18-Chas. BEALS, California, 3 1/2 years

20-Jeremiah JOB, 44 years, Virginia

20-Lucie J. BRADY, 18 years, Australia

20-Ah Chip, 39 years, China

20-Margaret ANDERSON, 36 years, Scotland

22-Chas. W. SCOTT, 1 year, 10 months, California

23-Charley THOMPSON, 33 years, Sandwich Isl.

23-Ah Tye, 37 years, China

23-Ah Heue, 23 years, China

23-Sarah A. JOHNSON, 2 1/2 years. California

24-Chas. M. BURK, 7 years, California

25-Geo. K. ALEMAN, 29 years, New York

25-Anne C. KLEINHANS, 4 months, California

26-Mary A. JOHNSON, 1 year, 7 months, California

27-W.H. SMART, Ohio, 34 years

28-Matthew M. REID, New York, 34 years

29-John BANNON, Indiana, 28 years

30-J.W. BARNETT, California, 4 years


2-Wm. H. ROBINSON, Maryland, 49 years

3-Nettie STONE, California ,5 months

3-Hiram TUTTLE, New York, 42 years

3-Catherine M. O’CONNELL, California, 3 years

3-John ROWLAND, England, 29 years

4-Rosa LOMBARDI, California, 3 years

5-Hugh LEMOW, Canada, 31 years

5-James E. WETMORE, California, 7 months

11-Yu Son Chong, China, 34 years

13-John KURT, Switzerland, 53 years

14-Frank H. HARDING, Illinois, 17 years

16-Nellie BURKE, Massachusetts, 11 years

17-Infant son of A. HYNES, California

17-Louis ST. MARIE, France, 80 years

18-Frank KELLER, California, 8 years, 8 months

18-Herman MILLER, California, 11 months

20-John H. QUINN, 7 years

23-Alice McHALE, Ireland, 35 years

24-Kate McCLOY, Ireland, 35 years

24-Katy F.J. KELLER, California, 7 years

26-Isaiah JOHNSON, New York, 58 years

27-Elizabeth MICHENER, California, 1 year

28-John G. THAYER, Massachusetts, 35 years

28-Alexander TAYLOR, Scotland, 31 years

29-Josephine THOMAS, Germany, 46 years

29-Mary SCHWARTZ, Germany, 23 years



Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Monday, January 2, 1865, Page 6.

© 2006 Betty Loose.



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