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Sacramento Bee

Wednesday Evening February 2, 1870



  In this city, Jan. 31, William ATHERTON, of Calaveras county, to Agnes McMELLON.

  In San Francisco, Jan. 10, Frank KENNEDY to Emma F. HENDRICK.

  In San Francisco, Jan. 31, Alexander S. ARNOLD to Catherine L. DESMOND..

  In San Francisco, Jan. 30, Jacob PERBONER to Katy DeGROOT.

  In Auburn, Jan. 29, William M. GEFT, of Truckee, to Mrs. G.L. McCONNELL.

  In Stockton, Jan. 31, J.H. JONES to Charlotte KING.

Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Bee

Tuesday Evening April 26, 1870 


In this city, April 24, by Rev. C.P. POST, C.W. ZIMMERMAN to Catherine HOSELTON.

In this city, April 24, Hiram PERKINS to Nellie CROHAN.

In this city, April 25, by Rev. W.R. GOBER, Edward J. ROBERTSON to Eliza Viola PERRY.

In this city, April 23, by Rev. William H. HILL, Antonio KING to Louisa CAROLINA.

In San Francisco, April 23, Wm. McCLOUD to Esther CHILDS.

In San Francisco, April 23, Charles WATERS to Mrs. Lucinda M. McDUFF.

In San Francisco, April 24, Louis LACHMAN to Miriam BOWMAN.

In Austin, Nev., April 20, J.M. TABER to Celia McKIMMINS. 

Submitted by Betty Loose

Sacramento Bee

Monday Evening March 7, 1870 


In San Francisco, March 1, James KANE to Anna M. MURRAY.

In San Francisco, March 2, Redding SPEIGHTS to Namehoka JUDAH.

In San Jose, March 3, Benjamin DANIELS to Elizabeth CREWS.

In Placerville, March 2, Ah CHUNG to Sing TUOY.

In Redwood City, March 2, James C. McELROY to Mary Ann McFARLAND.

On Dry Creek, Amador county, March 3, John P. SURFACE to Emma STREETER.

In Petaluma, Feb. 24, John M. FREEMAN to Mrs. E.J. CASHDOLLAR.

In Marysville, March 1, P.P. POLLEY to Maria KEENAN.

In Santa Cruz, Feb. 27, John CLAFFEY to Mary A. JOHNSON. 


Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Bee

Monday Evening May 2, 1870



  In this city, May 2, by A.H. LYNCH, Justice of the Peace, Hiram GERMOND to Mary HOBBS.

  In San Francisco, April 28, Samuel PLATT, Jr., to Julia WOODWARD.

  In San Francisco, April 27th, Emil Von GARDANOSKY to Fanny GOODWIN.

  In San Francisco, April 28, Murdoch GILLIS to Christiana McDONALD.

  In San Francisco, April 24, H. Burr HOWARD to Lizzie P. NORTHRUP.

  In Sant Cruz, April 23, David M. SELLECK to Christina RUDOLF.

  In Napa, April 18, E.D. BRADSHAW to Alice MAGILL.

  At Cherokee Flat, April 3, Francis E. SMITH to Mrs. Albina BEARSE.

  In Monterey, April 26, Nelson D. PAGE, to Eliza HARRIS.

  In South San Juan, April 25, Miguel CONTRERAS to Margarita VALENCIA.

  In South San Juan, April 25, Nicholas DAVIS to Isabel SMITH.

  In Pajaro, April 18, M. SPRAGUE to Mildred A. BURNETT.

  In Virginia City, April 21, Peter SYKES to Lizzie QUIERY.

  In Jordan valley, L.T., April 17, John FARNEMAN to Mrs. M.E. DIKEMAN, of Chico.


Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Bee

Saturday Evening, June 18, 1870



  In Mendocino township, Sonoma county, William FRY to Mary Jane HAM.

  In Cloverdale, June 12, William CALDWELL to Elizabeth BEATTY.

  In Mendocino City, June 8, Charles K. JENNER to Caroline E. COMSTOCK

Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Bee

Wednesday Evening, November 2, 1870



  In this city, Nov. 1, by A. HENLEY, Police Judge, Ah Sing to Si Kim.

  In San Francisco, Oct. 30, Elkan ULMER to Caroline GREENBERG.

  In San Francisco, Oct. 30, George HANSON to Mathilda HEINSOHN.

  In San Francisco, Oct. 30, John HILDEBRADT to Juliane RIEGELHUTH.

  In San Francisco, Oct. 30, Conrad HEINS to Lizzie MYERS.

  In San Francisco, Oct. 27, Pierre DREYDEUN to Ellen McCOURT.

  Near Ellis’ Station, San Joaquin county, Oct .30, Robert SHEPLEY Jr., to Maggie JORDEN.

  In Yuba county, Oct. 31, W.A. FINDLEY, of Dry Creek, to Julia LANDRIGAN, of Timbuctoo.

Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Evening Bee

Thursday Evening, November 3, 1870



  In Stockton, Nov. 1 - Charles O. IVORY, to Rebecca Jane TREDWAY.

  In Farmington, Oct. 30, Louis A. IRONS to Mrs. Mary GILBERT.

  In Salinas, Oct. 23, S.P. CARTER to Josephita RICHARDSON.

  Near Salinas, Oct. 26, John B. CAMPBELL to Mary Isabel MITCHELL.

  In Virginia, Nev., Oct. 30, W.B. HALLEGAN to Mrs. S.M. BAKER.

  In Elko, Nev., Oct. 27, Antoine HAZEE to Annie DENNIS.


Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Bee

Friday Evening, November 4, 1870



  In Rio Vista, Nov. 1, James MEYERS to Evelina KEEHAGAN.

  In Eureka, Humboldt county, Oct. 30, Joseph MIDDLEMISS, of San Francisco, to Georgiana WALSH.

  In Suisun, Oct. 31, James SMYTHE to Badilla Louisa KILLORAN.

  In Galena, Oct. 31, D.B. HIGGINS to Cora V. BENNETT, formerly of Sacramento.

Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Bee

Saturday Evening, November 5, 1870



  In this city, Nov. 4, by Rev. Matthias GOETHE, Richard MALONE to M. Elizabeth BAUER.

  In this city, Nov. 3, by Rev. H.B. HEACOCK, Henry G. ROBINSON, of Stockton, to Mary A. SMITH, of Massachusetts.

  In this city, Oct. 13, Rev. J.R. YOUNG, Thomas C. CAMPBELL, of W.L., to Arrena FREEMAN, of Baltimore.

  In San Francisco, Nov. 3, William R. TOWNSEND to Alice C. ALLEN.

  In San Francisco, Nov. 3, H.L. CHAMBERLAIN to M. Wallace SMITH.

  In Healdsburg, Oct. 29, Louis MAZOTA to Ellen ADAMSON.

  In Virginia, Nev., Nov. 1, Henry M. JEWETT to Emily C. MORGAN.


Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Bee

Monday Evening, November 7, 1870



  In San Francisco, Nov. 3, Capt. S. TRIPLER, U.S.A. to Emilie A. ABELL.

  In Santa Rosa township, Oct. 28, D.G. HAWKING to Willie SPURR.

  In Santa Rosa, Nov. 2, Eugene H. LIGHT, to Nannie E. ROBINSON.

  In Colusa county, Oct. 31, Dr. M.W. THOMAS to Ednie POWELL.

  Near Comanche, Oct. 31, John B. THORP to Jennie ZIMMERMAN.

  In Watsonville, Oct. 30, William DUNLAP to Rebecca L. WILKINS.

  In Watsonville, Oct. 30, Charles BUSH to Emma GILKEY.


Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Bee

Thursday Evening, November 10, 1870



  In San Jose, Nov. 6, Marcellus D. PEARL to Mary A. KELLEY.

  At Lower Kings river, Oct. 30, Thomas H. McNAMEE to Thetis ORTEN.

  In Gold Hill, Nev., Nov. 5, John GLEASON to Johanna MAHONEY.

Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Bee

Monday Evening, November 14, 1870




  In San Francisco, Nov. 10, Emanuel SHERMAN, of Pacheco, to Mrs. Maria CRUISE.

  In San Francisco, Nov. 7, Martial HAINQUE to Mary Ann BURKE.

  At Bishop Creek, Oct. 23, F.S. GUNTER to Almeda POWERS.

  At Bishop Creek, Oct. 23, James CHAMBERLAIN to Ida BOWERS.

  At Garden Ranch, Butte county, Nov. 6, G.B.B. McGRANAHAN to Mrs. Mary TETTER.

  In Wyandotte, Butte county, Nov. 10, J.M. WILSON to Jane THATCHER.

  In Santa Rosa, Nov. 9, George W. STEVENS to Hattie C. ROGERS.

  In Chico, Oct. 6, C.G. WOOD to Belle MUNJAR.

  At Manzanita Flat, Trinity river, Nov. 8, James MULANE to Lucy KEELEY.

  Near Amador City, Nov. 4, G.W. ENDFIELD to Mary M. GILLETTE.

  Near Camanche, Oct. 31, John THORPE to Jenny ZIMMERMAN.

  In Napa, Nov. 4, Lycergus GILBERT to Melvina J. LANCEFORD.

  In Napa, Nov. 7, T.N. MOUNT to Jenna JERKINS.

  In Napa, Nov. 6, L.F. MALLORY to M.J. ROBERTS.

  In Virginia City, Nev., Nov. 11, Philo BELLINGER to Sarah GAINES.

  In Austin, Nev., Nov. 6, T.S. PRICE to Lizzie TODD.


Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Daily Union

Monday Morning, July 31, 1871



  In San Francisco, July 13th, Robert MURRAY to Hattie M. JACKSON.

  In San Francisco, July 21st, P---- H. DAVIS to Ida A. FERGUSON.

  In San Francisco, July 26th, Isaac GOVE to Lizzie _______.

  In St. Helena, July 26th, J.C. HOWARD to Druscilla SPENCER.

  In Gold Hill, Nev., July 23d, T.J. BOLES to Madge A. FITZGERALD.

  In Truckee, July 22d, B. JONES to Maggie A. STEWART.

  In Santa Cruz, July 23d, Captain John QUINN to Hattie H. OWENS.

  In Santa Cruz, July 18th, Wm. H. MOORE to Helen M. MERRILL.

  In Santa Cruz, July 15th, Edmund W. THOMPSON to Annie KETTLE.                         

  In Santa Cruz, July 15th, Samuel FRANCES to Nancy MORTON.

  In Alameda, July 21st, Thos. D. BARNSTEAD to Catharine NEARY.

  In Oroville, July 23d, Geo  KAMMETI to Mikela OSMENTA

  In Hamilton, Nev., Martin P. BOSS to Laura S. GALLAGHER.

Submitted by Betty Loose
Daily Bee
Sacramento, Monday Evening, October 9, 1871
In this city ,Oct. 6, by H. LEWIS, Justice of the Peace, S. ROBBINS to Rachel MILLER.
In this city, Oct. 8, by Rev. Mathias GOETHE, Edwin Alfred LIVERSEDGE to Annetta BLODGETT.
In San Francisco, Oct. 6, Osin McNEILL to Mary MAY, of Livermore Valley.
In San Francisco, Oct. 5, Dr. Joseph R. JACKSON to Josephine LLOYD, of Gold Run.
In San Francisco, Oct. 7, Charles M. MOSHER to Mary A. JONES.
In San Francisco, Sept 16, J.A. HASTE to Laura D. DeYOUNG.
In St. Helena, Oct. 4, Lilburn A. BOGGS to Coloma ELGIN.
In Napa, Sept. 29, Wm. TRAVIS to Mrs. Jane LUNCEFORD.
In Napa, Oct. 1, Nelson N. SHORES to Martha McCOMBS.
In Nicolaus, Oct. 5, James R. LITTLE to Allie ORR.
In Downieville, Sept. 17, S.D. NOLAND to Rosa RILEY.
In Santa Rosa, Oct. 1, Charles D. FRAZER to Isabella I. DAVIDSON.
In San Mateo, Oct. 1, Richard RICE to Mary F. ELLERT.
In Shasta, Oct. 2, Jos. A. DUNHAM to Ellen N. ROLLINS.
In Virginia City, Nev., Oct. 2, John R. DARLING to J.M. CASE.
Submitted by Betty Loose


Daily Bee

Sacramento, Friday Evening, November 3, 1871





In this city, Nov. 2, by Rev. George NEWTON, R.G. HATCH, of Sacramento, to Lois OLDS, of Yolo county.

In San Francisco, Nov. 1, Fred KNAPPE to Gertrude LOOSE.

In Brownville, Oct. 25, Robert L. WHITEACRE to Mary J. EASTON.

In Placerville, Oct. 16, D.W.C. BENJAMIN to Nancy B. GROVER.

In Anderson Valley, Oct. 15, John REILLY to Mary WURST.

Submitted by Betty Loose


Daily Bee
Sacramento, Monday Evening, November 6, 1871 
In San Francisco, Nov. 1, W.W. THOMPSON, of Napa, to Hattie J. EASTABROOK.
In San Francisco, Nov. 2, B.W. BROWN to Henrietta McCLELLAN.
In San Francisco, Nov. 2, Hiram THORNE to Ann M. ANDREWS.
In San Francisco, Nov. 3, Jerome B. POST to Lizzie OSBORN.
In Watsonville, Nov. 1, W.H. BASKERVILLE to Alice HUNT.
In Lone Tree Valley, Oct. 15, M.C. WHITEHOUSE to Mrs. R.T. ROBBINSON.
In Sutter county, Oct. 29, A. ANDERSON to Mrs. America PARIS.
At Judge Daly’s ranch, Colusa county, Oct. 22, John M. BELL to Kate DALY.
In Inyo county, Oct. 24, John B. WHITE to Sarah A.E. BAKER.
Submitted by Betty Loose


Daily Bee

Sacramento, Wednesday Evening, November 15, 1871



  In San Francisco, Nov. 12, Nathaniel E. SUSAND to Mrs. Caroline SMITH.

  In San Francisco, Nov. 12, Herman SCHWARTZ, of Napa, to Lizzie FLEISHMAN.

  In San Francisco, Nov. 9, Fletcher A. WILLETT, of Sonoma, to Ettie REILLY.

  In Drytown, Nov. 18, James O. TAYLOR, to Fannie J. McKEE.

  In Stockton, Nov. 13, Wm. C. WHITE to Sarah A. SAWYER.

  In Nevada City, Nev. 12, John D. GRIBBLE to Ettie LANGTON.


Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Daily Bee

Monday Evening, January 12, 1874



  In Colusa, Jan. 9, John H. SIENING to Rebecca McCRACKEN.

  In San Francisco, Jan. 9, R.S. TALBOT to Abbie U. CUMMINGS.

  At Mokelumne Hill, Jan. 4, J.D. WALTERS to Catherine SMITH.

  In San Andreas, Jan. 8, Jos. ONETO to Caroline REVERA.

  In Virginia, Nev., Jan. 6, C.P. WOODCOCK to Mary A. HESTER.

  In Sonora, Jan. 5, Dan’l L. JOHNSON to M.A. McCANN.

  At Deer Flat, Tuolumne county, James BALLENTINE to Mrs. Margaret O’NEILL.


Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Bee

Friday Evening, June 5, 1874



  In this city, June 4, by Rev. J.E. DwinellL, John A. McINTIRE to Henrietta SLATER, all of Sacramento.

  In this city, at the Capital Hotel, June —, by Rev. H. TAYLOR, Wm. E. STRIPLIN, of Dixon, to Mattie H. McCOY, of Rocklin.

  In Santa Clara, June 2, James LEGGETT to Lizzie WIDNEY.

Submitted by Betty Loose


The Sacramento Bee

Tuesday Evening

September 22, 1874



  In this city, September 21, at the residence of L. POWERS, by Rev. Jas. McCOY, Frank H. LAMB to Sallie L. ADAMS.

  In this city, September 20, by the Rev. M. GOETHE, John T. LEWIS, of Capay Valley, Yolo county, to Henrietta POPERT, of Sacramento.

  In San Francisco, September 20, Edwin ANGWIN, formerly of Sacramento, to Elvira E. MENDENHALL, of Colfax.

  In San Francisco, September 17, James DUFFEE to Margaret L. LEWIS.

  In Meadow Valley, Plumas county, Sept. 16, Thomas L. HAGGARD to Lizzie E. HAYCOCK.
Submitted by Betty Loose




Sacramento Daily Union

Monday, January 4, 1875




Sacramento, Dec. 21 - By Rev. Harry TAYLOR, John A. McMILLEN, of San Francisco, to Clara BURK, of this city.

San Francisco, Jan 1 - J.P. JONES to Georgie F. SULLIVAN

San Francisco, Dec. 31 - J. TORREY, Jr., to Emma TABOR.

San Francisco, Dec. 30 - M.P. BROWN to Florence VINCENT.

San Francisco, Dec. 30 - F.I. CUTTER to Mary T. ABRANN.

Virginia, Nev., Jan. 1 - G. FLEWELIN to Ellen KENNEDY.

North Bloomfield, Dec. 25 - Thomas RICHARDS to Mary Ann WILLIAMS.

Santa Cruz, Dec. 23 - John E. HOLMES to Annie KRAUL.

Vallejo, Jan. 2 - Wm. PEACEMAKER to Annie GRATTAN.

Marysville, Dec. 21 - By Rev. Dr. MATTHEWS, Seth. S. BOYNTON, of Elko, Nev., to Kate HUTCHINS, of Butte co.

Marysville township, Jan. 1 - Abie DRUM to Ransom McMILLAN.

Marysville, Dec. 30 - H.P. WILLIAMS to Catherine KNECHT.

Marysville, Dec. 30 - Angus McINTYRE to Flora L. LEAMAN.

Brownsville, Dec. 12 - Frank P. EVANS to Amelia CHITTENDEN.

Chico, Dec. 31 - T.C. INKE to Susannah A. CAMPBELL.

Cana, Butte co., Dec. 30 - W.H. BABCOCK to Mary HALL.

Stockton, Dec. 31 - John L. WOODMAN to Susan W. DOLL.

Stockton, Dec. 29 - A.W. BIGLOW to Alzada ALLISON.

San Leandro, Dec. 29 - C.L. BOYERS to Addie J. WARD.

Jackson, Dec. 24 - M.M. NICHOLS to Almeda HARMAN.

Jackson, Dec. 25 - J.T. LAWRENCE to Elisa P. MOON.

Near Amador city, Dec. 29 - David RETTAGLEATI to Chira CUNSO.

Merced, Dec. 24 - M.T. HUBBARD to Harriet A. JONES.

Yankee Jim, Dec. 29 - T.G. DURNING to Mary WELDEN.

Auburn, Dec. 25 - W.N. BISSETT to Isabella STEVENS.

San Jose, Dec. 31 - T.C. WILD to Maggie D. DIMICK.

San Jose, Dec. 31 - T.B. DAWSON to Mary E. PLATT.

La Honda, San Mateo co., Dec. 30 - C.L. SEARS to Ada J. SEARS.

Woodland, Dec. 27 - Silas COTTRELL to Hattie E. SMITH.

Lakeport, Dec. 30 - G.H. WHITE to Alice G. GREENE.

Guerneville, Dec. 24 - David E. GEORGE to Joanna E. BEAVER.

Near Healdsburg, Dec. 26 - John PRICE to Mrs. M.A. RICHARDS.

Cloverdale, Dec. 23 - John WINTERBURN to Annie SYKES.

Sulphur Creek, Colusa co., Dec. 21 - W.H.C. BARTLETT to Mrs. M.A. SIMMONS.

Freshwater, Colusa co., Dec. 29 - O.E.M. HOWARD to Emma J. RICE.

Sherman Island, Dec. 26 - J. LARSEN to Mary McCALL.

Garotte, Dec. 25 - M. NOZIGLIA to Rosa CASSARETTA.


Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Daily Union

Monday, January 11, 1875



San Francisco, Jan. 7 - Henry H. WHITING to Sophie RINGOLD.

San Francisco, Jan. 1 - Jacob MACON to Carrie M. WADLEIGH.

San Francisco, Dec. 31 - Wm. JACKSON to Lizzie FARLEY.

Petaluma, Dec. 31 - J.S. COGDON to Annie GAGE.

Donahue, Jan. 1 - Wm. COTTER to Jennie GALBRAITH.

Petaluma, Jan. 1 - G.B. GREEN to Annie M. STANLEY.

Santa Rosa township, Dec. 23 - J.C. HARRIS to Martha J. LOCKE.

Santa Rosa township, Dec. 17 - Silas WELLER to Mrs. Sarah M. ROBINSON.

Stockton, Jan. 7 - S. TROJA to Margarita ORDIZZI.

Stockton, Jan. 7 - Ben. G. WHITE to Louisa ZACKARY.

Railroad Flat, Calaveras co., Jan. 5 - F.J. HARRINGTON to Sophie L. BUYCK.

Reading Creek, Trinity co., Dec. 27 - Abial W. SMITH to Almah SEARS.

Red Bluff, Dec. 24 - P.F. GERSTENBURG to Leopoldin KNECHT.

Chico, Jan. 7 - S.G. BRAGG to Mrs. Tabitha A. ROBERTS.

Tehama, Jan. 2 - E.N. DUNLAP to Mrs. Emeline WARREN.

Gilroy, Jan. 3 - W.H. PARKER to Mrs. Amanda SLOAT.

Columbia, Dec. 24 - Francis GRUCHY to Mary A. WILLOUGHBY.

Winnemucca, Nev. Jan. 2 - W.L. PECK to Mrs. S.A. ELY.

Belmont, Nev., Dec. 31 - Davis W. MEAD to Mary A. PURDY.

Virginia, Nev., Jan. 7 - E. CHANDLER to Helen F. FOWLE.

Virginia, Nev., Jan.7 - W. JAMES to Amelia HELBING.


Submitted by Betty Loose



The Bee, Sacramento

Tuesday Evening February 2, 1875 



In this city, January 30, by Rev. Harry TAYLOR, at the Sacramento Seminary, Professor Elemer DRAKE, of Cacheville, to Sarah DAVENPORT, of Sacramento.  

In this city, January 16, by Rev. Harry TAYLOR, James P. RAINBOW to Augusta E. CULVER, all of Sacramento.

In San Francisco, January 27, T. MACE to Rose BAILEY.

In San Francisco, January 28, J. KENEALY to Kate FINN.

In San Francisco, January 29, W. HARDING to Hareanne FINN.

In Winnemucca, January 23, Andrew BENSON to Mary V. NORTHROP.


Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Bee

Monday Evening March 29, 1875



  In this city, March 27, by John HEARD, J.P., Chas. ELISELL to Ellen A. WOOLLEY, all of       Sacramento.

  In San Jose, March 27, C. BARTELSMAN to Adela BARGMAN.

  In Chico, March 23, B.F. WOOD to Ellen FRAZER.

  In San Jose, March 25, Wm. BROWN to Mrs. Martha WILSON.

  In Auburn, March 21, John PERHAN to Lizzie SHILLINS.

  In Jacinto, March 22, L. Mortimer NAGEL to Mrs. Katie LOVETT.

  In Wheatland, March 21, W.D. BROWN to Florence May DUDLEY.

  Near Shingle SPRINGS, March 25, John L. HOUX to Mary Viola GRAY.


Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Daily Union

Friday, October 15, 1875



San Francisco, October 12 - Theophil STROZYNSKI to Mary KILJANSKA.

Stockton, October12 - Daniel L. MILLER to Anna C. SCHIMMELPFENNIG.

Oakland, October 13 - Daniel E. DOWLING to Jennie W. THOMAS.

Susanville, October 7 - Charles P. PORTER to Amanda POWERS.

Sawyer’s Bar, September 30 - Wm. H. QUIGLEY to Rosa E. BARRY.


Submitted by Betty Loose



Sacramento Daily Record-Union

Thursday, December 21, 1876




Cloverdale, December 17---M. E. C. Munday to Pemelia Linville

Fresno, December 17,---Augustus F. Witthouse to Percy Dennis

Oakland, December 16---James L. Tyson to Emma Kentzeil

San Francisco, December 16---Harlan P. McGuire to Marietta Claughley

San Francisco, December 18---Patrick Whelan to Kate A. Cullum.

Submitted by Nancy Pratt Melton


Sacramento Bee

Monday Evening, April 30, 1877



  In this city, April 25, by Rev. M.C. BRIGGS, A.G. PATTON of Los Angeles county to Vina SMITH of Roseburg, Oregon.

  In Los Angeles, April 25, R.H. DALTON to Carrie A. HEREFORD.

  In Oakland, April 26, W.W. GARTHWAITE to Mary L. MASON.

  In Woodland, April 25, James SHIELDS to Mary HENDERSON.

  In Elmira, April 23, Alexander FERGUSON to Adelaide C. CRIPPS.



Submitted by Betty Loose



Daily Bee, Sacramento

Saturday Evening, November 17, 1877



In San Francisco, November 11, H.W. H. BILLINGS to Mrs. R.L. PRESTON.

In San Francisco, November 15, J.M. JOHNSON to Frankie F. FORCADE.

In Davisville, November 14, J.A. SIKES to Margaret ANDREWS.

In Santa Rosa, November 14, J.M. HENDRICKS to Lizzie M. ALLEN.

In Oroville, November 1_, J.W. HOLLIDAY to Julie E. WILSON.

In Modesto, November 11, B. SORIA to Catalina SORIA.

Submitted by Betty Loose


Sacramento Bee

Monday Evening June 24, 1878 



In this city, June 19, by Rev. E.H. WARD, at the residence of the bridegroom, O.N. CRONGITE to Miss Emeline S. ELLIS. (No cards)

In San Francisco, June 20, Geo. O. IRVIN to Mary J. MOTTE.

In Oroville, June 15, Robert W. SMITH to Sallie T. SPARKS.

In Colusa, June 18, J. Frank WHARTON to Mrs. Fannie B. TURNER.

In Colusa, June 13, Charles MULLETT to Mir. Fannie SAFFELL.

In Nevada City, June 16, Richard WASSON to Alice CLARKE.


Submitted by Betty Loose


Daily Bee - Sacramento

Monday Evening September 30, 1878 



In Santa Cruz, September 26, Richard W. HOFF to Flora BENNETT.

In Healdsburg, September 19, Wm. T. ALLEN to Mrs. Lucinda RACKLIFF.

In Auburn, September 21, W. RITTENGER to Mary SPRING.   

In San Rafael, September 22, David H.McCANISH to Fannie PERHAM.

In San Rafael, September 19, Wm. SALE to Elizabeth WALTON. 


Submitted by Betty Loose





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