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Sacramento Blue Book Directory, 1924

Source: The San Francisco Blue Book and Club Directory, 1924
Jed J. Hoag and Arthur H. Page, Publishers, San Francisco, California, 1924

ANDERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Alden, 2101 H. (Main 4288).
ANDERSON, Miss Kathryn, 2101 H. (Main 4288).
ATKINS, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 1552 34th St., Sacramento (Capital 1165-M).
BAKER, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ross, 2311-U St., Sacramento (Main 5970).
BALDWIN, Dr. and Mrs. William H., 1130 N. St., Sacramento (Main 97).
BARNARD, Dr. and Mrs. Harold D., 2001 G. St., Sacramento (Main 1114).
BEARD, Mrs. M.R. (Lillie L.), 2104 M. St., Sacramento (Main 874).
BEARDSLEE, Mr. and Mrs. William E.M., Woodland, Yolo Co. (Main 71-F-2).
BENNETT, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson D., 1330 39th Ave., Sacramento (Capital 26).
BETTENS, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, Hotel Sacramento, 10th and K. (Main 900).
BETTENS, Mr. Rudolph, Hotel Sacramento, 10th and K. (Main 900).
BIEWENGER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., 1123 L. (Main 2605-J).
BILLS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B., 1320 39th Ave., Sacramento (Capital 120).
BONTZ, Mr. and Mrs. Lewey E., 1731 I. (Main 1188).
BORREE, General James J., State Capitol Bldg., Sacramento. (Main 4300).
BOSS, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Crane, 2615 K. St., Sacramento (Main 4046).
BOYD, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C., 1227 L. St., Sacramento (Main 4143).
BRADFORD, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B., 1550 39th (Cutter) Av., (Capital 929).
BRADLEY, Mr. and Mrs. George J., 1615 28th St., Sacramento (Capital 892-M).
BREUNER, Mr. and Mrs. Louis F., 4110 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento (Capital 314).
BRIGGS, Dr. and Mrs. Wallace A., 2015 21st (Main 1639).
BRIGGS, Dr. and Mrs. William Ellery, 2209 M. (Main 1257).
BROOKE, Mr. and Mrs. Morris, Rancho Del Paso, N. Sacramento (Main 4476-M).
BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S., 1515 L. (Main 523).
BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. John Q., 2425 M. St., Sacramento (Main 2613).
BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. John Q., Jr., 2425 M. St., Sacramento (Main 2613).
BRUNSCHWILER, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I., 1801 K. St., Sacramento (Main 3707J).
BRYTE, Mrs. George J. (Georgia), 423 11th St., Sacramento (Main 2065-R).
BURNETT, Judge and Mrs. Albert G., 4701 T St., Sacramento (Capital 487W).
BUTLER, Mr. and Mrs. John W.S., 1114 39th Ave., Sacramento (Capital 279W).
CALDER, Mr. and Mrs. George J., 1524 27th St., Sacramento (Capital 694W).
CAMERON, Dr. and Mrs. Howard McD., Hotel Sacramento, 10th and K (Main 900).
CARLY, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence, 2666 Donner Av., Sacramento (Capital 353).
CARMICHAEL, Mr. and Mrs. D.W., 2030 23rd (Main 323).
CHAMBERS, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 2705 H. St., Sacramento (Main 1488W).
CHAMBERS, Mr. and Mrs. Vactor T., 2719 P (Main 4214-J).
CHIPMAN, Judge Norton P., State Capitol Bldg., Sacramento (Main 4300).
CHITTENDEN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., 2231 I (Main 2166-J).
CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 1901 H St., Sacramento (Main 5978M).
CLAUSS, Mr. and Mrs. John, 710 21st St., Sacramento (Main 1447).
COLCLOUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley K., 2650 21st St., Sacramento (Capital 873J).
COTTER, Mr. Claude C., 2618 O St., Sacramento (Main 1323R).
COX, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J., 825 H. St., Sacramento (Main 49).
CREW, Mr. and Mrs. James E., 2147 Portola Way, Sacramento (Capital 42).
CROUGH, Miss Mary C., 1406 H St., Sacramento (Main 1828-J).
CURTIS, Mrs. William A. (Mary H.) 2030 M St., Sacramento (Main 407).
CURTIS, Mr. William A., Jr., 2030 M St., Sacramento (Main 407).
CUTTER, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 2620 Curtis Way, Sacramento (Capital 569-W).
DAY, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S., Del Dayo Farm, Sacramento Co., Cal.
DEAN, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L., 1216 39th (Cutter) Av., Sacramento (Capital 471-J).
DEVLIN, Mr. and Mrs. Robert T., 2731 M (Main 1844).
DEVLIN, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 1214 O (Main 893).
DIGGS, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, Haggin Grant, N. Sacramento, Cal. (Main 86-F-12).
DILLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., 1214 N. (Main 875).
DILLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Michael J., 4705 T St., Sacramento (Capital 880-M).
DILLON, Dr. and Mrs. G. Parker, 2405 M St., Sacramento (Main 195).
DRESCHER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B., 2120 G. (Main 4164).
DRIVER, Mr. and Mrs. B. Frank, 3949 I St., Sacramento (Capital 615-W).
DRIVER, Mr. and Mrs. Philip S., 2019 21st (Main 1405).
DRIVER, Mr. Robert S., 2019 21st (Main 1405).
DUFFICY, Dr. and Mrs. George W., 2119 H (Main 565).
DUNTON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 1711 L (Main 2924).
DWYER, Mr. Francis T., Sutter Club, 331 J (Main 217).
ELKUS, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, 1128 40th St., Sacramento (Capital 200).
ENNIS, Mr. Scott F., Thayer Apts., (Main 1424) or Sutter CLub, 331 J (Main 217).
FANCHER, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B., 2800 18th St., Sacramento (Capital 1148-J).
FITZPATRICK, Mr. Frank E., 1417 13th St. or Sutter Club, Sacramento.
FOLGER, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G., 714 21st, Sacramento. (Main 2283W).
FOX, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, 1502 10th (Main 260).
GERBER, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H., 2350 Stockton Blvd. (Capital 24).
GERBER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 2206 Stockton Blvd (Capital 11).
GERBER, Mr. and Mrs. William E., 1430 N St., Sacramento (Main 517).
GILLIS, Mrs. James L. (Kate), 2121 21st St., Sacramento (Main 5996).
GORDON, Mr. and Mrs. Chester R., 1110 N St., Sacramento (Main 3584W).
GOVAN, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 1503 13th St., Sacramento (Main 1947-R).
GRAU, Mr. and Mrs. Herman W.H., 3415 4th Av., Sacramento (Capital 393).
HALE, Mrs. E.W. (Birdenia-Lee), 1300 H St., Sacramento (Main 653).
HART, Dr. and Mrs. Aden C., 2131 H (Main 222).
HART, Judge and Mrs. Elijah C., 2503 K (Main 3872-J).
HATFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Victor L., 2227 L (Main 139).
HAWK, Mr. and Mrs. Elbridge L., 2204 M St., Sacramento (Main 213).
HEESEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J., Hotel Sacramento, Sacramento, Cal or Hotel Oakland, Cal.
HEILBRON, Mrs. August (Louise R.), 704 O (Main 1601).
HEILBRON, Mr. Henry A., Jr., 1540 39th (Cutter) Av., Sacramento (Capital 191-W).
HEILBRON, Mr. and Mrs. Irving L., 701 21st, Sacramento (Main 2876).
HEILBRON, Mr. and Mrs. Otto F., 722 L St., Sacramento (main 2184-W).
HENDERSON, Mr. and Mrs. James J., Jr., 618 22d (Main 4189).
HEROLD, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph A., 2100 22nd St., Sacramento (Main 5956).
HEVENER, Mr. and Mrs. William C., 1815 K St., Sacramento (1676-J).
HOPKINS, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 2826 K St., Sacramento (Main 4000W).
HOWE, Mr. and Mrs. S. Luke, 2201 21st St., Sacramento (Main 5945).
HOWE, Mr. William S., 2009 T St., Sacramento (Main 2737).
HUDNUTT, Mr. and Mrs. George D., 2031 T (Main 1014).
HUGHES, Mr. and Mrs. Charles C., 2228 N St., Sacramento (main 1385W).
HUGHES, Mrs. J.W. (Nellie S.), 1509 14th (Main 510).
HUNTOON, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E., 1317 15th (Main 552).
ING, Mr. and Mrs. John C., 719 F St., Sacramento (Main 1666W).
JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. William F., 1622 G St., Sacramento (Main 1583M).
JORDAN, Mrs. E.C. (Mary B.), 1111 D. (Main 1496-J).
JORDAN, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C., Auburn, Placer Co., Cal. (Auburn 96).
JORDAN, Mr. and Mrs. William Pope, 2675 Curtis Way, Sacramento (Capital 1076-R).
KEEGAN, Mrs. J.J. (Martha L.), 2114 N St., Sacramento (Main 5748-R).
KELLER, Mr. and Mrs. Llewelyn B., 2116 L St., Sacramento (Main 3742W).
KIESEL, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W., 1236 N (Main 88).
KINGSBURY, Mr. and Mrs. William S., 2116 V St., Sacramento (Main 5359-W).
KIRK, Mr. and Mrs. Harry S., 1623 H (Main 639).
KLEINSORGE, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E., 1800 J (Main 3392).
KLEINSORGE, Mr. and Mrs. William E., 1423 H (Main 304).
KNOX, Mrs. Harriet A., 916 G (Main 542).
LARUE, Mrs. J.E. (Adeline E.), 1606 H St., Sacramento (Main 2150R).
LARUE, Mr. and Mrs. John R., 2128 V St., Sacramento (Main 1728-J).
LAVENSON, Mr. and Mrs. Gus, 2020 22nd (Main 320).
LINDLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A., 2943 22d St., Sacramento (Capital 821).
LITTLEFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D., 1225 F St., Sacramento (Main 2539M).
LOIZEAUX, Dr. and Mrs. Edouard S. (Sacramento, Cal, 801 I St.)
MARTIN, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic L., 2950 22nd St., Sacramento (Capital 447-J).
McANEAR, Mr. and Mrs. S.F., 2230 M (Main 3314).
McCLATCHY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K., 1217 24th St., Sacramento (Main 2402-J).
McCLATCHY, Mr. and Mrs. Harold J., 1431 8th, Sacramento (main 1247).
McCLATCHY, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine S., 2207 J St., Sacramento (Main 566).
McKEE, Mr. and Mrs. Homer E., 914 21st (Main 300).
McKEVITT, Mr. and Mrs. Frank B., 1863 Vallejo Way, Sacramento (Capital 241).
McKILLOP, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 816 14th (Main 389).
MEYER, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 2618 L (Main 2324).
MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E., 725 21st St., Sacramento (Main 4957W).
MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight H., 2609 M (Main 77).
MITAU, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 1517 (M) Capitol Av. (Main 816).
MUDDUX, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C., 2930 K. (Main 3104).
NICKELL, Mr. and Mrs. Lew W., La Hermosa Apts., 1416 11th St. (Main 2942-J).
OLIVER, Mr. and Mrs. Emery, 1301 O (Main 1453).
PARKINSON, Dr. and Mrs. James H., 1601 I (Main 171).
PECK, Mr. and Mrs. Fred S., 2751 Montgomery Way (Capitol 770-W).
PECK, Miss Betty May, 2751 Montgomery Way (Capitaol 770-W).
PELTIER, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 2228 21st St., Sacramento (Main 3664).
PIERCE, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H., 2100 M St., Sacramento (Main 5150).
PIERCE, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E., 2680 Curtis Way, Sacramento (Capital 772-J).
PRENTISS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fred'k., 1117 12th, Sacramento (Main 2017W).
PURNELL, Mr. and Mrs. William F., 2428 M St., Sacramento (Main 480).
REYNOLDS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Howard, 2015 T (Main 2302-J).
RICHARDS, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B., 5225 14th Ave., Sacramento (Capital 903J).
RICHARDSON, Mr. and Mrs. Friend W., 2208 N (Main 4343).
RICHARDSON, Miss Ruth, 2208 N (Main 4343).
RICHARDSON, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M., 1503 H (Main 1852).
ROBERTSON, Mrs. Charles C. (Mary F.), 2310 M St., Sacramento (Main 1433-W).
ROSS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R., 2215 21st St., Sacramento (Main 5900).
RUTAN, Mrs. William L. (Elizabeth Y.), 920 27th St., Sacramento (Main 3861M).
SAUNDERS, Mr. and Mrs. Claude E.V., 2501 H St., Sacramento (Main 2635W).
SCHAW, Mrs. William (Mary S.), 1429 H St., Sacramento (Main 545).
SCHAW, Mr. and Mrs. W.B., 2625 P St., Sacramento (Main 5039).
SCHAW, Miss Nellie, 2625 P St., Sacramento (Main 5039).
SCHELD, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph P., 1105 L St., Sacramento.
SCHELD, Miss Margaret, 1105 L St., Sacramento.
SEYMOUR, Mrs. Arthur M. (Mabel B.), 1605 H St., Sacramento (Main 1260-J).
SHERMAN, Mr. and Mrs. George C., 1700 L St., Sacramento (Main 2669R).
SHIELDS, Judge and Mrs. Peter J., 2009 23rd St., Sacramento (Main 5915).
SIDDONS, Mrs. William M. (Helen R.), 1421 I (Main 839).
SIMMONS, Mrs. Cecelia May, 2612 P St., Sacramento (Main 2722-J).
SIMMONS, Dr. and Mrs. S.E., 2431 (M) Capitol Av. (Main 71).
SMITH, Dr. and Mrs. Robert E., 2517 U St., Sacramento (Main 3381-J).
SOUTHWORTH, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L., 2100 J (Main 846).
SPENCER, Dr. and Mrs. George A., 1915 21st St., Sacramento (Main 1404).
STEPHENS, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H., 2531 H St., Sacramento (Main 1347-M).
SUTLIFF, Dr. and Mrs. Frank B., 801 N St., Sacramento (Main 262).
SWISLER, Mr. and Mrs. CHarles A., 2222 P St., Sacramento (Main 1314W).
TABOR, Mr. and Mrs. Ashley R., 715 24th St., Sacramento (Main 1793M).
TAYLOR, Dr. and Mrs. Walter J., 1215 17th St., Sacramento (Main 3312).
WASHBURN, Mr. and Mrs. Orlando F., 1826 G St., Sacramento (Main 1856W).
WHITE, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton L., 630 21st St., Sacramento (Main 2390W).
WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln P., 2008 P (Main 3674-J).
WILLIAMSON, Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon N., 2101 Stockton Blvd. (Capital 29).
WILSEY, Mrs. Levi (Caroline A.), 1221 26th St., Sacramento (Main 3517W).
WISEMAN, Mrs. John H. (Lucy A.), 2211 U St., Sacramento (Main 2426).
WOLF, Mr. and Mrs. Philip, 2101 N St, Sacramento (Main 3034-J).
WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Will C., 608 21st (Main 2390-J).
WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 711 18th (Main 2348).
YARDLEY, Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward, 917 H St., Sacramento (Main 1588W).


Transcribed by Pamela Storm.

2004 Pamela Storm.




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