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      ROBERT BERRY.—A master of an important industry of the capital city is Robert Berry, the experienced proprietor of the well-equipped Berry’s Foundry, located at 1817 Twenty-ninth Street, in Sacramento, one of the most essential establishments in Sacramento County, and one always serving both town and country folk in the most up-to-date fashion. Robert Berry was born at Chorley, Lancashire County, England, on September 9, 1863, the son of Miles and Helen (Brewer) Berry, substantial people in the district in which they lived; and he enjoyed the educational advantages of his locality, attending the district schools. After a while, in accordance with the excellent custom in the older countries, of having a boy learn a trade or otherwise enter upon a career when he is old enough to do so, Robert learned the founder’s trade; and when he was ready to break away from home and country, he had a pretty good idea of the foundry business. 

      When forty-three years of age, he came to the United States, reaching Sacramento, Cal., in 1907. He worked at his trade here, and ten years later, in April, 1917, to took over the Elliott Foundry at 1908 R Street, and conducted it until June, 1920. Then he built his own foundry, located at 1817 Twenty-ninth Street, where in the busy season he employs five men, and with a full complement of machinery such as only the best-arranged foundries afford, he is every ready to be called upon by the community for exceptional service. The capacity of the foundry is a thirty-inch cupola, and it would employ sixteen men if fun at full capacity. It is the only foundry in the city that makes brass and aluminum castings. The product of the plant is shipped all over northern California, and the concern does a very large and satisfactory business. Mr. Berry built a comfortable residence at 2914 S Street, where he resides with his family. He is independent in his political affiliations. Loyal and public-spirited, during the World War he took an active part in the Liberty Loan drives.

      In the year 1892, in Northampton, England, Mr. Berry was married to Miss Martha H. H. Eales, by whom he has one child, a son named Robert Henry Berry. This son went to the State University at Berkeley, where he studied electrical engineering; and then he served for three years in the British navy as a wireless operator. He is now a Senior at the University of California. Mr. Berry, like most Englishmen, is fond of football and other manly sports. He is treasurer of the Sacramento Valley Soccer league, which had its inception sixteen years ago and now has 1,500 training in the schools here. In 1922 they took the California soccer ball championship with their boys’ team. He also belongs to the Sons of St. George and to the Moulders’(sic) Association of Sacramento.




Transcribed 5-21-07 Marilyn R. Pankey.

Source: Reed, G. Walter, History of Sacramento County, California With Biographical Sketches, Page 810.  Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA. 1923.

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