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[San Rafael, Marin County, CA. 1899]


The Society Resort, Winter and Summer, of the Pacific Coast

Fifty Minutes North from San Francisco

R. H. WARFIELD CO.  Incorporated, Proprietor







Arnstein, Mr. and Mrs. L.

Barton, Mr. and Mrs. John

Barton, Miss Grace

Belvin, Mrs. McMullen

Bissinger, Mr. and Mrs. A.

Blanding, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon

Blanding, Miss Susie

Boardman, Mr. and Mrs. G. C., Jr.

Boardman, Mr. Samuel H.

Bocqueraz, Mr. Leon

Bradley, Mrs. G. L.

Breckenridge, Miss

Breckenridge, Mr. Lloyd Tevis

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. R. G.

Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. Robert

Bruce, Miss

Bruce, Miss Janett

Buckbee, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel

Burke, Dr. M.

Bush, Mrs. W. C.

Carolan, Dr. Herbert

Carroll, Mrs. Richard T.

Carroll, Miss Gertrude

Clayburgh, Mr. and Mrs. S.

Cosgrave, Mr. J. O’H.

Crooks, Mr. and Mrs. J. J.

Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. W. G.

Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. D. B.

Davidson, Miss Della

Dillon, Mrs. Nano

Dillon, Miss Kate

Dillon, Miss Marie

Dinkelspiel, Mr. and Mrs. L.

Dinkelspiel, Miss

Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Walter E.

Dean, Miss Helen

Dwyer, Miss J. A.

Eisert, Miss E.

Ely, Mr. W. S.

Ely, Mr. S. P.

Finigan, Mr. P. A.

Finigan, The Misses

Folger, Mrs. J. A.

Folger, Mr. J. A., Jr.

Folger, Mr. and Mrs. E. R.

Forman, Mr. and Mrs. R. B.

Fortime, Mr. and Mrs. L. B.

Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. M.

Freshman, Mr. and Mrs. S. D.

Giselman, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.

Giselman, Miss

Glynn, Mr. James

Glynn, Miss Nellie G.

Goad, Miss Genevieve

Goad, Mr. Wm. F., Jr.

Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Adam

Green, Mr. and Mrs. Fred H.

Greenebaum, Mr. and Mrs. A.

Greenway, Mr. Edward M.

Greenwood, Mrs. Myra A.

Greenwood, Miss Jennie B.

Greenwood, Mr. Fred A.


Grinbaum, Mr. and Mrs. M. J.

Gwin, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M.

Gwin, Miss Belle

Hager, Miss

Hager, Miss Alice

Hager, Miss Ethel

Haswell, Mr. Chas. H., Jr.

Hellman, Mr. and Mrs. I. W.

Holliday, Mr. Ben

Hurd, Mr. and Mrs. Norman H.

Hurd, Miss

Jarboe, Mr. and Mrs. Paul R.

Joseph, Mrs. E. Joseph

Joseph, The Misses

Kimber, Miss Laura

Landers, Mr. and Mrs. John

Landers, Miss Pearl

Latham, Mrs. M. S.

Leist, Mr. and Mrs. C. J.

Kohn, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A.

Mandell, Mr. and Mrs.

McAllister, Judge Ward

McBean, Miss Edith

McCaleb, Mr. Thomas

McMullen, Mr. and Mrs. John

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Morton

Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P.

Morgan, Miss Eleanor

Morgan, Miss Therese

Moulder, Mrs. Charlotte Clark

Newhall, Mr. and Mrs. W. Mayo

Nuttall, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. K.

O’Connor, Mr. William

Pardy, Mr. and Mrs. W.

Paxton, Mrs. B. E.

Perry, M. John, Jr.

Roberts, Mr. T. Gaines

Rosenbaum, Mr. and Mrs. S. D.

Sahlein, Mr. and Mrs. H.

Schloss, Mr. and Mrs. S. B.

Schmiedell, Mrs. Henry

Selfridge, Dr. and Mrs. Grant

Sharon, Mrs.

Sprague, Mr. and Mrs. R. H.

Steinhart, Mr. and Mrs. Ignatz

Spreckels, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph

Sutro, Mrs. Gustav

Sutro, Miss

Tevis, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd

Throckmorton, Miss

Von Schroder, Baron and Baroness

Wallace, Mrs. Wm. T.

Wallace, Miss Romie

Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. R. B.

Walter, Mr. and Mrs. D. N.

Warfield, Gen. and Mrs. R. H.

Warfield, Mr. R. E.

Weiner, Mr. and Mrs.

Whittier, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R.

Winthrope, Mr. W. Y.

Zifferer, Mme. B.




Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., Our Society Blue Book, Page 194.  Charles Hoag Publishing, San Francisco, CA. 1899.

© 2006 Elaine Sturdevant.




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