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One of the most highly appreciated institutions of Plumas County is its county library, which is located in the west wing of the Plumas County Courthouse, where it is accessible to the public and modernly equipped in every respect. This library has one hundred and seven branch libraries in Plumas and Sierra counties, providing library service to the last named county by contract. The principal branches are at Portola, Greenville, La Porte, Sloat, Vinton, Crescent Mills, Chester, Taylorsville and Walker Mine, in Plumas County, and at Loyalton, Downieville and Alleghany, Sierra County. The Plumas County Free Library was established September 7, 1915, under section two of the county free library law, and includes the entire county as to taxes and service. The contract for service with Sierra County was entered into under section five of the county free library law on August 2, 1926. The Plumas County library has four thousand, seven hundred and fifty six registered borrowers, and there are seven hundred and ninety-four in Sierra County. The library contains fifty thousand volumes, as well as the current magazines and metropolitan newspapers, and there is an adequate supply of records, maps, globes and other avenues of reference, particularly for the use of the public and high schools. The first librarian was Miss Dorothy Clark, after who came in succession Miss Helen Atkey, Miss Carmelita Duff, Miss Edith Gantt, and the present very efficient and accommodating librarian, Miss Katherine R. Woods. The library, with its various branches, is rendering a very splendid service to Plumas and Sierra counties and that it is functioning in a satisfactory manner is evidenced by the large and steadily increasing number of patrons in both counties.



Transcribed by Gerald Iaquinta.

Source: Wooldridge, J.W.Major History of Sacramento Valley California, Vol. 3 Pages 333-334. Pioneer Historical Publishing Co. Chicago 1931.

2010 Gerald Iaquinta.



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