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      We give below the names of the offices, where located, and the names of the Towns or Camps, that receive their mail matter at each office.



COLUMBIA POST OFFICE.—Columbia, Springfield, Gold Springs, Yankee Hill, Saw Mill Flat.

SONORA POST OFFICE.—Sonora, Brown’s Flat, Kincaid’s Flat, Bald Mountain, Roache’s Diggings, Cherokee Diggings.

JAMESTOWN POST OFFICE.—Jamestown, Campo Seco, Quartz Mountain, Yorktown, Algerine, Poverty Hill, Humbug Hill, Mexican Flat, Cooper’s Flat, Amazon Gulch, Chili Camp, Wood’s Crossing.

MONTEZUMA POST OFFICE.—Montezuma, Ohio District, Turner’s Flat, Belvidere Flat, Love’s Bar, Peoria Bar.

CHINESE POST OFFICE.—Chinese, Salvada.

JACKSONVILLE POST OFFICE.—Jacksonville, Steven’s Bar, Ward’s Ferry.

CURTISVILLE POST OFFICE.—Curtisville, Sullivan’s Creek, Blanket Creek, Sullivan’s Wet Arroya, Sullivan’s Dry Arrorya.

GREEN SPRING’S POST OFFICE.—Green Spring’s, Indian Bar, Red Mountain Bar, Hawkin’s Bar, Sweat’s Bar.

DON PEDRO’S POST OFFICE.—Don Pedro’s Bar, Morgan’s Bar, Rodger’s Bar.

BIG OAK FLAT POST OFFICE.—Big Oak Flat, Garrote No. 1, Garrote No. 2.



MURPHY’S POST OFFICE.—Murphy’s, Douglass’ Flat, San Antonio, San Domingo, Indian Creek, Owlsburg, Big Tree.

VALLICETO POST OFFICE.—Valliceto, Wade’s Flat, Grape Vine District, Padget’s District, Coyota Creek.

ANGEL’S POST OFFICE.—Angel’s Camp, Carson’s, Robison’s Ferry, French Camp, Hawk Eye, Cherokee Flat, McLane’s Ferry, Albany Flat.



La GRANGE POST OFFICE.—La Grange, Pleasant Valley, Cox’s Ranch.

KNIGHT’S FERRY POST OFFICE.—Knight’s Ferry, Keeler’s Ferry, Six Mile Bar, Scorpion Gulch, Mansanita, Buena Vista.




      A great deal has been said and written, in reference to the formation of this singular mountain, and the lead of Gold, contained under its body of “Scoria.”  No one as yet, has given anything like a reasonable theory, and all remains a mistery (sic) and wonder.  We are not aware of any geological survey, or report, having been made ; unless by Dr. P. Snell, a well known scientific gentleman, who has given this subject, some attention, and would have furnished us with a full detail, had it not been when we made the application, he was packing up his Fossils, Minerals, and rare specimens, preparatory to making a short visit to the Atlantic.  He promises that on his return, he will gratify us and the community, by furnishing an article for the next issue of the Directory.

      Table Mountain, taking all its meanderings and spurs that put out from the main trunk, it cannot be short of 70 miles in length ; as to its point of commencement, we have not been able to ascertain ; its course is in a direction of that of the Stanislaus River ; sometimes on the Calaveras (north) side, and then on the Tuolumne, the latter has the greatest portion of its length.  It can be traced to a point near Knight’s Ferry, where it dips into the plains and is lost.

      The number of miners interested in tunneling and prospecting this mountain, in Calaveras, Tuolumne and San Joaquin Counties, cannot be less than three thousand ; quite a number have “cut the lead” and are realizing fortunes ; others who are but partially in, are equally as sanguine of success.

      Below we give a few of the companies, number of shares, and the district they are located in.


Tuolumne County.

TABLE MOUNTAIN DISTRICT.—New York, 8.—Virginia, 21.—Buckeye, 15.—Suspension, 10.—Butterfield and Garner, 2.—Kellogg & Co., 7.—Mountain Brow, 8.—Montezuma, 16,--M. R. Graham & Co., 10.—Scraperville, 12.—M. Wolf & Co., 6.—American, 8.—Buenaventura, 4.—Barker & Co., 4.—Boston, 20.—Simmons & Co., 4.—Union, 10.—Down East, 10.—Henry Brand & Co., 5.—Eureka, 12.—California Mining and Prospecting Co., 6.-Westmorland, 11.—Texas Co., 22.—Mountain Brow, 10.—Albany Co., 8.—Chicken Ranch, 21.—Maine Boys, 22.—Native American, 9.

SPRINGFIELD TABLE MOUNTAIN DISTRICT.—Saratoga, 19.—Springfield, 6.—Joint Stock Co., 24.—Gold Hunter, 9.

LONE STAR TABLE MOUNTAIN DISTRICT.—United States, 12.—Oak Shade, 18.—Rough and Ready, 22.—Luxpaliala, 10.—Telegraph, 15.—Lone Star, 11.—Valliceto Co., 15.—Calaveras Co., 12.

SHAW’S FLAT DISTRICT.—Columbia,__.—Lager Beer.


Calaveras County.

GRAPE VINE DISTRICT.—Hermitage, 20.—Knickerkocker, 10. (sic)—Grape Vine, 12.—Humboldt, 25.—Kentucky Enterprise, 16.—Perseverance, 24.—Mt. Diable,(sic) 12.—Amazon,--. –Dry Creek

DOUGLASS FLAT DISTRICT.—South Western, 23.—Ohio, --.

PADGETT’S DISTRICT.—Thunder, 30 ; Monte Cristo, 8 ; Chilano, __; Democratic, 12 ; Columbia, 22 ; Buckeye, 15 ; Invincible, 20 ; Monumental, 22.




Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

© 2008 Betty Vickroy.