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      Is so well and favorably known throughout the length and breadth of California, that any notice we could give would add but little to its well known reputation and general character, and we shall therefore be very brief in our remarks concerning this prosperous place.

      Knight’s Ferry is situated midway between Stockton and the central portion of the Southern mines, and at a point where the Stanislaus River debouches into the fertile valley of the Joaquin.  On the first opening of the mines of the South, a Ferry was established here by a Mr. Knight, which was the only point on the River where persons and teams could be safely conveyed across.  We remember to have passed here early in 1850, and at that time from three to five hundred persons, and a large number of Wagons, as well as pack mules crossed daily, the receipts of the Ferry could not have been much short of $500 per day.  During that year several other Ferries were established, which had the effect to divide the patronage.  Yet Knight’s had, and still has the principal part of the travel.

      The Messrs. Dents, present proprietors, are energetic and enterprising gentlemen, and within the past year have laid out a town, disposed of quite a number of lots, upon which have been erected many neat and handsome dwellings and business houses.  From the many advantages, local and otherwise, that this place possesses, we shall not be surprised to see it quite a large town in less than twelve-months.

      As a mining district, Knight’s has but few superiors ; her river banks and deep bars are being worked, and by the aid of the late great improvements in mining, are paying most excellent wages.  The hills and gulches, for several miles around, have recently been prospected and found to contain rich deposits.  The great and astonishing Table Mountain terminates here, dips into the planes, and is lost.  A company of enterprising miner’s have just completed a Ditch that conveys a large stream from 6 mile Bar, to the high lands and flats in this vicinity, as well as supplying a number of localities on its line above and below the Ferry.

      Some 300 yards above the Ferry is located the Flouring and Saw Mills of Messrs. Locke & Co. which manufactures as good an article of Flour as can be bought from the celebrated Mills, Haxhall and Gallago of Virginia.  By reference to an advertisement in another part of the Directory, the cost and capacity of the mills is fully set forth, and the character of the Flour certified to by the most respectable business men in this and other parts of the state.



      Knight’s Ferry Directory.


Allen, James, Merchant, Texas.

Armstrong, Wm., Carpenter, New York.


Bennett, George B., ______, Pennsylvania.

Benjamin, W. K., Hotel Keeper, Mississippi.

Bishop, Stephen, Miner.

Boehm, John, Miner, Pennsylvania.

Bollin, J. Miner.

Bowen, Geo. H., Miner, New Hampshire.

Blackburn, Alex, Wheat Wetter, Illinois.

Bryant, R. M., Carpenter, Maine.

Bumley, Wm., Miner, Virginia.


Callaway, O. P., Miner, Louisiana.

Clark, T. M., Miner, Wisconsin.

Conly, Neil, Miner, New York.

Cook, S. J., Physician, Mississippi.

Crosby, John, Miner, Pennsylvania.


Dakin, Isaac, Wheelright, Maine.

Dent, George W., Miner, Missouri.

Dent, J. C., Ferryman, Missouri.

Daugherty, George, Miner, Pennsylvania.

Dutton, E. P., Miner, New Hampshire.


Fisher, Z., Stage proprietor, Massachusetts.

Fisher, & Nason, Merchants.


Herriman, N. L., Miner, Wisconsin.

Hutton, Michael, Miner, Pennsylvania.


Jamison, Horace D., Clerk, Vermont.

Johnson, Franklin, Miner, Missouri.

Johnson, John M., Miner, Missouri.

Johnson, Joseph, C., Miner, Massachusetts.


Kelly, P. F., Miner, Canada.

Krause, George, Miner, Illinois.


Lane, T. W., Hotel Keeper, Missouri.

Lane, F. Ranchero, Missouri.

Letchfields, Ansel, Miner, Illinois.

Locke, D. M., Flour and Lumber manufacturer,

      New Hampshire.

Locke, J. H., Wheat Smutter, New Hampshire.

Lockwood, J., Miner, Wisconsin.


Middleton, ____, Dairyman, Missouri.

Murray, Ward, Miner, Texas.

McKenna, Phillip, Miner, Canada.


Osborn, J. W., Miner, New York.

Palmer, H., Merchant, Texas.

Paxon, H. H., Ohio.

Peck, W. H., Miner, Massachusetts.

Perry, Curtis, E., Miner, Massachusetts.


Rowley, Thos., Miner, Rhode Island.

Slocum, S. G., Architect, New York.

Smith, Samuel, Miner, Vermont.

Snodgrass, Isaac S., Miner, Virginia.

Stakes, A. G., Lawyer, Texas.

Stewart, W. E., Clerk, Maryland.


Ward, Patrick, Miner, Massachusetts.

Whetstow, J. A., Miner, South Carolina.

White, C. T., Miner, Maine.



Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

© 2008 Betty Vickroy.