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      The town of LaGrange, situated on the Tuolumne river, in the county of Stanislaus, thirty-five miles south-west from Columbia and Sonora, has recently been made the County-seat of that county by a handsome majority.  From the desirable location, and the many advantages she possesses, she will in a very brief time be a formidable rival of many of the larger towns in this portion of the State.

      The site upon which the town is built was taken up for a ranch by Elam Dye, in 1852,--shortly after some fifty Frenchmen located on a bar of the river, (one mile below the site of the present town) and commenced prospecting for gold,  No one dreamed of their (sic) being any worth digging for—but the enterprise of these sons of Gaul soon brought to light the existence of a rich placer, and as soon as they satisfied themselves that the diggings would pay, they sent word to their friends, who soon joined them and built up quite a camp, to which the name of  French Camp was given, and retained until the one above was given it.  The present town is located on the second bench or table land, from the river.  It is well and regularly laid out, the streets are wide and intersect each other at right angles, the buildings are principally wooden but of good material.  Her hotels are second to none in the mountain country.  The Store houses are numerous, large and well stocked.  Restaurants, Saloons, Express and Banking offices, and everything required to supply the wants and tastes of its people.

      Some three lines of stages arrive and depart daily, for Stockton, via Knight’s Ferry, also for Cox’s Ranch, Pleasant Valley, Mariposa, and Don Pedro’s Bar, Montezuma, Chinese Camp, Jamestown, Sonora and Columbia.

      Mr. Pine, a very enterprising citizen, projected a plan for introducing water to the table lands from the river, a Company was organized under his direction, survey made, and the work commenced, they take the water from the river, some two miles above the village, and convey it in a large flume to the miners in and around LaGrange.  The point where the canal taps the river is in a deep Canon, (sic) and in order to get it the required height, they had to construct a substancial (sic) dam 23 feet high, this superstructure is built of logs and bolted together, and firmly fixed to the bottom and sides of the Canon. (sic)

      There is also another ditch enterprise in contemplation which is to bring in the waters of the Tuolumne from a distance of some 25 or 30 miles above and sufficiently height to be taken to the mineral lands, embraced in the district between the Tuolumne and Merced Rivers.  These lands are known to contain rich deposits of gold, but cannot be made available until water is introduced by artificial means.  Independent of the mineral resources which LaGrange enjoys, she has still another, and a very important one, viz: Agriculture.—At this point commences the rich bottoms of the Tuolumne, well known for their productiveness.  Mr. J. D. Morley, who resides three miles below the village has within the last three years, by ditching and fencing, enclosed 700 acres of these rich agricultural lands.  Last season his ranch produced 7000 bushels of wheat; 900 bushels of barley, and 60 tons of Hay; a quality of stock and 500 fowls, for all of which he finds a ready market almost at his door.  A flouring mill has been erected on the river, near his premises, by John Talbot & Co., which, being a good mill, and in a most desirable location, is a great convenience to the Rancheros, and a source of profit to the proprietors.

      We could give very many interesting facts connected with the agricultural interests, and also of mining, but our space and time is limited, and the community so anxious for our appearance, that we must defer them for the present, and hope to be able to give a more extended notice of this highly favored village and country on the 1st of January, 1857.


Mining Laws of La Grange.


      At a meeting of the miners of La Grange, held July 18th, 1855, the following articles were unanimously adopted for the government of these diggings:

      ART. 1.  That the following be the limits and boundary lines of the mining district of La Grange, otherwise known as French Bar; viz: commencing at Geists’ store, and running from thence four miles up, and four miles down the Tuolumne river, including the present channel of the river, with all the gulches and tributaries emptying into said river upon its south side.

      ART. 2.  That each river claim to each person be one hundred and fifty feet, to be secured by two notices, one upon each end of the claim.

      ART. 3.  That upon bars, along the side of the river, each person be allowed to hold one hundred feet long, and one hundred and fifty feet wide, and no bar shall extend over one hundred and fifty feet in with, and each man shall secure his claim by four corner stakes and notices.

      ART. 4.  Flat claims shall be one hundred feet wide and two hundred feet long, the same to be secured by a boundary ditch and notices or by four corner stakes, and a notice upon each stake.

      ART. 5.  Hill claims allowable to each person,--be one hundred feet square, to be secured as specified in article 4, and all hill claims over ten feet deep shall not be considered workable in the rainy season.

      ART. 6.  Gulch claims, to each person, shall be one hundred fifty feet up and down the gulch, and fifty feet wide, to be secured as specified in article 4.

      ART. 7.  That tunneling claims, to each person, shall be one hundred feet front, and running back eight hundred feet, to be secured as in article 4.

      ART. 8.  That each person be limited to hold by location only three claims, but shall not be allowed to hold more than one claim of the same kind—and all claims shall be worked within six days after being workable—if not the same person or persons having located them shall forfeit them, (unless sickness prevents them,) and in this case be subject to be located by any person else.

      ART 9.  That all cases of dispute about mining claims be settled by an arbitration of four miners, each disputing party shall choose two, and in the event of their not agreeing, then said arbitrators shall agree upon a fifth man to act as umpire whose decision shall in all cases be final.  But in the event of any of the disputing parties not acknowledging such decision, then the miners of this district will assemble and compel said party to recognize the umpire’s decision.


R. J. Kemgh, Sec.’y.



La Grange Directory.


Ackerman, Chas, Ranchero, Ohio.

Allen, Wm., Shoemaker, New Jersey.

Allen, Chas. H., Carpenter, Pennsylvania.

Allen, O. H., Lawyer, Kentucky.

Alexander, J., Carpenter, Missouri.

Amsden, Isaac, Merchant, New York.

Anderson, G. F., Butcher, New York.

Atchison, W., Bowling Saloon, Kentucky.

Atkinson, John, Ranchero, New York.

Avery, George, Miner, Maine.


Baker, Edward, Miner, Virginia.

Baker, Wm., Drover, Missouri.

Ballard, M. D., Miner, Missouri.

Barclay, B. G., Miner, New York.

Bell, Wm., Miner, Illinois.

Beard, E. B., County Assessor, Ohio.

Bird, Geo. N., Butcher, New York.

Bosard, John, Miner, New York.

Bosham, John, Ranchero, Tennessee.

Bowen, William, Carpenter, Missouri.

Bowen, Thomas, Miner, Missouri.

Bourgin, Mons., Carpenter, France.

Bowler, Albert, Miner, Maine.

Brown, J. G., Miner, Wisconsin.

Brown, Chas., Miner, Wisconsin.

Brushe, Victor, Blacksmith, France.

Bremaird, Mons. Syrup manufacturer, France.

Buck, George, Merchant, Maine.

Bull, Peter F., Miner, Maine.

Bath, L. M., Physician, Illinois.

Byce, J. G., Miner, Texas.

Byaum, W. C., Miner, Wisconsin.

Byler, John, Carpenter, Arkansas.


Calhoun, Samuel, Miner, Massachusetts.

Calhoun, R., Miner, Massachusetts.

Calhoun, Wm. B., Miner, Massachusetts.

Camel, John A., Miner, Missouri.

Carter, Asa, Carpenter, Kentucky.

Carter, J. M., Restaurant, Mass.

Caruthers, John, Contractor, Alabama.

Cameron, Alexander, Restaurant, Scotland.

Cannan, C. L., Hotel Keeper, Texas.

Chapery, Felix, Restaurant, France.

Chauvin, Emile, Trader, France.

Chase, E. A., Miner, Wisconsin.

Chevalier, Mons., Gunsmith, France.

Cleveland, S. A., Carpenter, Illinois.

Clapp, Gosham, Merchant, Mass.

Cohn, B., Merchant, Prussia.

Cohen & Co., Merchant, Prussia.

Cranmer, Richard, Barber, New York.

Curtiss, E. G., Miner, Virginia.


Daugherty, ____, Ranchero, Pennsylvania.

Davis, G. R., Merchant, New York.

Davis. A. H., Merchant, New York.

Deppt, J. E., Carpenter, Missouri.

Deschamps, Mons., Miner, France.

Disney, Paul, Joiner, New York.

Dye, Elam, Lumberman, Ohio.


Elkins, A., Justice of the Peace, Texas.

Esaw, Peter, Miner, Mass.

Ewing, James, Wheelright, Virginia.

Ewing, S., Hotel Keeper, Ohio.

Ewing, Theodore, Engineer, Ohio.


Farwell, W. B., Merchant, Kentucky.

Fry, M. L., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Fuss, Joseph, Miner, France.


Gardner, J. H., Livery Stable, Illinois.

Garner, B. B., Wood Merchant, North Carolina..

Geen, R. M., Merchant, Holland.

Geist, J. W., Merchant, Germany

Gillson, F., Miner, Prussia.

Gillis, Alex., Miner, P. E. Islands.

Girondon, Mons., Miner, France.

Goodyear, W. E., Miner, Conn.

Goldsmith, G., Merchant, Germany.

Goldlack, Chas., Carpenter, Texas.

Griffith, James, Miner, Pennsylvania.

Guyod, Victor, Barber, France.


Hanie, W. C., Deputy Sheriff, Indiana.

Hamburgh, Chas., Miner, Germany.

Harris, E. S., Miner, Connecticut.

Harris & Co., Merchants, Prussia.

Harris, Michael, Merchants, Prussia.

Harris, H. J., Saloon, Germany.

Henfield, John, Miner, Mass.

Herndon, J. H., Miner, Kentucky.

Helineaus, C., Merchant, Holland.

Hockett, J. B., Butcher, Arkansas.

Holmes, W. C., Carpenter, Massachusetts.

Hoover, John, Miner, Missouri.


Inman, H. Ranchero, Missouri.

Ives, Avery, Ranchero, Canada.


Jacobs, A., Merchant, Germany.

Jackson, J. J., Miner, Scotland.

Johnson, W. F. Miner, Kentucky.

Joseph, Samuel, Restaurant, France.


Kemgh, R. J., Miner, Kentucky.

Kent, Mathew, Miner, Maine.

Kipp, Jacob, Barber, New York.

King, G. W., Physician, Massachusetts.

Kirk, W. D., Sheriff, Louisiana.

Kirkpatrick, Joseph, Lumberman, Illinois.

Koop, Vincent, Merchant, Germany.

Kroft, G. W., Miner, Michigan.


Larieu, Prosper, Miner, France.

Lowry, A. J., Miner, Missouri.

Lynch, John, Carpenter, Missouri.


Martin, W. H., County Treasurer, Alabama.

May, A. D., Carpenter, Ohio.

Malony, James, Miner, New York.

Marsh, V. P., Miner, Maine.

Marcellus, N., Miner, New York.

Melvin, E. C., Constable, Alabama.

Milliken, R., Waterman, New York.

Moody, Chas, Miner, Massachusetts.

Morely, J. D., Ranchero, Illinois.

Morell, Horrace, Billiard (sic) Saloon, Meryland. (sic)

Munier, Mons, Restaurant, France.

Murdick, Geo. L., Merchant, Missouri.

Myers, John, Miner, Missouri.

McDonald, George, Miner, Massachusetts.

McCarty, H., Miner, Iowa.

McFarlane, N., Ferry-man, Texas.

McGarvey, R., County Clerk, Indiana.

McGray, Thos., Miner, New York.


Nells, A. S., Livery Stable, Arkansas.

Nelson, Uriah, Merchant, Maine.

Nickerson, A. J., Blacksmith, South Carolina.

Nicholson, Peter, Miner, Louisiana.


O’Brien, John, Miner, New York.

Olivia, J., Miner, France.

Oncus, M., Miner, New York.

Osburn, B. T., Miner, Illinois.


Paech, Emit, Miner, Prussia.

Pache & Cousins, Merchants, France.

Payne, Thomas, Physician, Virginia.

Peaslee, A. J., Miner, Maine.

Peck, J. B., Merchant, New York.

Pere, Letrode, Billard Saloon, France.

Pettyjohn, P. D., Teamster, Missouri.

Pike, Chas. B., Miner, Maine.

Pine, A. J., Miner, New York.

Pine, J. B., Miner, New York.

Pine, Lafayetti, Miner, New York.

Pinckney, W. J., Hotel Keeper, New York.

Pomier, Mons., Trader, France.

Porter, J. L., Miner, Maine.

Post, J. H., Miner, Connecticut.

Power, N. C., Miner, Pennsylvania.


Ramson, L. M., Ranchero, Mississippi.

Richardson, J. A., Expressman, Massachusetts.

Richardson, J. A., Miner, Maine.

Richardson, J. B., Miner, New York.

Riley, Michael, Miner, Illinois.

Roger, Mons., Brewer, France.

Robbins, A. C., Teamster, Maine.

Rolland, D., Billiard Saloon, Canada.

Rudolph, John, Carpenter, Iowa.

Russell, Edward, Miner, Massachusetts.

Russell, George, Miner, Massachusetts.


Savage, G. N., Hotel Keeper, Maine.

Scaniker, S. P., Lawyer, Texas.

Schemerhorn, H., Stage Agent, New York.

Secord, Wm., Miner, New York.

Simon, S. J., Merchant, Germany.

Simmons, Robert, Lumberman, Kentucky.

Silverman, Levi, Merchant, Germany.

Smith, E. F., Miner, North Carolina.

Smith, D. H., Cook, Penn.

Staples, Jas. S., Carpenter, Maine.

Stafford, W. M., Lawyer, Louisiana.

Stow, W. C., Blacksmith, Arkansas.

Stolder, A., Blacksmith, Iowa.


Tichenor, E., Merchant, Virginia.

Theis, Jacob, Baker, Germany.

Thobard, Peter, Merchant, France.

Thomas, Prince, Miner, Maine.

Toole & Co., Merchants, New York.

Tourett X. de La, Physician, France.

Turner, David, Miner, Inidana.


Walker, G., Miner, New York.

Wallace, H. W., County Judge, Alabama.

Ward, G. W., Ranchero, Arkansas.

Ward, W. A., Barber, New York.

Wells, C. M., Tinsmith, New York.

Wilbur, J. W., Hotel Keeper, Ohio.

Wilcok, Silas, County Surveyor, Ohio.

Wilkinson, Harvey, Butcher, Missouri.

Willis, John J., Justice of the Peace, Georgia.

Williams, Heth, Miner, Missouri.

White, A. G., Physician, Massachusetts.

White, A. C., Carpenter, Massachusetts.

Woods, D. H., Daguerrean, Ohio.

Woodhead, T. M., Hotel Keeper, Georgia.


Villard, Mons., Brewer, France.

Vallett, E., Painter, France.

Vongern, John, Merchant, Holland.

Vincent, Mons., Restaurant, France.



      Tuolumne River, below La Grange.



Branch, G. W., Ferryman, Texas.

Cook, C. M., Ranchero, Tennessee.

Chambers, Clark, Ranchero, Iowa.

Davis, Harvey, Ranchero, Texas.

Dalley, Chas., Ranchero, Iowa.

Dickinson, James, Ranchero, Missouri.

Dickinson, G. D., Ranchero, Missouri.

Dickinson, Wm., Ranchero, Missouri.

Gibbs, Wm., Ranchero, Texas.

Golden, Daniel, Ranchero, Wisconsin.

Gardenheire, Jacob, Ranchero, Texas.

Norton, Marion, Ranchero, Arkansas.

Notron, Prior, Ranchero, Arkansas.

Thomas,____., Physician, Georgia.

Talbot, John, Flouring Mill, New York.






Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

© 2008 Betty Vickroy.