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BIG OAK FLAT, & GAROTE, No. 1 & 2.





      Are situated on the south side of the Tuolumne river and distant from Sonora 15 miles.  The first camp was located, and the Diggings opened in 1850, at Big Oak Flat, by James Savage, a white man who had command of quite a tribe of Digger Indians, who worked in the mines, and gave him their earnings for furnishing them with provisions, blankets &c., and also protecting them from the attacks of evil disposed white men.

      In the summer of that year a large number of Mexicans located there, as also many Americans.  A Texian (sic) by the name of Rose, was at the Indian Camp, and some words were exchanged between him and the Chief “Lutario”, the latter gave Rose the lie, who in an instant stabed (sic) the Chief with a knife, and he expired instantly.  The Indians then shot some dozen arrows into Rose, killing him before he could get off the ground.  This caused quite an excitement among all parties, Indians as well as whites.  The whites rushed for their arms, and without enquiring into the cause of the troubles, commenced shooting at the Indians and killed two, and wounded quite a number of others.  The Indians left immediately and was with much difficulty that Mr. Savage could get them satisfied and reconciled.

      The Garotes were located by a party of Mexicans, one of whom committed murder and his countrymen tried him, and sentenced him to be hung, which was carried into effect, and gave the rise to the name of the camps (Garote.)

      These camps are not very large, yet compose a population of some 12 or 1500 inhabitants, most of whom are actively engaged in the mines.  The Placer mines are extensive, as well as the quartz, and within a few weeks, they have discovered a mountain bearing the same resemblance and characteristics of our Table Mountain.  Companies have been organized, and are now prosecuting their work of driving Tunnels.  A company has also been organized for the purpose of introducing the waters of the Tuolumne River into these mines, should they succeed, (and there cannot be a doubt of it,) it will add a new feature to the mining operations in these Districts, and induce a large influx of population.



Mining Laws of Garote.


      ART. 1.  That on Garote creek, fifty yards in length up and down the creek, be allowed to each miner.

      ART. 2.  That upon the gulches in the vicinity of Garote creek, 75 yards be allowed to each miner.

      ART. 3.  That each miner taking up a claim upon Garote creek or adjacent gulches, not workable on account of a want of water, shall affix a notice with name of claimant and date, at the head and foot of said claim, which notice shall hole the same until there is a sufficiency of water to work a tom, provided that some labor has been done upon the same.

      ART. 4.  That upon Garote creek or the adjacent gulches, no person can hold more than one claim.

      ART 5.   That in case of any disputes, the decision of the referees chosen by the disputants, shall be binding.




Big Oak Flat & Garote Directory.


Big Oak Flat


Albey, R. V., Miner, Iowa.

Avia, M., Miner, Chili.


Ballew, James, Miner, N. Carolina.

Barr, John, Miner, N. York.

Barnes, T. R., Hotel Keeper, N. York.

Baughn, John, Miner, England.

Baxter, C., Miner, N. York.

Bond, Wm., Miner, N. York.

Bousman, J. R., Livery Stable, Penn.

Bowman, S. E., Miner, Maine.

Bowman, H. W., Miner, Maine.

Brim, J. M. P., Miner, Maryland.

Brim, M., Miner, Maryland.

Brunshausen, C., Miner, Prussia.

Burrows, E. D., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Burns, T. H., Miner, Michigan.

Byther, Tyler, Miner, Maine.

Byther, M. T., Miner, Maine.


Cameron, D., Miner, Maine.

Campbell, M. M., Farmer, Missouri.

Castello, H. C., Miner, England.

Chafee, J. A., Miner, Mass.

Chamberlain, J. P., Miner, Mass.

Clampo, Antonio, Miner, Chili.

Cohoesey, G. H., Miner, R. Island.

Colby, Jonathan, Miner, Vermont.

Colby, Loyal, Miner, Vermont.

Coltharp, ----., Miner, Arkansas.

Colman, Thos., Miner, Mass.

Conley, John, Miner, N. York.

Craft, H. E., Ranchero, N. York.

Crawford, Hugh, Miner, N. York.

Crooks, Wm., Miner, Louisiana.

Curley, John, Miner, Penn.


Davis, E., Miner, Penn.

Day, S. H., Miner, N. York.

Duckworth, J.A., Miner, N. Carolina.


Fauger, C. A., Miner, N. York.

Fisher, J. G., Miner, Mass.

Foot, M., Miner, Michigan.


Gaulson, Henry, Miner, Germany.

George, J., Miner, Penn.

Godfrey, J. F., Miner, Mass.

Gordon, A. D., Physician, Missouri.


Harper, E. T., Ranchero, Georgia.

Hanna, J. L., Miner, N. York.

Hasztodt, Wm., Miner, Germany.

Hathaway, C., Miner, England.

Heron, John, Miner, Mass.

Heseh, John, Miner, Germany.

Higgins, John, Miner, N. Jersey.

Holland, Andrew, Miner, Mass.

Hollis, A. J., Miner, Mass.

Hoult, Richard, Miner, Penn.

Hussey, Andrew, Miner, Mass.


Jackson, E. F., Merchant, New York.

Johnson, James, Miner, Denmark.

Jones, Wm., Miner, Oregon.


Kinnel, John, Miner, Mass.

Knoop, Henry, Miner, Germany.

Krukenberg, A. Miner, Chili.

Kuhlken, M., Miner, Sandwich Islands.


Lammon, Lewis, Miner, Germany.

Lincoln, B., Miner, Mass.

Long, John, Miner, Louisiana.

Lump, C., Miner, Germany.


Martin, J., Miner, Penn.

Michell, Wm. S., Miner, Canada.

Michell, Wm. Jr., Miner, Canada

Michell, John, Miner, Canada

Moore, W. L., Miner, N. Carolina.

Moore, J. J., Miner, N. Carolina.

Moore, Wm., Miner, N. Carolina.

Morris, J. J., Miner, N. Hampshire.

Morrison, J. L., Miner, N. Carolina.

Myres, Henry, Miner, Louisiana.

McArthur, James, Miner, Louisiana.

McLaughlin, C., Miner, N. York.

McGrath, E., Miner, N. York.


Oldenberg, Wm., Miner, Denmark.

Oneil, Andrew, Miner, Mass.


Painter, H., Dairyman, Illinois.

Perrin, Otis, Jr., Hotel Keeper, Mass.

Perry, S. B., Miner, Wisconsin.

Pettis, G., Miner, R. Island.

Peterson, E. J., Miner, N. Carolina.

Pinoso, J., Miner, Chili.

Plaster, J. H., Miner, Texas.

Pratt, G. H., Miner, Vermont.


Reader, Wm., Miner, Germany.

Reed, George, Merchant, N. Hampshire.

Reboul, ____., Restaurant, France.

Reid, Thos., Miner, R. Island.

Reid, Wm., Miner, R. Island.

Reid, James, Miner, R. Island.

Richards, F. S., Miner, Illinois.

Roth, A. J., Miner, Germany.

Rodolo, Fred, Miner, New York.

Romoor, Henry, Miner, Louisiana.

Rues, M., Miner, Mexico.


Sanders, C., Miner, Hanover.

Shears, S., Miner, Mass.

Sheren, T. Miner, Penn.

Simms, J., Miner, Missouri.

Smith, J. B., Miner, Maine.

Smith, C., Miner, Germany.

Smith, James, Miner, New York.

Spang, Peter, Miner, Connecticut.

Spangler, J. C., Gardiner, Texas.

Sprague, J., Carpenter, Mass.

Stael, F., Miner, New York.

Stamper, E., Miner, New York.

Stamper, M., Miner, New York.

Stanley, J. N., Miner, Virginia.

Still, T., Blacksmith, R. Island.

Stocking, Fred M., Miner, Connecticut.

Stocking, Frank M., Miner, Connecticut.


Tannahill, James, Merchant, Connecticut.

Tannahill, A., Merchant, Connecticut.

Thomas, Richard, Miner, Pennsylvania.

Thomas, L. B., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Underwood, J. K., Mechanic, N. Hampshire.


Wagstaff, John, Miner, New York.

Ward, G. H., Miner, Mass.

Watts, J. H., Post Master, Missouri.

West, Wm., Miner, R. Island.

White, J. H., Miner, Louisiana.

White, T. F., Miner, Louisiana.

Wilson, S. J., Miner, N. Carolina.

Zeneke, E., Miner, Germany



Baker, I. F., Saloon, Boston.

Brickmann, C. C., Packer, Hamburg.

Brecktel, C., Miner, Germany

Brecktel, Wm., Miner, Germany.


Callahan, John, Miner, New York.

Crocker, A. S., Miner, Massachusetts.

Cross, A. & Co., Merchants, France


Forest, Wm., Miner, Maine.

Gamble, A., Merchant, Maine.

Gamble, Peter, Merchant, Maine.

Gamble, John, Merchant, Maine.

Gardner, A., Restaurant, New York.


Haderich, H., Carpenter, Maryland.

Hunt, D. F., Miner, Maine.

Jordan, W. R., Dairyman, Iowa.


Kraues, C. H., Miner, Germany.

Krautter, D., Watchmaker, Germany.

Lamb, H. D., Miner. Vermont.


Mack, A. & M., Merchants, New York.

McMillen, Hugh, Miner, Maine.

Nelson, E. A., Miner, Ohio.


Stone, A. Restaurant, New York.

Watson, G. W., Boot Maker, Massachusetts.

Williamson, C., Physician, Missouri.

Voight & Betzer, Blacksmiths, Germany.






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