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Small Camps or Districts.



      The Camps of Belvidere Flat, Quartz Mountain, Humbug Hill, Amazon Gulch, Ohio Diggings, Loves’ Bar, (on  Wood’s creek,) Campo Seco, Kincaid’s Flat, Cooper’s Flat, Half oz Gulch, Roache’s Camp, Sullivan’s Creek, are all south-east of Sonora, and the farthest not over fifteen miles distant.  Most of them are small though promising places, and have more or less mining ground in their vicinity, and so soon as they can get a supply of water, the entire season, they will be able to give a good account of their receipts of gold, as many others of a larger territory, and greater facilities.

      Stevens’, Red Mountain, Hawkins’, Indian, Texas, Morgan’s, Don Pedro’s, Rodgers’ and many other Bars on the Tuolumne river, are all in Tuolumne county, and are places of considerable note.  In 1850 they were the largest camps in the county—thousands of miners were engaged in attempting to turn the river, the bed of which they imagined contained millions of treasure; but few companies succeeded in diverting the channel from its course, and what few did were disappointed in its supposed richness.  Some few companies done well, but as a general thing the river turning that year was a failure—since then the mode of operating has been very different, and the bed of the stream in a number of places has paid well for the expense of fluming, which is the only mode by which it can be successfully worked.  The River will furnish profitable employment for many years to come.




      Belvidere Flat.

Bradshaw, J. W., Miner, Mississippi.

Churchill, J. D., Miner, Illinois.

Colons, L., Miner, Iowa.

Flynn, J., Miner, Missouri.

Harris, M., Miner, New York.

Hickok, T. F., Miner, Vermont.

Howard, M. S., Miner, New York.

Hughes, J., Miner, Mass.

Jackson, C. L., Miner, Vermont.

Jewitt, G., Miner, Illinois.

Keeler, J., Miner, New York.

Keeler, R., Miner, New York.

Mattison, H., Hotel Keeper, New York.

Merritt, M., Miner, Virginia.

Morton, A., Miner, R. Island.

Oleson, B., Miner, Missouri.

Preston, P., Miner, New York.

Propst, A., Miner, North Carolina.

Richardson, Miner, Massachusetts.

Tucker, T., Miner, North Carolina.

White, C. L., Merchant, North Carolina.

Yost, Wm., Miner, Ohio.


      Quartz Mountain.

Church, L. A., Miner, Ohio.

Crosby, E. M., Miner, Massachusetts.

Griner, ___., Miner, Massachusetts.

Howard, J. A., Miner, Massachusetts.

Ingersoll, C. S., Miner, New York.

Jones, R. A., Miner, Virginia.

Kauhn, Jos., Miner, Illinois.

Ryan, E. W., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Stevens, Chas., Miner, Connecticut.

Tippet, Thomas, Miner, England.




Bryner, John, Miner, Massachusetts.

Giddings, C., Miner, Texas.

Graham, Wm., Miner, Scotland.

Hammond, Wm., Miner, Tennessee.

Huntington, E., Blacksmith, Maine.

Huntington, F., Blacksmith, Maine.

Jacobs, O. W., Miner, Michigan.

Lewis, F., Miner, France.

Livingston, P. F., Miner, New York.

Palmer, Wm., Miner, Michigan.

Randolph, W. T., Miner, Virginia.

Reyall, J. P., Miner, Missouri.

Rowe, Wm., Miner, Maine.

Stanislaus, D., Miner, N. Y.



      Wood’s Crossing.

Ashton, W. J., Miner, New York.

Bishop, N., Miner, New York.

Champaney, A. D., Miner, New York.

Davis, R. F., Miner, Vermont.

Detweiler, J., Teamster, Pennsylvania.

Frayer, D., Farmer,______.

Gault, C., Merchant, Wisconsin.

Johnson, S. T., Miner, Virginia.

McGuire, E., Miner, Missouri.

Snyder, P. H., Toll-bridge, Pennsylvania.

Van Hoy, J., Miner, North Carolina.

Quimby, A., Miner, Massachusetts



      Campo Seco

Gleason, Geo., Ditchman, Massachusetts.

Hatfield, D., Miner, Tennessee.

Kettering, M., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Kettering, Jno., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Kettering, A., Blacksmith, Pennsylvania.

Midbury, P., Teamster, Massachusetts.

Morehand, J., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Montgomery, A. W., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Orkus, A., Grocer, Louisiana.

Rapp, A., Blacksmith, Ohio.

Welty, J., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Wilson, P., Miner, Illinois.

Whitehouse, W., Miner, Massachusetts.

Woodland, S. W., Merchant, Louisiana




Barlow, M., Butcher, England.

Bardstreet, H. M., Lawyer, Ohio.

Beere, S., Miner, England.

Biays, J. M., Miner, Maryland.

Biays, J., Miner, Maryland.

Bowlander, J., Miner, Ohio.

Burlin, W., Miner, Maine.

Cottingham, R. F., Miner, Missouri.

Crawford, R. D., Merchant, Texas.

Edgarton, G. A., Miner, New York.

Fuller, J. A., Miner, Massachusetts.

Fuller, W. H., Miner, Massachusetts.

Fuller, Jas., Jr., Miner, Massachusetts.

Garrett, E., Miner, Kentucky.

Goodnow, S., Miner, Massachusetts.

Kimbrough, W. J., Miner, Virginia.

Kellum, E., Miner, Virginia.

Kern, T., Miner, Massachusetts.

Kearn, G. W., Miner, Maryland.

McCarty, Jerry, Miner, Louisiana.

Nunn, T., Miner, Kentucky.

Sickle, Geo., Butcher, New York.

Suthard, E. P., Miner, Maryland.

Scott, S., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Thompson, James, Miner, New York.

Turner, C., Miner, Missouri

Twist, E., Miner, New York.

Warner, C. R., Miner, Delaware.

Willis, Thomas, Miner, Sidney.

Wood, R. L., Miner, Missouri.



            Steven’s Bar.

Byers, J. M., Miner, Ohio.

Dalton H. N., Miner, Massachusetts.

Deering, C. J., Merchant, Maine.

Deering, G. E., Merchant, Maine.

Graham, J. B., Miner, Iowa.

Hall, J., Miner, Missouri.

Hammel, Jesse, Blacksmith, Louisiana.

Hood, M. W., Miner, New York.

Hutchinson, J., Miner, D. Columbia.

Kelly, G., Merchant, Virginia.

Keene, A. J., Miner, Illinois.

Knight, J. W., Miner, Australia.

Long, J. M., Miner, Iowa.

Louis, A. M., Miner, Sweeden. (sic)

Noons, John, Miner, Ohio.

Parker, W. R., Miner, Arkansas.

Pitts, J. D., Miner, Arkansas.

Powell, David, Miner, Illinois.

Price, E. L., Miner, Ohio.

Risley, D. A., Waiter, Illinois.

Savage, W. R., Miner, New York.

Sterling, E., Miner, Missouri


            Ohio District.

App, John, Miner, Illinois.

Batchelder, E. P., Miner, Vermont.

Bermis, J. G., Miner, Ohio.

Bohan, P., Miner, Massachusetts.

Cartright, J. L., Miner, Arkansas.

Clark, P., Miner, Massachusetts.

Cornish, John, Miner, England.

English, W. M., Miner, Illinois.

George, John, Miner, Ohio.

Heinig, F., Miner, New York.

Johnson, A., Miner, Norway.

Lawson, B., Jr., Miner, New York.

Mulvany, E., Miner, Massachusetts.

McDonald, J., Miner, Massachusetts.

McMahon,  ____., Miner, Massachusetts.

McGerr, M., Miner, Massachusetts.

McElheny, R. C., Hotel Keeper, Mass.

Nugent, N., Miner, Massachusetts.

Patch, Luther, Miner, Minnesota.

Robinson, J. W., Hotel Keeper, ____.

Rourka, M., Miner, Massachusetts.

Turner, R., Miner, Louisiana.

Waid, J. N., Miner, Maine

Wellington, J. K., Miner, Massachusetts.

Wible, J. V., Miner, Ohio.



            Table Mountain.

Benatts, S., Miner, Wisconsin.

Cartright, J., Miner, Kentucky.

Cushman, C. C., Miner, Maine.

Lanyon, W., Miner, Wisconsin.

Martin, E. L., Miner, Georgia.

Robison, J. R., Miner, N. Hampshire.

Thomas, T., Miner, England.

Veven, G., Miner, England.





Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

© 2008 Betty Vickroy.