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††††† This camp is situated five miles south from Sonora, in Tuolumne Co. and adjacent to Campo Seco, it was first settled in 1850, by Wm. Utter, from whom it first derived its name, it was subsequently changed to its present name.

††††† The camp is noted for its surface diggings which were formerly very extensive.There have also been deposits of Gold found in the hill, upon which the camp is located, which has proved to be somewhat extensive.The supply of water is derived from three water ditches, viz: the Yorktown or Bruntonís ditch, Johnsonís ditch, and also the Hydraulic ditch.It consists of some five or six stores, and about thirty or forty dwelling houses.There are also quite a number of families settled in the vicinity.



††††† Yorktown was first settled in 1849, by a party of Sonorians and Chilanos, the extravagant accounts they gave of the Placers induced quite a number of Americans to go in, and try the new diggings.It was then the custom where a few had assembled together to have laws and officers to enforce them.So they had a meeting; adopted laws and elected an Alcalde and Sheriff.P. Cutrel was the successful candidate for the former, and Frenchy (now Rochette of Lee and Marshallís Cyrcus) for the latter.Frenchy continued in office but a short time and resigned, when D. G. Alexander was elected his successor.

††††† Yorktown, Chile Camp and several other small Camps in the immediate vicinity sprung up about the same time, and have ever since been places of considerable importance as mining localities, and since the introduction of water into these mines, has supported quite a population.There is an extensive country in this region yet to be prospected, and there are quite a number of quartz leads that have been found to contain Gold, and will eventually be worked to some profit.



Mining Laws of Poverty Hill, Yorktown and Chili Camp


††††† ART. 1.Claims for mining shall not exceed one hundred feet for all surface diggings, which shall include all mining claims less than four feet deep.

††††† ART. 2.Claims in diggings over four feet deep shall not exceed thirty feet square, except claims that have formerly been worked, when fifty feet square shall be allowed for a claim.

††††† ART. 3.Any person discovering a new lead shall be allowed sixty feet on the same.

††††† ART. 4.No person can hold more than one claim without working on the same, unless he shall have made a ditch two feet wide and one foot deep on two sides of his claim and throw the dirt from said ditch upon it.

††††† ART. 5.A person may hold other claims than the one aforesaid granted, by throwing one half of the earth of such other claim or claims upon the other half.

††††† ART. 6.When a claim is located on a gulch or ravine that has formerly been worked, a ditch dug through the same to the depth of the ledge shall be labor sufficient to enable the owner to hold the same.

††††† ART. 7.All claims when taken shall properly be defined by stakes, and bear on each the name or names of the person or persons claiming the same, and the date of taking possession thereof.

††††† ART. 9.No person shall absent himself from his claim longer than ten days after water can be obtained for working it, unless prevented by sickness or otherwise unavoidable.

††††† Adopted September 6, 1851.



Poverty Hill Directory


Adams, John, Blacksmith, Michigan.

Ackerman, J., Miner, New York.

Aderaft, Wm. H., Miner, Massachusetts.

Alexander, F., Miner, Vermont.

Andrews, J. E., Miner, Massachusetts.

Anderson, D. W., Miner, Maine.


Bager, Geo., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Bailey, F., Miner, Maine.

Bailey, C., Miner, Maine.

Bailey, J. M., Dairyman, New Hampshire.

Barnum, H., Miner, Connecticut.

Beebe, C. H., Carpenter, Connecticut.

Beering, J. P., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Beering, James, Miner, Pennsylvania.

Bennett, S. N., Miner, Connecticut.

Bonney, P., Miner, Maine.

Bonney, A., Miner, Maine.


Carmer, J. C., Miner, Michigan.

Carleton, G. W., Miner, Maine.

Crawford, J., Miner, Wisconsin.

Crawley, E., Miner, R. Island.


Dana, E. V., Miner, Vermont.

Darrow, Cady, Miner, New York.

Davis, A., Miner, New York.

Dale, S. M., Miner, Vermont.

Dorgan, E., Miner, Vermont.


Fisher, G. A., Miner, New York.

Forman, Wm., Miner, New York.


Garner, B., Miner, Arkansas.

Green, Wm., Miner, Massachusetts.


Halck, Julius, Miner, New York.

Hansen, P., Miner, Virginia.

Harris, J. G., Miner, Illinois.

Harrison, H. A., Merchant, New York.

Harriman, ___., Merchant, Massachusetts.

Hill, James, Miner, Vermont.

Huse, James, Miner, Vermont.

Hussey, J. W., Miner, Massachusetts.


Johnson, N., Miner, Massachusetts


King, John, Miner, Virginia.

Koler, A. A., Miner, Maine.


Lattimer, F. B., Boarding House, Connecticut.

Langmaid, O. G., Miner, Vermont.

Lend, A., Miner, New York.

Leach, C. B., Miner, N. Hampshire.

Leonard, H. N., Miner, Massachusetts.

Leverett, Geo., Miner, Ohio.

Libbey, W. H., Miner, Vermont.

Libbey., E. C., Miner, Vermont.

Lorence, B., Miner, New York.


Mansin, James, Miner, Scotland.

Marshall, J. N., Miner, Arkansas.

Marshall, W. M., Miner, Arkansas.

Morrill, A. P., Miner, Vermont.

Morrison, W. A., Miner, Massachusetts.

Moore, P. C., Miner, Massachusetts.

McDonough, T., Miner, Massachusetts.

Myers, M., Merchant, New York.


Owens, Wm. A., Miner, Arkansas.

Owens, J. T., Miner, Arkansas.

Oxinhan. W. P., Miner, Alabama.


Parker, E. F., Merchant, Maine.

Peaseley, M. C., Miner, New Hampshire.

Peterson, H., Miner, Massachusett. (sic)

Phipps, John, Miner, Massachusett. (sic)

Prothers, Wm., Miner, England.


Reyland, P. J. C., Miner, Illinois.

Richard, Charles, Miner, Massachusetts.

Root, W. B., Jr., Miner, Vermont.

Robison, John, Miner, Alabama.

Ross, W. C., Miner, Arkansas.

Ross, A. J., Miner Arkansas.


Sammon, W. H., Miner, Maine.

Sims, M. W., Miner, Arkansas.

Simmons, W. H., Miner, N. Hampshire.

Shedd, Josiah, Miner, Vermont.

Shedd, Alvin, Teamster, Vermont.

Smith, C., Butcher, England.

Souther, A. F., Miner, Massachusetts.

Stephens, W. J., Merchant, Ireland.

Stilwell, R. S., Miner, New York.

Starns, M. E., Miner, Vermont.

Stuart, W., Miner, Maine.


Tice, C. S., Miner, Vermont.

Tilton, Y., Miner, Vermont.

Tilly, H., Miner, Massachusetts.

Tinney, W. S., Miner, Arkansas.

Todd, G. L., Miner, Massachusetts.

Tredick, W. A., Miner, Massachusetts.


Utter, W. H., Miner, New York.


Ward, Geo., Miner, New York.

Ward, H. C., Miner, New York.

Wells, W. A., Miner, New York.

Whitmer, Wm., Miner, Louisiana.

Wilson, P., Miner, New York.

Williams, J. H., Miner, Vermont.



Yorktown Directory.


Ackerman, ___., Miner, Connecticut.

Adolforey, A., Miner, Louisiana.

Becker, J., Blacksmith, Louisiana.

Blonmer, J., Miner, Missouri.

Brunton, T. C., Member Legislature, Ohio.


Derks, J., Miner, Norway.


Falter, C., Miner, Missouri.


Hughes, D., Merchant, Pennsylvania.


Lange, A., Miner, Denmark.


Marks, A., Miner, New York.

Morris, James, Miner, Pennsylvania.


Parsons, James, Water Agent, England.

Peterson, J. H., Miner, Denmark.


Richter, M. Miner, Hamburg.


Schnilders, B., Miner, Missouri.

Schwartz, L., Miner, Louisiana.

Sevening, H., Miner, Louisiana.

Stone, W. S., Miner, Arkansas.

Sullivan, M. Miner, England


Wansing, H., Miner, Missouri.

Weinber, W., Miner, Louisiana.





Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

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