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      Our personal knowledge of the camp is very limited, and in order to get correct data, we have appealed to some of its most prominent citizens, to give its history and prospects as a mining locality.  In this we have failed, and can therefore but state that Chinese Camp is situated in the south western portion of the County, some 12 miles from Sonora, and two from Montezuma.  Her population must be near, or perhaps over one thousand; the improvements consists of good and substancial wooden buildings, also one or two most excellent fire proof store houses, some first class Hotels, several Saloons, Banking and Express offices &c., &c.  It has a church where Divine service is had every Sabbath.  The Masonic order have a prosperous Lodge, and the Sons of Temperance a large Division.

      The mines of Chinese and vicinity, are principally surface diggings from one to five feet in depth, the gold is diffused throughout the entire surface, hill tops as well as valleys, and pays good wages.  Heretofore these mines like many others, have felt the want of water, but our enterprising company, this season have constructed a flume and ditch from Wood’s creek near Jamestown, from which they take a portion of its water and convey to Chinese.  It is also contemplated by the Columbia and Stanislaus River Water Co. to extend a line of their gigantic works to these and adjacent mines, to supply the miners with clear and cold waters direct from the snow banks of the Sierra Nevada.  When this is accomplished, Chinese Camp will be greatly benefited, and must increase considerably in point of population, as she has thousands of acres of ground as yet untouched, that will be profitably worked when a full supply of water can be had.



Mining Laws of Chinese Camp.


      At a meeting held pursuant to public notice in this vicinity, commonly called the Chinese Diggings, on the 17th day of September 1850, Francis Baggs was appointed Chairman, and Albert Alden Secretary.

      On motion it was resolved, that an Alcalde and Sheriff by appointed for this vicinity, which motion was adopted and the meeting elected to fill said offices, Isaac Caps, for Alcalde, and S. E. Chamberlain for Sheriff.

      Also the following rules and regulations were adopted for the government of the miners in said vicinity.

      ART. 1.  That all claims now made and worked by present settlers, shall be held by them.

      ART. 2.  That on and after the present meeting all claims shall be confined to twenty feet square.

      ART. 3.  That all claimants to enable them to hold their claims hereafter, shall make a ditch at least two feet wide, and one foot deep around said claims, unless rock or clay shall prevent, in that case to the rock or clay will be sufficient.

      ART. 4.  That the Alcalde elected by this meeting shall have power to decide upon all disputed claims in this vicinity, and in all cases that comes before him, his fees shall be three dollars for his decision, and one dollar a mile for travel.

      ART. 5.  That the Sheriff shall have as fees for his services two dollars for service of process, and two dollars a mile for travel.

      ART. 6.  That the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the Chairman and Secretary, and a copy thereof be presented to the Alcalde.

      ART. 7.  That this meeting now adjourn sine die.


ALBERT ALDEN, Secretary.









Adams, J. W., Miner, Arkansas.

Adams, P. H., Miner, Arkansas.

Austin, G. D., Miner Georgia.


Bartlett, A. T., Miner, Maine.

Baxter, R., Miner, Massachusetts.

Bean, J. W., Miner, Ohio.

Bedart, M., Miner, Spain.

Billings, L. A., Miner, Connecticut.

Billings, M., Miner, Connecticut.

Blair, W. H., Miner, Germany.

Blake, H. G., Merchant, New Hampshire.

Blodwick, N., Miner, Maine.

Bossart, P., Carpenter, Pennsylvania.

Boynton, H. L., Watch Maker, Illinois.

Boynton, S. B., Watch Maker, Illinois.

Brimhall, Carpenter, Massachusetts.

Breck, W., Merchant, New Hampshire.

Buck, Thos. B., Merchant, Maine.

Butler, M. M., Carpenter, New York.

Byrne, M. Miner, Ireland.


Calnon, M., Miner, New York.

Cady, R., Carpenter, Illinois.

Campton, P. H., Miner, Georgia.

Cary, R., Ditchman, Pennsylvania.

Carle, F., Miner, Maine.

Castleberg, Miner, Massachusetts.

Chapman, W. O., Blacksmith, Georgia.

Clayton, T. G., Miner, Virginia.

Clayton, A. B. F., Miner, Virginia.

Clayton, Barnes, Jeweler, Pennsylvania.

Clapp, J. P., Miner, England.

Clapp, C., Miner, England.

Clapp, W. S., Merchant, New York.

Closkey, M., Merchant, Russia.

Cody, M. F., Dentist, New York.

Cobb, S. D., Miner, Maine.

Cohen, Joseph, Merchant, Poland.

Coleman, J., Merchant, Maine.

Coltman, ----., Merchant, Maine.

Collius, John, Miner, Ohio.

Cox, J., Miner, Virginia.

Cutting, D., Miner, Massachusetts.

Cutting, C., Miner, Massachusetts.

Cutter, E., Merchant, Rhode Island.


Daley, J., Miner, Massachusetts.

Danielson, B., Merchant, Maine.

Davis, W., Merchant, Hungary.

Dete, A., Miner, Missouri.

Dorsey, Thos. B., Butcher, Missouri.


Earnst, ----., Miner, New York.

Egleg, ----., Blacksmith, New York.

Ehl, P., Miner, New Jersey.

Emery, E. W., Merchant, New York.

Erring, W. A. D., Miner, Tennessee.


Farrell, Wm., Miner, Maine.

Feltnor,----., Miner, Arkansas.

Finn, J., Miner, Illinois.

Fitzhugh, H., Miner, Missouri.

Folsom, T. S., Miner, Tennessee


Garden, J., Miner, Ohio.

Garden, R., Miner, Iowa.

Garrett, E., Livery Stable, Canana. (sic)

Garrett, Hiram, Hotel Keeper, Canana (sic)

Gashwiler, J. W., Miner, Missouri.

Gilman, C. H., Miner, New York.

Gooch, J. Miner, Maine.

Goodwin, W. C., Miner, Maine.

Goodrich, J. D., Miner, New York.

Graham, M. R., Post-master, Indiana.

Graham, J. W., Miner, Texas.

Green, D. D., Miner, New York.


Harding, J., Miner, Connecticut.

Hart, L. S., Livery Stable, North Carolina.

Harris, S., Miner, Penn.

Hanson, Geo., Miner, New York.

Hidley, N., Miner, New York.

Hill, A. M., Painter, Maine.

Hill, J., Painter, Maine.

Horr, D. B., Miner, New York.


Jasper, Wm., Miner, Missouri.

Johnson, James, Miner, Virginia.

Jones, M. A., Carpenter, Illinois.

Jordan, S. A., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Jordan, J., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Keal, J., Miner, North Carolina.

King, D. M., Miner, Texas.

Kloenhamer, F., Miner, Georgia.


Lansing, J. A., Miner, New York.

Leins, J., Miner, New York.

Le Shure, W. C., Miner, Massachusetts.

Lea, H. E., Tin Smith, Michigan.

Lea, J. C., Tailor, Michigan.

Loese, Jacob, Baher, (sic) Germany.

Lowe, B., Miner, Missouri.


Maier, E., Shoe-maker, Connecticut.

Mallory, G. H., Druggist, New York.

Maloney, S., Miner, Prince Edward’s Island.

Mann, Alex., Miner, New York.

Martin, J. W., Miner, Virginia.

Maule, P., Miner, Virginia.

Meeher, J., Blacksmith, Indiana.

Melcher, Jno., Blacksmith, Indiana.

Miller, S. M., Pacific Express Agent, Penn.

Minor, Geo. F., Blacksmith, Tennessee.

Moitt, J., Miner, North Carolina.

Morris, D., School Teacher, Massachusetts.

Morris, John, Miner, Louisiana.

Moore, L. C., Physician, Maine.

Muli, J., Grocery, New York

Munson, M., Miner, Minnesota.

Munson, T. J., Miner, Minnesota.

Munson, H., Miner, Maine.

Munson, P., Miner, Maine.

Mundorff, J., Hotel Keeper, Pennsylvania.

McMaster, L., Miner, Maine.


Nelson, J. P., Miner, Sweeden. (sic)

Norwood, N., Miner, New York.


Ore, E., Miner, Texas.

Osgood, E. H., Miner, Maine.

Osgood, N., Carpenter, Maine.


Payne, John S., Butcher, New York.

Peacock, J. C. M., Druggist, Pennsylvania.

Powers, J. F., Butcher, New Jersey.

Potter, James W., Contractor, Maine.

Powell, G. W., Phsician, (sic), Louisiana.

Poulson, A., Miner, Norway.


Reity, J. K., Miner, New York.

Rich, C. N., Miner, Canada East.

Rivers, D., Miner, New York.

Robinson, W., Miner, Scotland.


Schermerhorn, W. K., Miner, New York.

Sill. H. C., Physician, Pennsylvania.

Sines, J., Miner, Indiana.

Sleepmann, H., Miner, Massachusetts.

Sherman, S. Mechanic, New Hampshire.

Shevind, J., Miner, Connecticut.

Smith, J., Dairyman, New York.

Smyer, S. E., Miner, South Carolina.

Sprague, J., Carpenter, Maine.

Spaulding, G. W., Blacksmith, Tennessee.

Stair, A., Salloou, (sic) Pennsylvania.

Steplers, J., Miner, Connecticut.


Talbot, J., Miner, Texas.

Tenny, J., Bar Keeper, Missouri.

Thompson, J. R., Miner, New York.

Tibbot, A., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Tuckwell, G., Carriage Maker, Mass.


Vedder, J. G., Merchant, New York.


Waltye, O., Miner, Maine.

Walkerlee, M., Merchant, England

Welty, J. A., Carpenter, Pennsylvania.

Whita, J., Miner, Pennsylvania.

Williams, Wm., -------., Pennsylvania.

Williams, Wm., Miner, Hanover.

Wooding, R. S., Miner, Virginia.

Woodworth, B., Observer, Vermont.


Yoacham, D., Printer, Kansas Territory.






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